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Stuck In This World And Stuck With You

Stuck In This World And Stuck With You


(1x1 RP with SarcasticZombie) In the midst of a war, as part of a call for help, a marriage is arranged between a prince and princess. How could two polar opposites get along amid everything going on around them?

2,496 readers have visited Stuck In This World And Stuck With You since Captain Awesome created it.


Chapter 1:
Once upon a time, there was a war...
Donersland, the nation of a proud people, with a proud way of life, was attacked by the country of Vaull, a state directly on its Eastern border. After starting to be pushed back more and more, Donersland decided to ask for help from its long time friend, Lingaria, a country on the Southern border, known for its military might, despite its relatively small size. Of course, even for a friend, the Lingarian royal family would not just send troops needlessly to their demise. So, a proposal was made. In exchange for help in the war, Lingaria would receive 65% of land taken from Vaull, land access for troop movement, and the king of Donersland's daughter for the prince of Lingaria to marry. This deal did not go over well for neither the princess, a relatively free spirit, nor the prince, a cold and calculating, fun-sucking black hole. Both knew each other from the few visits to each other's country in their lives and always clashed about many things, from broad topics, like politics, to more simple subjects, like what should they do together on their visit. While they had to agree to the marriage, as it would be for the better of each kingdom, neither wanted it.
Pretty soon, the royal family of Lingaria will arrive in the capital of Donersland, with a large detachment of their forces, for the wedding and planning of the war.

Once upon a time, there was a war...But, as the skies darkened with the wicked deeds of men, two souls would be forced to burden it hand-in-hand...

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Donersland by Captain Awesome

The proud kingdom of Donersland, home of a rich culture and many past war heroes.

The Kingdom of Lingaria

The Kingdom of Lingaria by Captain Awesome

Lingaria. Beautiful, isn't it? You may not feel that way for long. It gets rather cold...

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Richard had not realized how hungry he was earlier, mainly because he really was not hungry. He simply was used to what he perceived as good food made by the cooks back home. The Prince had heard cooks hailing from the Southern lands in Donersland were good but never did he think Eastern spices were not the only thing largely differing them from any other cooks. Is this the best they have? Is this maybe the palace's cook when trying his hardest? Is this-

"Are you going to give my sister a baby, Richard?"

Richard is instantly sent spiralling into a choke-induced coughing fit, having been caught so off-guard by such a question. Immediately, he picks up the napkin from his lap and covers his mouth to prevent any food from escaping onto the table and, after recovering from the rapid situational deterioration, luckily manages to swallow the large majority of food which originally entered his mouth before turning to see who it was that asked the question. The prince turns to find his now brother-in-law, Ian. Not far behind was Jamie.

...Or was it the other way around?

Regardless, Richard did not like it but he was not about to pretend that he did not know the correct answer to the question. He has thought about it before and, as the heir to the throne of his country, he required one of his own. Now that they have been wed, Maira is the sole candidate to bear him one. That did not mean he had to like it though.

It also did not mean he had to answer such a question either...

After he watches the twins leave, Richard looks at his wife, rolls his eyes and shrugs before going back to trying to distract Daniel. It is not long before people start to finish their meals and the music begins calling to the more lively of guests, eventually making its way down through the less active and eventually even to the royal family's table, when Daniel stands up to try and find a lass for him to hound, at the protest of just about everyone on the Amore side of the table. Richard can already feel the tension radiating from Maira's general area next to him. With a sigh, he presses down on the table and noisily scoots back his chair with the back of his legs as he stands and offers a hand to the young lady beside him.

"Come on. I already know it's going to happen eventually and I might as well get it over with..."

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For the next few minutes Maira was very distant as she tried to calm her mind. It wasn't like she hadn't thought about it before, but the twins questions truly made the realization dawn on her that she would be expected to provide Richard an heir. The thought of it made her nervous, but her fate had been sealed. There was no way for her to get away from this so she had to come to terms with it. It couldn't be that bad right? The more she thought on it the more nervous she became so she had to put a stop to her mind.

Thankfully at that moment she spotted Ewan dancing with a young woman. Her elder brother had yet to take a wife, though he was quite popular with the girls. He seemed to always have an excuse as to why he hadn't married, but if one listened closely they'd realize his reason changed often. Sometimes it was because he didn't want to leave a bride widowed if something went wrong for him in this war. Other times it was because he had yet to find someone who interested him. It made Maira ponder what the true reason was. He surely knew how to make the girls swoon, though, and this was apparent with the young woman he was dancing with. She stared up at him dreamily and he gave her a winning smile. She decided her brother could have any woman he wanted.

The loud noise of a chair pulled her out of her thoughts and she turned to see Richard holding his hand out towards her. She blinked up at him for a moment, unsure of what he meant. Then it dawned on her that he was offering to dance with her. "Oh...okay." She said as she scooted away from the table and took his hand. Her hand prickled at the touch, but she ignored it as she managed to give her husband a smile. She was silent for a moment, but she knew she needed to say something soon.

"Richard I'm sorry..." she started and bit her lip as she looked away from him for a moment. What was she sorry for exactly? Was it for him having to be married to her? For everything she did to him when they were little? That she couldn't seem to make him smile? There were so many things she was sorry for, but would he even believe her? "For my brothers, that is. I mean they're still young and they haven't learned what is proper to ask and what isn't." She finally finished, choosing what she deemed was the safest route. She laughed a little, but even to her it sounded like a nervous and silly thing like she was trying to hide the fact that's not what's she originally intended to say. She almost wanted to kick herself for sounding so stupid. She hoped he would say something soon, afraid if she said something else she'd make a fool out of herself.

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The young man leading Maira could barely hold himself back from expressing his 'blah'-mood and his body language showed it. While he led the girl along though, his hearing picked up from her apology? Richard slowed his movement through the chairs of the family's first table and looked back to his wife, surprised at the gesture and somewhat confused at what it was for. He got the feeling it was, oddly enough, for the entire situation they were in but he would not put money on any answer he could think of, as he was not completely sure. Thankfully, she clarifies that the apology is for the behavior of her brothers, however she seems to include a pointless, strange laugh at the end.

This entire day has turned her mental...

"...Right," Richard says, continuing to lead Maira along after confirming the intent of her apology. It was a proper subject.

"I suppose children know no other way to act," he continues. "There seems to be no other teacher for that than experience. Some take more experience to learn tact than others."

A casual jab.

Richard lead the princess onto the floor, taking her hand in a more proper position for a dance. His other hand followed suit to rest upon the small of her back. He had learned to properly dance earlier in his youth, and knew he could very well do it, but that did not stop him from feeling nervous that he may look like a complete fool. He wanted to look down at his feet-he wanted badly to look at his feet-but he did not dare show such weakness in front of so many. He could not. Instead, he looked at Maira in front of him. They began.
One foot and then the next. No problems, to the relief of the prideful prince. His thoughts began to slow once more; his focus turning from dancing to what he was staring at in front of him: the face of Maira, his wife. At this distance, he could really look at her face, her expression. He could read her eyes, the way she nibbled on her lip, even see the breaths she took when he really paid attention. It was the first time he had really looked at her since the ceremony and, come to think of it...this had to have been the closest he had ever been to her face.

...Well...except there was that one time...

A much younger Richard walks down the hallway of the Donerclaire royal palace, his head down in a historical text and completely ignoring everything around him except for just about the floor alone. Behind a corner, not too far ahead, sprints an even younger Maira. Both pass the corner, not knowing of the other's placement, ending with a rather hard crash and a pair of matching bumps on each others' face.

"Why duntchou fatch wfere y'going?!" Richard blurted out, his accent hardly controlled in his anger. Originally hurt, the little girl suddenly felt just a little bit...better.

"Vhy donchou vatch vere y'going?!" She mocked while grinning at her own response. Richard frowned, frustrated at his accent being made fun of and subconsciously further thickening it. It did not help that he could only barely speak the foreign language properly in his tender age.

"Shtop saht!" He commanded.
"Shtop zat!" She imitated, grinning ever more.

"I fill tell yo'r-!"
-"I vill tell your!"

The young Maira's face keeps getting more excited as Richard's keeps growing angrier. They certainly left with more bruises than just the one original. Maira, with one cleanly on her cheek. Richard with...a couple more, as a direct result of his future wife being a bit larger than him in their young age.

It was certainly not the most fond memory Richard has of Maira...not that there were any fond ones to begin with...but that was the past and what was important now was the present. In fact, he had not spoken for what seems like a couple of minutes, since the beginning of their dance. What was he to say? He could not find the words. Falling short of thinking of anything really meaningful to say, he decided to make small talk. Making a quick scan of the room, he found something to talk about. It was rather annoying and overall unimportant to anyone in the room but Richard figured he would have to start somewhere.

"I didn't know Ewan was so well acquainted with a lady..."

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Richard’s response felt like a slap to the face to Maira. She began to open her mouth to come back with a retort, however she stopped herself. Would not doing so just cement what he meant? No she wouldn’t allow him to have that satisfaction so instead she closed her mouth. She would brush it off and continue on like it didn’t phase her. Plus what good would it do her other than starting another pointless argument. An argument she would surely be scolded for later which was not something she desired.

They made it to the dance floor and turned to face each other. Maira’s heart fluttered as they prepared to dance, feeling a wave of nervousness hit her once more. She wasn’t entirely sure why she was nervous, she knew how to dance and she could dance quite well. Having learned from a young age and then having an older brother who would always practice with her whenever she would ask. So she wouldn’t even have to think about the steps and yet here she was worrying she might mess up. She feared stepping on Richard’s toes and making him angry, but then they began and she found her feet moving instinctively. She realized she wouldn’t step on his toes, but still she couldn’t shake the nerves.

She couldn’t say the silence between them was exactly awkward by any means. In fact it seemed to be far from that in her opinion as she stared up at Richard. She studied his face and realized how much he had grown since they were children, and yet she could see he had more growing up to do. They both did. She began to wonder if either of them were truly ready for the responsibilities of being married. Not like it would change anything at this point. They were married so they’d have to be ready whether they liked it or not.

Richard’s next statement made her blink once in confusion, but when she spotted her brother once more dancing with the same girl she let a small chuckle escape her lips. “I don’t know if well acquainted is the proper term.” She began with a small smirk as she glanced to her brother and then back to Richard. “Girls seem to swoon over him and I think he enjoys the attention. It wouldn’t surprise me if he just met that girl tonight, poor girl will probably have her hopes crushed come the end of the night.” She sighed with a shake of her head, though the smile was still on her face. The truth was she really did feel bad for the girl. Ewan never did anything with those girls to Maira’s knowledge other than leading them on only to break their hearts in the end. “I do sometimes wish he would stop with his little games and just find himself a wife. It would bring some peace of mind to my parents…” She knew Richard probably didn’t really care, but at least it was something for the two of them to talk about.

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As if to match the girl in front of him, Richard found himself chuckling at the explaination about Ewan. The mood, however, was not flashing pity as much as it expressed shameful opinion.

"Ewan, an ass? Of all people? Surely, you jest," he scoffed.

The statement should sound much more sarcastic but it seems as though, when you practice being serious so often, you end up with the accidental ability to sound serious when the need arises, no matter the occasion.
His word-choice is a different story on believability, though.

"I swear, for an heir, that man is the very picture of a need to grow up. I certainly hope Jamie does not follow his brother's example, for the worst case scenario has him as Ewan's successor."

Richard was not the most attractive of men-he knew he was not the most attractive of men by quite a ways-but at least he knew he would not stoop so low as to show such misconduct in the public eye. It was disgraceful behavior to the young prince and he could not even begin to imagine what his father would do, let alone his mother. Sure, Daniel was a pig of a man but he is not the heir.
...Which would not matter anyway, as he has not the ability to woo a lady, let alone succeed at bringing shame upon the Amore house. Richard only wished that that would halt his attempts at trying.

What Richard especially had trouble comprehending was how one could pursue based solely on appearance anyway. Someone, like Daniel or Ewan, could win the affection of a beautiful lady and she could be the jewel of her peers, yet if she were to offer nothing in terms of personality, she would be nothing more than a common tavern wench. At least Maira was more than that. She had a bright mind, despite her naivety, and thus was not just a simple pretty face. He could be thankful for that. It kept her from being entirely boring.

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Richard's statement definitely sounded a little funny, but due to his choice of words Maira determined he was trying to be sarcastic. She giggled, more out of how funny he sounded than the statement, but Richard didn't need to know that. "Yes as surprising as it is Ewan can often be an ass." She retorted with her own sarcasm, though a smile was plastered on her face.

Ewan could act quite childish at times, she knew this and she knew all too well that it was not befitting of the heir to her kingdom, but he had other qualities that she thought made up for it. He always was one to look out for other people. He would choose the path that was best and protect his people even if it meant giving his own life. This is what scared Maira about him going to war. Ewan would easily throw himself in front of a sword to protect someone else, even if that sword ran him through.

Richard's next words made Maira wince, not because it was shocking, but because it mirrored her thoughts perfectly. It was an all too likely possibility and one she had thought about often of recent days. "I suppose it's a good thing Mother has begun grooming Jamie to take the throne just in case the worst happens." Her voice sounded small, but what she said was the truth. She hadn't been the only one preparing for the worst.

She had realized she had fallen silent and had a solemn expression on her face. She shook her head quickly and forced a smile. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be thinking such dreary thoughts on our wedding day." She apologized to him, trying her best to act alright. Her mind was still flooded with those dark thpughts, but she refused to let Richard know that. He didn't need to deal with her emotional self any more for the day.

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As the words left her mouth, they seemed to take a bit of life with them. Her expression seemed to be left somewhat somber; her features holding just a little less color to them. Even through her smile, Richard could not help but feel like something was bothering her.

"Maira," he began. His voice was stern as usual. It almost sounded as though he was preparing to issue a command to her but his voice unusually adapted to fit a softer situation.

"Are-..are you o-..?"

Suddenly, a voice calls from behind the prince.


He turns around to find his aunt scooting through the other nobility on the floor to get to him and Maira. She appears panicked as she speaks in Lingarian, more for the purpose of conveying her message with speed than trying to hide its content from the other guests.

"Your cousin...I-I-I'm trying but I can't-...I can't get him away!"

Richard half sighs and half growls in complete frustration as he lets go of Maira and turns around before walking off.

"Stay here. Talk to my sister or something," he says as if it were an afterthought that Maira certainly had no idea of what was going on.

Richard follows close behind Rachel through the floor and then tables.

"Is it a girl or drinks this time?" He asks, sticking to his native tongue.

"It's a g-..." Rachel starts, only to pause before looking rather defeated. "'s both...but the girl is the most pressing! He has not left her alone since after dinner and does not seem willing to let her be even though she has refused him multiple times. Now he really seems to be bothering her and he-...h-he wont listen to me!"

Rachel seems to be growing more and more flustered.

"Can't you talk to him? M-maybe he'll listen to the heir..."

"No. Once he has gone too far he doesn't listen to me," Richard confessed, voice not deviating from his flat, serious tone. However, Rachel seems to panic a little at her nephew's words.

"W-What are we supposed to do then?!"

"Just don't worry about it," Richard says, calmly. "I have a plan."

The two walk to the far end of the room, where it seems only personal belongings and abandoned cups remained, and up to a balcony door. Rachel stops, letting Richard take the lead from there into the area of the disturbance. The prince brings his hand down upon one of the two doors' handles and pressed down, releasing the door from its place and allowing him and his aunt to walk through. Against the balcony railing leans Daniel next to a young noble lady...

"I said I'm with my family here. I'm not alone," the girl said, her voice harboring a tone telling the tale of a drawn out conversation she very clearly did not want to be having.

"You're all by yourself, though. Let me keep you company," Daniel insists, reaching over and grasping her hand.

"Let go of me," She protests.

Richard intercedes.

"Cousin. Where have you been? I have not seen you since the reception started."

Daniel smiles. An unusual life expresses itself from his normally flat, bored tone. "Just having a good time. Sipping wine. Courting only the finest lady around."

His hand gripping the lady's fingers raises as he attempts to kiss her hand but she yanks them away, finally slipping them from his grasp. Richard takes note.

"Daniel-!" Rachel begins, finally working up the courage to speak, only to be met with Richard's raised finger.

"It's fine, Rachel. He's fine," Richard reassures to the shock of his aunt.

Daniel pushes off the railing, stumbling a little bit toward the woman. Richard takes note as he walks to a better distance to converse with his cousin, now moving by his right side.

"Y~eah, mother, everything's fine! Everything's alright, just like Richard said. He knows what I'm talking about now, don't you, buddy?"

Daniel looks back at Richard for confirmation and receives it through a single nod. The young lady, seeing that Daniel is distracted tries to move away but finds herself spotted and pulled back by her captor again.

"Where are you going there, miss?" He questions her and then sloppily looks back at Richard as if to ask 'can you believe that?' to which Richard simply shrugs.

Rachel pipes back up again in protest. The Lingarian flowing from her lips seem to hold little hesitance for once.

"Okay, Daniel! I've had enough of this, I told you-!"

Daniel's eyes widen. His head immediately turns to face his mother as he glares daggers at the woman. The mother noticeably shrinks as all clues to her son's intoxication seem to have disappeared...

"-And haven't I told you to shut up?! Why must you nag me so, woman? I'm just out here trying to have some fun and I will not have YOU come out here AND-"
Richard wraps his right arm over his cousin's shoulder and clasps his palms together, quickly flexing his bicep as he pulls back, lifting on the boy, causing his center of mass to shift and destabilize his balance. In an instant, Daniel's eyes flutter and close. Suddenly, he falls limp and Richard twists around, laying his unconscious cousin down on his side on the balcony.

Both women instantly have the same appalled look on their faces.

"Oh my lady!" The younger girl exclaims out, covering her mouth with her hand in shock.

"R-Richard!" Rachel cries.

"He's alright," Richard reassures through a sigh. "I only put him to sleep."

The girl noticeably shows relief.

"I k-..know you put him to sleep but did you have to do it drastically??"

Richard addresses the young lady.

"I sincerely apologize on behalf of this man for his behavior and hope you have been done no harm, my lady."

"'s okay..." the girl simply responds. A short pause and she begins to speak again.

"I-...I thank you for-"
"-Don't you have somewhere to be?" Richard asks, harshly. He had dealt with the issue, now it would be preferred that she left.

Surprised at the hostile response, the girl simply looks around in disbelief before returning to the reception.

Richard walks away from Daniel and approaches his mother.

"Rachel, go back inside. Find Maira and tell her that I will not be getting back to her until late this evening. I'm going to have to take Daniel up to his room and watch him for a while, make sure he doesn't wake up and make a fool out of himself again."

The woman's expression visibly protests Richard's request.

"B-but Richard! It's your wedding night! A husband should always-..he should always be with his new wife on their wedding night! Don't you think Maira should spend at least one night with you before you all go?"

Richard rolls his eyes.

"I've got to get your son to bed. I'm the only one who can! Who else would do it? Abner? I have not seen that boy since you pulled him off of the railing and into supper this evening!"

Rachel lowers her head, disappointed in the situation.

"Just do what I say," Richard continues. "I'll take Daniel to-..."

Richard turns around to look at his cousin, only to find nothing.

"W-...What? Where did he go?!"

Both Richard and Rachel scan their surroundings for the disappeared boy. Shortly after, the woman taps on Richard's shoulder, pointing far down to the left side of the balcony. Moving through the doorway is Prince Abner carrying the top half of his brother by the chest, letting his feet drag behind...

"...I can't believe it..." Rachel said as though she were thinking aloud.

"...By our lady, he actually heard me after all..." Richard said in disbelief.

The two watched as the brothers utilize the door, carelessly leaving it open after moving through.

"...I guess I will see you inside then..." Rachel said as she turned to walk inside.

"...Yeah...wait for me." Richard told his aunt as he followed her through the door back inside.

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Richard had begun to speak, about to ask Maira a question and even though when he first addressed her it was in his typical stern voice it seemed to soften. His voice took on a tone that Maira had never heard from him before. He couldn’t finish his question, however, as a voice called out to him making Maira jump at the sound. She too now looked over at his aunt as she recognized pure panic on the woman’s face. The conversation the pursued took place in Richard’s native tongue and left his wife just standing there staring in the two confused. Obviously something was amiss and Maira could only assume that they didn’t want her to know what it was.

Before she knew it Richard had left her there in the middle of the dance floor to go take care of whatever problem had arisen. Maira couldn’t help but be glued to the floor in shock as people continued to dance around the princess. What had he told her to do? Go find his sister was it? Slowly she made her way off the dance floor with all the intention of finding young Anne, but she stopped once she hit the tables. She stared at one of the discarded cups that was still half full of liquid on the table. She knew she should turn and do as Richard said and find his sister, but her mind was still swirling with thoughts of before and now abruptly being abandoned. She gingerly picked the cup up and the closer it got to her face she could smell the bitter scent of the wine. How easy it would be to just drink it, to numb her mind, numb all her senses. The cup was almost to her mouth when she stopped herself. This wasn’t right, she said she wasn’t going to drink any more for the night. She wasn’t about to break her word over something so silly. So she set the cup down once more and glanced in the direction Richard and his aunt disappeared to.

Before she knew it her feet were moving in that direction, curiosity getting the better of her. She wouldn’t intervene, she would only peak to see what was going on. It couldn’t hurt anything if she did that right? She was almost to the door when someone walked through it in a hurry. The two almost collided as Maira looked at the girl.

“Alice? Are you okay?” Maira questioned as she recognized her friend who looked slightly flustered.

“Maira! Oh I-I....Yes I’m okay now, but the your husband he-” As the girl was stumbling over her words Maira glanced around her looking in on the scene. She looked just in time to see Abner grabbing his brother Daniel who was unconscious and dragging him off while Richard and his aunt debated over something. She wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, but she could assume and turned back to her friend.

“Come Alice, dance with me. Let’s get your mind off of whatever has just happened.” Maira said, a bright smile on her face now as she took both of her friends hands in hers. Alice opened her mouth to say something more, but closed it again as Maira gently began pulling her towards the dance floor. They got to the outskirts of the dancing people and began dancing when Maira once again looked over to where her husband and his aunt were. She saw them both coming back into the party and Maira smiled a little to herself. She wondered if Richard would come find her now that the issue seemed to be dealt with.

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Richard quietly makes his way in, following after Rachel for a moment before slowing to a halt, letting her carry on without him. As Richard's aunt made her way back, the prince scanned the room in an attempt to find his counterpart. Luckily, it did not seem to consume a lot of time or much effort, as she had made her way off to the outer layer of the crowd. She also appeared to have found someone to bide her time with, though not with little Anne as he had suggested...though she certainly had not an unfamiliar face...
It was the girl from before. The one with Prince Daniel.

Well, that definitely is going to come back and bite me later on...

Maira's occupation, however, was at least not inconvenient. With the other issues taken care of by his father and the last foreseeable burden dealt with by his own accord, there was nothing requiring Richard's attention. Perfect, considering he really could use a drink after his business with Daniel.

The prince walked around, skimming the edge of the room; excusing himself around the few people whom he crossed. After reaching the table of refreshments, Richard retrieved a fresh cup, chose from the few pitchers of wine, and poured himself a helping. He swished the fragrant drink around in the cup, inspecting it closely and even sniffing it before deeming it acceptable and sipping the bittersweet spirit. It was a rather pointless action, as he was not about to let the quality affect whether he would drink it at a time like this. All that would keep him would quite possibly be anything at the level of-or worse than-a fly in the liquid.
Besides, once again, the cultural epicenter of Southern Donersland delivers.

Alice was more than just a little bit flustered. The two ladies danced together but her mind was still a few minutes behind.

The young lady bit her lip, looking as though she still had something on her mind. Such would be confirmed as she opened her mouth...
...only to close it again. Frustrated, she tried again, closing it once more before the words could come out.

After taking another moment to find the proper wording, she sighed and tried one more time. She succeeds.

"M-Maira," Alice begins, still stumbling over the words. " is he? Like...what kind of~ of person is he?"

She removes a hand from her friend and nervously fixes her silky, blonde hair behind her right ear.

"He seems kind of~..."-

Richard stands, taking small tastes of his wine; savoring it, conserving it. Unbeknownst to him, Anne slowly inches closer. She may have been looking in a totally different direction but she knew what she wanted...the weak points at Richard's sides were the little girl's target...
Just before she could get within arms reach, however, Richard turned and immediately stared down at his younger sister, glaring daggers...



"I mean...well, haven't you been there before? Like, are all Lingerian boys like that?"

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Donersland by Captain Awesome

The proud kingdom of Donersland, home of a rich culture and many past war heroes.

The Kingdom of Lingaria

The Kingdom of Lingaria by Captain Awesome

Lingaria. Beautiful, isn't it? You may not feel that way for long. It gets rather cold...

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Character Portrait: Richard Amore
Character Portrait: Maira Sinclair


Character Portrait: Maira Sinclair
Maira Sinclair

The fun loving, free-spirited princess of Donersland. You can address her as "Princess", "Your Highness", or even just Maira if you please.

Character Portrait: Richard Amore
Richard Amore

The pride-filled, warrior prince of Lingaria. You may address him as 'Your Royal Highness'.


Character Portrait: Richard Amore
Richard Amore

The pride-filled, warrior prince of Lingaria. You may address him as 'Your Royal Highness'.

Character Portrait: Maira Sinclair
Maira Sinclair

The fun loving, free-spirited princess of Donersland. You can address her as "Princess", "Your Highness", or even just Maira if you please.

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Character Portrait: Richard Amore
Richard Amore

The pride-filled, warrior prince of Lingaria. You may address him as 'Your Royal Highness'.

Character Portrait: Maira Sinclair
Maira Sinclair

The fun loving, free-spirited princess of Donersland. You can address her as "Princess", "Your Highness", or even just Maira if you please.

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Donersland by Captain Awesome

The proud kingdom of Donersland, home of a rich culture and many past war heroes.

The Kingdom of Lingaria

The Kingdom of Lingaria by Captain Awesome

Lingaria. Beautiful, isn't it? You may not feel that way for long. It gets rather cold...


The proud kingdom of Donersland, home of a rich culture and many past war heroes.

The Kingdom of Lingaria

Lingaria. Beautiful, isn't it? You may not feel that way for long. It gets rather cold...

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