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Ashton Brek

"Fuck with me, you fuck with the halftracks."

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a character in “Street Rats”, as played by SuperQ19


.:[Name]:. Ashton Brek

.:[Age]:. 16

.:[Gender]:. Male

.:[Place in the Underworld]:. Small time gang leader (The halftrack gang), skater kid, punk, delinquent, rougheon, street rat

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye color: Purple
Hair Color: Blonde
Clothing: Ashton wears dark faded jeans, skate shoes, and a t-shirt with a hoodie. You can always find him wearing a baseball cap, with a red bandana that has wrenches criss-crossed all over it. That's the symbol of the halftrack gang. He has a 'blank' dark red skateboard with the criss-crossed wrenches spray painted on the bottom of it.
Details: The only mutation that Ashton has is better balance and reflexes.

.:[Personality]:. Ashton is naturally rebellious, with a disdain for authority and the police. He's probably the most sarcastic smart ass of a kid you're likely to ever meet, but it makes people smile to see someone so young that is so charismatic given his living situation and circumstances. Mainly, he does odd jobs or looks out for other bigger gangs to help his parents with paying bills or getting by. He isn't a frequent thief, but his gang does get some cash flow for running 'covers' on big heists. Luring people away from areas, or even starting a brawl. Ashton isn't afraid of violence, but is a bit rough around the edges. He usually plays the rough gang type, and it gets him by. But sometimes when people think you're tough, they want to see how tough you are.

.:[History]:. Ashton's story isn't a rare one, but it isn't nearly as bleak as some other stories. He's lived in this city his whole life, his parents being high school sweethearts being street rats themselves growing up. They decided to try and earn an honest living once they got enough cash together, and shortly after he was born. Ashton heard the stories his parents told about the horrible things that could happen to him, if he wasn't careful. But they never prevented him from going out in the streets and doing what 'needed to be done'. They're just glad that he isn't a thief or killer.... But leading a gang isn't THAT much better. Despite how small it is.

Ashton lives near the train depot, where his gang calls home dubbing them the 'Halftrack Gang'. This group of kids, ranging in age from 12 to upper twenties pretty much just look out for their neighborhood and do things that the police can't. They fence for thieves, shelter people who need protection, among other things. Ashton believes that the ends justifies the means, and not many people seem to have a problem with their activities.... Except for other rival gangs. He leads just a small street chapter of this gang, that covers the entire industrial area. He personally doesn't deal in drugs, but can't really stop the sales going on. He has only one guy in his group that sells, and distributes but he'll never touch the stuff. Doesn't know why, Ashton just doesn't like that kind of business it's not for him.


Writing Sample:

Ashton was laying back listening to some rap from a stereo, in the back of a grocery store. Him and several others from his 'chalk' were just hanging out having a good time, in the afternoon. They were just skating around, minding their own business when an older car rolled up. He looked up, recognizing the car and walked over. The window rolled down, and he smiled giving a special handshake to the passenger. "Antony how's it goin?" "It's chill man, just cruisin... You guys up for a job later today?" "What time?" "Oh... Around 5:30. There's some cash in it for all of ya if you down?" "I'm down, what's the detail?" "I'll park over with ya boys, and we'll discuss it." "Hey.... It's nothing too crazy is it?" "Naw man.... When have I ever given you a wack job?" Ashton nodded, and back up as the car turned into the freight zone and everyone gathered around. Ashton paid close attention, relieved that it was just a distraction job. Some cats wanted to sneak into a building and steal something, but they needed some guys to cause a ruckus outside.

Later on that day, Ashton was skating down the sidewalk and ollie'd to a rail. The building was surprisingly nice, it was a little uptown but why else would you need a distraction? The security guards walked out of the front door, and tried to make the kids leave but instead got an egg thrown at them. "You little bastards!!" "Yo book'it!!" Everyone scattered, and Ashton laughed skating off into a parking garage vandalizing the property. He hopped off his board, and scooped it up in his arm deciding that he'd be faster on foot and dashed down the stair case going back down to levels. He cursed as two guards were coming up, and had him trapped. As a last ditch effort, he jumped off the stares and landed squarely on one of the guys' chest and kicked him to the ground narrowly avoiding being grasped by the other... Though he did lose his hat. "Check ya later!!" He grinned, and dashed out back on the ground level seeing one of his buddies pinned down by a guard. He rushed over, and with all his force hit the man in the back with his skatebaord and kicked him off. "Come on we gotta bail!!" Sirens could be heard, as they ran off. He hoped everyone made it all right, but he knew that it was a success because by now over half of the security staff was probably outside trying to chase them down or looking for them.

Ashton hung out on the porch to one of the safe houses they used. He stayed out there, to personally see all the guys from his 'chalk' make it back which fortunately they did. He went back inside, and plopped on an old couch watching the hologram TV as some music videos were playing. Pretty soon, Antony walked in with a small duffel bag and a wide grin. "Good job fellas..... Those cats got what they wanted, and made the sale! So this is your cut, catch ya'll at the meeting this thursday." Ashton smiled, taking the bag and placed it on the coffee table. He clasped Antony's hand and brought it in for a hug with a smile. "Thanks man.." "No problem... There's a reason you lead this chalk. All you young bloods are up'n comers. See ya soon."[b] "Ya, you too..." With that, the money was divided up evenly and everybody went home. Ashton, walked into the kitchen where his mother was cooking dinner and laid out two rolls of cash. "Here mom..." She sighed, and placed a hand on her lip and rush over hugging her son close and kissed his forehead. [b]"What am I going to do with you Ash...." "I don't know....... Maybe, get me that birthday gift?" His mother laughed knowing he was joking, and went back to the stove. "Could you set the table? "Sure mom..."

So begins...

Ashton Brek's Story


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"Not much, just wondering how miss kitty could be so reckless.... Don't let his charity fool you. No one likes to see a dead cat.. Bad for the children." He leaned over to whisper in her ear. "It's bad for their psyche growing up." He twirled a finger in his opposite hand in a circle as if saying they were coo'coo, but before their hands could touch, Jaxon withdrew his hand with a grin. "You seem a little eager for a touch little kitten.... What have you got in you bag'o tricks?" He chuckled, and turned leaning his back against the railing his eyes never leaving her face. He watched the ways her eyes adjusted, she had a mutation there. Those oh so delicate and effeminate looking hands held a secret too.... But something else huh? "Something that requires touch." Jaxon smirked, and looked away for a second spotting Addie watching them. "I think your other feline friend is watching us as well... friend of yours?" He smirked, and slowly turned to Carter with a smirk. He was getting all sorts of signs from this girl, and thus he was getting a better profile of who she was. "I'm one who enjoys games as well young lady, but I would like to politely ask that you do not play with me like a mouse toy." <Ha!!> He was loving these cat puns, that wince in her eyes he could tell she hated being called 'kitten' and such. It really didn't bother him any.

Jaxon turned back around and leaned way over the rail, putting his weight on it to look down. Quite frankly, it was as stupid thing to do. Especially in a place like this, a simple push of his feet and he would topple over and fall to the ground head first. But he just laughed, and leaned back up sighing happily and close his eyes with that same cheerful smile. "Well..... Now that we've covered formalities. I guess, I'll have to find an apartment... I wonder if they'll do a credit check?" As if the conversation he had with Carter never happened, he turned to walk away tapping his chin lightly with one finger. "I do hope I get to see Ikarus again.... We really should catch up."



Ashton skated around, and made his way in front of The Merchant's shop and grinned. This was something to do, it was always fun to go window shopping. And who knew!! He might find something he wants, or needed. so the young kid kicked his board up, and stepped inside looking around. He kept his flat bill baseball cap down, with the red bandana showing proudly around his neck. "Hmmm....." He walked around, looking at this and looking at that. He preferred the stores around here much more, up town they didn't allow you to bring your board as you walked around. Or they forced him to take off his hat, or bandana. Those rich ass holes were always suspicious of his type.