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King Walter

"You smell nice. Would you like to work for me?"

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a character in “Subconscious Fears”, as played by ForgottenDetail



"You smell nice. Would you like to work for me?"

Human Name
Anthony Walter
"My mother named me after my grandfathers. I was about to change, but then I became famous.."

Mental Age
"Only as young as you feel~!"

Actual Age
"That just means I'm smarter than you."

Physical Manipulation, Grants (Granting the wishes of a sleeper)
"What the heck do you mean you want wings?! Might as well give you a cap and call you a flying monkey while I'm at it!"
"You know, because you're so ugly?"

Memories Erased?
Yes, yet they are slowly coming back to him. He does not tell the Princess about this.
"No wonder I liked sweets..."

Mental State
Slightly crazy, yet overall sane.
"Stop calling me crazy! You're crazy!"

Likes and Loves
(Candy) (Good smells) (Eloise) (Writing and reading books) (Dreamers) (Games)
"Oh Alright.. If you get me a box of chocolates I shall forgive your mistake."

Dislikes and Loathes
(Crazies) (Refusal) (Remembering his past)
"Don't you dare say that name to me! You know not the meaning of falling asleep next to the love of your life, then waking up in... in... this.."

Positive Personality Traits
(Affectionate) (Brave) (Imaginative) (Loyal)
Walter doesn't understand the meaning of no. He does everything in his power to keep his kingdom under control and free of crazies, allowing a nice place in this grey world for souls to live in for eternity. He loves reading creations of the people of his kingdom, and writing books for all to enjoy.

Negative Personality Traits
(Sensitive) (Aggressive) (Narrow-Minded) ()
When King Walter doesn't get his way, he devotes his time and life to getting his way. He doesn't like it when people talk about him badly behind his back, and will punish any misbehavior whether or not you're a member of his kingdom.

So begins...

King Walter's Story

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Second week of Summer, Wednesday.

The day began just as every other day in the months of summer. April the Day keeper brought up the artificial sun to it's peek, and went to go on her vacation with June the Night keeper. Like any other day without The Weather Man, there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky. The air was cold for summer, yet commoners still wore skirts and went out for picnics on the green grass hills. The kingdom was decorated in banners and streamers; people already preparing for the events to come next week. Everything was simply perfect for a day in the land of the dead.

The king walked with dull steps down the corridor of windows, his assistant reading him off a list of boring things that needed to be taken care of.
"A total of three sleepers have arrived this week, sir. That's two more than last week. Miss Cassie has been instructed to become their trainer. Sixteen subjects have been locked in the dungeon under suspicion of madness, three of them have already turned and are planned to be executed when the sun goes down. Also, the people are arranging the Dance of The Dead celebration on Thursday next week.. Ah, however, June the Night keeper and April the Day keeper are taking three days off together starting now, so the dance of the dead will actually begin the week after the next." Walter rose off the ground while his assistant was looking out the window, letting his feet take a break from all the wondering around taking about matters. As his assistant's gaze turned back, he quickly fell to feet and resumed a devoted posture as if nothing happened. His assistant shot Walter a suspicious glance, looked down at the floor made sure his feet were still on the ground. His assistant suddenly stopped in his steps and turned towards a window, the colors of the kingdom reflecting back onto him. Walter soon stopped, but kept his distance from him."...Sir?" "Yes Joe?" Walter answered quietly, holding his hands behind his back. "I'm worried. About the people. They're not as happy as they used to be." The king looked towards the window, and gave a gentle laugh. "Of course they're not happy! We don't have enough holidays in the season. Arrange a meeting for it as soon as possible..perhaps It should be about the dreamers, and how much we appreciate them.. Ah! Eloise!" The king shouted in the direction of the princess, a pleasant smile playing on his cheeks as he waved her down.He abandoned his assistant without another world, and came to join her with one of the most optimistic behaviors you've ever seen. "Good morning Eloise! How are you feeling? Did that tea I prescribed help you sleep any better?"

The setting changes from King Walter's Castle to Final Resting Place

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"Good morning Eloise! How are you feeling? Did that tea I prescribed help you sleep any better?" Eloise hears the voice of the King behind her. Her heart flutters slightly and a smile lights her pale-skinned face. She turns and her hair seems to flutter in the breeze as she does so. With a familiar sparkle in her eyes, she speaks.
"Walter! Hello. My sleep has been a bit better. I haven't had any attacks today either." she becomes serious and her smile fades slightly, "at least...not yet..."

Eloise had been having attacks every few weeks due to some of her memories returning and she had them almost mapped out in times. They seemed to come around the same time every month just about, so she was preparing for the flashbacks. Any day now...

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Second week of Summer,Wednesday

Tick... tock...
Goes the clock as it moves
Tick... tock...
Again the clock travels another minute

Tick... tock...
The minute hand strikes at 12


Faint sirens rang throughout the street. Passerby's stopped to watch the commotion. Children's curiosity rose up, but their parents prevented them from knowing the incident. Polices does their best and seals off the area, the citizens still curious to know what happened. There was Little Trystan, lying half-conscious next to a truck. Ambulances came later, medics pouring out from the front and back seats. Their efficient teamwork proved best at these situation and soon, the crowds disappeared with the delivery of Trystan to a nearby hospital.

Then, he woke up. As if it was a bad dream, he awoke to a strange place he had never been. A whole space full of nothing but white. Like a whole different world, he felt... out of place. He could only remember blurry of what happened before he woke up, but nothing. He decided to put it aside and places this bizarre place as his first priority. "Now, where am I?" He had a feeling that he was forgetting something important. Something that could mean his entire existence and requires his full attention to it. An inch that he couldn't relieve from. A feeling that he can't quite put his fingers on.

Nonetheless, he took a step forward. Nothing will change if he stood there trying to figure out what he was feeling. But, as his foot left the ground, the entire scenery changed. Like a wind breezing past him, rows of buildings started to fill the white, empty space and soon, to the edge and horizon, he was in the streets between the hundreds and thousands of houses build in neat rows. Then, slowly forming itself, people of different clothing appeared. But, that wasn't what surprised him. Most of them, instead of walking like normal humans, floated and traveled the street as if it was normal. Then again, when he first woke up, everything was already bizarre.

He continued on without stopping to stare and observe at the people. Even though they looked like humans and perhaps they did act like one, all they had in their eyes were despair and sadness. They weren't energetic nor tired. It was as if they were trying to forget about things they wished they never had done.

A clicked went inside his mind. He remembered about reading a book about souls in an another world, where all human goes to after dying. Maybe he was in a similar place? That would mean he's dead, but he couldn't confirm if he was dead or not. The last thing he could remember from his memory was that he was running by a lot of different people and knocking some of them down. If he was dead, why was he running? Maybe he encountered an accident on the way and he ended up here? That should be the only reason, considering how souls are able to magically actions like floating.

Walking down the street and into a forest path, a castle comes into view. It stood gallantly beside a grassy mountain, and a white 'soul' flew around the top of the castle. Guessing that it would be a better choice if Trystan went there and properly clear his mind of questions he had yet to answer for himself, he flew there. Literally. He had came into conclusion that with enough willpower, he is able to do whatever he want. He managed to levitate and fly, something that was rather easy. However, he was more used to walking on his own two legs. He did walk on it for the past 20 years of his life, cutting down on the years he was still a baby and didn't knew how to walk. Teleporting was still something he still couldn't do. Perhaps he didn't really had a strong will just like before.

As he was thinking to himself of his achievement in this new world, he was already at the castle gate. Two guards stopped him with heir spears and he stayed down and harmless then. He didn't want to make any trouble now. If he was right, powers can be used in this world with enough willpower, and without knowing what people in this world could do, he mustn't act rashly. He raised up his hands and tried to introduce himself. "My name is... Trystan. May I know if I could speak to the lord of this castle?"

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#, as written by Naught

Second week of Summer, Wednesday

Why was he visiting here again? After so long from being gone, he finally decided that today was the day to show his face again. He was gone without a trace some would say, no weather for days, did they really need it? The Weather Man. The one that made weathers in dreams come true in this realm of the dead. Being here for so long, so many years, no one could guess if he was either sane or insane because, he was good at showing neither. Sighing as he looked up at the clear sky.

"No clouds to be seen, and no winds to be felt. Though, it still is a cold summer." It wasn't too bad. It was still weather. Though it was natural made without him, he still claimed it to be weather. Though, there was no one else of his kind that could easily take his place, sadly there wasn't and he really had to be careful because, in the realm of the dead there's no telling who could scoop someone up and swallow them.

He started to wonder how far he had walked, day by day, he walked, never resting once for himself. Though the traveling was for a clear reason, that is personal to himself and himself only. Forgetting that he was looking up at the sky the whole time he looked back down kind of embarrassed without the presence of another person. He didn't realize he was close to the Kingdom until he heard a voice from a far distance.

Stopping for a moment before continuing to walk towards the owner of the particular voice. Looking down, he stoop a few inches beside the male that had his hands up. "He's, with me guards." He looked up and smiled at the both of them. "Now would you please open the gate?" The guards stared at him for awhile and he just continued to smile at them. After a few seconds of them staring at him, they finally decided to open the gate into the kingdom.

"Thank you so much." Bowing slightly before walking past the guards and into the kingdom. It felt good to help certain people out again, he was very glad to be helping out at least one person everyday. Well, wherever the stranger had wanted to go, he could now continue to go. The Weather Man, had a little goal of his own.

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Cassie twisted her sword in her hand a couple of times, practicing a bit of a stunt trick with her dear weapon which she had been practicing to perfection the past few days, maybe weeks. She always failed it in the end though, and so she did again as the hilt got stuck in between her fingers and stuck. It fell to the ground without cutting her luckily, but she sighed tiredly at the thought that she still couldn't do it with all the practice she had put into it.

She then looked upwards at the clear blue sky and stared blankly into it, 'There hasn't been any accidents for a while...' She thought thankfully. She was a master at killing any Crazies, but that didn't mean she looked forward to finding one in her downtime. Sure, she was bored, but the young knight was glad that they had not shown up, knowing the dangers they could create.

Cassie leaned back onto the wall behind her back. She had always stayed near the castle as she had a sort of sister to sister love for the princess and wanted to keep her safe. She was a bit of a knight after all, and wanted to do anything in her power to prevent any accidents revolving around violence or pain.

She never knew why, but that is what she decided on ever since she got to that mysterious land. In fact, how did she get there? When Cassie tried to think, she couldn't think clearly and only shrugged it off. She never got the answer to that anyways.

A moment later while she began to space out once more, she heard a voice in the distance, "My name is... Trystan. May I know if I could speak to the lord of this castle?"

She got up in an instant and went to where she heard these voice coming from and saw an unfamiliar face with two guards who had their weapons raised at him. Cassie walked up a little further and put her hands on both the guard's shoulders and told them, "Stand down. He doesn't look like a Crazie."

She then took a look at the stranger and said, "We don't just let anyone see our king. Especially people who we don't know. State your name and business here then, stranger." Cassie directed.

The setting changes from Final Resting Place to King Walter's Castle

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Second week of Summer, Wednesday.

At the mention of Eloise's attacks, a small memory returned to him. The distress of his wife. Wife? He had a wife? Why didn't he have one now? He wasn't sure if he wanted one anymore. Oh, what was he doing right now? Oh yes, comforting Eloise. "Tsk Tsk. Don't worry my dear, I'm sure it's just a phase. If it persists for much longer, I'll have my doctor's prescribe a.. a.. medication, dear. That should help, yes?" Walter smiled childishly and messed up her hair with the palm of her hand. "Come now, we must welcome the new sleepers. I can't wait another moment to see what glorious powers they'll bring~!" Walter walked off with his hands held behind his back, assuming that the girl would follow behind.

Walter didn't know why, but having Eloise by his side introduced a more positive and open side of the king. He didn't quite understand what she wanted or needed at times, but he tried his best and sometimes it was enough. To tell the truth, he was angry at her right now. At her mind actually, but the emotion directed towards her nonetheless. Why couldn't she stop the attacks? It made him furious that after countless times of her bringing the problem to him, there was nothing he could do to fix it. Perhaps he was angry at himself? No, no, he... had no reason to. There's nothing he can do about it- Oh, well now that's a thought. Something a king can't do. Maybe he was afraid of her attacks, afraid that she'd soon remember everything and drive herself insane. Walter didn't want that at all. Not only did he need her for the kingdom, but he also wanted her company. Why was he thinking about his wife now?

Walter looked down at the steps with great disgust, and instead of walking down it like Joe had asked him, he raised his toes and floated down with grace.
"I wonder if we could get a slide installed. That would be fun, wouldn't it my dear?" He asked with a chuckle, directing it towards Eloise. "But of course, you know Joe. He believes royals need to act like royals. Such a pain he is.. I'd like to show him who's king." Walter imagined Joe in the bottom of the castle, locked up in the dungeon chains, sobbing pathetically.. Ahh... Wait, was that how they treated crazies? Walter hadn't check up on that since the dungeon treatment was first introduced. He really needed to get to that soon, later, sometime. Where was he again? Oh! Yes, introducing the sleepers to the kingdom. Walter quickly turned to the right once they reached the bottom of the steps, and ran towards the training room. He stopped just in front of the door, brushed off his suit, and pressed the handle of the door open proudly. "Hello everyone! I am King Walter, the owner of everything you see in this fair land. It's such a pleasure to-" Walter froze, looked around, then smiled with mockery. "Where's Miss Cassie?" He asked, directed to a formal looking deadie to the left of him. The man shrugged. In the next few moments, Walter grabbed him by his hair, swung him around, and sent him flying threw the window. "Go find her then!" Walter yelled after him, brushing his hands off of his suit.