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"There is no hope for this world or any other."

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a character in “Suitors Lament”, as played by AriaSama123


Name:] Nuriel
Age: 19

Appearance: Nuriel has pure white hair that is practically blinding in the sunlight. At least one of his eyes is always covered by his hair, and he is hardly ever smiling. He is incredibly tall and has a strong build, although it is not overly muscular. His strong jawline and pouty lips often make him seem intimidating and in a foul mood, which typically the case. Nuriel can only ever be seen wearing white. He refuses to wear any other color in such a miserable world. Nor does Nuriel care much about appearances. Whatever is most comfortable is fine with him; pleasing others is not and never will be on his list of priorities.
Mortal/Supernatural: Angel

Personality: In general, Nuriel is reserved, aggressive, and often misunderstood. An extreme introvert, Nuriel prefers to be by himself most of the time and will never been seen in a big group of people. Nuriel hates the world he is doomed to watch over. He could care less about being an immortal or making some girl fall in love with him. He's already been through it once, and thinking about it happening again makes him sick. Hiding his emotions is hard for Nuriel to do, especially when angry. Although he may come off as hard and intimidating, Nuriel just wants to protect himself from getting hurt. Getting close to others is something he is afraid of, so he locks his emotions inside and desperately tries to keep them hidden. However, if someone did happen to gain his trust, Nuriel would protect them with his life. His sole purpose is to protect others, being an angel and all. If he happened to find the right person, an unbreakable connection would be formed. It would never break, ever.

+Cold weather

X Big groups of people
X People who seem too eager or energetic
X Anything messy (he gets pretty particular when it comes to cleanliness)
X Meat

History: Nuriel fell in love with a young girl named Sarina before the world started to fall apart. However, before the connection could form between Nuriel and Sarina, she died of a sudden illness. Ever since then, Nuriel closed himself off to the world, disregarding all duties he had as an angel. He watched in bitterness and despair as everything began to fall apart. Because of this, Nuriel vowed to protect himself above all else. Not a day has gone without the thought of Sarina in the back of his mind. Now, forced to stay in this mansion with three other guys, Nuriel has decided to stay as far away the girl as possible until someone is declared to be an immortal.
One day I will return to you...

So begins...

Nuriel's Story


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The ocean. There was always the ocean; vast, clear, and a deep sapphire blue. The water was completely still, so still it seemed as if time had stopped. All was silent; it was as if there weren't a soul left in the world. Nuriel stood in his small wooden boat, looking out over the ocean into a vast oblivion. The sky was painted with deep reds, soft yellows, and bright oranges as the sunset sat frozen in the pale blue sky. It was not hot or cold. There was no happiness or pain. It just was. Nuriel took in a deep breath and looked around, but no matter where he turned there was only the ocean. No birds, no clouds, no fish. It was only him in his boat in the middle of this ocean. Suddenly something caught his eye. Nuriel looked to see a thin, almost invisible strand of something floating through the air, just above the water. Soon another one followed, but from a different direction. Nuriel watched, calm, as strands began appearing one by one in the air, reaching out in different directions. Somehow Nuriel knew that each came from a different person, that it was that person's energy reaching out to connect with another's. The sky was filled with millions. Then they disappeared. In a flash, there was nothing left. It was as if nothing had happened. The boat. The ocean. Everything had gone back to the way it had been before. But Nuriel felt something, and he looked down at his chest to find his own strand of energy reaching out to connect with-
She was there. Across the ocean, standing on top of the water. Her light brown hair, soft green eyes, and that smile. Right there in front of him. At that moment, Nuriel wanted to jump out of the boat and swim to her, but somehow he knew that if he did, the connection would break. So he forced himself to stay there and wait, all the while keeping his eyes locked on hers. And then, just as the strands were about to connect-

Nuriel sat up in bed with a gasp, breathing heavily. The sheets were soaked in sweat, and Nuriel felt as if he'd been hit by a train. He sat on the edge of the bed with his head between his knees for a moment to catch his breath and to keep from passing out. His heart ached, but he knew that soon the ache would pass and the familiar numbness would take over again. After another minute, Nuriel stood up slowly and pulled on a white collared shirt over his white pants but didn't bother to button it. Instead he went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water. Upstairs he could hear voices, a boys and a girls. What a pain. He was not in the mood to meet new people. Though that was usually the case, the dream had Nuriel feeling slightly sick to his stomach. He sat down on his bed and grabbed a book off the nightstand. He figured it wouldn't hurt to wait a little while before introducing himself. Hopefully by then he would be feeling better too. Nuriel had come a day early to get a feel for the house and some peace and quiet, but now it felt as if that would be the last peaceful day he would see in a long time.


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Nuriel heard more people enter the house and the girl's high squeaky voice. With a groan, he closed his book and put it back on his nightstand. It was time to face the music. After buttoning up his shirt, Nuriel took a deep breath, relishing the quiet before making his way up the stairs. Opening the door that led to the hallway, Nuriel closed it silently before making his way to the lobby. However, instead of walking into the middle of the room and introducing himself, Nuriel stood quietly in a shadycorner and observed his housemates. The girl seemed shy and squirrely, a white-haired lady was standing by the front door, and some elfish-looking guy was standing in the doorway, an awkward grin on his face. There was also a boy with earbuds standing in the room, though he couldn't read much off of him.

Nuriel rolled his eyes and stayed quiet. He had never held a strong presence, and he was hoping no one would notice he had arrived. Introductions were always awkward for Nuriel, seeing as he generally disliked people. Especially loud, annoying, and obnoxious people. Though to be fair, Nuriel knew he had no right to judge any of these people. He had to give them a fair chance first, but somehow he had the feeling he wasn't going to be changing his opinion.


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"I suppose I should be heading back now. Good luck" Zyta said, looking at the people, then back up at the home. She sighed lightly. "Goodbye... you should come by sometime... it would be fun" she smiled and turned, walking down the street. When she figured they wouldn't see her, she smoothed back her hair, then touched her face lightly. The stark white of her hair turned to a deep raven, her eyes to a light green. "Off to do some bad deeds!" she sang to herself, but her face was set in a deep frown. She pulled a list from her coat. On it was a list of people, businesses, anything and anyone who had wronged the Card Dealer. She pressed her hands on the coat again, and it changed color to a dull green- she was happy, as everyone in town still figured she always was. She looked down on the list again, her eyes darting over the names, then landing on one in particular. Her fathers name. She smiled for the first time in a long time. She was to kill only half of the list in her hand- most of it were just warnings for a more... long-term punishment then death. She never dealt with those.

Her heels clacked against the cobblestone pathway up to an old-looking, family owned hotel. She didn't know these people, and for that she was glad- she was sent to warn them of things to come- or who to come. She made sure she had the right address, then looked a the name "Anna Kathrine Banks. Daughter of hotel owner/worker" She read aloud, looking up at the building. Oh, what did you do, Anna? she thought. In her mind, she was picturing a small little girl of ten or twelve- it had happened before. She slid open the door and a bell chimed. A girl who looked around fifteen came up to Zyta.

"Hello! I'm Anna. Do you need a room for the night? You look chilled to the bone, Miss..." the girl said, and Zyta's eyes immediately became sad. She looked so... utterly... happy.

"Yes.... It's..... er.... Jade. It's Miss Jade, dear. Sara Jade" she said quickly. The girl smiled and went back to the desk, grabbing some keys and beginning to walk to a flight of stairs. Zyta followed her, all the way to a room on what looked to be the top floor of the hotel- it was only three floors in total, after all. Anna unlocked the door and stepped in, and she followed her, flipping on a light.

"Well, here you are, Miss Jade" Anna smiled and Zyta nodded looking about the room. Her eyes landed on a plant, and she looked back at Anna. "Yes, thank you. I'm sorry" She said, and lifted her hand, the plant seeming to grow and wrap around Anna's mouth and hands, then her feet. She tried to scream, but she couldn't move. She looked suddenly terrified.

"I am.. sorry, Anna. You don't understand. But you are warned, Anna. Worse things than I will soon come for you. A tip? Don't struggle. The vines get tighter if you do. I have to go now" Zyta said, stepping forward. She patted Anna on the head of her blonde hair, then went to the window and opened it. She jumped out, the air bellow her pushing up with strong enough winds to slow her fall until she hit the ground on her feet. She ran sighed and ran a hand through her hair, and her hair and eyes became stark white and pink again. The rest of the people could wait. She wouldn't do that again today.