Drake Harbor

A famous young comedian.

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a character in “Summer 2017”, as played by LAMBSAUCE


Drake Harbor is a young 19 year-old comedian who has been practicing jokes since he was 7. His parents were pretty normal, except that they were the most boring people he had met, and had literally no sense of humor. He first went on stage at the age of 11 at a talent show. Nobody but him can remember the results of the show. When he was 16, he decided to get a job and started setting up the stage for comedy shows. He didn't get a very good income, and he was on the line of quitting when his manager asked if he wanted to be on stage himself. He gladly accepted the offer and made the crowd go wild with jokes that had been lying dormant for years. He still has the job today.
Drake is very tall for his age, and has a very white skin tone. He has thick glasses, and usually wears T-shirts with jeans. He isn't muscular at all, but he has strong legs to make up for it.
Throughout Harbor's comedy career, he has met quite a few illusionists. They riddled him and deceived him with some mind tricks from time to time. He eventually learned their secrets, and now whenever he's in trouble, he'll look around for something to use for a trick.
Overall, Drake is easy to get along with, and has a very wild imagination. Sometimes, he just gets a piece of paper, gets his colored Sharpies, and draws himself and others. He doesn't care how good or bad the drawing is. He's a really funny guy (you don't say,) but he is pretty picky. He can look for a flaw big enough to rant about, and rant about it. But if you can really find a good person inside of him, you might as well let it out.

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