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Subject 21

"Everything ends once, being killed is only the sooner end on a pointless and foolish existence but you couldn't understand that nobody can."

0 · 367 views · located in Subject 19 part 3

a character in “Subject 19 part 3”, as played by Thorait


Name: Subject 21
age: 7 almost 8
specie: Pinsifi Although his enormous intelligence has gifted him with the possibility to construct other powers further than his normal body control for himself like
-Body control. (Eye sight or knowledge of position is needed)
-Mind control. (Mostly anticipation to the point of guessing your thought's and knowing your actions.)
-Mass control. (It's close to telekinesis but it's more focused on bending metal and changing shapes of other objects not moving objects it comes from chemicals)
-More poison and chemicals than you could think of plus twice a trillion.
-enhanced physical strength as the drones he would use.
-enhanced speed and accuracy as machines are fast and they don't miss.
information about your abilities: As a supercomputer almost all of his emotions are erased to make place for the enormous knowledge 21 possess but he still needs a place to act as his Core and that's a white ball that with it's indestructibility and inbuilt function's is functioning as he want's it to.
appearance: Most people would think he's a football but he's heavy and he can roll away from you and he's incredible hard so no bouncing for him. His body is mostly build to replace a organic one and control his facility as a real body making him incredible hard to kill as the ball can't be destroyed with anything else than the code to open it and that's longer than the eye can see wile an entire world want's to kill you as he has hollowed the moon out to make place for enormous machines that each is a master piece and every time you look at something you can find a deadlier weapon on your side


personality: 21 was cold and calculating his entire live but as a machine that has increased as he has no emotions anymore only a focus, he doesn't care about one mutant or human only about all of them but that is all overshadowed by the enormous obsession over 19. He thought of 19 as a fool and spoiled with undeserved power but the last stream of event's has brought that opinion to shake and he isn't completely sure what to do anymore weighing his choices mostly with 16 as there's a questioning madness in 21 that is the effect form doubt and what to do after 19 demise but he has 16 to weigh in the different side of his mind. He's mostly a depressing person seeing only reason and logic behind everything causing him to see no point in everything that combined with the fact he would live forever if 19 died or he retreads making him even more depressing to other people as nothing is worth doing when your going to live forever. Why build an tower? You would only see it crumble after a wile. Why do anything? in the end it doesn't change anything.
fears: Nothing he's a computer they don't feel fear but he does see 19 as a grave treat.
likes: 16 although that more of seeing him as very useful. Being pointed to a mistake as that helps him learn.
dislikes: Fools,




history: 21 was made as a second, he's intelligence was not even seen by the scientist as they focused on 19. 21 escaped and freed 19 to fight him but after many many days when he had cheated death and made super weapons and knew almost everything and murdering 99% of humanity he killed 19 only to find he had killed an alter personality and then he was betrayed by his only friend 34. He mostly blames himself for everything as he went mad and he didn't see 34 unclear past or the big line of everything.

So begins...

Subject 21's Story