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Alice the Creep

"I'm alive, don't you see!?"

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a character in “Subconscious Fears”, as played by ISpeakTheTruth



"No, you're mistaken. I'm alive, don't you see?"


Human Name
"Alison Justina Floracdo "

Mental Age

Actual Age

Transformation: Not exactly a power, as she can't really control it, but when a good smelling soul comes around she'll transform into a spider-like creature that will devour the poor being whole. Some would say it's sickening, but the souls make quite a tasty snack.

Animation: To keep herself from becoming even further alone, Alice has stumbled upon the ability to bring inanimate objects to life. It's a nice power, but the girl has only used it once or twice. She created a friend, Anna, who's an end table from one of the rooms in King Walter's palace. Though the piece of furniture can't talk, see, and usually bumps into things, Anna is Alice's favorite companion.

Memories Erased?
No... Princess Eloise didn't erase the memories of a crazy. Why?
Because everything is unfair to the odd ones out.

Mental State
Accepting that one won't ever be returning home, seeing their loved ones, or ever really being an actual
person again is a lot to take in. Sometimes... people just can't handle it all.


Likes and Loves
(Meeting new people) (Those who don't try to kill her)
(Looking up at the sky) (Normal conversations)
(Thinking she's alive) (Happiness)

Despite being a crazed dead girl, Alice tries her best to be happy. Although her upbeat and easygoing attitude is an impressively consistent act, the girl doesn't deem herself a 'monster' and simply just wants to feel happy again.

Dislikes and Loathes
(Being told she's actually dead) (Reality)

Would you like it if someone pointed out to you that you were dead? I'd think not, and neither does Alice. What's the harm in pretending everything is okay?

Positive Personality Traits
(Helpful) (Enthusiastic)
(Friendly) (Kind)

On first glance, Alice is rather ordinary. She likes to help people, she's friendly and loves to laugh... she likes to act as if she's truly alive.

Negative Personality Traits
(Clingy) (Easily angered)

Don't ever tell her that you're leaving, don't inform her that she died a hundred and something years ago, and try to stick to doing what she tells you to. Underneath her happy act is a killer who's unfortunate main interest is a snack, which just so happens to possibly be your soul. Angering or frustrating her will lead to an attack.

â™Ģ "A monster,
A monster,
I've turned into a monster."

So begins...

Alice the Creep's Story

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"Alice." The girl said flatly as she flexed her fingers, "Alice, Alice, Alice." She used to marvel at her name, she used to think that Alison or Alice were the best things to call someone, but lately all she had felt towards her title was a bitter taste of resentment.
What had people referred to her as? A creep? How dare they call her such a thing. Alice dropped her hand and scowled at the shadows under her feet. She wasn't creepy. She wasn't odd. If that's what they wanted to think then so be it, but at least she knew that they were wrong.
Yes... they were all wrong. How could they say she wasn't a Dreamer? She knew she was, but according to those idiots she wasn't. She had tried to convince them otherwise, but they were too stubborn. They had been horrible and tossed her in a dungeon...
Alice shuddered.
She was never going back there, not in a million years would she willingly go back to that place. Ever.
...Unless she was dragged out, if that were the case then she supposed there wasn't much she could do besides scream and fight, but that plan hadn't exactly worked the first time.
No, no, it was better to just not get caught. Since her escape, she had been hiding in the castle. Much to her amusement, no one had discovered her yet and she had even made it a little game.
How long could she stay in one place? A day? Two days? Many of the rooms no one entered, but to be safe Alice would always find herself relocating.
It was a fun lifestyle, but she always felt just a tad bit...
"Lonely." Alice sighed, hugging her knees as she glanced towards one of the windows in the dark room that she was hiding in. "People would kill you if they saw you, though." She reminded herself quickly, shaking her finger in disapproval, "That's why you have to leave."

Alice let out a deep breath and stood up from her spot in the corner of the room. Windows were to stay away from, as someone could easily see her through them, but it was just such a nice day out...
"I could escape now." Alice murmured, squinting her eyes as she peered through the glass, "Or I could make things easy and wait until everyone is busy." she mused, lowering her eyebrows. There was a celebration next week, wasn't there? She could wait until then.
It was such a complicated thing, fleeing the dungeons and being wanted as dead, but it kept her busy, so it was okay. Having her life depend on only a few very crucial little things wasn't so bad, anyway. If she was just light on her toes and as quick as a bee... well, there'd be no problems.

Alice pulled the curtains closed and went back to her corner. She began humming a song that her mother used to sing to her so many years ago, but though time the words had been lost and only the tune remained. Even if it was now just a little bit of noise, the familiarity of it gave her a sense of reassurance.