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Subject 13

"Not interested."

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a character in “Subject 11”, as played by Black


Subject 13

ImageName: Subject Thirteen

Nickname: Some refer to Subject 13 by his Demon name Asura.

Age: Fifteen

Gender: Male

Born: Half-Born

Room: Floor Five, Room One

Kind/Race: Demon-Linked

Power: Negation

Power Description: Subject 13 has the ability to cancel out everything around him and protect himself from all attacks. This can either cover his whole body or just a certain part, of course a full body shield takes a lot more energy to conjure. It only takes a split second for it to be brought up and down, however the constant turning it on and off, takes a lot of energy and requires maximum rest possible once he exhausts himself.

The shields are not seen and thus cannot be predicted, however a loud shattering sound can be heard if the attack manages to break through. Over time and as Subject 13 looses energy, the shields become much less powerful and can be broken very easily until the point where Subject 13 just cannot conjure up another. The best way to describe his power is in a situation; say a blast of fire is coming towards Subject 13, he is able to quickly put up a force field on his hands, where the attack will burst on impact and leave Subject 13 unharmed.

Partner: Subject 14 (Amara)

Weaknesses: Subject 13 has a frail form and thus cannot survive many punches or hits to his body, he’ll easily black out with just a strong punch to the face. Because of his weak build, Subject 13 also fails to successfully put up a fight, his powers are purely defensive and are in no way offensive. This causes many other Subjects and humans to overpower him and very quickly too.

Strong Point: It’s arguable that Subject 13’s strong point is his power, mainly because it can block almost every attack from another mutant, thus making him ‘strong’ against them.

Personality: Subject 13 is a quiet mutant which doesn’t tend to get involved with many things. He’ll happily sit in the corner of his room, mumbling quietly to himself in conversation with the Demon inside of his head. The two of them can hear each other and talk regularly, usually it includes Asura complaining or insulting the mutant; calling him weak, pathetic, useless and a waste-of-space. The two of them do not get on entirely well together, however it is very rare for Subject 13 to actually retaliate, in fact his passive attitude towards life allows him to accept these insults, perhaps even see the hidden care behind them. When it comes to other Subjects, 13 does his best to stay away from them, in fact the only other mutant he’ll make an attempt to speak to, is his partner, whom he silently enjoys spending time with and relies on a lot more than he relies on Asura.

When Asura takes control, Subject 13’s nervous attitude disappears completely and is replaced with a cocky and snarky Demon who isn’t afraid to screw a few people over to get what it wants. Scientists threatening him have no effect at all, he isn’t fond of tests and will retaliate with insults, kicking, screaming and even attacking. The only way to stop this is to bring his partner into it, where Asura will stop immediately and compel with any orders. Perhaps it is because he doesn’t want to die, or perhaps he actually cares for his partner, whatever the reason, he’ll never put his partner’s life in danger.

Fears: Subject 13 fears many things, he cannot swim and fears drowning in water, never going near it. He fears spiders, animals and ghosts too. Especially scientists with their painful experiments and sharp pointed needles. Probably his most strongest fear is that he fears becoming too useless to be kept alive. Asura on the other hand doesn’t fear anything apart from death. His desire to live goes to extreme levels where he will protect his partner with his life. It’s actually thought that he truly cares for his partner, despite his cold front.

Background Story: When the first mutants appeared, and were captured by the humans, there existed one which couldn’t be tested on due to the threat it posed. Instead of treating it like the other mutants, it was locked away in the basement of the facility. Eventually a group of highly trained security ventured down to deal with the problem, however they were unable to actually kill it, so they sealed its soul inside of a red gem, which was locked away in a vault somewhere within the facility.

After Subject 11 was created and everyone began to panic and fear the worst, they sought to create another mutant which could combat Subject 11 but could also be controlled. A young male was kidnapped from the streets and taken the facility where the stone housing Asura’s soul was imbedded into his hand. A painful and exasperating process which almost ended in death for the male, however it worked eventually and the two of them shared a body, much like that of a mutant and a demon.

In order to be able to control the new mutant, they linked it to another, going as far to threaten the other’s life just so they could keep Subject 13 in line.

Other: Unlike other mutants, Asura is able to possess Subject 13 for quite a while. This is due to the power of the soul which shares Subject 13’s body. However he cannot do it all of the time and it will not work if Subject 13 is exhausted or injured a lot. The two share a body so they both feel pain and tiredness.

Demon Name: Asura

Demon Appearance: Not much actually changes to Subject 13 when his Demon takes over. The whites of his eyes turn a menacing black, the irises change from green to blue. On his left hand, the skin breaks and allows the red glowing jewel to show. Occasionally there might be a little blood dripping from around the jewel, but it is merely a reaction to the transformation. Even though Subject 13’s weak form still remains, as a Demon, his body becomes much more resistant to attacks, but physical combat is still rather pathetic.

Demon Power Description: Asura’s powers revolve around the use of bone-like branches protruding from his skin (mainly his hand). They can be used to pierce and stab the flesh of an opponent or can be used as a defence. They aren’t as strong as Subject 13’s shields and can be broken, just as bones are. If this happens, they take up to a day to reform correctly. These bones have one other major use; draining life. If they manage to embed themselves in an opponent’s body, they immediately begin to take life. The victim will begin to feel weaker and weaker, until they pass out and eventually die. This ability to drain life can also be used by skin contact, however it is a much slower process then and is not anywhere near as reliable. The life-force which is taken from the victim, powers Asura for a little longer, allowing him to stay in control of Subject 13’s body for longer.

So begins...

Subject 13's Story


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#, as written by Black
“Subject Thirteen?”

I kept my gaze firmly on the ground as we uncomfortably stood in the elevator, guards surrounded me, I didn’t dare look at them. We were only one floor below, but yet this seemed like an eternity. Just me and five guards, alone in a claustrophobic elevator. I, unarmed, and them, armed to the teeth. Sweat beaded on my forehead and my palms became clammy, so I desperately wiped them against my trousers, hoping that the guards didn't notice.


Before I could even move, I was shoved roughly forward by a guard, stumbling out of the elevator and falling to my hands and knees. Behind me I heard the amused laughter of the seven foot bodybuilders, I screwed my eyes shut, trying my best to drown out the horrible laughter. Asura let out a snarl as he was pulled to his feet yanking his arms away from the guards.

“Little brat.” the guard growled out in a gruff voice, reaching to his belt to grab a stun gun.

“Fuck off, I can walk myself.” Asura snapped back, striding past the fuming guards who grabbed onto Asura’s arm, pulling him backwards. “Wha-?” Before he was able to get the word out of his mouth, a powerful punch struck him right in the face, causing him to stumble back and fall onto the floor. I bit back tears from my stinging eyes, I was sure that one of them was bruised now, although I got off lucky this time.

I took up my usual spot against the back wall, dragging both knees up to my chest and silently watching the other mutants. We passed two crying mutants being dragged off for testing before we came here. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them, I know how they feel with the countless and painful tests. They never get any easier. Thought it wasn’t cold at all, I shivered and whimpered under my breath, burying my head further into my knees as if the darkness could bring my salvation.


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#, as written by Black
“Morning.” A familiar and tired sounded voice greeted me, I lifted my head slowly to notice Amara perching herself next to me. She sat in the same way I did, but maybe as not so defensive. I tilted my head to the side and gave her a warm smile, one which meant ‘everything will be fine’. Amara was the one person I trusted in the whole of this facility, she was my partner and sort of like my little sister. If freaks like us could have family.

“It can’t be.” Jerking my head up, I noticed another mutant standing near us. I think I remember her from somewhere, blue hair and a face which was always covered, though from this angle I could clearly see her facial expression. Alarmed.

“So she's finaly makeing a move? Bout time if you ask me.” Another female mutant made her way over to bluey (because I can’t remember her Subject number or name). I suddenly felt uncomfortable, shifting a few times but unable to feel relaxed. Having no idea what the two were talking about, I had no reason to feel this way but it didn’t seem like a light-hearted subject. Turning my attention away from them by turning my head and burying it within my knees once again.

“But are you really sure? Do you really want to see Subject 11?” Asura’s head shot up at the mention of the infamous mutant and he span around to softly glare at the two mutants. The green eyes Subject 13 usually had were now a deep blue with black sclera. Slowly he got to his feet, brushing himself down and wandering over to the two, a small smile plastered on his face. “I would love to listen to those ideas of yours. If you still want to find this fearsome person that is.”

“I heard that some of you were insane, but I never expected this level.” Asura commented, he was shorter than most of the mutants, even for a boy his age, so he had to look up slightly at the others. “You said it yourself, Subject Eleven will kill anyone who stands in her way of freedom.” Shrugging his shoulders, Asura surveyed the area, a friendly scientist was tending to a mutant, a rarity but apart from that, no other guards were here. “Listen.” he whispered. “Keep that beast locked up for now, I don’t care if you go and see her, just don’t let her out. I cannot be dealing with someone like that at this moment.” Asura looked behind him at Amara and sighed under his breath before focusing fully on the two mutant now, giving them both a harsh glare. “Understand?”


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#, as written by Black
The mutant in front’s eyes began turning a crimson red and a wash of black flooded half way down her hair. Asura didn’t bother to step back or down, in fact a small smile even tugged away at the corners of his mouth.

“You would be sure not to talk of her in just a way, she just might catch wind of it.. And for you information I could care less what you have to deal with at the moment when other's are having their skin stripped off of their very body’s.” She growled out, her voice much different from before. Asura’s smile grew.

“Listen I think it is best tha-” Subject 20 interjected, unable to finish her sentence before the alarms began flashing like mad. Asura glanced upwards at the ceiling, mainly at the speaker, cringing with each loud buzz. Panic began to unfold around him, guards flooded into the area and other mutants frantically looked around for the source of why the alarm was going off.

“Did you miss me?” a unfamiliar female voiced echoed through the room, proceeded by an appearance of the infamous Subject 11. She didn’t look like much, a young girl with black hair and slitted blood red eyes. Asura snarled slightly under his breath, readying an attack by making a few small bone-like branches protrude from his hand. However before he could fully conjure up the attack, that same hand was yanked backwards. Asura glanced over his shoulder to notice a very shaked up Amara, this was much unlike her. He sighed and the branches went back into his hand, allowing himself to wrap his hand fully around his partner’s.

After an awkward conversation between Subject 11 and 20, everything returned to normal, guards filed out and mutants went back to conversing amongst themselves. Amara’s hand was still within Asura’s own, just a little looser than before. Neither of them complained.

“This was inevitable. What will grow crooked will not go straight.” Amara muttered to herself, Asura nodded in agreement and turned his attention back on Subjects 20 and 12.

“What did Subject 11 want?” Yet another female Subject joined in with the conversation, all of this was becoming rather frustrating.

“What is this a party? Mind your own business!” Asura snapped at Subject 45, averting his gaze away from all of them and focusing on nothing in particular. Though it wasn’t really his business either, Asura couldn’t help but stick around, curious about the sudden appearance of Subject 11.