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Sugar, Spice, and Remake


The Powerpuff Girls and their new-found friends (which are other characters from Cartoon Network) have grown up and are now juniors of Megaville High School. During their first two years, they've faced villains, old and new, while battling obstacles of the typical teenager. Now comes another year, one predicted to be harder than the last.

The base characters are:

The Professor
Dee Dee
Olga/LaLa VaVa
Samurai Jack

Please reserve your characters in the OOC thread. It's a lot easier.

Name: Blossom
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Background: Blossom is considered the leader of the PowerPuff Girls. She has developed into a responsible and caring young woman under the care of Professor Utonium. She aims to be an over-achiever in all of her subjects in school with her best friend, Dexter.

Name: Bubbles
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Background: Bubbles, the “cute one” of the PowerPuff Girls, lives with her two sisters with their creator (or “Dad”; what he's currently refered to as), Professor Utonium. She's quite the social butterfly and she's, by far, the friendliest girl in the school despite the fact that her best friends (other than her sisters) are Mandy, Olga, and Gaz. She participates in the Welcoming Committee and Dance Club with Olga and Dee Dee.

Name: Buttercup
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Background: Buttercup, the “tomboy”, stays with Blossom and Bubbles, with Professor Utonium serving as their parent/guardian. She's not particularly the one to mess with because of her short temper and aggressive nature. She's in the Kendo Club, which his taught by her gym teacher (and crush), Sensei Jack.

Name: Professor Utonium
Age: mid to late 40s
Grade: haha, right~
Background: Professor Utonium is the proud father of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. He has found a cure for the common cold, which explains how he is able to support his family without any worries. He's retired and cooking and making inventions are hobbies for him. He golfs with Dexter's Dad on occasion.
Other people you control with this character: Mom and Dad (Dexter's parents)

Name: Dexter
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Background: Dexter and his older sister, Dee Dee attend M.H.S. Dexter likes to keep to himself and only opens up to a select few people; one of them is his best friend, Blossom. Dexter participates in the Science Club with two of his closest guy friends, Otto and Dib.
Other people you control with this character: Otto (“Time Squad” ring any 90's bells?)

Name: Dee Dee
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Background: Dee Dee watches over her little brother, Dexter and tries to avoid Mandark on several occasions. She very nice to people but mostly socializes with her closest friends, Bee Bee and Mi Mi.
She's the leader of the Dance Club and is school president.
Other people you control with this character: Bee Bee and Mi Mi

Name: Mandy
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Background: Mandy is a disturbed only child. He hangs around Billy for some reason when she's not around Gaz, Olga, or Bubbles. She doesn't participate in any extracurricular activities.
Other people you control with this character: Billy, Grim

Age: 16
Grade: 11
Background: Gaz doesn't associate herself with her brother, Dib, often. She the most quiet of the deadly trio, Mandy, Olga, and herself. She's usually found playing her Game Slave III.
Other people you control with this character: Dib and Professor Membrane

Name: Olga Astronomonov
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Background: Olga only hangs around her brother, Mandark, when she needs something. She gives off a silent and scary aura, similar to her two friends, Mandy, Gaz, and Bubbles. She participates in the Dance Club with Bubbles and Dee Dee.

Name: Brick
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Background: Brick and the other two Roudyruff Boys, Boomer and Butch, have been taken in by Sensei Jack and were transferred into the school (according to their ages). Brick is apathetic about school in general, so he looks for other things he feels are worth his time in order to have motivation to stay in school. So far, it's a girl.......

Name: Boomer
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Background: Just like Brick and Butch, Boomer lives with Sensei Jack. He's has a bit of motivation, but tries not to let his brothers see that. He has a crush on Bubbles.

Name: Butch
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Background: Butch lives with Sensei Jack along with his brothers, Brick and Boomer. He could care less about school, but, in order to have a place to stay, he has to participate and at least get a C average. He loves to bug ol' bitter Buttercup to hide his true feelings.

Name: Samurai Jack (a.k.a- Sensei Jack)
Age: early to mid 40s
Grade: Gym Teacher
Background: Jack is now the guardian of the Roudyruff Boys. He's made it his responsibility to “ease up” their rambunctious behavior, so that they don't bring chaos to the city. He used to be the gym teacher in Megaville Elementary, but has decided to become a part of young teens' lives.
Other people you control with this character: Courage the Cowardly Dog (his pet)

Original Villain Sheet
-Because these are OC's, I ask for more.-
Name (and Alias in (), if they have one):
Appearance (pictures are fine; descriptions[at least 5 sentences] are great too):
Power(s)/Abilities(at least 3 good sentences for each power and ability):
How he works (here, I'm asking if he works alone as a powerful being, does he have others to do the dirty work for him, or both! Be creative):
His purpose (who's enemy is he and why?[3 solid sentences]):

Existing Villain Sheet
Age (if known):
Gender (if known):
How he works:
His purpose:

Toggle Rules

1)No goddmodding: Just because most of the characters have great abilities, ALL of them can take a hit, get killed, or die.

2)OOC: is provided. Please use that or PM me for questions.

3)This is story-based roleplay. No asterisks. Also, please make posts at least 1-2 paragraphs long (at least 5-10 sentences). If you want to make the post longer, that's just as awesome!

4)Romance is encouraged!! Keep it PG-13, though; anything further has to continue elsewhere.

5)Be nice: Believe it or not, words hurt and it can make someone not roleplay anymore. By the way, I also mean no trolling, or spamming.

6)Profanity: Some of the character are aggressive, yes. It funny when someone curses for emphasis, yes. Is it allowed? Yes, but don't overuse it. It's not as amusing if it's almost every word in your post.

7)Spell check is your friend =D This goes for grammar and punctuation. Use it, please~

8)Original characters, or OC's: the only ones I will allow are villains. PM me regarding random friends – no one want to feel overloaded, right?

9)Have fun! This is fan-based roleplay; You get to be something you've always wanted right? A superhero!!

*To reserve your characters: Type the name of the characters you want in the OOC and, if there are other characters that come along with that character, please make a Mini-CS (character sheet) for them. (I can't do ALL of the work =3). I made Mini-CS's for each main character just to clarify their positions in the story. If you'd like to suggest a change, PM me or BleedingCrimson.

**Small enemies (or minions) will be played by BleedingCrimson and me; Main Villains will be added as the roleplay progresses.

***If you want to control a villain, fill out this sheet and PM it to me. I'll review it and let you know when it can be used. However, to avoid as much impatience as possible, try out one of the mains. If you want to use an enemy that already exists, i.e: Aku, HIM, Mojo Jojo, etc. I will still need a small description. REMEMEBER: It's been 12 years since these enemies have seen their rivals, something must have changed. Again, be creative.

-Once you have read everything, type your favorite food at the bottom of your reservation. You will NOT be accepted if this is not done. Thank you in advance-

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Character Portrait: Gaz (Dib, Professor Membrane)


Character Portrait: Gaz (Dib, Professor Membrane)
Gaz (Dib, Professor Membrane)

Dib's sister and Game Slave expert....


Character Portrait: Gaz (Dib, Professor Membrane)
Gaz (Dib, Professor Membrane)

Dib's sister and Game Slave expert....

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Gaz (Dib, Professor Membrane)
Gaz (Dib, Professor Membrane)

Dib's sister and Game Slave expert....

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Re: [OOC] Sugar, Spice, and Remake

Can I call dibs on Brick?

Jambalaya! Cajun=FTW

Re: [OOC] Sugar, Spice, and Remake

Yes you can =D

Please read the rules and what is included with your character, then you'll be accepted.

Re: [OOC] Sugar, Spice, and Remake

Can I be Gaz?

Pizza! yummmm

Re: [OOC] Sugar, Spice, and Remake

I got Mandy (and therefore Billy and Grimm!) :D

Pomegranate, chocolate covered potato chips, and a cheese/oil/dressing dip with warm bread...

Re: [OOC] Sugar, Spice, and Remake

I'll be playing Buttercup.

Stuffed Mushrooms~

[OOC] Sugar, Spice, and Remake

"Sugar, Spice, and Remake"

Please click the link for rules and instructions.


This will be edited to update everyone of which characters were taken and which are still available.

Main Characters:

Buttercup - Lashun
The Professor
Dee Dee
Mandy - BleedingCrimson
Gaz - Violentious
Olga/LaLa VaVa
Samurai Jack


Please reserve your characters here in the OOC. Thank you.