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Subconscious Fears

Final Resting Place


a part of Subconscious Fears, by ForgottenDetail.

The realm of the dead is not a pleasant one. It's dry, cold, and lifeless. It goes on forever and forever, never seeming to end. Maybe it doesn't!

ForgottenDetail holds sovereignty over Final Resting Place, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The realm of the dead is not a pleasant one. It's dry, cold, and lifeless. It goes on forever and forever, never seeming to end. Maybe it doesn't.

Usually, people like to stay far away from each other in the realm of the dead. People aren't so friendly after they die. They walk away from the path to King Walter's kingdom, and claim a land far off from everyone else. Don't blame them for being content with their loneliness though, souls can get set off by the smallest of words. It could be love, it could be life, it could be "You'll never see her again. Ever." They'd turn into crazies so fast, you'd wish you had imagined a brick tall wall between the two of you.

There isn't much life in the areas that aren't inhabited by souls. Once again it's dry, cold, and lifeless. The only soul that can change the weather is known as The Weather Man, and no one has seen him for quite some time. He can make any kind of weather you desire though, so good luck finding him!

Sometimes you'll see a banged-up creature waddle up to you. They'll ask you how you are, who you are, and if you taste good. Before you know it, you're in a black void of nothingness. Crazies can't change the world, but they can make you wish you'd never left consciousness. Their body's replicate their souls, appearing in a sort of symbolic way. Ever seen a thousand-legged spider hurl towards you? Let me tell you; It isn't pretty.
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Final Resting Place

The realm of the dead is not a pleasant one. It's dry, cold, and lifeless. It goes on forever and forever, never seeming to end. Maybe it doesn't!


Final Resting Place is a part of Subconscious Fears.

1 Places in Final Resting Place:

5 Characters Here

Little Trystan [3] "Interesting world I'm in right now."
Alpha [1] "Why should I care about anyone in this world other than myself?"
The Broken Swan [1] "They say I'm mad...But mad backwards is dam, right? So I can't be either. My, my, that does have a ring to it!"
Alice the Creep [1] "I'm alive, don't you see!?"
The Weather Man [1] "When there is weather, you'll never have a boring day." WIP Adding More To Him!

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Character Portrait: The Broken Swan
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#, as written by Lorawr
Beneath the large feet of the tall man shaped creature, there was an emerald sea of foliage which ranged as far as the eye could see. Above, the sky was a wash of molten pink. Or it could have been blue. Names of color always confused him. It was as difficult and as pointless as distinguishing between emotions. What really was the difference between anger and frustration? Joy and sadness? Pain and...? What was the opposite of pain again? Throwing his arms wide, he turned his gaze upwards and leaned forwards, letting the stiff breeze carry his weight and protect him from falling to the soft orange grass below. And he noised. It was a sound that echoed through the big green tree patch below him, and stirred the furries into a flurry. It was a screech-scream-yowl-howl-exclaim-growl-snarl-sing-hum sort of noise. A cacophonous mixture of sounds all washed in together like the time he had taken mud and water and tree blood and animal blood and crushed up green stuffs and mixed them all together, and that mixture had become a noise.

The noise didn't fade. As quickly as it started, it stopped, and he blinked and looked around him. The colors changed again. It was completely bewildering, and the change was decidedly less bright than before, and he grew bored. Turning aside, he climbed down the cliff he had found himself atop. Atop? A sock? Socks. He needed more socks. But that meant going to the habitat-town, and there were people there. People. Pain. Death. It was all temptation. He giggled. They always asked what he was called, and he always said, "Well, I'm you! We're us! The sky is the sky...I like swans" Or at least, he thought that was what he said last time. Every few months-days-weeks-years-centuries, he changed his mind on his bestest buddy furry. And at the moment, he liked swans. But because he didn't have wings like swans, they called him broken.

The Broken didn't think that he was broked. He thought they were the broked ones, and he was the unbroked. He liked the sound of that word. Broke. Like yolk. And egg. He wanted eggs. Chickens and eggs. Maybe. He wasn't hungry. He was simply bored, and that was an issue he had been faced with for a while now. When he was bored, he felt like hurting things. Killing. Pain. Death. It happened often, the killing, that is. Sometimes he wished that he had a pet person furry for him to sit with, but he knew that he'd just kill them. Pain. Death. The Broken giggled and wandered out into the platform. It wasn't really that. It was really just a big flat in the big green with the big blue-pink as a roof. In the middle was a rock, where he lived, and it was home. Like a child, the Broken ran over, tottering on unsteady feet, which he shortly planted on the rock before sitting.

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Character Portrait: Princess Eloise Character Portrait: King Walter
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"Good morning Eloise! How are you feeling? Did that tea I prescribed help you sleep any better?" Eloise hears the voice of the King behind her. Her heart flutters slightly and a smile lights her pale-skinned face. She turns and her hair seems to flutter in the breeze as she does so. With a familiar sparkle in her eyes, she speaks.
"Walter! Hello. My sleep has been a bit better. I haven't had any attacks today either." she becomes serious and her smile fades slightly, "at least...not yet..."

Eloise had been having attacks every few weeks due to some of her memories returning and she had them almost mapped out in times. They seemed to come around the same time every month just about, so she was preparing for the flashbacks. Any day now...

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Character Portrait: Alice the Creep
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"Alice." The girl said flatly as she flexed her fingers, "Alice, Alice, Alice." She used to marvel at her name, she used to think that Alison or Alice were the best things to call someone, but lately all she had felt towards her title was a bitter taste of resentment.
What had people referred to her as? A creep? How dare they call her such a thing. Alice dropped her hand and scowled at the shadows under her feet. She wasn't creepy. She wasn't odd. If that's what they wanted to think then so be it, but at least she knew that they were wrong.
Yes... they were all wrong. How could they say she wasn't a Dreamer? She knew she was, but according to those idiots she wasn't. She had tried to convince them otherwise, but they were too stubborn. They had been horrible and tossed her in a dungeon...
Alice shuddered.
She was never going back there, not in a million years would she willingly go back to that place. Ever.
...Unless she was dragged out, if that were the case then she supposed there wasn't much she could do besides scream and fight, but that plan hadn't exactly worked the first time.
No, no, it was better to just not get caught. Since her escape, she had been hiding in the castle. Much to her amusement, no one had discovered her yet and she had even made it a little game.
How long could she stay in one place? A day? Two days? Many of the rooms no one entered, but to be safe Alice would always find herself relocating.
It was a fun lifestyle, but she always felt just a tad bit...
"Lonely." Alice sighed, hugging her knees as she glanced towards one of the windows in the dark room that she was hiding in. "People would kill you if they saw you, though." She reminded herself quickly, shaking her finger in disapproval, "That's why you have to leave."

Alice let out a deep breath and stood up from her spot in the corner of the room. Windows were to stay away from, as someone could easily see her through them, but it was just such a nice day out...
"I could escape now." Alice murmured, squinting her eyes as she peered through the glass, "Or I could make things easy and wait until everyone is busy." she mused, lowering her eyebrows. There was a celebration next week, wasn't there? She could wait until then.
It was such a complicated thing, fleeing the dungeons and being wanted as dead, but it kept her busy, so it was okay. Having her life depend on only a few very crucial little things wasn't so bad, anyway. If she was just light on her toes and as quick as a bee... well, there'd be no problems.

Alice pulled the curtains closed and went back to her corner. She began humming a song that her mother used to sing to her so many years ago, but though time the words had been lost and only the tune remained. Even if it was now just a little bit of noise, the familiarity of it gave her a sense of reassurance.

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Character Portrait: Little Trystan Character Portrait: King Walter
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Second week of Summer,Wednesday

Tick... tock...
Goes the clock as it moves
Tick... tock...
Again the clock travels another minute

Tick... tock...
The minute hand strikes at 12


Faint sirens rang throughout the street. Passerby's stopped to watch the commotion. Children's curiosity rose up, but their parents prevented them from knowing the incident. Polices does their best and seals off the area, the citizens still curious to know what happened. There was Little Trystan, lying half-conscious next to a truck. Ambulances came later, medics pouring out from the front and back seats. Their efficient teamwork proved best at these situation and soon, the crowds disappeared with the delivery of Trystan to a nearby hospital.

Then, he woke up. As if it was a bad dream, he awoke to a strange place he had never been. A whole space full of nothing but white. Like a whole different world, he felt... out of place. He could only remember blurry of what happened before he woke up, but nothing. He decided to put it aside and places this bizarre place as his first priority. "Now, where am I?" He had a feeling that he was forgetting something important. Something that could mean his entire existence and requires his full attention to it. An inch that he couldn't relieve from. A feeling that he can't quite put his fingers on.

Nonetheless, he took a step forward. Nothing will change if he stood there trying to figure out what he was feeling. But, as his foot left the ground, the entire scenery changed. Like a wind breezing past him, rows of buildings started to fill the white, empty space and soon, to the edge and horizon, he was in the streets between the hundreds and thousands of houses build in neat rows. Then, slowly forming itself, people of different clothing appeared. But, that wasn't what surprised him. Most of them, instead of walking like normal humans, floated and traveled the street as if it was normal. Then again, when he first woke up, everything was already bizarre.

He continued on without stopping to stare and observe at the people. Even though they looked like humans and perhaps they did act like one, all they had in their eyes were despair and sadness. They weren't energetic nor tired. It was as if they were trying to forget about things they wished they never had done.

A clicked went inside his mind. He remembered about reading a book about souls in an another world, where all human goes to after dying. Maybe he was in a similar place? That would mean he's dead, but he couldn't confirm if he was dead or not. The last thing he could remember from his memory was that he was running by a lot of different people and knocking some of them down. If he was dead, why was he running? Maybe he encountered an accident on the way and he ended up here? That should be the only reason, considering how souls are able to magically actions like floating.

Walking down the street and into a forest path, a castle comes into view. It stood gallantly beside a grassy mountain, and a white 'soul' flew around the top of the castle. Guessing that it would be a better choice if Trystan went there and properly clear his mind of questions he had yet to answer for himself, he flew there. Literally. He had came into conclusion that with enough willpower, he is able to do whatever he want. He managed to levitate and fly, something that was rather easy. However, he was more used to walking on his own two legs. He did walk on it for the past 20 years of his life, cutting down on the years he was still a baby and didn't knew how to walk. Teleporting was still something he still couldn't do. Perhaps he didn't really had a strong will just like before.

As he was thinking to himself of his achievement in this new world, he was already at the castle gate. Two guards stopped him with heir spears and he stayed down and harmless then. He didn't want to make any trouble now. If he was right, powers can be used in this world with enough willpower, and without knowing what people in this world could do, he mustn't act rashly. He raised up his hands and tried to introduce himself. "My name is... Trystan. May I know if I could speak to the lord of this castle?"

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Character Portrait: Alpha
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Leaning up against a rocky spire in the land just beyond the kingdom, Alpha directed his gaze upward towards the cloudless sky and gave a disappointed frown. How long had it been now since he'd last felt rain...? He missed the soothing feeling of cold rain in the middle of a beautiful summer day, the pitter patter of droplets gently striking the ground. "Another day slacking on the job, Weather Man?" he muttered before taking a final swig from his last bottle of wine. After downing every last drop, he carelessly tossed the bottle aside. So bittersweet, the end of the bottle was. Now he'd have to go and get more.

Alpha had been told that he was a sleeper when he first arrived in the Final Resting Place. Apparently, that was something of a big deal around here. It didn't really matter to him, though. So what if he could kill crazies? It's not like crazies would ever stop showing up, now would they? It was all pointless. Pointless, just like the empty bottles of wine that now lay tauntingly beside him. Really, he needed to be sure to get more this time, he'd gone through his supplies too quickly in the last few days. If he made that habit, then he'd have to make more frequent trips into the kingdom to replenish them. There, he might bump into King Walter or any of his servants... he might be suspected of madness once more. That was an experience he never wanted to undergo again.

"I'm not crazy," Alpha reassured himself. "There's nothing wrong with just wanting to be alone all the time."

Sighing, Alpha forced himself up onto his feet. Instinctively, he lifted up his hand and gave the scarf that hung around his neck a slight tug to make sure it was firmly in place. The scarf... it was a relic of his life before this one, now as empty and lifeless as the void his memories once filled. But lifeless as it may be, he somehow still managed to feel naked without it. He could not bring himself to part with it.

Alpha began his trek towards the kingdom without a single glance back towards the place that had served as his campsite for the past several days. His mind now dwelled on the celebration that would be coming up soon. Perhaps he would linger around the kingdom long enough to participate this year? He did enjoy a good festival every now and then, and it was easy to keep from sticking out in the crowds during them. It might make for a fun change of pace from the usual exploring, drinking, and reading that he filled his days with.

It'd all depend on his mood when he arrived, of course, or if anyone pestered him after he arrived there. He had a few hours worth of walking ahead of him to decide...

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Character Portrait: Little Trystan Character Portrait: King Walter Character Portrait: The Weather Man
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#, as written by Naught

Second week of Summer, Wednesday

Why was he visiting here again? After so long from being gone, he finally decided that today was the day to show his face again. He was gone without a trace some would say, no weather for days, did they really need it? The Weather Man. The one that made weathers in dreams come true in this realm of the dead. Being here for so long, so many years, no one could guess if he was either sane or insane because, he was good at showing neither. Sighing as he looked up at the clear sky.

"No clouds to be seen, and no winds to be felt. Though, it still is a cold summer." It wasn't too bad. It was still weather. Though it was natural made without him, he still claimed it to be weather. Though, there was no one else of his kind that could easily take his place, sadly there wasn't and he really had to be careful because, in the realm of the dead there's no telling who could scoop someone up and swallow them.

He started to wonder how far he had walked, day by day, he walked, never resting once for himself. Though the traveling was for a clear reason, that is personal to himself and himself only. Forgetting that he was looking up at the sky the whole time he looked back down kind of embarrassed without the presence of another person. He didn't realize he was close to the Kingdom until he heard a voice from a far distance.

Stopping for a moment before continuing to walk towards the owner of the particular voice. Looking down, he stoop a few inches beside the male that had his hands up. "He's, with me guards." He looked up and smiled at the both of them. "Now would you please open the gate?" The guards stared at him for awhile and he just continued to smile at them. After a few seconds of them staring at him, they finally decided to open the gate into the kingdom.

"Thank you so much." Bowing slightly before walking past the guards and into the kingdom. It felt good to help certain people out again, he was very glad to be helping out at least one person everyday. Well, wherever the stranger had wanted to go, he could now continue to go. The Weather Man, had a little goal of his own.

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Character Portrait: Miss Cassie Character Portrait: Princess Eloise Character Portrait: Little Trystan Character Portrait: King Walter
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Cassie twisted her sword in her hand a couple of times, practicing a bit of a stunt trick with her dear weapon which she had been practicing to perfection the past few days, maybe weeks. She always failed it in the end though, and so she did again as the hilt got stuck in between her fingers and stuck. It fell to the ground without cutting her luckily, but she sighed tiredly at the thought that she still couldn't do it with all the practice she had put into it.

She then looked upwards at the clear blue sky and stared blankly into it, 'There hasn't been any accidents for a while...' She thought thankfully. She was a master at killing any Crazies, but that didn't mean she looked forward to finding one in her downtime. Sure, she was bored, but the young knight was glad that they had not shown up, knowing the dangers they could create.

Cassie leaned back onto the wall behind her back. She had always stayed near the castle as she had a sort of sister to sister love for the princess and wanted to keep her safe. She was a bit of a knight after all, and wanted to do anything in her power to prevent any accidents revolving around violence or pain.

She never knew why, but that is what she decided on ever since she got to that mysterious land. In fact, how did she get there? When Cassie tried to think, she couldn't think clearly and only shrugged it off. She never got the answer to that anyways.

A moment later while she began to space out once more, she heard a voice in the distance, "My name is... Trystan. May I know if I could speak to the lord of this castle?"

She got up in an instant and went to where she heard these voice coming from and saw an unfamiliar face with two guards who had their weapons raised at him. Cassie walked up a little further and put her hands on both the guard's shoulders and told them, "Stand down. He doesn't look like a Crazie."

She then took a look at the stranger and said, "We don't just let anyone see our king. Especially people who we don't know. State your name and business here then, stranger." Cassie directed.