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Sudden Outbreak

Sudden Outbreak


Year after Year government has covered up incidents where someone kills and eats another person. They always blamed it on drugs but now in 2014 a sudden outbreak occurs and a group of highschool kids struggle to escape their school and survive.

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The Story


It all started in 2009 where a Texas woman mysteriously fell ill in her home after she gave birth. Doctors said that what she had was the flu but that was way off. The illness that resembled the flu turned out to be a virus that stuck the brain and gave flu like symptoms. Within a week of being sick the virus finally took hold completely and caused the 33 year old woman to do an unspeakable act. After hearing screams from the house next door the woman's neighbors called the cops and upon entering the house the stench of something horrid punched them in the faces. When exploring the house they the limbs of the women's three week old infant scattered around the floor with what seemed to be teeth marks and chunks missing. They then found the woman in the corner of her room chewing on something. The sound of bones cracking and flesh being ripped from the bone filled the room. The woman kept munching on the flesh all but ignoring the men when they walked in, as if they haven't even walked in.

One of the cops proceeded to ask the woman if she was okay but upon hearing his voice the woman turned her head in an almost unnatural way, her mouth covered in blood and her irises white, as if she was blind. She let out a blood curdling high pitched scream before she launched at the cop. The cops quickly dodged and proceeded with their standard routine asking her to put her hands up, like she was in a condition to listen but the woman launched herself at the cop again only to have a bullet go right through her chest. The cops sighed in relief as the woman seemed to go down but a minute later she got back up with that same crazed expression in her white eyes. The cops shot seven more bullets into her chest but she never went down until one of the two cops finally put a bullet in between eyes and she never got back up. This case was covered up of course by the government as a woman who took a new substance called bath salts.

After this, cases like this began to spring up, in 2010 an englishman had mysteriously fell ill and killed his three sister and ate them. Now not much was known about this case, only that again , Government officials were present and were tight lipped about the whole situation. They managed to cover it up again with the same excuse of drugs. 2011 Russian police shot down and killed a chef who went mad in his kitchen killing one of his employees and proceeded to eat and consume his flesh. In the same year, in sweden a professor killed and ate his wife in their home. Just as the rest of the cases, the government covered it up as drug consumption and it was left at that. This point in time people thought that it was sick, how many crazy people there was in this world.

Things began to kick up in 2012, in Florida, when a naked man came up to a 65 year old homeless man and ate part of his face along with his nose. The man was shot many times but did not go down until he was once again, shot in between the eyes. Not even a week later an incident happened in a maryland college. A college student went crazy and killed his roommate and then proceeded to eat his brains and flesh. The government kept on blaming these incidents on bath salts but all of the victims were sick before they went crazy with the same flu like symptoms but the public did not know that as the government was picking certain people they can openly experiment on. It was like a controlled experiment but in the open where the test subject was in the public and government had their eyes on that person the whole damn time observing their every move up until they lost it and killed.

Now this case will be the last, before shit actually hit the fan. It was may 5th, 2014 when a new jersey man in the bus went all monkey shit and killed 4 people along with injuring 8 more. The injuries were almost all the same, bite marks and chunks of skin that was missing form the dead victims. The people who escaped the bus tragedy described the man as having very dark colored veins with glazed eyes, as if he were blind and a horrid smell along with a terrifying, blood curdling scream that made people shake just from explaining. This is where the world wide epidemic started. As doctors did autopsies on the supposedly dead victims, to their surprise, they came back alive and ate the doctors, part of them anyway. When police arrived on scene, all of the dead victims from the bus incident were missing while the inside of the morgue was painted in red and smelling of rotten flesh. In under 3 hours chaos broke out, people running and screaming while terrifying, and gruesome creatures chased them, tackled them down and ate their flesh and filled the air with the noise of smacking and bones cracking and crunching.
The story follows a pennsylvania high school that has just witnessed it's first murder as one of the students goes crazy and attacks a teacher. The whole school is put into chaos as a group of people manage to escape the school and try to keep safe.


Role|| Age || Name || Gender || FC || Reserved for

Senior 1/Jock || 18 || Name || Male || FC:Colton haynes|| Reserved for

Senior 2/Cheer Leader||Name|| 18|| Female || FC:Crystal reed || Reserved for Batman345

Junior 1/Gamer || 17 || Name || Female || FC: Alexandra daddario|| Reserved for

Junior 2/Skater || 17 || Name || Female || FC: Kristen stewart|| Taken by me

Sophomore 1/Nerd || 16 || Name || Male || FC: Joe Brooks|| Reserved for

Sophomore 2/Delinquent || 16 || Name || Female || FC:Taissa Farmiga|| Reserved for

Sophomore 3/Stoner || 16 || Name || Male || FC:Ross Lynch|| Reserved for

Freshmen 1/Funny Guy || 15 || Name || Male || FC: Jake T. Austin|| Reserved for SkinChic

History Teacher || 37 || Name || Male || FC:Johnny depp || Reserved for

Character Sheets

Code: Select all
[Img] Name of Character [Img]
[img][i]Image of character goes here[/i] [img]
[url=] Any theme songs you may want to add. [/url]
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[size=120]General Info[/size]







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[size=120]On the Outside[/size]
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[size=120]Eye color[/size]

[size=120]Hair color[/size]

[size=120]Height and Weight[/size]

[size=120]Brief Description[/size]
[i]* Describe things that weren't present above like body build, scars, moles, beauty marks, glasses, etc.[/i]

[i]* can't really start off with much in the beginning since we are in a school, so only school things until later on. [/i]
[img][i]Image of character goes here[/i] [img]
[size=120]On the Inside[/size] 





[size=120]Likes [/size]


[img][i]Image of character goes here[/i] [img]
[size=120]Brief History [/size]

[size=150][i]* The Character sheet needs to be creative and all pretty!! You are aloud to switch up the CS as long as all the things that are in the current CS are included. [/i][/size]

Toggle Rules

1. Reserve for a Character please in OOC & if you want to change FC tell me who you want in the OCC but keep in mind I will not change everyone!

2. Blood, Gore, Violence strongly encouraged. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

3. Romance is also aloud! Just..keep it somewhat pg.13, or a little rated R. =^● ⋏ ●^=

4. Curse away~ just not in every line..please don't take it overboard (҂`з´).っ︻デ═一

5. I know most of you might be busy but please try to post 2-3 time a week.(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜....〜( ̄△ ̄〜) I will love you for life if you do ~

6. Please no one liners (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ like why would you ruin my life like that?! anyway more than a paragraph please! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

7. Make your character unique!┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

8. You will have 48 hours to get a wip in that is decently finished.

9. To make sure you read the rule put your fav CreepyPasta when reserving or Fav Actor if you don't know what CreepyPasta is (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ OH and you must be a least a little expericenced in Rping!

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Re: Sudden Outbreak

They are both reserved for you guys! Ill make the changes once I come back from school!

Re: Sudden Outbreak

May I reserve Freshman 1~? Also could I change the FC to Jake T. Austin? As for ethnicity between this FC and the Jocks FC, they could be step-brothers. Anyway my favorite creepy pasta is SlenderMen

Re: Sudden Outbreak

Can I reserve for:
Senior 2/Cheer Leader||Name|| 18|| Female || FC:Crystal reed || Reserved for

My favorite creepy pasta is Smiley.

Re: Sudden Outbreak

Read the rules please ^0^

Re: Sudden Outbreak

First Thing Is First,

Senior 1

He has been together with Senior 2 for two years now and Freshmen 1 is his little brother, he also see's Junior 2 as his little sister.

Senior 2

She is together with Senior 1 and is close too Sophomore 1.

Junior 1

She has a thing for Junior 2 and is close to Freshmen 1.

Junior 2

She is bestfriends with Sophomore 2 & 3, Sophomore 2 is her ex and she has a thing for Junior 1.

Sophomore 1

He's Best Friends with Senior 2 and is crushing on Freshmen 1.

Sophomore 2

Is friends with Junior 2 and her ex, and Sophomore 3 is her current crush.

Sophomore 3

Is friends with Junior 2 and crushing on Sophomore 2.

Freshmen 1
He is brother to senior 1 and is crushing on Sophomore 1.

History Teacher
He runs the study group which all of them are in, he is close to the teens and they see him like a father figure at times.

Re: Sudden Outbreak

Could I please reserve:

Junior 1/Gamer || 17 || Name || Female || FC: Alexandra daddario|| Reserved for

Sudden Outbreak

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