Subject 37

Death calls even the highest and most powerful. There is an end to everything.

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Subject 37
information about your abilities:
The ability to communicate and lay the dead to rest. Has gained Scythe manifestation and other minor abilities(minor shadow-cloaking, darksight, minor shadow-powers, slight strength boost and slight speed boost.) from spirits she has convened with. Her abilities are rather limited by light and darkness, and combat-wise isn't very strong except for the scythe, though people who can avoid it will have little trouble. She can also fly with the mechanical wings, although where she got them and how they work is a mystery. Most likely 19.
A distant one, 37 believes that the powers to communicate with the wisdom of the ancient dead and to help lay those to rest was given in the way the original Gods gave this task to the 'Reaper'. But somewhere the ancient deities lost their path and connection with the physical realm, and so 19 was born and slowly grew to take their place for now. She thinks that he will no doubt eventually disappear, as will she herself, and after that another will arise after a while of absence. She therefore believes in inevitability, and has a strange fatalistic view on the world. She refuses to be involved in any sort of conflict, due to her powers being the caregiver of those fallen, no matter which side they were on.

Due to her harrowing powers, she seems to have a little sense of humour, especially for droll, sarcastic or sombre humour. The scythe is mostly for show, she doesn't believe it should be used for fighting unless it is completely necessary.
That 21 will slay a god to unbalance the natural cycle
Losing her powers
Speaking to the dead
Using her powers
The pain of war-killed souls
The torment of ancient souls that still have not lain to rest.
When the war over earth happened, one of the millions of casualties was 37's parents and brother, hidden in the ruins of the home she wept for their loss. Over and over she tried to work out what had happened wrong, why these mutants slaughtered all of them. She didn't understand any of the reasons, being quite young at the time. It was only later, when cowering from the mutant that found her, that she learnt some of what had happened.

Many humans who had been saved by 19 became mutants in the time after that, and of course, saved by the one called God, she followed. Whether it was some quirk of humour, or just something that 19 had wanted to happen, she received the one power she could've longed for most. The ability to speak with the dead, a lifeline to her dead relatives.

Her quest is also something she does not fully understand, but as long as she is able to continue to speak with her family, she was fine with it. She has grown into the role of the Grim Reaper, getting a feel for her powers, and for her abilities to find the dead that need her help. 21 is what she considers the biggest case she has to deal with, but fear keeps her away. She fears that as a former human turned mutant she would be killed before she could have a chance to attempt to lay the undead monster to rest. For 21 was dead, he just avoided it.

So begins...

Subject 37's Story