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Such a Curious Academy

Curious Academy


a part of Such a Curious Academy, by Adoration.


Adoration holds sovereignty over Curious Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Curious Academy is a part of Such a Curious Academy.

13 Characters Here

Ritsu Nanamine [2] "Why is my hair pink? Well, why is your hair blonde?"
Axel Brooks [1] "An academy for love? How interesting- not that I need any."
Aisling Kadance Delphine [1] "There is a reason i didn't ask your opinion"
Sheila Kurimu [1] "What did you just say?"
Connor Hughes [1] "H Hello."
Sora Lehsade [1] "L-love...?! B-but... I... I'm... not... P-please, don't bother with me... I'm not... worth your time..."
Ryker Malestom [0] "Shh, class has started."
Heebum Lee [0] "M-meow?"

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Character Portrait: Axel Brooks Character Portrait: Ritsu Nanamine
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Ritsu Nanamine & Axel Brooks

The light outside the train was almost blinding, because of the dimly lighted rows inside. Holding a hand up to shield the light from her eyes, Ritsu took a step off of the train, her bags in tow. She was wearing a frilly white spaghetti strap tank top, along with some short orange jean shorts, while her hair swept down onto her shoulders. Today was her first day at Curious Academy, and she couldn`t tell whether she was excited about it, or just wanting to completely ditch the school and go off to her mother, who was slowly getting weaker from leukemia. What was her father thinking, sending her to an academy that was all about love?

If it hadn`t been for the elbow that ended up resting on her head, she would`ve completely forgotten about the tall redhead along with her, who was also heading to the same destination as her. "Well, it seems you had enjoyed the entire ride," she said bluntly, having to actually try to successfully push the arm off of her head. "Flirting aimlessly the whole time with that girl."

A sly smirk came up on Axel`s face in return to her witty comment, before returning one of his own. "Same with you," he replied with a hint of sarcasm. "Almost being sit on because of how short you are." This just ended up with a sharp glare from the pink-haired shorty, before she went off ahead of him, heading towards the exit of the train station to the street. He was only saying the truth, since around the halfway point of the train ride, some man had been heading towards his seat. He must`ve not been paying attention, for he almost sat on Ritsu because of her small figure. Sometimes it was good to be small, but besides for a few perks here and there; it made most things annoying and tiresome.

"Call me short again and I won`t be the only one who`s short," she said, punching him on the arm once he caught up to her, which was an easy task for Axel because of the difference in height. The punch ended up as more as a tap though, so he simply ignored it. Instead he went ahead of her this time to call for a taxi, wondering what the first day at the academy would be like. Would he end up stuck with some annoying, clingy person? Or what about some depressed, boring person who never did anything interesting? That would surely end up as a year of hell for him.

- - - - - - - -

"Where to?" the scruffy taxi driver asked, eying the two through the mirror.

"Curious Academy," Ritsu answered, looking at his stubby chin and beady eyes before turning to look out of the window. Axel was outside of the car, lifting their bags into the car. A second or two later he came and sat along with Ritsu, yawning, despite the fact that he had probably slept more than her last night.

The driver never said anything more, but both Ritsu and Axel could easily bet on what he was thinking. He was most likely labeling them as two desperate people who needed help when it came to love, the one feeling that you didn`t control. The one feeling that controlled you. It didn`t surprise them, since from the reputation Curious Academy had when it came to certain people wasn`t all that great. Everyone knew the academy was amazing, just, not when it came to what the purpose was. A beautiful, fancy school wasted on the purpose of finding love? Preposterous, but you had to admit it, it was definitely interesting. Well, he was either thinking that, or how much the two looked like a couple, despite their heights, or wondering if the two were sister and brother.

When the cab finally reached the academy, the driver simply stated the price. Ritsu grabbed the money out of her wallet before politely handing it over, then heading out to help Axel with the bags. After one glance at the school, the driver scoffed, "good luck with your `soul mates`."

- - - - - - - -

An hour later, Ritsu was sitting in the huge auditorium, along with a ton of other people. There was supposed to be an assembly, or so she heard. Most of the other students had seemed to be there, and many muffled conversations were rippling through the crowd. The vice principal was supposed to tell them about the rules of the academy, and other stuff that probably was already in a small pamphlet bearing the title `Curious Academy`, on a rack with probably thirty other randomized pamphlets in some hotel lobby. That, or in a rule handbook.

Axel hadn`t shown up yet, but she didn`t think much of the fact. He was probably still putting his luggage off in their home room, which were the instructions given to all students. Everyone already knew that they were going to have to share a room with their soulmate, but Ritsu was slightly surprised that they didn`t already give out numbers and keys. They were probably just waiting to announce the soul mates, but wouldn`t it have been much easier just to do it right away?

Glancing over to her left, she spotted some person already off in a conversation with some friends sitting next to her. On her right, there a ton of empty seats, since she was sitting closer to the back than the front. If Axel was quicker, he`d probably be sitting next to her, but she might as well let some other people sit off to her right. Who knows? She might even end up sitting next to whoever her soulmate would be. As if that would actually happen, in the crowd of around a hundred people or so.

It was annoying, having to sit far back when she was so small. It was hard to see the front of the rows of people clearly; almost impossible. Then again, going to all the trouble of finding some way to sit in the front would`ve taken forever, and probably would`ve just ended up as a waste of time. She hoped that once this assembly started, it would be over before anyone would even have time to react. She was also hoping that no one would almost accidentally sit on her again, like earlier in the train. It was highly doubted that would happen again though, with what; three or four chairs empty off to one side of her.

Since she didn`t have anyone else to talk to at the moment, and since the vice principal was no where in sight, Ritsu thought about her father and mother. In simpler terms; her small family. If she had a sister or a brother, she`d probably already miss them, but the closest thing to a brother she had was in the very same academy, doing who knows what. Her father she didn`t miss all that much, since he was always crowded with work and `important business`, but she already was longing to see her mother again. Well, along with her pet pomeranian, Kiwi. Along with all the thoughts of being homesick, the foggy cloud that was the topic of her soulmate still lingered around, refusing to budge. She wished they had already told everyone who they were going to be stuck with for the next couple years, maybe even their whole life, but she tried not to think about it too much. Thinking about it more would just make her frustrated.

- - - - - - - -

Axel was off in his homeroom, despite the fact that he knew the assembly was supposed to start soon. There was a few minutes until it started, so he probably should start heading down there soon, but if he had already gone, he would`ve just been sitting around waiting for it to start. It was much more fun and interesting to explore the school in the little time he had, so he had decided to spend every minute down to the very last second looking around the school. He had already finished putting his stuff away, and, even though he was in the same homeroom as Ritsu, he told her to go ahead of him- that he`d catch up.

There had been one other person he`d seen come in and put his stuff away in the room; a boy with black hair, and blue eyes. He had seemed distracted, his head in the clouds, or whatever that old saying was. Axel bet that even if he hadn`t been distracted though, the boy probably wouldn`t talk much. He seemed more like the quiet time. Tagging along behind him, there was a girl. You could say they looked like a couple, but Axel doubted it. They more seemed to be related, since they shared the same interesting blue eyes. He didn`t pay much attention to either one of them though, since he probably would figure out who they were later.

I should head down soon... the redhead thought, glancing over at the clock counting off the seconds he had to take a glance at the schools features. By the look of the continuing staircases, there was another floor above. From the look he had gotten outside when he and Ritsu were coming in through the doors, he guessed there were four, in total. He didn`t think much of the classrooms, but he was more curious about the the other campus buildings; the dorms, the cafeteria, the land surrounding it, and things of the sort. Those places would have to wait though, since he was running out of time to get down into the assembly room.

As he headed back down the stairs, he took a few looks at some other people who were also heading to the assembly, probably feeling more rushed than he was. The black haired boy and the blonde girl, who shared the same blue eyes, a girl with black hair and... one eye? For a second he wondered if her other eye, the one that was covered with the eyepatch, was still there, but he pushed the thought out of his head. Then, another thought came up; if she had worn that eyepatch her whole life, had she ever dressed up like a pirate as a child? It was a silly thought, but an interesting one at that.
Before he had time to look at any more of the people coming in through the front door, he headed off with the sweep of the scattered crowd heading for the assembly. It was true, what he overheard in some conversations about Curious Academy; not only the purpose of the academy, but also the people who went to it, were definitely interesting. Their attitudes, their appearance; everything. He was definite his following years in this academy would be ones to remember.


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Character Portrait: Connor Hughes
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#, as written by ceh12
Connor sat staring out the window in an open seat. The metro was loud and uncomfortable in his opinion but he really didn't mind when he had a pair of earbuds. His Ipod blared out Aerosmith as he wondered about the academy. His friends joked around with him a few days ago, telling him he'd get the ugliest girl there but he ignored their insults and laughed along as he usually did. He then said his goodbyes on his final day and tried to work up the courage to ask the girl but told himself that he didn't like her which in the back of his mind he knew was true. She was a passive aggressive whore who went out with most people and even put out to a few (at least what he heard). But, she was so nice to him and very pretty so he couldn't help but try and ignore the lies to get her to his heart.

He tried to get his mind off the subject as it went to his brothers. They all said their goodbyes and his youngest who was only three actually cried as he left. It saddened Connor as he pulled out a photo of all of them but he knew he would get to see them again. After all how long could he be in this school, a few years. Hell with his grades he could very well skip a few if he needed.

The thought crossed his mind that he could simply not go to the school. He had already told his parents and they begrudgingly accepted that he was going but if he came back he could probably convince them that there was no more room and he was sent away. "No" he said under his breath as the song finished.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Connor got off the bus and was almost imediantly confused. Norway was a bit strange to him being an American and since his accent contained a bit of southern he couldn't sound the slightest bit native. He managed to get a cab and told the man the address who nodded and started to drive. Neither were in the mood to chat as simply the man drove and address. The school was quite grand in his opinion with the trees making their way around the clearing it was genius.

Connor pulled his earbuds out and looked outside. The cab stopped and Connor payed the man and tried to remember a bit of Norwegian."Takk" he said almost certain he was incorrect in saying it as he took his bags and went inside. He went to his home room and set his stuff down without anyone making eyes contact or saying a word to him.

He sat in the auditorium watching all the people as he made his way to a solo seat and sat down trying to avoid contact with anyone here. He did want to find out his soulmate. He was super curious about who she was and what she was like. He imagined her as a genius, beautiful, nerdish girl. That was his type really and wondered if he would get her to be his...


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Character Portrait: Aisling Kadance Delphine
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Aisling Kadance Delphine

Sometimes it's hard to just keep going
But faith is moving without knowing
Can I trust what I can't see
To reach my destiny
I want to take control but I know better

The music drifted through Ai's sleeping mind as she dreamed in beautiful colors. Her mind drifted from world to world, the dreams shifting to rapidly to keep them strait. The only thing that seemed to matter was the man beside her...She turned to look at him and--

Ai woke with a start as the bus went over a large bump causing her to bump her head against the window.

"That hurt." She muttered

Her eyes watered as she rubbed her head and sighed as she looked around. She was almost there. She could see the academy a little ways off. She smiled and brushed her hair down, and began fixing her slightly smeared makeup. She yawned and stood as the bus stopped. She looked around and noted she was the last person on the bus. Ai grabbed her bags and stepped out into the fresh air.

"Thank you!" she called and waved to the bus driver who just scowled at her.

She made her way into the academy with a smile on her face, as she hoped for the best. She went into the large room where everyone else was and sat quietly, waiting for something to happen.


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Character Portrait: Heather Breth Character Portrait: Dyer Breth
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Heather & Dyer Breth

Heather lazily rolled her head over, looking at her brother seated diagonally from her. His head rested against the window, the dark haired boy's blank stare remind upon his face as always, his mind someplace far away. She sighed, and kicked at his shoe. He glanced over at her bored expression, it was almost asking him to entertain her. He adjusted his position upright, and looked at her duly. "I don't think we'll be on the train too much long.." he started and trailed off. She frowned slightly, hating when he did that. It's like he had something to say and then stopped. Or got distracted. Maybe he had ADD or something. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, and pulled her phone from her pocket. They'd been on this dumb train for about an hour or so. She tried following Dyer's gaze out the window, but it was no use. It's not like anyone ever seemed to tap into what he was thinking. Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms with a huff.

He looked over to her, raising an eyebrow. She was so impatient. The sun glared in through the window, and the way it hit her hair made it seem like it was golden. He noticed that, and though it was pretty, he'd prefer it in the light of a colder sun. During the winter everything had a blue color to it. Especially when it snowed, an aroma of cool white-blue seemed to fill up any room with the blinds drawn open. He missed the winter already, but he knew his sister felt the exact opposite, dreading when it were to come. That was the problem with them. As close as they were, they were extremely different.

The train halted to a stop, slowing while it screeched against the tracks. Heather's nose twitched a bit, something she personally hated about herself. It always seemed to act up in the fall especially. But when the train did fully stop, she hopped up, and stretched her arms high above her. She smiled brightly, happy to be getting off finally. Dyer's eyes lit up, he did enjoy seeing his sister happy, even if it was something as stupid as being excited to get off a train. She took her purse, putting it on her shoulder, and let out a breath of relief. "Well that was much too long." she said, and began getting her bags. Dyer helped her, and got his own.

They both exited from the train station, where a chauffeur waited for them with their names written on a card. This wasn't something surprising, their father always planned things ahead like this. The man took their bags loading them in the limousine's trunk. He went around and opened their door, which Dyer and Heather stepped into. They both took a seat and relaxed, glad to be somewhere more comfortable than the train. Heather then thought of something. "Wait, why the hell didn't we just use dad's jet?" She asked, looking Dyer.

He brushed his bangs out of his eyes, only for them to fall back into place. "That'd be a waste of fuel, we're not too far, the train only took an hour." he answered. Thinking about it, they were a bit spoiled. Like honestly, who needed a private family jet? But he guessed when his dad traveled world wide, it would be helpful. But even then, it's like he couldn't stand first class. 'Oh the horror'. Dyer thought it was a bit much, but it's not like they'd listen to his opinion about it. He rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes not leaving Heather's face.


Awhile later, after they put their bags in their homerooms, they both ended up in the auditorium. Dyer look calm as always, just observing everything everything that was happening. He was relaxed, and already he looked bored in his expression, whether he actually was or not. Heather stood at his side, looking perfect as she always seemed to, something he'd noted. She was almost like a doll. Flawless in a way, though she probably didn't think so. Girls always seemed to find flaws of themselves. But then again at times, Heather could act out and be completely the opposite. But what person couldn't? Dyer maybe.. But he didn't think of himself as strange.

Heather tugged gently on Dyer's arm sleeve, and leaned in, whispering to him. "Should we sit down somewhere?" He nodded, and made his way to a row of empty seats, a bit back from the front. He went and slunk down into one of the chairs, Heather following him, but instead delicately sitting herself down. Empty seats were on either side of them, and Dyer stared straight ahead to the stage. Heather looked around a bit, at potential soulmates.


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Character Portrait: Heather Breth Character Portrait: Dyer Breth Character Portrait: Sora Lehsade
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Sora A. Lehsade

A small shape clad in black was the sole occupant of the back half of the large travel bus as it crawled its way down the highway. It was early, so most of the few passengers seated in the front half of the bus were trying to catch some rest while they could, while those that were awake were generally reading newspapers or books to pass the time, or else talking quietly amongst themselves in low voices, so as not to wake those slumbering nearby. They seemed to be a tour group of some sort, in the solitary girl's humble opinion, so it made sense they'd all stick together fairly close to the front. It was fortunate for her, at any rate, since it meant she could make the trip between cities at least without having to deal with the tourists staring at her as though she was some sort of attraction, probably in the sense of a two-headed turtle at a freak show.

These thoughts drove her to glance about herself, just to make sure that she, seated as she was in the very back seat of the bus, could not be seen behind the tall-backed chairs in front of her. That was probably the best thing about being small, she thought. You were very hard to notice when you didn't want to be. And she, Sora Lehsade, very, very rarely wanted to be seen. Just being in the same vehicle as so many other people was enough to break her focus completely, causing her to shift her gaze about nervously, unable to focus on the words on the page of the small book before her, which was trembling along with her weak hands.

A sudden sound snapped her to attention as she quickly recognized the tread of heavy boots approaching her. In an instant, one brown eye had shot up to meet the visage of a tired looking man with white hair shambling towards the restroom in the back end of the bus, while a pale, thin hand had been raised at the exact same time in a gesture of nervous habit, covering her left eye in a poorly-executed attempt to make it look like she was brushing back her hair, when in fact she was covering the spot where her perfectly ordinary left eye should have been, and the eyepatch and surrounding scar tissue that was actually there. Turning away shyly as the man passed her and entered the restroom, she occupied herself with staring out the window so as not to attract his attention until he came back out again and returned to his seat. Only after that did she finally turn and halfheartedly attempt to continue the passage she must have read a thousand times over the course of the comparatively short trip, always losing her concentration and returning to that exact same sentence, only to repeat the process ad infinitum. Sighing softly to herself, she finally gave up the ghost and stopped pretending she was actually getting anywhere, shutting the book and gazing idly down at her feet, her thoughts consumed by countless fears and worries.

The light of the dawn she had stared into out of the window of that bus... had it always been so bright? It hurt to look at anything without squinting, and that was just with her good eye. What would it be like if she could still see perfectly? All that light... how had she ever managed to bear it before? How did normal people tolerate such a blinding radiance each and every day of their lives? Having spent so long shut up in her own secret world, she couldn't fathom even something so mundane as venturing outside regularly. To her, it seemed intolerable. So many people, all around you, filling the wide spaces where there were no quiet places to take shelter and hide with a good book, and all that light, blinding you and keeping you from making out the words on the page, even though it was right in front of you, and making you noticeable even when you wanted nothing more than to simply become invisible. The noise and light and anxiety she felt all combined to bring pain to her head and a heavy weight to her heart. Deep down, Sora couldn't help but wonder. Why was she here? Why had she agreed to finally leave the confines of her room, the last bastion behind which she had hidden from the world that so terrified her? Why was she, even now, making her way into a new and strange place, the purpose of which she was sure would bring her nothing but pain, and bring nothing but a burden to those who would be forced to deal with her? Why, even after she discerned the true purpose of the school for those who found it difficult to interact with others, Curious Academy, was in fact nothing less than bringing together complete strangers in the bond known as "love?" She had known the purpose of the academy. She had known the arrangements that would be made. She had known that she would be looked down upon and scorned for her inferiority. She had known that she would just end up being a burden to someone who would probably be a nice, normal person, who, expecting someone like himself, would find himself saddled with a physically and emotionally broken nervous wreck, and the burdens that would entail. She knew that all she would do was provide a lifelong nuisance to someone who did not deserve it. She knew all of these things, and yet, she had never backed down from her initial agreement, had never even voiced her complaints to her blissfully ignorant brother, nor to her dismissive father who had ever-reluctantly agreed to the arrangement. She had just taken her secret fears in silence, submitted the required surveys and forms, and simply accepted her fate. And so, the question haunted her constantly. Why? Why had she been so foolish as to do all of this, even when it went against everything she believed in, everything she was? Why had she willfully plunged her life into an actualization of her greatest fears? Had it been perhaps in some misguided hope of facing everything she couldn't stand up to? Had it been a concession of despair, a figurative surrender to reality? Or, unlikely as it might have seemed, had it been because of the three questions more pressing to her than "why?"

"What is 'love?' Is it alright for me to 'love?' Is it okay, even for someone like me, to be 'loved?'"

But, alas. All of these questions went unasked and unanswered, and the bus continued its winding way through the cool morning air.


The noise of the bus stop would have been enough to cow even a more courageous person than the rather spineless Sora, whose rather bunny-like nature kept her frozen in place until every last one of the tourists had cleared their seats before her. The driver, not even realizing he had an extra passenger who hadn't yet disembarked, was just about to close the door when the sounds of Sora clumsily rolling her duffel bag down the aisle of the bus drew his attention, and he glanced back with slight surprise, evidently having forgotten about her. His sudden attention quickly caused her to panic as she let one hand go of her duffel and quickly covered the left side of her face, while the fearful twitching that followed caused her to upset her bag. This, fortunately, gave her an excuse to turn away and bend down out of sight, gathering her composure for a moment whilst she righted the overturned duffel and then slowly rose and, mustering her courage, quickly passed the man and exited the bus, giving a quiet "Sorry for the trouble. Thank you very much," as she quickly departed. As the doors of the vehicle closed behind her and it lurched to a start with a hiss, she could faintly hear the voice of the man muttering to himself, his words bringing a vibrant scarlet hue to her face, and shame to her heart.

"What a strange girl," the man murmured as he pulled the bus away, leaving her alone amidst the small crowd around her, a dark-clad stranger in a foreign place. To be perfectly honest, she had no idea where to go, and would never dream of asking anyone for directions, so that left her only two options, neither of which she liked. First, she could wander around in this crowd until she found the place she was looking for. But she was already getting stared at, having lowered her hand from her eye to support her duffel as she clambered down the stairs of the bus, and she didn't think she could bear another minute of this, let alone however long it would take to find the academy. Besides that, she would be late, and that would just be an unnesecary burden both to the school staff and to whoever ended up being assigned to deal with her bothersome self. She didn't want that, which left only the other option.

It didn't take her long to find a taxi. It wasn't very busy, and most were either parked for breakfast or cruising about slowly waiting for someone to hail them. The one she found was of the former variety, parked in front of a donut shop with its driver inside catching a snack. Being patient by nature, Sora decided not to interrupt the conspicuously uniformed woman as she purchased her morning meal, even if doing so would be more expedient for her. It would only be a few minutes of waiting, anyway.

Even so, the Norwegian air was very cold, and Sora, long used to dwelling indoors in the climate controlled paradise that was her room, found herself shivering out of cold rather than neurosis by the time the cab driver emerged from the store. It didn't help anything that, although she had chosen to wear a gray blazer she was rather fond of over her usual white blouse, she had also rather foolishly elected to complete her ensemble with a combination of a light purple skirt and black thigh-high stockings. Due to this poor choice in garment, she found herself chilled to the bone before the driver finally emerged and, glancing over at her where she stood next to the woman's cab, raised an eyebrow curiously. She had been too busy to cover her face, occupied as she was hugging her arms tightly to her chest in the hope that she might manage to retain some basic level of warmth in her upper body, even if her legs were, by now, a lost cause, so consequently, the woman saw in full detail exactly how abnormal she really was.

"Are you waiting for someone, young lady?" The woman asked pointedly. Sora reluctantly nodded, and tried to stammer out a response. This was no small feat, however, for between her own crippling shyness and the chattering of her teeth, it was very difficult to even get the words she wanted out.

"Y-yes... Need to... go somewhere..." She managed weakly, turning her face away as best she could and gazing awkwardly down at the ground. The woman, apparently noticing the shame her stare was causing, quickly mustered a bright and cheerful smile, and focused instead on Sora's good eye, bringing her at least some slight relief.

"Well, if that's the case, then I'm just the person who can help! Come on, hop in!" She invited, walking past and gesturing to the cab as she opened the side door before clearing out of the way, pointing toward the interior like a chauffeur. Sora, awkward as she felt, couldn't refuse the lady's kind smile, and so managed to convince herself to follow through with her plan, despite the nervousness the prospect of a conversation with another Human being, after having spent so long in solitude, inspired in her heart.

The driver, still smiling reassuringly, closed the door behind her, and quickly entered the driver's seat in front of her. Sora, meanwhile, strapped herself in, and mentally braced herself for the challenge to come.

"So, where to?" The woman asked at last, starting up the engine of the cab.

"I-it's a school... C-called C-Curious Academy," She stammered at last, in no way encouraged by the look of surprise the woman gave the moment she finally managed to spit out her answer. This look quickly turned to a knowing, yet sad smile, which plainly showed an emotion quite akin to pity. This did not encourage Sora in the least.

"Oh... I see..." The woman said at last, glancing back at her passenger's eyepatch and deducing what was quite probably something very close to the truth: that Sora Lehsade was nothing but a hopeless shut in: a social outcast who, unable to interact with Humans on a normal level, was now leaving her future up to fate in a last-ditch attempt to find someone who might love and understand her, a partner she would otherwise have very little hope of encountering. While this wasn't entirely the case - she had not, after all, known about the romantic aspect of the school until she had already begun signing up - it was close enough to make Sora feel deeply ashamed of herself, causing her to yet again avert her face in the hopes that her perceptive driver wouldn't notice the flush of shame rapidly crossing her features.

"A-alright," the driver said quickly, trying and failing to undo the damage her initial reaction had dealt. "I know where that place is. I'll get you there in no time. Since I made you wait out in the cold, I'll even do it free of charge. How does that sound?"

"E-eh?" Sora reacted, glancing up in surprise. "N-no, that's alright. Wouldn't it be a problem if you weren't paid for doing you job?"

"Nah, it's fine. Our taxi company has a refund policy in the case of bad customer relations. If we inconvenience you, you get your money back, see?"

"O-oh... Alright... if it won't be a problem, then, thank you, I guess..."

"No problem." With this, the awkward conversation quickly lapsed into silence as Sora quietly looked away and the driver turned her attention to the road ahead, the one too ashamed of herself to speak, the other deciding not to trouble her nervous passenger any further. Time passed in that dead quiet, and before long, the cab had pulled up in front of the school, and Sora had quickly gotten out, giving a quiet thanks to her driver. "Good luck," was all the woman said as she smiled, waved, and drove away, leaving the young, solitary girl in black to make her way into the large building before her.


Fortunately, it seemed that most of the school's population was already in the auditorium for the announcements, so Sora had a relatively quiet trip to the homeroom after receiving her directions at the receptionist's desk, although even this much was a challenge for her. The trip all the way up to the fourth floor was difficult as well, albeit for different reasons. After her accident, her body had never exactly been in peak physical shape, and four years of being locked up in her room had not helped this one bit, and had undone most of the therapy she had gone through to recover from her considerable injuries in the crash that had claimed her eye. Just climbing up all the stairs to the top floor was enough to make her breaths grow fast and ragged, and by the time she had gone all the way back down to the auditorium, she was feeling dizzy from exertion, her legs sore and her body tired. She searched about quickly for a seat, too preoccupied to even greatly notice the number of people assembled in the same room as her. Still, she realized that their presence would be nerve-wracking to her, even if she didn't dwell overly much on that fact. Reasoning that it would help avoid the stares of those around her - even if it was only from behind - she made her way as far forward as she could, hoping to get a seat in the second row, justifying this by the logic that those behind her wouldn't be able to see her face, those beside her would be too focused on the stage - why else would they be in the front? - and those in front of her wouldn't look back for the same reasons, and would block those on the stage from looking at her. Sadly, however, she had apparently arrived rather late, as almost all seats even remotely close to the front had already been claimed. Still, she supposed, she would just have to make due with what was available, and decided to, despite her trepidation at the number of people surrounding her, sit as close to the front as she could get. And so, she silently slipped into one of the middle rows, brushing past a moving student as she did so. Turning to apologize to him, however, she failed to turn back around completely before beginning to move again. And, due to her limited field of vision, she didn't realize as she stepped forward that there was someone sitting right next to her, his long legs just extended into her walking path, until it was much too late.

Striking her own foot against the boy's outstretched one, Sora found herself stumbling forward, losing her balance almost immediately. Not wanting to fall on her face, she stifled a cry and quickly collapsed into the nearest chair, catching herself with her hands on its back and, once her breath had returned to her and her heart had come down from her throat, quickly spinning about to face the one who had tripped her - no, who she had tripped upon - her face red and hot with embarrassment.

The boy was tall, with a long, lean build, and, despite his unimposing figure, Sora had no doubt that he would overshadow her if he stood up, being a full head taller than herself. Even kneeling upon the chair as she was, compared to his own seated posture, she only came about up to his own level. His skin, meanwhile, was a pale shade that compared even to her own, and, considering how little time she spent outside, that was quite an accomplishment. His hair was ruffled and unkempt - probably the work of the strong, cold wind outside - and a jet black hue, again quite similar to her own raven locks. But, the most striking feature he had was his eyes. A bright shade of azure, they shone forth from his face like twin orbs of crystallized lighting, striking deeply into her as though staring straight through her. It was uncanny, and yet somehow enthralling to her. She felt deeply nervous as those eyes gazed upon her, and yet her own brown eye was unable to easily turn away, while her blinded eye lay uncovered before him, as she was too nerve-wracked at the moment to remember the old habit of placing an eye over it to keep people from staring.

"I-I'm sorry...!" She stammered, her voice quiet but quite high pitched. "I couldn't see where I was going, and..." She trailed off, unable to meet the boy's piercing blue eyes any longer. "S-sorry," Sora said again as she slowly lapsed into a seated posture. While she wanted nothing more than to move away, where the boy wouldn't be able to keep staring at her, that would be incredibly rude, and, honestly, she didn't think she had the courage to do something like that. So, she would just have to stay, and do her best not to be any more trouble to the boy than she already had been. But, even knowing this, she still found it hard to bear staying close to him, for he already had someone sitting next to him! Sora didn't know if the fair-haired girl was his sister or his lover, but either way, she was intruding upon whatever conversation they might have been having before her clumsy, bumbling entrance, which only made her feel worse. She found herself trembling from supressed anxiety, and it was all she could do to simply keep her gaze firmly focused on the floor, her face averted from the soul-searching blue eyes of the boy next to her, and to pray that the announcement and welcoming session began soon. She didn't think she could take it if things continued like this for any longer.

She really, really didn't like being outside. Again, those old questions surfaced with renewed force. But although "Why?" was still filling every aspect of her thoughts, the three deeper, unspoken inquiries yet lingered, just as impossible to fully dismiss as they were to ask or answer. And, for the first time, Sora found herself hoping - imperceptibly, and unnoticeable, even to herself - the ridiculous hope that she might somehow, no matter how unlikely it was, find the answers she sought, and with them find the cure for her broken, empty, and fleeting heart.


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#, as written by Runika
Sheila Kurimu

She couldn't believe it. Her rather had really enrolled her in Curious Academy. He had strolled into her room, shaking her gently and softly saying that it was her first day at school. Couldn't it have been a normal school? Sure, she loved her father, but that kind of family love wasn't going to find her a soul mate. Because of that, he wanted to send her to a place where love estranged people like her would find love. Why couldn't that morning have been a dream?

Normally, the first day of school was something exciting. Something she generally looked forward to. Her friends would be there to greet her, hug her, and they would be able to talk about how much they had missed her over the summer. Not this year. She was going to have to start over and graduate without the friends she had known for her whole life.

She hadn't spoken to her father for a week after he broke the news to her, but Sheila wasn't the type to hold grudges. She had a short temper, but the time period that she remained angry was also short. She loved her father dearly, so she could never hate him. Although she was no longer angry, she would sigh often when the thought enveloped her mind. She was going to be engaged, as the school had informed them. At age 17! She wanted to at least find someone on her own, not be engaged to some person the principal thought would suit her best. Sure, she was really skeptical about love, but she wasn't someone who hated it and wanted to spend their life alone.

Enough. She told herself. I've already thought about this enough. Time to just accept it.

She grabbed her black suitcase from her room, grabbed some last minute belongings, her back pack, and her phone. Taking a deep breath and putting a smile on her face, she went down the stairs to greet her father who was making her one last breakfast before she moved into the dorms. Her voice was happy and peppy, making sure to leave her father with a good memory. It wasn't like she was leaving forever, but she wasn't going to be able to see him often once she moved into the dorms. Once she had finished her breakfast, they threw her things into the trunk of the van and drove off to the new school.


"Bye, papa. I'll miss you." She said as she bid him good bye. She watched him drive off and then pulled her suitcase inside the school. Someone at the front took her belongings, something she was thankful for, and she followed the crowd into the auditorium. She heard some students complaining about all the looks and comments they received on their way here. Sheila was thankful that her father had offered to drop her off. If people were giving her dirty looks and comments, she probably wouldn't have been able to hold her temper.

Sheila looked around for a seat in the auditorium, hoping to find one soon before she looked stupid standing in the middle of the aisle. She spotted a few open ones next to a young girl with pink hair. Sheila had to blink to check that it wasn't just the lighting. The girl really did have pink hair, it was so cute! Sheila made her way over to the seats and stood at the end of the row. It was rather strange that they were empty, seeing that the girl was quite beautiful. Maybe the seats weren't free?

"Hi, sorry, are these seats taken?" She asked the pink haired girl.


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Briar Rose Sommers
Love doesn't exsit, Briar Rose has always known this. She had plenty of proof inside her brian: charts and graphs, the thousands of sob stories and pictures of broken hearts. Love only existed in movies, in fairy tales for children. She was no longer a child now, Briar Rose was almost an adult. She hadn't fully witnessed the complete span of life; but she was knowledgable. She had read Sylvia Plath and Philomena Guinea to Zora Hurston and F. Scott Fitzgerald. She saw what love did to someone: it killed them, morbidly killed them. Why her neurotic mother would think of sending her here, to find her true love or whatever it was to be, Briar Rose would never be able to comprehend. She was a stubborn girl, and refused to believe in anything that had to do with fate, destiny, and especially love.

Briar Rose was entering the auditorium, her long hair tied up intricately and decorated with small braids. She always wanted to make an excellent good impression. Briar Rose sighed, entering the large room and began to gaze around the room. She was unusually late, but of course, she hadn't been excited for her first day of school. This academy would not help her with her academics, it would only give her distractions. Foolish, these poor students could never become an ideal generation, she thought, almost not realizing her bitter tone. She messed with a wisp of hair and frowned, she was not in a good mood today.

There were random clusters of free seats, so she took one, the one closest to the edge. Briar Rose knew that she would want to be out of this auditorium as quickly as she could; although she wondered if they would really pair her up with some boy today. A strange thought came into her mind: what if they paired her up with a female instead? Briar Rose shuddered at the thought: she may had never had a boyfriend but that doesn't mean she was a homosexual. However, she wasn't a homophobe at all, she preferred to keep tradition-- her own personal choice. She wondered what her mother would think if she became engage to a young female, and a small, hopeful, lucid smile appeared on Briar Rose's lips. Her face instantly brightened up, the stern crease of her perfectly shaped eye-brows gone and making Briar Rose seem more open.

Perhaps Briar Rose was only moody for half that morning. All she needed was a cheerful thought for her to give a refreshing smile. Her open, innocent, doe-eyed eyes sparkled in the artificial light of the auditorium as she leisurely crossed her legs. She leaned back in her chair, slightly, but still managed to keep good posture. She looked around her, seeing more students fill in the seats. Almost every seat was taken now, Briar Rose noted, as she looked among the sea of heads and hair. She was quite surprised to see a single person with pink hair, but quickly diverted her gaze to another person's hairstyle, admiring it.