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Augustus H. Kings

"Will you give into the darkness? Because I won't."

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a character in “Suicidal Support”, originally authored by CyberGlowfly, as played by RolePlayGateway





Augustus Kings




18 years old


Suicidal Boy



|Face Claim|

Marlon Teixeira




Any sea bound country or area you could say. He really likes Hawaii even if that isn't a country.

Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

The Lion King. It's the perfect mix of treachery and love.

|Decade of the 1900's?|
None of them really. Compared to what's now, the 1900's are in the past.

Summer. I can surf in Summer.

Cocker Spaniel

Navy Blue

I like the youtubers in this time. I like Emma Blackery.






| Music || Outdoor Activities || Music || Surfing || Night Time || Beautiful Colors || Dogs || Dancing || Wine; mostly red, occasionally white || Cooking || Reading || Romance || Stimulating Conversations || Devotion || Roses |


| Cheaters and Liars || Dancing Alone || Beer || Modern romanticism of vampires || Confrontations || Burnt Food || Disrespect || Yelling || Rap Music [even though he has to play it] || Silence || Secrets || Shirts |


| Being the cause of death || Acrophobia || Going back to that dark road || Melissaphobia |


Bossy: Sometimes
Opinionated: Very Often
Afraid//Paranoid: Almost Never
Ruthless/Relentless: Sometimes
Demanding: Very Often
Broken: Not Very Often [secretly]
Affectionate:Very Often
Risk-Taking: Very Often
Fearless: Almost Always
Tough: Very Often
Self-Controlled: Often
Independent: Not Very Often
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal and Faithful: Very Often
Serious: Almost Never
Romantic: Very Often
Flirty: Always
Sympathetic: Not Very Often
Sarcastic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Very Often
Determined: Sometimes
Logical: Not Often
Hyperactive: Sometimes
Sweet/Kind/Caring: Often
Protective: Very Often
Nurturing: Sometimes
Humorous/Funny: Almost Always
Seductive/Manipulative: Not Very Often
Violent/Cruel: Never
Ill Tempered: Sometimes
Social:Very Often
Emotions: Controlled to a degree


Possible Collaboration.

So begins...

Augustus H. Kings's Story


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#, as written by Beffiye

Weather: Sunny and warm. 30 degrees Celsius /86 degrees Fahrenheit.
Date: Monday 29th May 2014
What’s going on?: All the campers are arriving this morning. They must be here by 9:30AM, and are to attend activity group introductions at 10:00AM. If you are wise, you will arrive with enough time to unpack and find out where you need to be. You will meet your bunk mates before you head off to activity group introductions. All members of the same bunk house are in the same activity group.
Time: 9:00AM


It was not too early in the morning when the first camper arrived, but alas, usually they all turned up a little closer to the dead line. No one had arrived half an hour early last year, and for now, this camper was going to be all alone.

A blue Fiat 500 Twin Air Pop pulled up on the small camp car park, but kept its engine running. The figures inside did not move for a minute, seemingly caught up in conversation, then the passenger (shotgun) door opened. A small female with bright red hair climbed out, then turned around as the driver summoned her attention again.

“You have got your anti-depressants, right?” Amber’s sister asked as she leant over the steering to pass Amber her rucksack and suitcase. The red haired girl took them off her sister and feigned a look of pure horror.

“My anti-depressants?” She gasped, searching her pockets. “Oh no!”

Her sister’s face was priceless. She glared long and hard at Amber, her face full of disappointment and worry. “Oh Amber…”

“Just kidding!” Amber cut in, risking a shit eating grin. “The look on your face was priceless though.” Chuckling, she gave her cussing sister a wave and slammed the car door. “Adios!”

Sighing, Amber turned and slowly trudged along the pathways towards the main hall, her rucksack hanging off one shoulder and her opposite arm dragging her suitcase behind her. She was happy to be back, of course she was, but enthusiasm towards anything was always hard to feel.

Once she got to the main hall, she paused for a moment and made sure that her favourite knife was safely hidden away at the bottom of her bag. In a moment, she would have to hand in all weapons (no self-harming was allowed on site, or suicide, obviously. No one really took heed of those rules though,) and she wanted to have something left. Last year, the weapons check had surprised her, and she hadn’t had much left to use in the way of self-harm, other than razor blades. They couldn’t really take those off you.

Taking a deep breath, she strode in. The main hallway was empty of campers, which meant she could quickly and easily get herself sorted. First of all, she put her bags down at the side near the door, and walked through the metal detector that separated her from the reception area. Knowing that it was unbelievable if she had no weapons, she had purposely left a rather crappy and broken pen knife in her pocket. When the metal detector started bleeping, she threw it into the small wooden crate at the side and moved on. Scampering towards the notice boards, she scanned them for the activity group lists.

Eventually, she found her name:
Activity Group 4:
Female Cabin: Amber Edwards, Autumn Branson, Katarina Lester, and Wiley Maxtyn.
Male Cabin: Adam Walker, Augustus Kings, Declan Branson and Wren Donovan.

Now that she knew what group she was in, Amber checked her cabin number (7, and the males in her group were in Cabin 8) and then picked up the correct activity schedule from the piles on the small table next to her. After signing in at the reception, she hurried back over to the other side of the room again, eager to collect her bags.

Before she picked them up however, she glanced down at her activity schedule to see what she was doing today. Ugh, introductions and the like, the same as last year. Sighing, she headed off to her cabin, bags in tow.

It took her a bit of time to find her cabin, as the numbers where only displayed in tiny gold lettering on the doors, but eventually, she found number 7. She gently turned the rounded, brass knob and pushed the door open, and stepped into a plain, unexciting cabin that contained all the same features as last year.

Once she had shut the door behind her, Amber threw her rucksack onto the top bunk nearest the window, marking her place. She set her suitcase down next to the bunk bed, and knelt on the floor as she unzipped it. Time to get unpacking.

Each bed had a small number written on the side, and the beds in bunk 7 were marked as 25, 26, 27 and 28. Her bed was 28, so she opened the closet marked with the same number and began hanging up all her clothes neatly. She didn’t have a lot, and they mainly consisted of grungy t-shirts and jeans.

Time ticked on by, and soon Amber could hear campers walking past the cabin and chatting. She finished unpacking her clothes and various other things, put the empty suitcase in the wardrobe and shut it gently. She clambered up onto her bunk and sat with her rucksack in her lap. At the side of her bunk, on the wall, was a long shelf, with a plug at the end. This was where she intended to put things like her phone, her charger, the current book that she was reading, her notebook, etc. She began unpacking them as she waited for her bunkmates to arrive at the cabin.

Amber’s Outfit

The setting changes from Camp Suicide to California


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Character Portrait: Wiley Maxtyn Character Portrait: Katarina Lester Character Portrait: Amber Edwards Character Portrait: Adam Walker Character Portrait: Autumn Branson Character Portrait: Augustus Kings
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The setting changes from California to Camp Suicide


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Wiley Maxtyn Character Portrait: Katarina Lester Character Portrait: Amber Edwards Character Portrait: Adam Walker Character Portrait: Autumn Branson Character Portrait: Declan Branson
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The car ride seemed rather quick for Autumn and her brother. Not only was this camp posing as a rehab facility, but also a safe haven from the home they had just been removed from. She sat quietly in the passenger side, watching the white line run it's length from point A to point B. The day was beautiful, had they arrived the day before it would have been raining and not half as warm. No, this day was perfect. Of course it was early, so she was unsure of what the day would bring, but she was hopeful for there was not even a cloud in sky.

"You're awake?" Declan shuffled in his seat as he glanced from me back to the road. Through bits and pieces of the car ride she had fallen asleep, but the loud air coming through the back window always soon woke her up.

"Yeah, I'm up. You nervous this time?" She laughed at herself as she struggled to turn over in her seat, looking up at him as he drove.

"Nah, I just hope the guys aren't like last year. They were so disrespectful it amazed me."

"Don't get your panties in a wad Deedee. We'll be fine, we always are." He scuffed and his eyes fell heavy, and Autumn automatically felt bad for saying it. Fine is a word that they have always used to cry out for help to each other. But they have found that the majority of the time, there is nothing they can do.

"We're here." He parked the car in the dimly lit parking lot, and they both got out to grab their duffles. Of course, Declan grabbed her's, afraid that any weight may hurt her aura or something. Well not really, but it was just something else he did for her.

"Want me to go sign us in?" She was already holding the door open,and when he nodded she entered the area. The main hall was shabby, little more impressive than the cabins she had stayed in last year.

The guard stared at her strangely, and she replied with," Dr. Decles has our bags." She set off toward the reception desk. She looked at the sign in sheet, surprised to have seen another name. Amber was written beautifully on the page. She thought she recognized the name, but couldn't place the figure. She quickly wrote her and Declan's names down, and checked the activities of the day. She sighed, and redirected her attention to look at the cabin numbers.

Seven and eight, seven and eight she thought to herself as she went to fetch her brother, only to find him opening the same doors as she.

"Hey, you're in eight." She called to him as he set down the bags for the routine check. He smiled at her and quickly recollected their things. They set off toward the cabins, where they made their entrance in seven.

"Dude coming in, is audience ready?" Declan called out into the building, hopefully not to walk in on anything.

"You're such a wuss." She mumbled to him as she walked inside and noticed the girl sitting on a bed. She stood silently, unwilling to talk considering later that day their introductions were due, so she silently took her things from Declan, thanking him. She was glad to see no one had taken the top bunk of the first bed, so she claimed lucky 26 as her own. She threw her pillow on the bed, and quickly unpacked her things, oblivious to the actions of the other girl.

"Are you just going to stand there Deedee? You have a cabin too you know." She joked and told him she loved him. He exited hastily with his own duffle in hand.

When her bag was cleared and her things set up in her closet the way she found suit. She relaxed on her bed with her sketch pad. She closed her eyes and quickly began to draw a bird landing on a small branch. She began to clearly depict the individual feathers, as the colorless bird's wings bent for the landing. She titled the image. "We arrived."



He left her in her room, nervous of the other girl. Something was just different about her and he couldn't pin it. He carried this thought into his own cabin, not too far away. He had always loved this camp, whether he admitted it or not. It gave him a sense of serenity knowing that his sister was okay, and he himself wasn't in constant demand of his peers. He liked to get away, and this camp provided it. Even though it hadn't helped it's purpose since the first year he had arrived.

He opened the door to the cabin quickly, and found he was alone inside. He picked the father bed from the door, which was number 36 (bottom bunk on far side of room so last number), and slumped down on it. He was glad to be away from the demons that haunted him. He just took some time to relax, sprawled on the bed like a fish out of water. Then he sighed as he got up and began unpacking, putting his clothes away in the closet that had his number. He had learned the hard way last year, not to put important things in that closet.

When all was said and done, he took off his shirt and threw it in the dirty clothes, retrieving another. He hated sweating, unless of course he was exercising. With nothing better to do, he crept into his bed, and decided to take a small nap. The long drive had been tiresome, but he was glad Autumn had gotten enough rest.

Autumn's outfit Declan's pants
Declan's shirt