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Savino Morgan

"None of you are worth my time."

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a character in “Suitors Lament”, as played by phooka


Savino Morgan

Savino prefers to be called by his name and only his name, however, people often tend to shorten it when talking to him and he usually doesn't correct them. Despite this, you shouldn't expect him to respond to just any name, if he thinks it strays too far from his actual name or sounds stupid, he'll ignore you, even if he knows you're talking to him. Most commonly he's called Sav or Morgan, there are few other nicknames that he'll actually respond to unless he likes you.
Even though Savino doesn't like being called alternate names, he likes to give others pet names and one of the ways you can tell he likes you (as a friend or otherwise) is if her calls you by a name other than your own.
When it comes to romantic nicknames, if he was to have a romantic interest, he (secretly) finds it cute when the one he loves calls him by other names, but her and only her. He does pretend he hates it, but it's all in his tough guy mask.



Supernatural Male

Standing at the height of 5 foot 11 inches, Savino isn't exceptionally tall, but he's not short either, a point that he's quick to point out when someone brings up the topic of height. He's slightly muscular, a physical trait related to his species and not because he works out, he's actually quite lazy. His green hair is messy and hangs in his face. Almost as strange as his hair color are his eyes which are gold-green with slit-like pupils. His skin is light and he blushes easily whether angry, sad, etc.

Savino's wardrobe is usually in dark shades of green, brown, and black and usually resembles military wear. Most commonly you'll find him wearing a black T-shirt with a camouflage jacket (usually open) and either cargo pants, khakis, or jeans. His favorite pair of boots are irreplaceable and just about the only shoes he'll wear.


Savino would be categorized as a demon, more specifically a shadow demon. This means multiple things, the first of which and most obvious is that he can bend shadows, hide in shadows, alter shadows, just about anything that has to do with shadows is something that he has some form of control over.
It also means that he's a demon of darkness, so he's strongest when it's dark or at night. He also doesn't eat normal food, but feeds on dreams. Dreamless nights are caused by his kind, they usually just have to sit in your window and practically suck the dreams out of you psychically. One of his biggest weaknesses that have to do with this is dream catchers, they act as a barrier between him and his food. He can't eat normal human food because he doesn't have a human digestive system, and a regular human meal is lethal to him.
While Savino is proud of his species, he does keep the fact that he feeds on dreams secret so he doesn't freak people out and will usually sneak around the house and wait until everyone's asleep before he does it because he doesn't want people to see it. When feeding, his eyes glow red and he goes into a trance like state and can't move or sense anything around him until he is finished, leaving him very vulnerable.


Savino's initial impression is proud, selfish, and angry, which isn't all wrong, but he is more complicated than that as well. This green haired demon is foul tempered and easily angered, though it's due to the fact that he's very impatient. He's closed minded, believing that anyone who isn't as smart, strong, or fast as him isn't worth anything and is definitely not worth his time. He's very arrogant with a bit of a god complex, believing that everything and everyone is below him, but despite this he really is lonely.
In fact, despite his hard outward appearance, Savino does really just want a friend. He tends to tag along with others in a group and pretend to hate them, though he usually does come to care about the people that he considers his 'friends'. He's usually quiet and observant when in these groups, but you can tell when your growing on him because he'll start trying to pick fights and tease you, it's his way of showing he cares. He becomes very protective over these people, and behind his hard shell is a caring person who just wants friends, he just has a funny way of showing it.

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So begins...

Savino Morgan's Story


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#, as written by phooka
Savino Morgan

Savino clicked open his pocketknife, running his long fingers along the sleek, cold steel blade lovingly before snapping it shut again and repeating the process, over and over. The taxi ride to the mansion consisted only of the sound. No small talk passed between the driver and passenger. In fact, if Savino had bothered removing his glare from the window, he would see the taxi driver's beady eyes darting between the road and the knife in the green hair boy's hands, seemingly unsure if Savino was about to strike him or not.

The driver gulped and cleared his throat and Savino's eyes shot up, sizing up the nervous face of the driver in the mirror. The driver realized he had caught his attention and his eyes quickly shot back to the road, swallowing loudly once again before finally speaking up, "w-would you mind putting th-that away?" He stuttered, obviously afraid for his life, not sure of his passenger's mental state.

A wave of anger hit Savino but he quickly suppressed it and instead released a harsh, mocking laugh. "Eh? What, this?" He opened the knife up again and waved it around dangerously close to the taxi man's head. He watched the man's shoulders arch and his whole body tensed. It seemed he had finally made up his mind about his strange passenger. Savino snickered once more before pocketing the knife and raising his hands submissively.

It seemed, however, that the driver's mind was made as he pulled over to the side of the road and unlocked the doors. "Please get out before I call the police." He said, trying to sound stern, but failing miserably. Savino's eyes widened with shock and he stepped out of the cab before he even realized what he was doing.

He heard the click of the doors locking and the engine revved. It seemed the taxi driver wasn't even planning on opening the trunk for him to get out his bags. "Hey, dammit!" Savino screeched, suddenly seething with anger. "I didn't fly here from Italy for you to fucking leave me in the middle of nowhere, I've got places to be!" He swung the knife back out of his pocket as the cab began driving off. He chased after it, jabbing the blade into the trunk of the car multiple times before tripping and sliding onto the ground, gagging on the dust and fumes the taxi left behind as it sped off with his luggage.

Savino lay there on the road for a while, stunned, before an odd feeling chased him back to reality. There was a strange, hazy feeling originating in his lower abdomen and he sighed, all too familiar with what the feeling meant. He sat up and tugged the knife out of his stomach. It came out easily and Savino didn't give it a second thought before wiping the black liquid that stained the blade off onto his shirt. He tugged up his black tee to survey the damage. It wasn't much, a thin slit oozed with the watery, black blood-like substance and a thin mist sprayed out of the opening in his body. He quickly pulled down his shirt, it wasn't the type of thing that could be easily explained if someone were to see him.

He slid the knife back into his pocket and stood up, dusting himself off. He'd have to walk for a bit until he found a nice shaded area before he could shadow travel to his destination. It would probably be quicker than the cab, but he'd rather not have to walk at all.

When the shadow demon found a tree providing a sufficient amount of shade, he wandered under it and found the coldest, darkest part of the shadow. Focusing hard on the shadows that made up his body and the shadows around his destination, his body evaporated into a black mist and he disappeared.

It took only seconds to reach his destination, a dark spot of shade beneath a tree next to the mansion. His mist sucked back together in a swirling, dark mass until that mass finally arranged itself in the form of a human. He took a moment to admire his new home, a palace fit for a king, before stepping out of the shadows and revealing himself. It seemed that a small group of people had gathered in front of the door, creating a nuisance for the anti-social demon.

He squared up his shoulders and stepped forward, pushing his way through the group, his eyes looking beyond all of them, they weren't worthy of his gaze. He was a shadow demon, the most proud and powerful race of demon, at least in their own eyes. The fact that their bodies were made up of shadows and dreams made them impervious to most mortal weapons and diseases, and their more potent weakness, human food, was easy to stay away from. Italy, Savino's home country, was full of shadow demons and was home to some of the oldest shadow families in the world, in fact, Savino's mother's family was the oldest one in all of Italy, a fact that made Savino puff up with pride whenever he got the chance to brag about it.

"Vai al'inferno." He hissed to the people as he walked away from them and toward the stairs so he could find himself a room.

The first room he found seemed to be the one that was meant to be his. The walls were painted a pale green and the ceiling was gray, it had the same color scheme as his room back home. There was no bed, he didn't need one since he didn't need to sleep, but instead was a sleek, modern black couch with plush, green pillows and small nightstands on either side of it. There were two tall, empty dressers against one wall, and a black coffee table sat in front of the couch. The lighting was very low, casting shadows all over the room, and there were no windows. He grinned smugly and pulled his knife out of his pocket, setting it gingerly on the coffee table. He didn't want to fall on it again, while it didn't hurt him mortally, he lost enough mist from his body for one day, and he was feeling quite tired because of it.

In fact, despite the fact Savino didn't need to sleep, he was quite content with laying back on the couch and resting his eyes, even if it were just for a little bit...


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"G-good morning!" Inanna spoke up shyly almost the moment the door opened, quickly curtsying in a rather old-fashioned manner, partly out of habit long since drilled into her being, partly out of a slight trepidation at meeting the gaze of the person standing on the other side of the entryway. Lifting the very hem of her skirt ever so slightly with her delicate hands - an effect which was slightly ruined by the occasional tremor of nervous anticipation that ran through them - she dropped her head just a little too quickly, and perhaps a bit too far. Putting all these factors together, the resultant bow looked just a little comical.

The one who answered the door began to speak, and the dark-haired girl couldn't help but look up in surprise. A... a boy? This was her housemate? It took a moment to sink in, but when it did, she quickly began to blush, something which was thankfully hidden behind her protective curtains of hair. way. She was going to live with a boy? But she'd barely ever interacted with anyone of her own age, let alone someone of her age and of the opposite gender! This was... She didn't know how she'd be able to talk to him or deal with him at all.

"O-oh..." She said at last, speaking up simply because she realized she'd been silent far too long to be considered socially normal. "A-alright, then." She wasn't really sure how to respond any further, so decided to just leave it at this, and began attempting to bring her duffel up the steps. She wasn't exactly very strong, so it took her several moments to haul the somewhat heavy bag through the door. By the time she finished this and turned back around, her attention grabbed by several sudden sounds, things had become much more... bizarre.

Suffice to say, when things were quickly complicated by the arrival of a white-haired lady who claimed to be their neighbor, a boy who suddenly turned transparent about the same time as he spoke, and a third, angry-seeming individual who stormed past her muttering something that sounded like a curse in a language she'd never heard, Inanna's jaw dropped, and only one word came out.