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a part of Strangers, by Anino.

On some random city in this planet, the story unfolds

Anino holds sovereignty over Earth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

294 readers have been here.


Earth is Earth. That's all there is to it.
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On some random city in this planet, the story unfolds


Earth is a part of Strangers.


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I sit beside Kai's bag, wondering what the heck has possessed that guy to leave a girl all alone on a newly opened food chain store, in a deserted place. I look at his bag, at least he left his bag, but what does he expect me to do with it, bring it home with me?? The nerve of that guy. I got his bag and placed it in front of me, I know he told me before to not rummage through his things, but its his own damn fault for leaving me all alone, with just his bag. There were only two zippers so I opened the first one inside was a pocket book, and a notebook, then I opened the next zipper, its smaller than the first one. I looked inside and found a pen, what the? where are his books?? I closed the zipper and settled his bag aside and finished eating my burger, I don't eat his, basically because I don't have a huge appetite, lucky for him.

I fished out my phone from my pocket after I've eaten my share of burger and texted Kai

Where d heck d'ya go, jerk?!!!!!
if he expects me to carry his stuff well his well wrong about that
M tossin ur stuff in d river
That should show him he can't mess around with me, I glance outside the window and see something pass by, it was so fast, that I wasn't able to catch whether its a human or something else, probably a human. I sighed. I was surprised to see a guy standing right in front of me.

"May I sit here?" he is very polite, and what surprised me is, he doesn't seem to be so scared looking at me
"Umm... Sure" and one thing for sure I'm nervous as heck, his eyes bore into mine, as if he can see right through me
"So, why are you all alone here?" he asked his eyes not leaving mine. It would have been a nice feeling if it was Kai doing that, but it wasn't, it was some random guy whom I just met, and he's very young, probably the same age as mine
"I..uhh... my friend.. umm.. I don't know, ditched me?" I wonder if it could be called ditching when he left his bag for my sake
"You're very pretty" I was too busy thinking probably, because when he said that I was caught aback
"Umm... thanks, you too, I mean handsome that is" okay I'm getting stupider by the second, he laughed at my response
"So umm.. can I ask you something, how old are you?" I hope he won't get mad at me for asking,
"What do you think?" his eyes smiled into mine
"Uh... 16?" he looked at me, oh no was he younger than 16, its freaking me out, he got so silent. Then suddenly he smiled
"I'm 18" now I'm the one surprised, abruptly without thinking I said
"You're so young!" he laughed again
"Thanks, I have to go now" he stood up then leaned close to my ears "nice meeting you Archlinne L'chimyre" then he left.

I'm wide eyed who the heck was that guy, I don't ever recall telling him my name, I don't even know his... Probably I'm tired already, that I think I'm seeing things, or probably I did tell him, but I just didn't remember since I was too tired.

I ordered another burger for my grandmother maybe she would like to have some, I won't give her Kai's share, after all it is Kai's share, besides I did promise I'll treat him.
I gathered all of my things, and left the burgeria, at the same time, I saw the girl, the same girl who bumped into Kai this morning at the school, and her hair was a mess. I decided to approach her probably; just probably she knows where he is.
When I was just a meter apart from her I forgot I left Kai's bag inside the store and turned my back around and ran back to the burgeria and took his stuff, he totally owes me, big time. I look at the window again, just to check if the girl was still there and how surprised I was, there on the path, was not just her, but also Kai, and the both of them sprawled on the sidewalk.

I went outside and stood at the end of Kai's feet

"What the heck are you two doing?" I glared down at them, it was awkward, totally awkward. I can see Kai was uncomfortable at the situation he was in. I bent down and settled Kai's bag at the end of his feet and placed one of the burger on top of his bag

"I'm off" then I left, without looking back, I don't know what happened after that, like I care, I'm used to it anyways, always being left behind


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Character Portrait: Archlinne L'chimyre
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I wake up from my slumber finding myself in my bedroom, I look at the time, it read 5:30. I looked outside my window the night was still turning to dawn, suddenly fresh memories comes back to my mind about what happened yesterday. Kai was with that girl, then I left him, without letting him explain, then I met that guy again with the sparkling eyes beside the lamp post. It's all too weird... Ughh... What is happening to me? And the next big question is, if that guy from the burgeria, was the one who took me home, how the heck did he find out where I lived?!? What was his name again... Cha... Chaa... a... argghh... I'll just ask him again when I find him.

I stand up from my bed and takes out my towel from my cabinet, and decided to have an early shower. I turned the knob on and cold water sprinkled to my face. Yeah... its cold, ice cold, but this was a good thing, it helps me relax when I'm completely frustrated. I stepped out of the bathroom after I finished my shower, changed into a mini short and over-sized t-shirt, school doesn't start until 07:00, so I decided to play a game on my phone, to pass some time, then I sit on my bed.

I flipped my phone open, and there, it says 1 sms, I clicked open and found Kai's number, I scrolled down and read the message

Recipient: Archlinne L'chimyre
Subject: I'm sorry

Thanks for my bag. And the burger. I owe you one. Tomorrow's my treat.

Then you can ditch me too if you feel like it :)

I sighed, I hang my head backwards making me stare at the ceiling, I'm so stupid, I'm not in the right position to get mad at him just for ditching me or for getting sprawled on the road with another girl. He's my friend not my boyfriend, sheesh, I should really control my hormones. I lied on my bed, but still... agghh.. what the heck am I thinking! Get a grip girl, pull yourself together.
I looked at the time 06:00, still early, but there's no harm if I go out early is there? I don't reply to Kai's text, instead I stood up and changed into my uniform, my house is a one-storey house, but its huge, and also at the back of the house is a garden, beyond that is a bunch of trees, which I call my little forest.

I made a little breakfast enough for me and my grandmother, I ate my portion and left hers in front of her room, my grandmother is sickly so she rarely comes out of her room. Then I headed outside.