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Inanna "Ilia" Merinth

"Is an annoyance all I can ever hope to be? I didn't choose to be lonely, but I'm beginning to feel like there's no other option for me... I'm so hopeless."

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a character in “Suitors Lament”, as played by Tsukiakari


Inanna Violet Merinth

Age: 18
Appearance: A rather short individual, Ilia, as she is most often called, stands only at a total height of five feet, four inches. With a very thin, fragile-looking physique, she isn't exactly an imposing individual. Her build is mostly slanted towards her flexible legs, which are long - at least in comparison to her small body. Her waist is lean, perhaps even close to unhealthily so, leading up into a flat stomach and a well-shapen, curving - if not overly large - figure. Her shoulders are narrow, and generally always slightly slumped, giving them a somewhat pathetic appearance, as though being pressed down upon by an unseen weight. With small, elegant and yet fragile hands at the end of her comparatively short arms, giving her the appearance of someone a bit younger than she really is, like a child scaled up and forced to live in an adult's body. Her skin, soft and pale, with nary a blemish upon its surface, somewhat contributes to this youthful image.

Her face only furthers this complex and somewhat uncomfortable image. Perched atop a short neck, her head itself seems rather small when compared to the curtains of raven hair that always enshroud it. A petite chin leads into rosy, curving - if yet slightly angular - cheeks. Her lips, soft and pink, are generally pursed into an expression of nervous discomfort, concealing the white teeth behind them that otherwise might make for a brilliant smile. Her nose is small, neither overly long nor large, and thus draws no attention away from the main feature of her face, her gentle eyes, the color of which is a violet shade somewhere between blue and purple. Her gaze is kind, yet timid, having a sort of nervous warmth to it that always seems to swiftly retreat when one meets her eyes. When she's happy, its easy to tell, just by looking at her bright and joyful eyes. When she's sad or scared, it's also obvious by the frantic, teary nature of her glancing gaze. And, when she's embarrassed, her eyes will avert themselves, always seeming to find some particularly interesting piece of ground to settle their focus upon.

Most commonly, however, her eyes are actually never even seen in public, along with the most part of her rest of her face, all of which usually remain covered by her long, dark bangs, although these are occasionally parted in one direction or another, allowing one of her eyes to peek through so she isn't blinding herself. Her runs in the front almost the full length of her face, only curving in one way or the other around the level of her nose, running over her cheeks and then hanging down in short tails over her shoulders, joining with a few of the tresses combed around her small ears to frame her face in a soft, silken curtain. Her hair in the back is, for the most part, straight, curling at times in this direction or that but, for the most part flowing directly down the back of her neck in a single cascade that flows clear down to a point just above the small of her back.

Generally, Ilia favors very modest, and sometimes outright concealing garments, having very little confidence in her own appearance. Her outfit varies depending on the weather, but generally, there are a few constants. If she ever wears a skirt, for example, you can be sure that there will be a pair of thigh-high stockings under it at the very least, and, oftentimes, a full, waist-length pair of tights. Another garment she's rarely seen without is her coat, a bulky brown garment fastened by straps in the front, with warm, fuzzy lining on the inside. Generally, she wears this with the bottom three clasps unfastened and a blouse of some sort underneath, but the top buckle firmly closed, keeping the collar fastened so when embarrassed she can lower her head, hiding the lower half of her face within the collar and the upper half behind her bangs. Furthering this purpose, she also generally wears a two-tailed, light blue windflower scarf of a soft, silky material - not very suitable for keeping warm, but perfect for keeping hidden. Because of this attire, few people ever really notice much of her appearance, as her bulky coat shrouds her figure, and her hair conceals most of her face. To actually see her features on a regular basis is thus generally a sign of either close friendship or even affection, coming from her.
Mortal/Supernatural: Mortal.
Personality: Cripplingly shy, suffering from a serious lack of self-esteem and very easily scared, Ilia generally avoids people, as she finds conversations very difficult to handle. Having very little experience interacting with others, she always finds it hard to know what she should say in a social situation. For example, if somebody thanks her for something, would it be more polite to say "you're welcome" or to dismiss the remark more modestly? Or, if somebody asks for her help but can't provide it, what's the most polite way of saying no? If she knows a secret that somebody else wants in on, should she keep her promise and refuse to tell them, or should she reveal it? Is it more polite to lie when telling the truth only hurts people's feelings? All of the answers to these questions are mysteries to her, and, having very little faith in her own opinion, she often finds it very hard to decide what course of action to take in a conversation. Furthermore, she's incredibly nervy, and has a tendency to apologize for almost everything, even for things that either she can't help, aren't her fault, or shouldn't even be apologized for in the first place. She's long since used to taking the blame, and will often justify even matters completely beyond her as being all her fault, usually even believing these lies she tells herself.

Ilia is very self-conscious, and gets embarrassed very easily. She feels like even tiny things, like brushing her hand against somebody else's, are grave social misconducts, and just somebody looking at her is enough to make her worry that she's some kind of freak in their eyes. Generally, if somebody looks at her several times or for several seconds, she'll apologize just for being there. And, if somebody touches her, she becomes intensely uncomfortable, even if she tries not to show it. Any sort of remotely intimate contact would probably send her into hysterics of shame, and even something like holding hands with a person she likes would be enough to seriously disturb her thoughts. Yet, despite these things, with the people she's closest to, under certain circumstances she can become very clingy. When she's scared of something, she'll hide behind or hug onto someone she trusts to protect her, and when she's sad, sometimes the best way to cheer her up is to just hold her, something she's surprisingly accepting of considering her usual reaction to such contact.

Despite her social awkwardness, she's a remarkably kind person. She's notoriously bad at saying no to someone asking for her help, and will almost invariably choose to assist others, even at cost to herself. Even if it's very hard for her to actually make friends, she still treats everyone around her as kindly as possible. And, to those willing to put up with her bothersome presence, she'll spare no amount of her astonishingly sweet personality. It's the small things that show how she feels, even when she's too embarrassed to come out and say it. She'll clean up people's messes for them, make them lunch, or perhaps give them small presents, gifts which are, more often than not, handmade by herself. Despite how aloof and distant she seems, always hiding from others, she can easily be seen for the kind, gentle person she is.

She's a scaredy-cat, plain and simple, but despite that, Ilia can actually be quite brave. More often than not, even when she's scared out of her wits, she'll still put everything on the line to help her companions. She's the sort of girl, who, when face-to-face with her worst nightmares, would scream in fear, then brace herself to fight them in spite of her own fears and weakness, even if she was all alone doing it. Moreover, even though she has a very low tolerance for pain, she's the kind of person who never gives up, always getting right back up onto her feet, wiping her tears away and trying again until she succeeds, no matter how many times she gets knocked down in the process.

When it comes to close relationships with other people, Ilia is, unsurprisingly, very timid. It's remarkably easy to befriend her, if one takes action to do it. Too scared to reach out to other people, more often than not those people who are close to her are those who instead reached out to her, winning her trust with acts of kindness that proved unmistakably that they're on her side, that they don't mind her for being who she is, and that they really, truly, care about her. Those kindness are returned eagerly by the lonely soul, who, hating her situation yet feeling powerless to change it on her own, relies on others to help pull her up and out of her shell. Once someone becomes close to her, they can expect to see who she really is behind the stuttering, blushing girl who always hides from everything and runs away from other people on the surface, all the while longing for company on the inside. But, when it comes to love, she is very hesitant. In her case, it isn't just a matter of "Is this person right for me?" Rather, the bigger issue in her mind is if she's right for the person she likes. She feels as awkward as she asks, and, due to her lack of self-confidence, she usually comes to the conclusion that even if she does love somebody else, it would just be a bother for them to have to deal with somebody like her. Because of this, unless her confidence is boosted, she'll always find it very hard to handle a romantic relationship.
History: More to be revealed with the plot. All that's known right now is that she's the child of a rich, successful family who, for whatever reasons, ran away from her life at home and accepted the offer of the King of the Immortals to take her away to live in a new place. Of course, she didn't know there'd be other people there, and, naturally, she never expected that there would be four of them, all males. And, she never even had an inkling that all of them possessed some form of magic, magic that would bind her future and change her destiny completely. She's a fish far, far out of water, and it's going to take her a great deal of time to adjust to her new environment, and to her place in things, once she finds out about her real nature as the Creator of Immortals.
Other: Enjoys cooking, drawing, creating origami, and singing as hobbies.


So begins...

Inanna "Ilia" Merinth's Story


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"Do you want to escape from here?" The young girl's tired eyes had shot up at this question, and she had jumped straight to her feet without even thinking, only to collide with the ceiling of her prison and be forced back down into a kneeling posture. She strained against the boundary before her, trying to see through it and gaze upon the one offering her this unimaginable freedom better, but the only thing she could see of the man was that he was wearing some kind of hooded coat that covered him completely. There was silence. He asked again, the kindness in his voice not faltering as he knelt, speaking in that same piercing yet somehow gentle manner. The girl's fears were washed away before the sound of his voice. "Do you want to escape from here?" He asked again. She nodded almost immediately. "Y-yes!" She gasped, her voice parched and hoarse. He smiled, his unseen eyes flashing beneath his hood.

"Then don't worry about anything. I'll rescue you from this place, see? You'll be free before you know it. Until then, just think happy thoughts." With this, her savior simply turned and began to walk away. The girl struggled against the boundary before her, trying to slip her fingers through the gaps in its surface and reach out after him, as though, somehow, she could grasp him. And yet, her world was as small as ever. She couldn't move beyond her prison. She was just a bird in a cage, who, no matter how much she flapped her wings, could never fly free. And yet, as she watched, she saw something that gave her hope, hope that never faded over all the years in which she was alone. For the man who had spoken to her opened the door, and then dissipated into golden light. It was impossible, she knew, but she had seen it with her own eyes. And, although her mind tried to tell her in later years that he'd just walked off into the setting sun, making it seem as though he had vanished in such a manner, she never forgot the magic that she had witnessed that day. Even when she lost hope that the man who had promised to save her would ever return, she never forgot...

Although it had been years in passing, and seemed almost like an eternity to her, now, looking back, the event which had begun all of this seemed like it had taken place just yesterday. The man she'd lost faith in hadn't lost faith in her, and, unbelievable as it had seemed, he had reappeared, even after all this time. Without question, her parents had simply handed her over, letting her go where she wished for the very first time, not specifying a curfew or a necessary level of success she'd have to achieve not to be punished, or imposing any restrictions on her whatsoever. She'd simply been allowed to go free, following the hooded figure of the man who had saved her. It was completely impossible to grasp, as though something out of a fairy tale had been suddenly made into reality. Who was this man? Why was he saving her? Why had it taken him so long to bring her the freedom she had so desired? She didn't know, but right now, she was just grateful to be saved. Even as the car he'd ushered her into stopped before a large house, she was still so full of wonder that she couldn't at all feel suspicious about all this. And it was then that her savior explained things to her.

"This house is going to be where you'll live for a while. You'll be supervised by one of my associates, but there aren't all that many unnesecary rules or anything. Just be careful, don't hurt yourself, and enjoy your life, okay?" The kind man said, grinning at her from beneath his hood. Ilia's eyes widened in surprise. That was it...? There were no rules, no restrictions, no punishments...? This truly was freedom! It was a miracle, her own personal fairy tale. She beamed joyously, almost incredulously.

"Oh, but there's just one more thing. There are a few other people that, like you, I've brought to this place. They'll be your housemates. Try to make friends. I'm counting on you to be the responsible one. Their sort are all generally rather hot-blooded, so they'll need someone kind and thoughtful to watch out for them. I'm confident that you can do it, Inanna."

Although the idea of other people living so close to her did make her a bit nervous, Ilia nodded seriously, not wanting to let her miraculous savior down. "I-I'll try my best," She replied, and the man ruffled her hair kindly.

"I know you will. Good luck, Inanna." With this, he closed the door between them, waving as the car slowly pulled out into the street. She watched him until he was long gone, waving all the while.


She didn't have all that much luggage. All of her things had apparently already been packed for her, and she'd been given a few new necessaries to support her as she adjusted into her new life. The small black duffel bag containing all these things rolled quietly along behind her as she slowly walked up to the door. Glancing about herself, she noted that most of the lights were off, but it seemed like somebody, at least, was here. Not wanting to just walk in and possibly startle them, she decided to take a more courteous approach. Mustering all of her courage, the shy girl slowly raised a hand, took the rather old-fashioned knocker of the door, and then clapped it against the portal three times. A loud, dull thump rang out inside, and at that point, all there was to do was wait. She just hoped that whoever these housemates were, they'd be kind and understanding people.

She never expected what was about to unfold.


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Logan lightly brushed the ear buds out of his ears, attentively listening to the thuds coming from outside of his room. His interest was piqued at the simple thing, and he determined it was someone outside of the house, knocking on the door, he visualized the rusted brass knocker that was on the door, remembering it was molded into the shape of a lion. Sliding out of his bed, he walked out of the room and over to the door, his interest in who was behind it was piqued, and he was even slightly enthused to find out who it was. If it was going to be one of his roommates he was sure that they would be interesting, Logan had never thought of knocking on the door before entering, it was partially his house after all, so for one of his roommates to be so courteous as to knock before entering was something he wasn't expecting.

He opened the door, ignoring the odd creaking noise it made, he couldn't be bothered when he had something to discover. When the door was fully opened all he could do was stare at the girl. She resembled something like a doll, small and petite, approximately five...possibly even more...inches smaller than him, though he was never good at calculating measurements without magic. Her bangs concealing her eyes, though he supposed he would be a bit hypocritical to note her concealed eyes as odd, seeing as his bangs covered one of his eyes as well...but then again he never did think that was normal-nor did he ever think he was normal for that matter. Her long lavender hair intrigued him, and he had to restrain himself from running his fingers through it, he just had to guess it's texture through sight unless he wanted to seem impulsive. After a minute or two of observing her silently he realized that they were standing in silence. "You must be one of the roommates," he said distantly, his mind wandering off to other concepts, "If so come on in, you should be able to tell which room is yours by what stuff is in it, at least that's how I found out which one was mine," he stated, making room for her to walk through the door.

He wasn't sure how interesting this girl would really be, he supposed he already knew enough about her; her conservative clothes and concealing hair suggested she was shy and insecure, her pale skin suggested she didn't have much of any interaction with other people-quite similar to himself-her knocking on the door led him to assume that she wasn't confident, and that she was somewhat of a pushover...not only that but she was responsible and followed the rules. He was still slightly intrigued though; he wanted to know how she got that way, among other less important things. Once she entered he closed the door behind her. He assumed she was summing him up as well at this very moment, his perplexing nature probably had some sort of negative effect on her. But that was just an educated guess, he unfortunately couldn't read minds, he wasn't as sure about that as he was about her personality. He folded his arms around his chest, pushing the soft fabric of his hoddie onto his skin, reminding him that he didn't put on a shirt under it, perhaps others were correct in calling him lazy, but he just didn't find it to be important at the time. He decided he'd put one on later, he was in the presence of a new roommate after all. Realizing he was lost in his mind again he went back to reality, watching the girl to gauge her reaction to everything that just happened. Little did he know that this girl was going to be one of the most interesting things he's ever seen.


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The rain pounded down on the car, black clouds heaving like ships on stormy seas. The cab was like a yellow splash of sunshine in the nighttime, a little glow of light in the darkness, a glowing flame sashaying down the long, long road.

And curled up in the backseat, like a little kitten, was Roscoe, golden curls spilling out over the upholstery, his thin chest slowly rising and falling in the facsimile of breathing-- a habit he had kept through all these years without any real need for the process. Roscoe White didn't use oxygen. Roscoe White wasn't technically alive.

Oh, he gave a good show of it-- enough so that the taxi cab driver (albeit suspiciously) accepted his hundred bucks and tossed his luggage in the back. Then again, the boy was bouncy and cheerful enough that his tireless energy, moving this way and that and asking questions upon questions upon questions, usually had one much too preoccupied to question his humanity. One might compare him to a squirrel. Too much energy for his own good.

In the meantime, the rocking back-and-forth movement of the taxi was enough to lull Roscoe to sleep, something that he never thought would happen. He was far too excited for such things! In the past week, his heart practically shattered his bones as it pounded inside his rib cage. For once in his unlife, he'd be able to hang out with some kids his age who were different, like him! Oh, Roscoe was great at making friends, and he was quite optimistic about the new life he was about to begin. Now he didn't have to pretend. Finally!

Eventually the road smoothed out, changing from gravel to pavement, and they emerged from the watery storm into bright sunlight, so quickly that it was almost like someone had flipped a switch, click! The sun had been turned on. The absence of the lulling rain brought Roscoe to stir, and, rubbing his eyes, he stretched and scootched to the window, peering out over the landscape.

The driver glanced back at him. "Oi, kid, put your seat belt back on."

Roscoe did. Even with the elastic, it was still loose on his lanky frame. He had big feet and hands, but his shoulders, neck, and torso were skinny, skinny things. But the mop of sandy curls atop his head spilled over a pale, round face with sparkling eyes and a shy, mischievous, dimpling smile. Altogether, he had a gangly figure. But... squishy.

He pulled his knees up onto the seat and pressed his face up to the window, and then his heart just about leaped into his throat when he saw the mansion approach on the horizon. He jolted so hard that he fell back and became entangled in his own seat belt. "That's it! That's where I'm headed!" he shouted, grinning from ear to ear. And before Roscoe could even say "nervous", the cab screeched to a halt before a looming, sparkling mansion.

Suddenly, all his energy seemed to have deserted him. And so it was almost shyly that Roscoe White opened the door and emerged, blinking, into the sun. He almost forgot his luggage, and, grinning bashfully, he sprang over to the boot of the car to haul his two suitcases out.

He took a deep breath, excitement and nerves fluttering in his stomach.

Well. No turning back now!

Roscoe grasped his luggage by the handles and spun around, dragging it toward the door. When he looked up, his heart skipped a beat to see that there were two people, a boy and a girl, standing in the open doorway. The guy looked like a dozen other kids he'd seen before, though there was something... something different that Roscoe couldn't put his finger on, as if the air around the kid... tingled. It was almost magical.

But the girl, now she was beautiful. Not in the traditional sense, but there was a charming appeal to the prim, mouselike figure that stood on the steps to the palace-like home.

Roscoe came to a halt before the steps, feeling suddenly out of place. "Uhm... hi?" he tried, scratching the back of his head. A shy, goofy half-smile split his face.

And just then, a gust of wind moved the clouds overhead, and sunlight, sparkling sunlight, fell over Roscoe White, whose skin turned shimmery and translucent in the beams.

He looked ghostly.


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Zyta tapped her fingers on the desk, her eyes staring down at the blank paper in front of her. She had a pencil in her hand, but she couldn't focus on the gloomy picture she had been trying to draw. She wasn't the best, but she wasn't bad by any means. At her old home, the paintings were filled with sunny, warm colors. The small room near her bedroom- she had to share with the King, no matter what she wanted to do. It was a small art room lit up with many colorful lights. It was supposed to make her 'cheerful'. It did such a good job. The yellow walls were covered in bleak paintings and dark colors. She pushed the paper away with a sigh, and stood up, her long white hair flowing behind her, a large pink-and-black flower holding it away from her eyes. Her dress was only to her knees and was a light pink at the top, but became darker the farther you got from the top. She found it perfectly summarized her life.

She walked into the barren bedroom and over to the small outcropping in front of the window, and pulled herself up onto it quickly, folding her legs up to her chest as she looked out the window. She could see a Victorian mansion near the house- a castle, really, that the Council lived in. It was the only thing big enough to rival the mansion she was currently in. She was immediately interested when she saw a car pull up through the storm outside. "Let's go great the new arrival to the grand home, shall we?" She said to herself. She could always go out, she was known as a nice person in town, and the 'disappearances' that seemed to come in her wake were ignored. She made them look like accident anyway. People ignored her status in the council, everyone knew the story. Her parents had made sure of that, cutting out the fact that they were the ones that had taken money to give her up. No, they were just more 'victims'. She smiled and pulled herself off the windowsill, and to her closet. She would need more durable clothing. She put on a trench-coat and pulled on some leggings, leaving her heels. She drug her umbrella out and started walking, her new outfit fitting her more comfortably then the dress. She always hated dresses.

The door creaked open, and she walked out into the dreary day. She ran forward until she got to the house, just as a man- who had come from a cab, apparently, as she had just seen one driving away, approached the door. She looked around, then approached him quickly. "Hello!" she smiled lightly. "Are you all moving in? I live right up-" she turned and pointed to the grand mansion- larger than everything else- "there. I'll most likely visit frequently, I always visit around town" she looked over to where the newest arrival was. He looked like a ghost. She was stunned. Besides the Council, she didn't know of any other supernaturals. "Uh.. yes! I-I oversee the town, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me, okay?" she smiled lightly and walked closer, looking over the group as she dropped the umbrella to her side. It was still raining, but it was sunny and the rain was stopping. "I'm just being neighborly. Also... be careful, okay? All of you. Just.... please" she smiled, but it faltered. She looked over the three again quickly. Her white hair was messing up in the wind, and she absentmindedly held her hand out, and the wind stopped just as quickly as it started. She straightened her hair out and smiled.


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"G-good morning!" Inanna spoke up shyly almost the moment the door opened, quickly curtsying in a rather old-fashioned manner, partly out of habit long since drilled into her being, partly out of a slight trepidation at meeting the gaze of the person standing on the other side of the entryway. Lifting the very hem of her skirt ever so slightly with her delicate hands - an effect which was slightly ruined by the occasional tremor of nervous anticipation that ran through them - she dropped her head just a little too quickly, and perhaps a bit too far. Putting all these factors together, the resultant bow looked just a little comical.

The one who answered the door began to speak, and the dark-haired girl couldn't help but look up in surprise. A... a boy? This was her housemate? It took a moment to sink in, but when it did, she quickly began to blush, something which was thankfully hidden behind her protective curtains of hair. way. She was going to live with a boy? But she'd barely ever interacted with anyone of her own age, let alone someone of her age and of the opposite gender! This was... She didn't know how she'd be able to talk to him or deal with him at all.

"O-oh..." She said at last, speaking up simply because she realized she'd been silent far too long to be considered socially normal. "A-alright, then." She wasn't really sure how to respond any further, so decided to just leave it at this, and began attempting to bring her duffel up the steps. She wasn't exactly very strong, so it took her several moments to haul the somewhat heavy bag through the door. By the time she finished this and turned back around, her attention grabbed by several sudden sounds, things had become much more... bizarre.

Suffice to say, when things were quickly complicated by the arrival of a white-haired lady who claimed to be their neighbor, a boy who suddenly turned transparent about the same time as he spoke, and a third, angry-seeming individual who stormed past her muttering something that sounded like a curse in a language she'd never heard, Inanna's jaw dropped, and only one word came out.



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Nuriel heard more people enter the house and the girl's high squeaky voice. With a groan, he closed his book and put it back on his nightstand. It was time to face the music. After buttoning up his shirt, Nuriel took a deep breath, relishing the quiet before making his way up the stairs. Opening the door that led to the hallway, Nuriel closed it silently before making his way to the lobby. However, instead of walking into the middle of the room and introducing himself, Nuriel stood quietly in a shadycorner and observed his housemates. The girl seemed shy and squirrely, a white-haired lady was standing by the front door, and some elfish-looking guy was standing in the doorway, an awkward grin on his face. There was also a boy with earbuds standing in the room, though he couldn't read much off of him.

Nuriel rolled his eyes and stayed quiet. He had never held a strong presence, and he was hoping no one would notice he had arrived. Introductions were always awkward for Nuriel, seeing as he generally disliked people. Especially loud, annoying, and obnoxious people. Though to be fair, Nuriel knew he had no right to judge any of these people. He had to give them a fair chance first, but somehow he had the feeling he wasn't going to be changing his opinion.


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"I suppose I should be heading back now. Good luck" Zyta said, looking at the people, then back up at the home. She sighed lightly. "Goodbye... you should come by sometime... it would be fun" she smiled and turned, walking down the street. When she figured they wouldn't see her, she smoothed back her hair, then touched her face lightly. The stark white of her hair turned to a deep raven, her eyes to a light green. "Off to do some bad deeds!" she sang to herself, but her face was set in a deep frown. She pulled a list from her coat. On it was a list of people, businesses, anything and anyone who had wronged the Card Dealer. She pressed her hands on the coat again, and it changed color to a dull green- she was happy, as everyone in town still figured she always was. She looked down on the list again, her eyes darting over the names, then landing on one in particular. Her fathers name. She smiled for the first time in a long time. She was to kill only half of the list in her hand- most of it were just warnings for a more... long-term punishment then death. She never dealt with those.

Her heels clacked against the cobblestone pathway up to an old-looking, family owned hotel. She didn't know these people, and for that she was glad- she was sent to warn them of things to come- or who to come. She made sure she had the right address, then looked a the name "Anna Kathrine Banks. Daughter of hotel owner/worker" She read aloud, looking up at the building. Oh, what did you do, Anna? she thought. In her mind, she was picturing a small little girl of ten or twelve- it had happened before. She slid open the door and a bell chimed. A girl who looked around fifteen came up to Zyta.

"Hello! I'm Anna. Do you need a room for the night? You look chilled to the bone, Miss..." the girl said, and Zyta's eyes immediately became sad. She looked so... utterly... happy.

"Yes.... It's..... er.... Jade. It's Miss Jade, dear. Sara Jade" she said quickly. The girl smiled and went back to the desk, grabbing some keys and beginning to walk to a flight of stairs. Zyta followed her, all the way to a room on what looked to be the top floor of the hotel- it was only three floors in total, after all. Anna unlocked the door and stepped in, and she followed her, flipping on a light.

"Well, here you are, Miss Jade" Anna smiled and Zyta nodded looking about the room. Her eyes landed on a plant, and she looked back at Anna. "Yes, thank you. I'm sorry" She said, and lifted her hand, the plant seeming to grow and wrap around Anna's mouth and hands, then her feet. She tried to scream, but she couldn't move. She looked suddenly terrified.

"I am.. sorry, Anna. You don't understand. But you are warned, Anna. Worse things than I will soon come for you. A tip? Don't struggle. The vines get tighter if you do. I have to go now" Zyta said, stepping forward. She patted Anna on the head of her blonde hair, then went to the window and opened it. She jumped out, the air bellow her pushing up with strong enough winds to slow her fall until she hit the ground on her feet. She ran sighed and ran a hand through her hair, and her hair and eyes became stark white and pink again. The rest of the people could wait. She wouldn't do that again today.