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Augustus L. Kings

"Will you give into the darkness? Because I won't."

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a character in “Suicidal Support”, as played by Wispy





Augustus Kings




18 years old

|Cause of Suicide|

He tried to hang himself at the age of 15 after his older sister died when she had a surfing incident with a shark.



|Face Claim|

Marlon Teixeira




Any sea bound country or area you could say. He really likes Hawaii even if that isn't a country.

Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

The Lion King. It's the perfect mix of treachery and love.

|Decade of the 1900's?|
None of them really. Compared to what's now, the 1900's are in the past.

Summer. I can surf in Summer.

Cocker Spaniel

Navy Blue

I like the youtubers in this time. I like Emma Blackery.






| Music || Outdoor Activities || Music || Surfing || Night Time || Beautiful Colors || Dogs || Dancing || Wine; mostly red, occasionally white || Cooking || Reading || Romance || Stimulating Conversations || Devotion || Roses |


| Cheaters and Liars || Dancing Alone || Beer || Modern romanticism of vampires || Confrontations || Burnt Food || Disrespect || Yelling || Rap Music [even though he has to play it] || Silence || Secrets || Shirts |


| Being the cause of death || Acrophobia || Going back to that dark road || Melissaphobia |


Bossy: Sometimes
Opinionated: Very Often
Afraid//Paranoid: Almost Never
Ruthless/Relentless: Sometimes
Demanding: Very Often
Broken: Not Very Often [secretly]
Affectionate:Very Often
Risk-Taking: Very Often
Fearless: Almost Always
Tough: Very Often
Self-Controlled: Often
Independent: Not Very Often
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal and Faithful: Very Often
Serious: Almost Never
Romantic: Very Often
Flirty: Always
Sympathetic: Not Very Often
Sarcastic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Very Often
Determined: Sometimes
Logical: Not Often
Hyperactive: Sometimes
Sweet/Kind/Caring: Often
Protective: Very Often
Nurturing: Sometimes
Humorous/Funny: Almost Always
Seductive/Manipulative: Not Very Often
Violent/Cruel: Never
Ill Tempered: Sometimes
Social:Very Often
Emotions: Controlled to a degree


Augustus was born on a very stormy night in Hawaii Pacific Health Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 14th, 1996. He came into this world with a 4 year old sister, excited that she was going to be a big sister. His parents loved him and he was happy and healthy, what more could his parents want?

He grew up fairly normal. Every morning before school he would accompany his sister to the beach of the small island that they lived on. Best time to surf and he loved watching her. He ended up learning from his sister and they won many awards together that their mother and father were very proud of.

Then came that morning. It was about a month after he had turned 13. He was a very large boy for his age. Not large as in weight but large as in, size. He was tall and muscular as well. He stood at least a foot taller than his 17 year old sister. This morning was the day that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

They continued into the water, paddling together as they were going to surf on the same wave. It was a great experience to share a wave and even better with someone you loved. He smiled as the wave came and they went for it. He successfully pulled the wave but his sister was nowhere to be found. He surfed to shore and sat his board down in the sand then looked out to the ocean to see his sister's board floating in the water with red surrounding it. He swam out there but the culprits were gone and so was his sister.

He couldn't live, let alone surf after that. It took him 2 years to work up the courage to kill himself but he was stopped by his mother and father. He was dreadfully afraid and felt guilty. If only, they hadn't gone that morning. If only, they could have been normal kids and not known how to surf. Maybe it would have been better if he never existed. She would have caught the wave and lived.

It took him 2 years to accept that his sister was gone and that killing himself was not going to bring her back. He swore to himself that he would live his life to the fullest for his sister. He had went to the suicide support group for 2 years and he went for a third year to help people like himself and tell them his story but also to make sure that he didn't stray back to the path of darkness.

He still carries her board with him everywhere he goes. He also wears a red and black paracord braclet that she had given him for his 13th birthday. He remembered her and that made him happy. He knew she was looking down and watching over him now.

So begins...

Augustus L. Kings's Story


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Waking up from the sound of her annoying alarm clock, Katarina got out of bed. Quickly changing and checking her large suitcase and backpack once more, she went out into the living room of her house. Her Dad was already waiting for her at the door.
"Ready to go sweetheart?" he asked, looking at the questionable amount of black Katarina was wearing. Katarina simply nodded before they started their voyage to Camp Suicide. Black headphones were stuck in her ear to block out the annoying country music her Dad listened to. Sliding her music volume all the way up her father frowned.
"With your music up that loud, it'll pop your ear drums" he said, his scolding in vain as she just couldn't hear him. Her Dad let out a sigh before continuing to drive the rest of the way.

Five hours passed until they pulled up in the drop off ring of Camp Suicide. Reluctantly she pulled out her headphone and avoided the awkward look her father gave her. She felt bad for her dad, truly. No father should have a suicidal depressed child. It only made her feel worse about herself that she was coming to a camp to get "help". He was spending all his hard earned money to get Katarina out of her state, but she couldn't help but feel like a burden.
"I love you Kitty Kat. Now go get better. Make some friends" her father said before she opened the door. She gave him a faint smile.
"I love you too Daddy" her quiet voice replied, making her father smile. She grabbed the large suitcase and backpack from the trunk of the car. With a small wave she walked into the main building. The weapon check was always a pain in the ass, but this year Katarina didn't bring anything they would catch. Her Dad had completely strip check her bags for anything. The only this she had were a few shaving blades, which could easily be dismantled to serve the purpose she wanted them for.
Katarina got through the metal detector with ease and made her way over to the activity board. Eyes scanning down it for her name, she finally spotted it.
Activity Group 4:
Female Cabin:
Amber Edwards, Autumn Branson, Katarina Lester, and Wiley Maxtyn.
Male Cabin:
Adam Walker, Augustus Kings, Declan Branson and Wren Donovan.

Some names seemed vaguely familiar, but Katarina was never good with names in the first place. Taking an activity sheet for her group and signing her name, she carried her things to her designated cabin. Her movements were slow as her feet were barely picking themselves up off the ground. After circling the few cabins twice, she found the one she assigned to. The brass knob on the door was the same, the rickety stairs, and the little bugs in the front window were all the same. Hesitantly she knocked on her room door to ensure no one would be surprised by her entering and opened the door. The first sight she saw was the bright red hair of her new cabin mate. The next was a girl sketching on her bed. A small wave was produced by Katarina, but nothing more. Katarina put her things on the bed marked as 25, and took a moment to look around the dull room.
With a sigh she grabbed her suitcase and brought it to her closet, beginning to unpack her belongings for the summer.


The setting changes from California to Camp Suicide


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Character Portrait: Wiley Maxtyn Character Portrait: Katarina Lester Character Portrait: Augustus L. Kings Character Portrait: Amber Edwards Character Portrait: Adam Walker Character Portrait: Autumn Branson
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#, as written by Wispy


The whir of plane engines sounded overhead and the hustle and bustle of California traffic echoed throughout the state. But all of that was lost to the male that was driving down the road. It was a large jeep, made more for beach riding than for roads but he changed the tires before he left. The top was in the trunk and the windows were down so it almost looked like he was missing half of his car.

The wind flew though the vehicle and the quiet sounds of the valley drowned out the loud sounds of the cities. He was headed to camp for the 4th and final year. He was sad to leave but he would always come back and volunteer if need be.

What camp you ask? Well, it is a camp for troubled youth. Those that have found a way to stoop so low as to attempt to kill themselves or mutilate themselves in some way. Don't let it's awfully scary name ward you off because it is only trying help prevent these situations. It goes by the name of Camp Suicide.

It offers an outreach station to the children of troubled pasts. Those that have lost all hope and sunk into the deepest corners of depression and exile from the world. They believe that nothing can be done to help them. That the world would be better off if they weren't here. I'm just one tiny insignificant person! What will it matter if I die?

Ever since Augustus saw his departed sister in a dream, he thought that way as well. The world would have been better off if the sharks took me instead of Ellie. Elinor was her name and it reads on her headstone, 'Ellie Kings. Beloved sister and friend. 1992-2009, aged 17 years'.

The loss of his sister was devastating but it hit August to the point that he cut himself off and fell into his own world, almost losing himself in his own mind before he was sent to this suicide support group. Now, he acts as a testimony. An example to all other youth that you can come out of depression if you so wanted to.

He pulled into the camp, gliding into a parking spot with ease and then his car went silent. On the dash, a hula girl stand along with a picture frame that had his sister's picture in it. She was beautiful and not one man had gotten to delve into that beauty and tell her that they loved her. She had career plans, a college scholarship and even plans for a family but all those were ruined because she went surfing that one morning.

His lips set a small kiss on the glass then he set it back on the dash, put the hood on his jeep, rolled up the windows and grabbed his bag and his sister's surfboard. He took it with him everywhere. Never leaving it behind because it was one thing that he knew she cherished so he would never lose it in remembrance of her.

Another summer had begun and another year full of stories to be told.

He had gotten an e-mail about the groups a week before so he headed straight for cabin eight which is where he would be staying. He opened the wooden door and then gazed at the male on the bed.

"It's nice to meet you."


The setting changes from Camp Suicide to California


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Wiley had spent the last week in “Rehab” or at least that’s what the media was being told. The reality of it was, she’d spent the last two weeks the hospital on Suicidal watch. She’d tried and failed again. She had the gun in her mouth ready to pull the trigger, she’d hesitated for only a second and her mom had walked in. That was when her psychologist gave her two chooses spending half the summer in the hospital and the other half in Rehab or going to a suicidal support group for the summer. In the end, her psychologist had made the decision for her.

At the current moment, she was stuck in the waiting room of her psychologists office, sketching the receptionist as a corpse. She sighed when she heard her mother start screaming, from inside her Doctor’s office. It was obvious her mother didn’t care much about her, she never had. All her mother saw was dollar signs when she looked at Wiley. Her mom didn’t want her to go off to some camp, Wiley had given up a part in a TV show due to her issues and her mother had pretty much told her she was worthless. The door to her Doctor’s office slammed shut and Wiley looked up from her sketch and from behind her black Ray Bands.

“I hope your happy.” Wiley’s mother spat. She looked ridiculous, with her over processed bleach blonde hair, perfectly Botoxed skin, and way too much make-up. There was no denying she was a Hollywood House wife. “You have fun at your cute little camp, but as soon as they realize your just an attention whore, you’re going straight back to work.” She hissed cruelly before leaving Wiley there alone.

A moment later her Doctor came out giving her an apologetic look. “Alright Miss Wiley, Let’s get you to camp.” He said with a warm smile and she grabbed her things.

The drive was silent and took a few hours. Although she wouldn’t admit it, Wiley was excited to be getting away from the glimmering lights of Hollywood. She’d never had a normal childhood and she desperately hoped that none of the other campers would know who she was, but she highly doubted that. She hoped if they did know her, they hated her, so she could keep to herself. Finally they pulled up to the drop off circle. She sighed running her fingers through her long hair.

“Doc, just take me home with you.” She breathed.

“I wish I could kiddo, but you need help.” He said giving her a soft smile. The two of them stepped out of his BMW as he helped her unload. “I talked to your counselor already.” He said handing her a piece of paper, stating the schedule and which cabin she was assigned to. “Play nice Emma. I just want you to get better, your too young to be this sad.” She said looking her over like he felt pity for her and it was hard not to, you could tell how unhappy she was with a single look in her eye and it took away from how truly beautiful she actually was.

“Yeah, I know.” She whispered, she hugged her doctor, before throwing her guitar case over her shoulder and picking up her suitcase, heading to sign in. Once she was finished signing in she headed to her cabin. She slipped inside ignoring the others that were inside as she set her guitar case one of the empty beds.

Wiley’s Outfit

The setting changes from California to Camp Suicide


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#, as written by Beffiye

Amber was just stacking a couple of novels onto her shelf when she heard a male voice from outside.

“Dude coming in, is audience ready?”

She rolled her eyes and looked towards the door, ready to tell the male that he had got the wrong cabin. However, when the door opened, a girl was the first one to walk in. A male was standing behind her, holding her bags, presumably her brother. That was odd, siblings, parents or guardians usually dropped members off and then left again.

“Hi,” Amber offered to them, but as she expected, nothing was said back. Oh well, there was no harm in trying to seem friendly. She sighed as the other girl said goodbye to her brother, but her ears perked up when she mentioned cabins. This guy was also staying here?

She gave him a proper look over without it being too obvious, and was surprised. He wasn’t too bad looking at all…and if he was in her activity group, that would be great. He seemed like a nice person too, carrying his sister’s bags for her. A true gentleman in the making, perhaps?

The guy left, and Amber carried on slowly unpacking while the other girl did the same. She made sure all her novels were perfectly in line, then pulled a small pencil case out of her bag and checked that it had everything she needed inside. A couple of pens, a handful of drawing and colouring pencils – yep, sorted.

A knock came on the door as Amber pulled her notebook out and put it on her lap, flicking through the pages of poetry and elegies fondly. She looked up and saw a girl with black hair enter the room. This second girl waved, and, delighted that there was some form of communication going on, Amber waved back. She wasn’t sure if the second girl had seen it, but she didn’t mind either way.

The second girl also started unpacking, and Amber realised that the first girl had finished and was now drawing. She should really hurry up a bit. She pulled out her last few things that she wanted on the shelf and put them there, then put her rucksack at the end of the bed. It still had a few things in it, like her knife, so she wanted to keep it nearby. It’s not like there was anything much wrong with unpacking her knife – it’s not like it would scare her bunkmates, is it? – but she just preferred to have it hidden away. It was less tempting.

The last girl came in, and Amber risked saying “hello” again. Still, there was nothing back. The silence in the cabin would have seemed deafeningly loud had it not been for the sound of the girls unpacking. Feeling slightly bored, Amber looked at the newest arrival in more detail when she wasn’t looking. There seeming to be something vaguely familiar about her, but she wasn’t sure what. Oh well.

She checked her watch, and realised that it was almost time for introductions. She slowly clambered off her bunk, being careful not to startle or kick their newest arrival who had claimed the bed beneath her, and let her feet hit the floor.

“So guys,” she said, walking towards the door. “Our introductions are happening in about 10 minutes. See you there.” She slipped out and shut the door behind her, then started striding towards the main house. She had wanted to set out early so that she could figure out where the introductions were. They would probably be held in a media room, but which one was the question.

After pottering around in the main media room area, Amber found the one for Group 4. She knocked, and peeped her head around the door. A young volunteer was in there, who invited her in. She sat down on one of the sofas next to the volunteer (it seemed rude not to), who introduced herself as Grace.

“You can watch the TV, play a videogame or whatever while you wait for the others,” Grace told her, but Amber wasn’t really that interested. She just nodded and sat there instead, twiddling her thumbs, waiting for the other members of her group to come. Perhaps if they saw that she wasn’t doing anything, they would talk to her. She was a quiet girl herself, but she did like to talk at the camp. Talking took her mind off things. She hoped that she and the other girls would all warm up to each other soon.

Amber’s Outfit


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Katarina silently put her things away neatly in her closet. Secretly as people came in her eyes averted to observe them without their knowledge. Two girls arrived before her, and one of them were drawing on their bed already. What the girl was drawing, she didn't know. The other girl was putting away her things as well. Katarina left the shavers in her suitcase, along with the cheesy romance novel she had. When the other girls were gone she would find time to stuff it under her mattress, but until then it stayed in her suitcase. When the last girl came in Katarina thought she looked strangely familiar. She watched discreetly as the blonde girl put a guitar case onto her bed. She must play then Katarina thought to herself.
“So guys,” the bright red headed girl said as she walked to the door “Our introductions are happening in about 10 minutes. See you there.” she finished before leaving. Katarina sighed in realization she would need to go to that as well. Introductions were never fun for the girl. Oh yes, I'm Katarina Lester. I attempted to kill myself and obviously failed, now I'm stuck at this camp as punishment Kat mocked in her head before zipping up her suitcase and sliding it under the bunk bed.
Without word Katarina left the rickety cabin as well, taking her sweet time to the main cabin. In all the black clothes she wore she was warm to say the least, but she really couldn't take off her long sleeved shit. Not without attracting unwanted attention to herself. She recalled when people from her school saw her scars.
"Why did you do that? What's wrong with you? Emo attention whore" were the sorts of remarks she got. When her doctors saw the scars she overheard a nurse call her mental.
Depression was a sickness that no one has sympathy for it seemed. If one had cancer people would be around you crying, but with depression one tells you to simply get over it. Getting over it was a lot harder than it was suppose to be.
She reached the main cabin and opened to door to see the red head sitting on the couch near a girl. The volunteer waved Katarina over and told her to make herself comfortable. She also explained the activities they had in the media room. All Katarina responded with was a nod before she sat as far from the other people on the couch as she could. She didn't mean it to be offensive, she just didn't want to take up space that they may be saving for someone else. Although around the red head she felt a bit at ease, she didn't know why.
Patiently she waited for the other people in her group to arrive. Frankly she just wanted to get this over with so she could go write in her journal.