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Reian Sonata

"Don't judge a book by its cover, dear."

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a character in “Succubus Games”, originally authored by A u t o, as played by RolePlayGateway


Reian Sonata

"Don't give me any dumb pet names."

"Do I look like a girl to you? Wait. Don't answer that."
Male, though he has many effeminate features such as long eyelashes and a face that's more rounded than angular.

"Someone like me wouldn't settle for anything else than the top."Leader

"I'm not exactly who I seem to be."
While Rei looks like he'd be a kind and gentle person on the outside, he's really quite the opposite. He's a sadist and loves watching people squirm under his grasp. Most like to think that he has some sort of hidden personality, but he really doesn't. He's a jerk through and through, though he may be less of one on some days depending on his mood. Something he's known for is his confidence as well as arrogance. In any conversation, he'll likely supply rude and sarcastic comments no matter the topic or the speaker.

"Why would I waste my time messing around with humans?"

Human Disquise:

"Well, I like a lot of things."
+Causing pain: As mentioned, he is a sadist.
+Darkness: He doesn't get to relax a lot, and for some reason, the dark seems to calm his nerves.
+Knives: He has an odd interest in them. When he's bored, he can be seen playing around with a knife, whether it's a simple pocket knife or a large butcher's knife.

"You better not use this information against me...."
-Being disobeyed: Being dominant is something that drives his ego the most and lets him know that he'sbetter than others. Anyone who defies him should lay low for awhile so he can cool down.
-Sweets: The smell of sweet food makes him sick for some reason.
-Slackers: He likes for work to get done when he wants it done.

Opinion on humans?
"They're weak. I could do anything they could, but with half the effort and twice the speed."
He looks down upon them and is even a bit disgusted with them.

So begins...

Reian Sonata's Story


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Akira raises an eyebrow, quickly catching the saliva covered cigar. It did, indeed, look like it could be used, but what a strange way to receive it. Still, it was quite the gift, being that she loved her cigars very much. "Why, thank you my dear. But do be careful, I know that can be quite dangerous for you to do...Wouldn't want my lovely Saya to go into a critical condition simply to give me a gift, now would I?..." Akira purrs, watching as a thick spatter of blood was coughed from the young Succubus's mouth onto the floor. The sight of the blood reminded her of her lonely drink at her seat, and she licks at her lips, watching as the little one left the chamber...

The stone gate closes with a loud "thud!" behind her, and Akira sighs softly, strolling back to her seat. Tossing the old cigar which she had been puffing on, Akira plops back down onto the glowing gel bean bag. The gel inside shifts and squirms as she does...She dries the new cigar she had received from Saya on the seat, tossing it into the air afterwords. It disappears in a puff of smoke. "I'll save that for later..." Akira mutters, now gazing about in a somewhat agitated way. Where were the other leaders? It was so dreadfully boring all alone here and they hadn't really made an appearance yet...Were they all busy partying without her? That would anger her very much so if that was the case....And where was that lazy Kara? Hadn't she summoned her qutie a while ago?...

Brushing the thoughts from her mind in the attempt to keep herself from boiling over, Akira reaches down and plucks the clear glass from the ground, which was only half full now of the sweet blood. She gently twirled the thick liquid within, moving her mind back onto Saya. Akira would never say so out loud, but that little one was her favorite, and she was quite confident that Saya would get the job done. She simply couldn't wait to hear the news of the poor church boy who fell for his lust and was sent to hell for it....A smirk crosses her lips as she takes a sip of the blood, her wings slowly folding back in on themselves behind her back.


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#, as written by A u t o
For the majority of the day, Reian had been doing what he usually did in his free time. He simply walked around, listening in on gossip and occasionally spitting out random orders to those lower than him. Oh, how he loved pushing around the newer recruits, especially the brand new ones who he could spread lies to. Today, he'd already convinced one of the newest succubi that she had to kneel whenever he walked by or was in the same room. But, seeing as he'd finally gotten bored with shoving people around and hearing secrets, he was now headed back to the room that he and the other leaders frequented.

Once he came upon the large doors, he shoved them open with no hesitation. Inside, he saw his three fellow leaders, and an unfamiliar human on the floor. He was quickly able to understand what they must've been doing, but he leaned against the inner part of the doorway with an eyebrow quirked anyways.


Mareth walked at a rather slow pace, his feet dragging against the hard floor. His hands were buried deep inside his pockets as he walked along, head pointed downwards. He'd been going along like this for a little while now, actually, his thoughts darting around between various topics. While most people would get bored within minutes of doing this, Mar did it almost every day. What other succubi did for fun didn't entertain him as much as it should. He didn't see the appeal in breaking things like a lot of them seemed to do. Just seeing the constant mess that this realm was in with discarded bones and bits of flesh littering the hallways was enough to put his mind in a frenzy.

Luckily, though, he managed to distract himself easily so he wouldn't get the urge to actually clean the trash up. He could only imagine the looks he'd get from others if he did that. Picking up a single bone, however, would be fine, and so that's what he did. He placed the end of it in his mouth, shifting it over to one side and biting down harshly. A loud crack could be heard, making a smile tug at his lips.

The setting changes from succubus-realm to Earth


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#, as written by A u t o
Reian's eyes followed Ava as she left the room with the human in tow. He stared after her for a moment before shaking his head, a smirk on his face. Walking into the room further and going to stand next to Akira and Skrilliax, he finally spoke. "Looks like you three have been having a bit of fun without me, huh." He folded his arms across his chest, giving them a playful mock-glare. "That's not fair at all." After just a moment, his expression broke back into a grin and he chuckled, glancing back at the doorway. "One can only imagine what it is she plans to do with that human." He stretched out the word 'imagine', playful sarcasm thick in his voice.

The setting changes from earth to Succubus Realm


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Akira watches with a wry grin as Ava takes the human soul to "play" with him. Even she wasn't entirely sure. She could be torturing him, or even having sexual pleasure with him. It was really up to her, and Akira didn't much care either way. She was too busy worrying about her own fun games in which she would have with the soul. Her bright yellow eyes gaze over towards Reian. She gives a small coo. "Oh, baby, it's not our fault you took so long to join the party. Where have you been, dear?" Akira asks, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a small peck on the cheek.

She stretches her wings, which flutter slightly, after letting him go. Running her fingers through her long blonde hair, Akira sighs softly though her ruby red lips. "We just got a bit bored and were reminiscing on the past, in which we got to take souls. Now it just feels like we are a bunch of old hags and the young-lings get all the fun..." Akira states with slight anger in her tone. It was aggravating knowing that they were no longer, necessarily, needed. Besides, with nothing to do, they were surely getting soft. That fact was not pleasing to Akira, and if other noob succubus or incubus knew of it, they would surely rise up against them in an attempt to take their place.

Her brows furrow as her eyes gaze down deeply at the ground in thought. She then decided, as soon as they were done with their fun, they would need to go training.