Lucy King

"Well this is different to dissecting a bunch of frogs.."

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a character in “Subject 19”, as played by missfightingfork


Name: Lucy King

Age: 18

Species: Scientist/Lab assistant


Lucy is relatively plain in her appearance with short, light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, there is nothing extraordinarily beautiful about her. She dresses smartly and practically for her work in the lab but she does not restrict herself to wearing a long white coat all the time. She is an average weight and stands at around 5'5.



Lucy is a kind, hardworking girl and wants nothing more than to please the people she works for. She is quiet and somewhat reserved in her conversation, she rarely steps out of line and will often remain quiet even when she is strongly against something. She hates confrontation and prefers to be submissive to keep herself out of trouble.

Equipment: She carries a small notepad and pencil in her pocket for writing down tasks and a small hand mirror.


- Spiders
- Rejection
- Death
- Letting people down


- Learning new things and applying her knowledge
- Bright colours
- Animals
- Sudoku


- Making mistakes
- Small children
- Blood


Lucy had a stable childhood but lost her parents about a year ago and she now lives alone. Throughout her teens she was bullied for her passion for learning, being called a 'nerd' and such, however once she left school she excelled and gained many qualifications. She had hoped to become a doctor but her dislike of blood and small children made her realise this was not the career for her and eventually she found herself working at the lab, assisting those with more knowledge than her in the hope that she might learn something.

So begins...

Lucy King's Story