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You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.

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a character in “Street Fighter Academy”, as played by ZeroTolerance


Name: Shao

Nicknames: Golden Peacock, The Gentleman

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height & Weight: 5'9" 146lbs


History: Shao is a descendant and pupil of the streetfighter Gen. His father passing before he was born, his mother abruptly leaving him as a child.
Early on Gen would subject his grandson through harsh hellish training due to the fact that he was the only paternal heir with an inclination of martial talent. Despite his grandfathers attempts to mold him into a killing machine, he rejected much of his grandfathers influence, instead opting to live his life according the path of enlightenment. In a strange way, his grandfather had developed a begrudging respect for his grandson despite his resistance to his ideals.

Their relationship could be described as complicated. As Shao matured, he watched his grandfather deteoriorate to his life long ailment. It was at the age of 15 that his grandfather challenged him to a duel, he somehow knew this spar would be different from the others but he had no idea of the events that would unfold.
Even with his fragile age and ailment, Gen maintained an edge throughout much of the fight, Shao could not seem to find a way to best his grandfather.

It was during their duel that Gen acknowledged that he knew the whearabouts of his mother, Gen then went on to divulge that Shadaloo abducted Shao's mother admitting that he could have intervened but he thought it the perfect opportunity to raise Shao as a pupil in her absence. This would anger Shao immensely, giving him the motivation to tap into his dormant hadou. He would murder his grandfather in a blind rage. In his lasting moments Gen remarked that his faith in shao as heir was not misplaced and that he was proud of him. Passing on with a smile. Something uncommon of the man.

It was after this duel that Shao would embark on a quest to reunite with his mother. Since then he's partaken in many underground tournaments until he was scouted by a represenative of street fighter academy. He believes that martial arts will lead him to his mother.

Group: Shadaloo

Fighting Style: Like his grandfather Gen he's shown talent for switching battle styles during the flow of combat. He coined his own variations of his grandfathers styles which are more or less more friendlier translations of the Sou-Ryu(Mourning Style) and Ki-Ryu(Hateful Style). He opts to refers to these styles as "Birthing Style" and "Playful Style" respectively.

Moves: Heavenly Palm(self created), Rising Phoenix (A variation of Fei Long's dragon kick), sacred stance (regenerative technique).

Extra: Additionaly, he wields acupuncture needles and a chinese straight sword. He seems to have an understanding of medicine and treatment . He would like to become a professional surgeon someday.


Shao is a very different man than his grandfather where his grandfather sought to bring suffering and destruction, Shao seeks tranquility and enlightenment. He intentional avoids practicing the hadou aspect of fighting although he has been succepitible to its draw. He does harbor a bit of prejudice towards the japanese due to past transgressions involving their two countries. Despite this he knows his feelings are wrong and tries to fight against much of his grandfathers indoctrination.


Acupuncture needles, chinese gentlemans sword . He prefers to wear standard chinese style apparel although he likes dressing in suits as well, he always wears cloaks.

So begins...

Shao's Story