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Mareth Liou

"I'm not like others... I guess that's what everyone else says too, though."

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a character in “Succubus Games”, originally authored by A u t o, as played by RolePlayGateway


Mareth Liou

"You can call me whatever you want... I don't mind."

"It's not too hard to tell... is it?"

"I'm not exactly the best at what I do, but I'm surely not the worst."

"People often describe me as odd."
It's hard to deny that Mareth is a very strange boy. He does things differently from others, whether it's the fact that he refuses to touch his food with his hands or how he dislikes most of the things that most succubi find delectable such as blood or souls. When he speaks, his voice is laced with respect at all times, even when he's talking to a human or someone the same rank as him. His obedience and loyalty to a cause is remarkable, and it's hard to sway him into breaking the rules. He also seems to have the same opinion of everyone, not showing more fondness for one than another, though it may just be that he's poker-faced about all his emotions.

"I can't exactly have a target if I haven't been assigned one..."
None yet

Human Disquise:

+Bones: Despite not liking blood or souls very much, he has a habit of gnawing on bones like a dog.
+Stars: He doesn't get to see them very often since he's always in the Succubus Realm, but stars fascinate him. A lot of little trinkets he wears have stars or star patterns on them.
+Fortune-Telling: Simply a hobby that he has taken up. When he's bored he'll ask people to let him read their palms.

-Dogs: For some reason, he hates them and is even a little scared of them. It may just be because of the large hellhounds he's seen and heard of, but he refuses to talk about them.
-Blood: Even though it's a delicacy to most succubi, he dislikes the taste it leaves in his mouth.
-Cold: He finds cold temperatures unbearable, which is why he dresses more heavily than others.

Opinion on humans?
"They're... different."
Mar doesn't dislike them or look down on them as most of his kind do, but instead has taken an interest in them. While he still has his overall goal of collecting the souls of humans, he'd like to learn more about humans through his missions.

So begins...

Mareth Liou's Story


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#, as written by A u t o
For the majority of the day, Reian had been doing what he usually did in his free time. He simply walked around, listening in on gossip and occasionally spitting out random orders to those lower than him. Oh, how he loved pushing around the newer recruits, especially the brand new ones who he could spread lies to. Today, he'd already convinced one of the newest succubi that she had to kneel whenever he walked by or was in the same room. But, seeing as he'd finally gotten bored with shoving people around and hearing secrets, he was now headed back to the room that he and the other leaders frequented.

Once he came upon the large doors, he shoved them open with no hesitation. Inside, he saw his three fellow leaders, and an unfamiliar human on the floor. He was quickly able to understand what they must've been doing, but he leaned against the inner part of the doorway with an eyebrow quirked anyways.


Mareth walked at a rather slow pace, his feet dragging against the hard floor. His hands were buried deep inside his pockets as he walked along, head pointed downwards. He'd been going along like this for a little while now, actually, his thoughts darting around between various topics. While most people would get bored within minutes of doing this, Mar did it almost every day. What other succubi did for fun didn't entertain him as much as it should. He didn't see the appeal in breaking things like a lot of them seemed to do. Just seeing the constant mess that this realm was in with discarded bones and bits of flesh littering the hallways was enough to put his mind in a frenzy.

Luckily, though, he managed to distract himself easily so he wouldn't get the urge to actually clean the trash up. He could only imagine the looks he'd get from others if he did that. Picking up a single bone, however, would be fine, and so that's what he did. He placed the end of it in his mouth, shifting it over to one side and biting down harshly. A loud crack could be heard, making a smile tug at his lips.