Street Kings

Street Kings


A gang of illegal street racers doubling as thieves, and working in a mechanics garage.

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There used to be a team of legal street racers here. They used to have a lot of people. But it didn't last long. They went out of business quickly, leaving everyone who raced there out of a job. A lot of them couldn't do much that didn't involve cars. So they worked together, and used the abandoned racing garage to start a small business as mechanics; fixing other peoples cars. But there never is any guarantee they would get back the original pieces in their cars. Since fixing up cars isn't exactly a money-making job, they have other methods of getting the money they need. By day, they fix up cars, and appear to be a responsible business. But at night, they have found other jobs. Sometimes it's illegal street racing, either for money, or for cars, whatever the bet. The rest of the time, it's stealing. Not that they've ever been caught.

Actually, it's quite surprising. No one has ever suspected, despite them owning the garage, and a separate place to live, that they used illegal methods for money. They all work together as a team, a group of friends, and a gang. There are always arguments, drama, and the ocassional fight. I mean, how long can one group stay together before at least one fight breaks out? This is pretty much how they get along together. Other than that, I don't have much of a storyline.

Now, this is what I want to see in the character sheets. It doesn't necessarily have to be in this order, but I do want to see all of this.

Alias/Nickname: (you will have an alias; it's part of how the gang manages to stay unnoticed, but you don't have to have a nickname)
Usual Appearance: (clothing, usual hair style, etc.)
Distinguishing Characteristics: (tattoos, scars, etc.)
Picture: (optional, but written description is still required)
Skills: (in mechanics, in fighting, in stealing, etc.)
Specializes In:
Equipment: (this does include owned cars...but no more than two each, please...oh, and please include pics of cars, I'm not very good with recognizing cars by names or titles or companies, etc)

Toggle Rules

1) No godmodding.

2) We all pretty much know each other, so we at the very least know each others faces from when we worked together.

3) No more than two cars each. Yes, we work in a racing garage, adn we do have a lot of space. But we also need room for the cars of customers, too.

4) We all do work in the garage...but depending on the number of people we get, you may be able to have shifts where you aren't in one day.

5) You can have lives outside of the stealing, racing, and machanics work. Just remember that you do have to help earn the money.

6) ...I can't think of anything else. If I do, they'll end up here, so check back later.

7) Have fun with it!

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#, as written by Guru01
Bain heard Jackie clear her throat "I guess its time to work". Bain saw Rose going over to distract the customer so he was going to retrieve the part. He walked by the car Jackie was working on and and glanced at the part she was examining... Ok then thats the part I need to get. Bain headed towards the old cars that they used for spare parts grabbing the plasma cutter on his way there. Bain popped the hood of the scrap car open "well I cant take the damn things out easily and leave the engine unharmed" He thought to himself "So Ill just cut the danm things out" He grinned evily as he put on his welding goggels and lit plasma cutter. After getting the rings and cutting the pistons out Bain turned around and waited for the signal to trade the parts off.

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#, as written by chris45
Gabriel laughed at what the others had said, he was going to respond, but he heard Jackie give the signal and he decided he would tell them his response later.Gabriel casually walked toward the car. he put on an old jacket so to not get his new clothes dirty. He walked by Jackie and whispered "oh these are quite nice. hand me the parts when your ready and i'll take them to the back." Gabriel wondered where a client like these could get new parts like these,Gabriel came in late so he had no idea what kind of person this customer was,but he kind of wanted to find out.

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Everyone looked like they were in position. I only caught a glance, but it was enough to see where they all were. I continued to smile at the customer, and when I couldn't think of anything to add for prices, started offering colors to paint his car, and threw in a few designs, drawing his attention to the side of the car, rather than the engine, where Jackie and Gabriel were. And where Jackie would remove the parts, and replace them, without being noticed. We had been through this far too many times... there was no way he could possibly notice. I looked at the side of the car, and then grinned back at the customer, making suggestions.

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Jackie watched as everyone went into position Song distracted the customer, Bain was removing the parts, and Gabriel was now beside her acting as though he was looking in the hood with her. She nodded in response to him "Yea they're real nice." She worked quickly throwing a glance over at Song and the customer every now and then quickly handing each piston and ring she took out to Gabriel while she worked then continued looking through the hood until Bain would come up and give her the old parts. It had never failed before so she never worried, they were good at what they did.

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#, as written by Guru01
Looks like shes ready though Bain as he picked up the pistons he had cut out. Bain casually walked over to Jackie keeping an eye on the customer just to make sure that he wasnt paying attenting to them. He handed Jackie the Pistons using his big body to block the view that the customer had of them just in case he decided to look over and find something suspicious. His part of the job was pretty much done now to just let Jackie install the scrap pistons and then actually fix what was wrong with the car.

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Kenya Marie Ling walked down the street she started looking for an abandoned building to call home at the moment. She was always on the move and always alert to any danger or the cops. A sudden whine caught her attention and her head snapped automaticly to the sound of distress. Another whine came again followed by a deep growl as if from a dog. She to long confident stride's in the direction of the alleyway, when she had gotten to the very end she found a man beating up to dog's one looked bad off. The other was protecting the wounded dog now lying on the ground, "What do you think you are doing sir?" She called out loudly, as the man turned she preasure pointed his wrist and he dropped his weapon then. The man didn't awnser her so she threw him against the wall, "Clearly you don't want these dog's so I will take them in. Any objection's?" She tightened her grip on his throat. He shook his head that he didn't mind and she let him go, he got up and ran for his life. She turned to the dog's, "Your welcome." She said and went to turn to leave but a sudden whine stopped her. The male came up to her and licked her hand, he whined and looked at the girl who was lying on the ground. "I can't take care of you two because, I have no place of my own." They both whined and keened and barked softly at her. Finaly, she hung her head and then picked up the female and carried her, "Fine you can come with me then. I have no food or anything to offer you two so you'll have to do the running then."

When she finally became to exhausted to carry the female she saw an abandoned apartment complex. The female licked her face and wagged her tail, she walked up a set of stair's and found a spot where she could see from every angle. She kicked the door in after setting the girl down, the she picked her up and set her on one of the beds. She shoved the door closed and the old locks actually worked still, she tended to the wounds of bothe the boy and the girl. She layed down on the second bed and soon fell asleep. When she woke up she was face-to-face with both dogs, "Can I help you two?" They just looked at her panting and wagging their tails happily. The girl was brown and white so Kenya decided to call her Rosemary, the boy however, was black and white so she decided to call him Luke. After a few day's Kenya took off the bandages and saw that all of their cuts had been healed. She gave them each a bath afterward and then she opened the curtians slightly to see an auto shop across the way. Their were two guys and two girls along with a male customers but they were all to far away to get a good look at. So she pushed the curtians back over the window.

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((...sorry to correct you again...2 guys, 2 girls, and a male customer...but we know who you're talking about :) ))

I glanced over my shoulder, thinking, and saw a curtain move. Strange...I could have sworn that place was abandoned...but I couldn't see very clearly from that far away. I would ask the others about it sooner or later. I turned back to the customer, and resorted to the only thing I had left; flirting. Not that I was really interested...but I had to do something...they weren't quite finished yet. I made sure to smile, and not look over at the group any more than I absolutely had to. I didn't want to draw attention to them, not yet. As soon as Jackie gave the all-clear...I would be able to return to the subject of a paint job; he needed it. ...Not as much as Bain's old truck...but he needed it. So many scratches covered up by the wrong color of paint...a uncovered scratch...even if they were minor...he needed paint!

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"Street Kings"

This is the first time I've tried a rp like this one. Here are a few things you should know:

1) I will send a pm telling you when your character is accepted, or if you need to change something about the character to be accepted.

2) I want good grammar and spelling in the rp itself, but here in the OOC, I don't care much. As long as we understand what you're talking about.

3) I'm not having a limit on characters total, except to say that each person can have up to two, maybe three, if you give a pm heads up and I allow it.

So...I think that's it. I'll edit in anything that I may have forgotten. So have fun! Oh, and this is where you can ask questions, and make comments and suggestions.