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Subject 42

"We are human too. We're same and yet at the same time 'different'"

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a character in “Subject 11”, as played by Arthurna


Mutant Character sheet


Name: Subject 42

Nickname: Subject 42? The staff once made a joke about this. Because 42 if separated can be read as shini in japan (shini=death). They sometime call him Mr. Shinigami or Shinigami-dono to mock him. (shinigami = deathgod)

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Born: Half born

Room: floor 2 room 12

Kind/Race: Chained-Demon

Power: Nullification and fire manipulation. Oh and he’s pretty good at dodging.

Power description:
Nullification is a power to ‘nullify’ or cancel any magic power in a certain area. So far he can nullify 5 to 10 meters area around him.

Fire manipulation. He can’t create fire out of thin air though. But he can manipulate fire which already exists. When he uses this power his brown hair will turn into red. (Because this power is a ‘borrowed power’ from his demon)

Weakness: Physical attack.

Strong points: Strong against Mages. Well, he’ll nullify their magic anyway.

Personality: Less talk do more (? Lol). He’s the kind of guy who talks only when needed.

Fears: Lost control

Background story: It’s look like he used to be a high ranked strategist. The researcher was interested with his ‘brain’ (AKA intelligent) and so they made him a lab-rat. Half-way trough he became mutant and was sent to the mutant facility.

-He call the ‘promise’ as Covenant. The covenant mainly revolve around his sanity and ability to take control. It's like tugging war with his demon. He try to keep his sanity as best as he could while the demon try to make him lose it.
The main rule of the covenant is you can't take complete control without other consent. The demon can't take complete control of him without his consent and he can't take complete control of the power without the demon consent. (There's a lot more about the covenant of course but I keep it a secret for now)

-His real name is Suzaku, in case you’re wondering

-Theme song. (I think it suited him and his crazy state of mind kufufufu)

Demon name: It didn’t have name. Subject 42 just call it ‘Red bird’

Demon appearance: (look at the picture, the red/pinkish bird)

Demon power description: Subject 42 Fire manipulation power is came from the demon. Although if it is allowed to take full control of Subject 42, it can make Subject 42 create fire out of thin air.

Lose your sanity and I'll drag you to the abyss.

So begins...

Subject 42's Story


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Character Portrait: Subject 42
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Sound of the rushing water could be heard. Fingers tapped the sink and made a constant beat. In the sink mirror, a pair of dull blue was looking back at him, his eyes. It didn’t hold the light of life like it used to. The only thing left was the lifeless eyes which gazing back at him in the mirror. Lifeless, empty, like an old marble he used to play when he was a little kid. He shook his head. While turned off the faucet he grabbed the towel and dried his face.

“Subject 42! It’s time.”

He just nodded to the guards and put the towel back. After one last look at the mirror, he followed them to the outside, to the mutant gathering place.

“Today you’re awfully docile. Wassup partner?”

They’re in the elevator, from floor 2 to floor 3 to floor 4. Up, up, and up, to the place where he would spent his day.

“Oy! Don’t ignore me.”

Floor 5 to floor 6 and it stopped. Then he was shoved past the scanner and arrived at mutant gathering place.

“Damn, that guard was rude, right pal?” He didn’t answer back. “So, we’re playing the silent war now? Fine!”

He walked toward the side of the room and propped his back on the wall, arms crossed. Fingers started tapping again, tap, tap, tap, one, two, three, he began clearing his mind, four, five, six, his surrounding disappeared little by little, seven, eight- a loud commotion entered his ears.

“I am sorry! It won’t happen again!”

He sighed. Who was that?

“Maybe some dunce head who’s bored with his life?”

Didn’t they playing the silent war? What was happening with it?

“Hey! You’re the one asking first.”

He didn’t remember asking. He was just ‘wondering’ in his head about the guy who make commotion.

“Well, too bad, I’m in YOUR head. So you’re practically asking me.”

Damned birdbrain.

“What did you say?”

Nothing. He took a deep breath and cleared his head again, one, two, three, the commotion was disappearing, four, five, six, the surrounding began blurred, seven-

“Partner, look! There! At the corner.”

He almost growled in annoyance but complied anyway. IT would less annoying if he complied. Moving his gaze to the corner he saw a boy, a mutant, like the rest of the room occupant, the usual stuff, totally unimportant.

“Man, not about it. He’s bleeding!”

Upon further inspection, yes, he did bleeding. It was just a small cut in his right wrist though, nothing life threatening, totally unimportant. But still, the blood kept dripping. Plip, plop, plip, plop, it dripped to the tiny pool of blood he created. It was so tiny, nothing life threatening, totally unimportant. Plip, plop, plip, plop. Dripping, the red was covering the room. Crimson filled his gaze. Subject 42 stood in the middle of the room. Hands stained with red. The last staff fell with loud clack, the same sound like if a body hitting a watery floor. He stood there, unmoving. The testing chamber reeked of blood. It was static, the static sound of television reached his ears, buzzing, and the room turned black and white in his vision, no color, except for black and white.

And the redness of blood.

He shook his head. IT did it again.

“Did what?”

He tapped his finger and started clearing his mind, 'again'. One, two, three, and so, the usual day of Subject 42 officially began.


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Character Portrait: Subject 42
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The alarm ‘woke’ him up. His head had snapped up and automatically searching for the source. Out of thin air a mutant appeared and made the guard running away. Her killing intent filled his senses

Instinct kicked in.

“万象一切灰燼と為せ” (Reduce the whole of creation to smoldering ashes). The temperature around him had increasing to unnatural degree. “Flames of-”

“Stop it.”

He blinked. Everything went back to normal.

Without realizing it he was already halfway toward the strange mutant before she disappeared from the sight with his left hand stretched forward as if to break her neck.

“What was that for, kid? Do you want to break the covenant?”

He retracted his hand and touched his left eye. Indeed, what was that? He unconsciously drew ITS power without any collateral. If IT didn’t stop him that time, he would die.

“Yeah, I can’t have you die now. Cool your head.”

He took a deep breath, one, two, three, it didn’t work. Damn

(just in case nobody understand. He reacted violently toward anything which emitted high killing aura)