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Jason Kennedy

"The only difference between us is that I didn't sell out who I am."

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a character in “Summer of Change”, as played by Taunbon



“When I die, if the only thing they say at my funeral was that I was a good man then I have lived a good life.”

"The Responsible One"

Jason C. Kennedy



Vehicles, preferably trucks
'Chick Flicks'
His Family
Dancing which he is terrible at
Strategy Games
Card Games
Chilly Mornings/Evenings
Sharp Wit
Vague References
Duck Dynasty

Reality TV Shows
Drugs, he rarely takes over the counter medicine.
Jack White
Casual Sex
Warm Nights
Cut Grass
Most Pasta
Excessive Car Rims


"If you don't like what people say about you then become someone who nobody would believe capable of such things."



As the first born, Jason was raised in a world of expectations which he strove to meet, both of his parents were usually gone, and he constantly sought their approval in everything he did until it became second nature to him, and there was very few things Jason couldn't exceed in, perhaps he would have turned out differently, that need for attention twisting into something terrible, but he didn't because of one thing. His sisters. With their parents constantly gone, it was left to Jason to watch over them, and in truth, he was more akin to their father most of the time then their older brother. It forced him to grow up and mature at an incredibly young age where once he wanted to be everything he could be to please his father; he now wanted to do in order to make his sisters proud and be a role model to them, to be their hero. A childish dream, but one that formed the core of who Jason would become.

Being 'perfect' is not easy and Jason would never call himself perfect. He, just like everyone else, faces temptations and desires, but unlike others, Jason resist and tries to pursue the 'higher' goals in life. He refuses to engage in one-night stands and meaningless sex, he drinks only in moderation, he doesn't do drugs, in fact, he rarely takes over the counter medicine as he tries to be self-reliant and strong enough to carry the burdens of everyone else as a man should do. In fact, that one phrase has ran most of his life, as a man should do. Jason wants to be a good man, he wants to be the kind of man that his children and grandchildren can depend on and look up to.

Still, it is far from rosy, Jason is incredibly hard on others and himself. He constantly tries to push others to be better, to be faster, to be smarter. He believes that if he can do it, they can, and he is only helping them by trying to help them improve their lives even if they don't need or want his help. If he fails in something, or believes he has messed up, Jason tends to crumble in on himself. It is always his fault for not being strong enough or smart enough. He will beat himself up for hours over the smallest errors, he once put the lug nuts on his tire on backwards and spent the entire day chiding himself for being so dimwitted that he couldn't do such a simple thing where others would have laughed it off. The issue with his sisters has been killing him as he firmly believes it is all his fault, he believes that it is because he went to college where he stays away for months at a time that this has been happening, because he isn't there for them as much as he used to be, and the timeline roughly fits. He doesn't just blame his sisters, usually Ella and Lyla, when they do something wrong; he blames himself as well for not being a better brother.

Jason can be fairly oblivious at times. He never noticed how his parents treated Lyla or how she lived in his shadow which makes her actions extremely frustrating and puzzling to Jason. Besides this, Jason has begun to desire independence, he doesn't want to follow his father in his footsteps as while he knows it will lead to a good life, it isn't the life he wants. Jason wants to cook. He knows it is a stupid dream as he could easily become a great lawyer and then a politician and create a new, stronger family legacy, but his passion lies in cooking. He held off on this for years as his duty demanded that he try to do it, try to follow in his fathers footsteps, but with all the weight his sisters have been, inadvertly, putting on his shoulders, it has become harder and harder to take a new step on the path he doesn't want to follow until he finally decided that he can't do it anymore. He can't be his father, Jason wants to be a better man then his father.

"At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with yourself."


-The Smart One-

Alexandra, his other half. She has been his best friend as long as he could remember and, in some ways, she is closer to him then anyone else in the world. Sure, they playfully flirt once in awhile, but it is just a form of their playful banter. Alexandra is the only person he can truly talk to, truly show how vulnerable he is at times, and he trust her completely. No matter the cost, he will always try to be there for her, but he still blames her for making him addicted to 'chick flicks'. He has no idea on why they are so captivating, the story lines are always predictable and the male lead is always annoying, but he can't help but get giddy and wait for the fated kiss he could normally see a mile away.

-The Jerk-

Jack is a pathetic waste of space. Jason doesn't know how it happened. They were good friends, but in high school, suddenly everything changed. Jack hated Jason for not changing, and Jason hated Jack for changing. Jack sold out who he was for pleasure and cheap thrills. His friend died a long time ago. Jack is just an immature little brat who needs to grow up and keep his dick in his pants long enough to use what little brain cells he has left. Jack is a pathetic boy still pretending to be in high school even after all these years. Jack is worth nothing but his contempt. How he and Alexandra share the same genes, he will never know.

-The Screw Up-

Jason loves Lyla. He really does, but she makes him so frustrated. He wants her to be happy, but he wants her to be a good person. He doesn't like what she has been doing, he hates the influence she has on Ella and believes she should at least pretend to be a good role model for Ella. Lyla has so much potential, she is incredibly smart, but all Jason sees is her squandering it in the search for an identity and to spite their parents. She is throwing away all her potential over childish tantrums and the desire to feel special. Jason never thought there was anything wrong with the old Lyla, he never thought she wasn't good enough, he never once thought she was anything but Lyla. Now... he doesn't even recognize her half the time. Every time he starts to hope she is going to become something more, he is left disappointed. He wants to save her, to bring back the little sister he remembers, but he knows he can't, and it kills him. He can't... he won't support Lyla in her new decisions. He doesn't want to keep watching as a part of his little sister that would ask him to stay with her when she had nightmares dies little by little right before his eyes.

-The Wild One-

Jason has never had that much contact with him but he doesn't like how he idolizes his older brother, Jack. He could be so much more then his older brother, so much more. Who in the world would look up to a guy like Jack? [Wild One] just needs to find who he wants to be at the end of the day. He is still young and so, hopefully, he will turn out alright.

-The Quiet One-

He is ashamed to admit it, but out of all his sisters, Sarah is the only one he doesn't have to worry about. He is constantly pulling his hair out over what the others have been doing and nearly yelling at his parents to do something about it as he tends to be busy at Harvard. Just like any of his other sisters, Jason would do anything for Sarah, but he sometimes feels like he doesn't give her the attention she deserves because he feels the other two need it constantly while Sarah is doing great. He does what he can and tries to be there for her as much as possible, but not even he can do everything.

-The Outcast-

Alexander is dating his sister Sarah, and it took a lot of convincing from their mom to not go over there and start hitting him for touching his sister. In his mind, all his sisters are still virgins even if, obviously, this is not the case (Lyla). But, Alexander helped Sarah when he couldn't when she was depressed and the light he loved about her had seemed to die out, and he makes her happy. He is a little jealous that she seems to care and love for Alexander more then him, but it is only natural, but if he ever hurt her, he would break his legs and snap each of his fingers.

-The Little One-

Stella makes him feel so old. He can still remember when she was begging him to carry her on his shoulders, playing hide and seek with her, sitting through hours of a terrible kid movie over and over again... While she is still energetic and demands a lot of his attention, which he is happy to normally give, he can feel her drifting away, and it hurts. Jason constantly worries about her and hates the amount of influence Lyla has over her which is not going to end well no matter how he slices it. She is so impressionable, and Jason just wants her to act like Ella, his energetic little sister, not this girl who wants to be accepted by other people for someone she isn't, but no matter how old she gets, Ella will always be his little sister.

So begins...

Jason Kennedy's Story


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#, as written by Taunbon
Come on Jason! His legs pumped underneath him, trying to close the distance between him and the other boy as they streaked down the hallways at breakneck speed. Sure, his parents would be yelling at them both soon, but that was okay, because they wouldn't break anything anyways. His chest heaved and the sweat rolled down his back, but he lowered his head and put everything he had into his legs and managed to close the distanced, reaching out, his hand smashed into the boys back, Tag! You're it Jack!

Jason's eyes snapped open, and he sat bolt right in bed. He couldn't remember the last time he had dreamed of back then, and he wasn't sure he liked it. Every time it happened, he was just left with a hole and that was soon filled with anger at the boy who had grown up into a boy. Jason let out a slow breath and brought his hand to rub at his face, trying to get some feeling to get going and help him wake up. Glancing over his shoulder, his eyes widened at the clock. It was nearly ten! He couldn't remember the last time he had slept in so late.

Swinging his legs over the side of his large bed, he hoped off and enjoyed the feel of his socks against the cool wood floor. Moving to his dresser, he pulled out plain blue carptenter jeans and slid them on. He would take a shower later, but for now, he felt the faint smell of something good, pancakes? Eggs? Who in the world was cooking? Honestly, he had planned on doing that this morning, but the only people that would be cooking, that he could really think of, was Alexandra or maybe Sarah. None of the others really struck him as the wake up in the morning and make anything else besides poptarts and cereal type.

His plain gray shirt he liked to sleep in would work until later, for now, he had to sate his curiosity on just who was cooking. Jason had to stop himself from running down the stairs settling for more of a 'trot' and swunging around the corner into the kitchen just to see the one he thought would be there, Sarah, and from the looks of it, she was trying to cook enough for everyone. He felt a swell of pride in his heart at the sight, "Morning Sarah," he said stepping into the kitchen.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Jack sitting at the table with a poptart. Good. It was childish, but he was glad Sarah wasn't making anything for him. He did not deserve to have anything his sister cooked, even that was too good for him.

Pausing at the refrigerator, he looked over the note his parents left. Wonderful. Oh no, please, don't mind your daughter who could probably use some parental guidance after drinking and driving, no by all means, please go onto your trip. You 'earned' it.

He still could not believe his parents had decided to go on the trip despite what Lyla had pulled. Their kids should have been more important then some trip. Jason settled for a disgruntled sigh, before casting his eyes back at his sister trying to work two skillets at the same time, "Want some help? I can take over the eggs for you if you want?" He offered leaving her the bacon and pancakes as he wanted to help her, not take over for her.


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Sarah glared at Jack, and she said in a stern tone, "Excuse me, but if I'm correct, you're the one who bangs each girl he sees, so if anyone has 'weird ass STD's', it's you. And by the way, you have no right to talk about your own brother that way."

She was surprised that she had said something like that, and her tone surprised her as well, so she was sure that Jack was taken aback too.

Soon, Jason came downstairs, and offered to finish the eggs.

"Thank you," Sarah said to Jason, letting him finish cooking the eggs, smiling slightly, but it didn't quite reach her eyes, due to Jack making his rude remark.

She wasn't even offended by what Jack had said about her having an STD, but she was offended that he had made a rude remark about Alexander.

When anyone said something rude about Alexander or her siblings, she wasn't quite happy.

But, she restrained herself from saying anything to others when they made rude comments because she knew everyone was entitled to his/her own opinions, and she had a nagging voice in the back of her head, telling her that nobody cared what she had to say, but that was mainly due to her social anxiety, and her depression.


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#, as written by Writer
Unlike most of the others, Ella was upset that her parents weren't going to be spending the summer with her. While a part of her relished the idea of being "home alone" since she thought that was something most teenagers dreamed about, she also enjoyed spending time with her parents. They both worked a lot and were rarely home together, so the summer was a time when their whole family could be whole again. Besides that, Jason had spent the last few years away at school and Lyla was going to be leaving in just a couple of months. It was like her whole family was beginning to dissolve and Ella wished that they could have had these few months to make everything seem normal for a little while.

Even though she knew that it was something that a small child would have done, Ella had spent the previous night crying to her mom in hopes that she would cancel the trip and stay. Her overly mature side was matched with an equally overly childish one and it wasn't strange for Ella to get very emotional, especially when she was tired. She didn't do it in a bratty way, like a child would do when they wanted the newest toy at a toy shop, but more so as a way to capture her parents' attention when she felt like they were forgetting about her.

Kathryn insisted that everything would be fine, that two nice girls would be coming to stay with her and that Jason, Lyla, Sarah and The White kids would be there if she needed anything. It didn't do much to change her mind but the crying eventually wore Ella out and by the time she woke up at around eight the next morning, her parents were gone. Although she was still upset, she was in a clearer frame of mind now and was focusing on being able to spend time on the beach, in the pool, shopping, with her friends, and with Lyla. There had been a lot of tension in the family in the past week, after what her mother had explained to her as being a small incident where Lyla was too tired to drive, so the police officers had to help her get home. Ella knew that her sister partied a lot and was actually following in her footsteps, but she easily believed her mother's story that her sister hadn't done anything wrong.

Since most of her siblings were still asleep, Ella got dressed and headed downstairs to the family room where she watched TV for an hour or so, until she heard people coming downstairs. She entered the kitchen to find Jack, Sarah and Jason. Sarah was cooking and had said something to Jack that Ella didn't quite make out, but she looked angry until Jason offered to help her make eggs.

"I'm awake!" Ella announced happily, slipping past the island that Jack was sitting at and towards her siblings. She peered into the pans on the stove before frowning. "I don't want any of that, I don't like that food," she said. Ella had always been a picky eater. One day she loved a certain food and the next day she would refuse to eat it and even if she did like the food, it was hard to get her to eat more than half of her meal. "I want a bagel," she decided, taking a seat next to Jack, hoping that Jason or Sarah would find one for her. Jason had always been a little bit strict with Ella and was usually the one who forced her to finish her meal if she wanted to watch TV or have dessert, and although Ella would sometimes dramatically announce that he was "so unfair", she was used to him being a father figure to her more than a brother.


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Alexander's alarm clock screeched on causing him to grit his teeth while he fumbled around looking for the off button in his relativity darkly lit room. He found it and switched it off before sitting up in his bed and slumping up against the nearby wall.

"Today isn't going to be a good day" Alexander mumbled as he looked down at his hands, studying them as if they were something more than hands. Something with some answers.

He sat like that for minutes thinking of very little, trying to prod him self into going downstairs. "What's the point, it's not like anyone wants to see me anyways," Alexander brooded. His face fell into his hands, which were now tucked between his knees. Leaving him in a pathetic looking position.

He stayed like that for several more minutes, but out of fear of some unknowing person entering his room and seeing him like that, he straightened up and stood out of his bed. He walked one foot after the other towards his nearby closet. Inside was an acoustic guitar, his favorite. By all accounts a learners guitar called a Seagull S6, but Alexander had grown accustomed to it's feel and resonance. Inside the well kept guitar was his small stash of weed, a small pipe, and a shitty zippo lighter.

He removed them from their luxuries case and quickly stuffed the prepared weed into the the pipe, lit up, and took several long puffs. The smoke burned his throat, but he was used to that by now. He took one last puff then put the pipe away.

He then walked over to his bathroom, each step easier than the last as his cloud began to lift, temporarily. He took a warm shower, sure to scrub his hair to get any smell of weed out, not that it hangs around for too long anyways. He brushed his teeth thoroughly and complimented that with some mouth wash.

He dressed himself in some ripped jeans, an unbuttoned red and white flannel shirt, and a multicolored t-shirt that read "Jimi Hendrix Experience- Are You Experienced" with the band on the front in a fish eyed picture giving it a surreal look and the words of the album in a psychedelic font that screamed the late 60's. Alexander loved the shirt and loved the band. Songs like "Hey Joe" and "Purple Haze" captured Alexander's imagination in a way that very few albums can.

He left his room and made his way down to the kitchen. That was the early morning meeting place for most families. He didn't participate much, but he figured that's where everyone would be. By now the weed was starting to hit him a bit more and he felt like he was on a cloud.

He entered through the kitchen door into an agitated environment. He looked over at Sarah who looked miffed and for her that was incredibly strange. Jack had that look on his face that told Alexander that it was his doing. He was good at finding buttons on even people that didn't have very many like Sarah. He walked in past Jack towards Jason and Sarah who were busy making Breakfast. He slid a hand over onto Sarah's unoccupied palm and gave it a quick squeeze whilst also giving her a peck on the cheek. He then jumped up onto the counter nearest to her that wasn't being used for cooking and gave Jack a quick glare while he mouthed, "You're an asshole" to him.


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Alex did an extra sit up to turn off her alarm, being reminded of the time. She'd been up since 5am, studying at first to be sure that she didn't lose any knowledge that she had worked far to hard to obtain, then doing her daily morning work out. Alex didn't really care about her fitness, but liked the routine of it all. The toned stomach was just a perk. She always set an alarm, but not to wake up. She was always up at 5am, but instead to order the end of her work out and to remind her to get breakfast. Afterall, it is the most important meal of the day and she couldn't afford to miss it, it would ruin her routine.

She wasn't surprised when her parents and Mr and Mrs Kennedy decided to leave despite what had gone on. She knew that they should have stayed, that's what parents did, right? Sacrificed things when their children needed them, but she also knew that saying anything would only make them feel that they've earned it even more. Don't get her wrong, she loved them and thought they were good parents but they often got stuck in the "rich thing", obsessed with reputation.

Still dressed in her sports bra and three quarter-length joggers, she elegantly walked down the stairs. Without slowing her pace, she pulled her long hair from it's messy bun and let it fall down her back. Swiftly putting the band around her wrist, she walked into the kitchen and paused in the doorway. There she found Jack, Sarah, Ella and Alexander. She smiled at the sight, loving her family to pieces.

"Smells delicious, guys." She complimented, announcing her presence.


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#, as written by Taunbon
"Without bed hair too!" Jason said flashing his youngest sister a smile at how she came into the kitchen announcing that she was awake.

Jason was sorely tempted to force Ella to eat what Sarah was cooking just because she was cooking it. If it had just been him, he wouldn't have minded, but Sarah was trying to be nice, and he felt like just looking at her work and saying she didn't like that stuff was throwing it in her face, but whatever he was going to say was cut off by Sarah giving her a bagel and offering to get her a drink. It was probably for the best as Jason forcing Ella to eat it would probably have made Ella complain more which would have made Sarah felt bad.

He half turned from the stove and pointed his mighty spatula at his youngest sister, "Make sure you eat all of it Ella, you are getting way too skinny. Guys don't like seeing the ribs unless they are covered in barbecue sauce," he teased, "There is some cream cheese in the fridge," he said turning back around to flip over some of the scrambled eggs to keep them from burning.

Jason eyed Alexander as he came into the kitchen and gave Sarah a kiss on the cheek. It was a good call, if he had tried to make out with his younger sister in front of him, he would be walking around a spatula stuck a foot deep inside his rear for the rest of the summer. He may make Sarah happy, but Jason would be damned before he sat there and watched some guy make moves on his sister, boyfriend or not. The fact that he didn't compliment Sarah on her cooking or hard work made a small frown make its way across his face. He didn't care how shy the boy was, he should have said something.

Luckily, the next person into the kitchen changed that. Jason turned his head and flashed Alexandra a grateful smile, "Thank you, it is all Sarah though. I am just her Robin," he paused looking down at his jeans, "I left my tights in the wash."

Gliding around Sarah after uttering a quick, hot skillet behind you, he started to scoop some of the scrambled eggs onto the plates as she placed the other food on them even buttering the pancakes for them.


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Sarah smiled, and she handed a plate to Alexander, and she grabbed one, handing it to Alexandra, and grabbed one for herself, "Thanks again for helping, Jason," she said to him, and she sat beside Ella at the island.

She ate her food quietly, the amazing taste of the pancakes making her taste buds dance with delight. She smiled softly, and she glanced around the kitchen, breathing in the smell of the breakfast, the scent making her mouth water as she continued to eat silently.

Sarah glanced around at everyone, not knowing what to do. She was used to listening to everyone's conversations as she thought her own opinions rather than actually voicing them, thinking that nobody cared what she had to say.

She would let out a small laugh when someone said something that amused her, but nobody was as social as usual, so she had no opinions to think to herself, nor did she have a reason to laugh, even slightly.

Her gaze landed on Alexander, and she sent him a small smile, and decided to stare at him, taking in his appearance. She had noticed something a bit off about him, though. He was acting a bit different than usual. Something was definitely up, but she wasn't sure exactly what, however, she wanted to find out exactly what was going on with him.


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In a rather rare occasion, the second child of the Kennedy family had not come home at the crack of dawn. The fact that she was currently under probation might be given credit for that, though only by someone who does not know Lyla very well. Being grounded has never done much to stamp out the behaviors her parents disapprove of --it simply makes her more cunning in going about them. Her reason for staying put last night had been because she expected to have much more freedom as soon as her parents left with the Whites for Europe, nannies and Jason be damned. So she played the part of the remorseful daughter, perhaps unconvincingly, until they had gone. Her parents had left very early this morning [or was it very late last night?], and that marked the true beginning of Lyla's summer. A summer partying with friends on the beach, playing around with whoever caught her eye, and hooking up with Jack.

That last one was something that she really did have to keep quiet, the rest of her plans being the sorts of things her elder brother had to realize was inevitable, regardless of how he tried to stop it. Her no-strings-attached deal with Jack, however, was something that Jason would no doubt put his all into crushing. Believe it or not, Lyla wanted to enjoy her summer with as few hitches as possible. Of course, that never seemed to go as planned, given that her idea of enjoying the summer was less than pleasing to her parents.

Despite having gone to sleep relatively early last night, Lyla will still be one of the last of the group to rise. The early bird saying has never had much pull to her, that much has been made clear by her sleeping habits. They, at least, are something that have been constant throughout her life. Even at 10, she could sleep through an afternoon and still seem sluggish when she woke up.

Still, the bear cannot slumber forever, and her room is placed in such a way so that the smell of cooking eggs and bacon drifts into the air. If there is one thing that can wake up Lyla without fail, it is the smell of breakfast. Another remnant of her younger days would be a love for breakfast. Given her way, Lyla would probably have breakfast food for every meal of the day without hesitation. On some occasions, she does just that.

Placing food before getting ready, the blonde rises from bed and does little more than brush her hair before going downstairs. A plain white T-shirt and pajama pants printed with Barbara Gordon, in all of her red-headed, ass-kicking glory, patterns is her wardrobe this morning. Following her nose, and by some extent her stomach, Lyla finds her way into the kitchen, which already has almost all of the Kennedy-White kids in it.

"I hope those eggs are up for grabs," she comments, the words warped somewhat by a yawn. Without waiting for an answer, she gets down a plate and walks to the skillet, preparing to help herself.


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Alex laughed at Jason's Robin joke, rolling her eyes slightly out of amusement. She smiled gratefully at Sarah, taking the plate that had been offered.

"Tomorrow I'll cook breakfast." She reassured, knowing that Sarah couldn't cook every morning. She went to the fridge, reading the note her mother had left, not really caring. She loved her mother to pieces, but the message behind her note was more "don't taint our reputation whilst we're gone, we have two girls coming to make sure we're not ruined when we get back." And, being responsible, she had nothing to worry about. After having poured herself a glass of milk she went back to the fridge in order to return the milk. She then made her way to the island, sitting down with the others. Something in the air was off, it seemed like no one was in a social mood. Well, besides her. She was always ready to cheer people up or listen to what they had to say.

"So, what's everyone planning to do today?" She asked, her eyes bright with enthusiasm. Alex loved to ask people about their day, taking a deep interest. She wasn't stalker-ish or anything, she just liked to know how things were going with her loved ones. And even if the feelings may not be returned, she did love the Kennedy kids as though they were her siblings.


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Alexander thanked Sarah for the food. He wasn't very hungry, but he figured he'd eat a few bites because Sarah made it.

Alexandra had asked a question, but Alexander hadn't listened very attentively. Something about today, he didn't really know nor care what she had said though.

After a few bites Alexander put down his plate. His stomach wasn't really up for food, most of the time breakfast was his most hated meal of the day. It just seemed so forced to him. It just wasn't his thing.

Alexander shrugged and took the plate over to the trash, not wanting to leave it out and forget it was there. The trash was empty and clean, Alexander dirtied it by brushing off the eggs and bacon into it. He then placed his dish in the sink and jumped back up to the spot he was in.

He began to study his hands again, this time more because he was high than anything else. Everything always seemed new to him when he was high. More significant somehow. He began to trace the scars on his wrist from where he had cut him self a few months ago. A lot of people do it, but Alexander didn't get any kind of satisfaction or vindication from it so he had stopped before it became too noticeable or too big of a problem.

He gave up looking at his hand after what felt like and hour, but was probably more like a few seconds. And looked over at Sarah. Specifically her lips and what he'd like to do to them, but he wasn't about to try anything while Jason was in punching distance.


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Sarah glanced at Alexander, feeling his eyes on her, and she realized he wasn't staring at her, he was staring at her lips. She felt her cheeks heat up, and she looked down at the ground. it wasn't just him looking at her lips that made her blush, it was the way he looked at them. Like he was imagining kissing her or something of the sort.

They had kissed multiple times before, but Sarah felt as if everyone else in the room would notice the way he was looking at her.

Sarah cleared her throat, and she smiled at Jason, "So, what are you planning on doing today, Jay?" she asked him softly, trying to get her mind off of Alex's gaze on her mouth.


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#, as written by Taunbon
"I was planning on cooking this morning anyways, plus, it is not like I could just sit down and not help you," Jason said waving off the thanks. It wasn't really something that should have been thanked over, any person should have offered to help if they planned on eating some of it.

Jason moved out of the way for Lyla to get to her eggs easier without worrying about her elbowing him in the hip by accident. He was, honestly, a little surprised to see her up so early, "Help yourself, Lyla, and good morning to you too," he said watching her scoop large amounts of eggs onto her plate. It was comforting to see some things about his sister was still the way he remembered it. He could still remember leaving plates of omelets, eggs and bacons, hash browns and the like in the microwave for her when she did decide to finally rouse from bed. How anyone could sleep so late had always baffled him.

He leaned back against the sink, he would eat his breakfast after they had finished theirs. Jason wasn't sure why, but he preferred to eat after everyone else was done, it was probably why he would eat bits and part of whatever he was cooking as he cooked. The atmosphere was a little tense, but it probably would be for the first week or so. Jason quirked an eyebrow at Alex saying she would be cooking tomorrows breakfast, "Does that mean I have dinner duties?"

Jason almost wondered what the nannies were supposed to do besides watch the little ones if they were already dividing up the cooking duty. Perhaps it was his parents way of trying to give him more free time instead of running back and forth in the house like a mother hen?

"Or being the key word," Jason said glancing at Sarah and Alexander. They were certainty not going to be hanging out in any bedroom together. Not unless Alexander was willing to let Jason preform some quick scissor surgery for insurance. The way the kid was looking at his hands was... disconcerting. If Sarah started to do the same things, then he and Alexander were going to have words. Many of them.

Sarah's question snapped Jason back to the present, "I will probably stay around the house today. Get.." he paused checking the note again, "Taylor and Madison used to what is going on. Keep an eye on some people, maybe watch the Lake House if Alex wants to join?" He asked glancing over to his best friend if she was interested in watching yet another 'chick flick'.


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Alex grinned and nodded at Jason's question about dinner. She loved his dinners, they were delicious! She was constantly telling him what an amazing cook he was and always had to hold herself back from begging him to cook her stuff because that'd just be weird and selfish.

"You betcha, but I'll help." She answered, despite having already nodded. She'd offered to help in a tone that meant "don't argue, I'm helping and you're going to let me", knowing that he'd probably have something against her wanting to help since she was cooking the next breakfast. She then went back to her food as he spoke to Sarah.

Hearing him ask her about watching a chick flick as she was drinking her milk, she used her spare hand to give him a thumbs up. There was no way that she was turning down a chick flick, especially with her best friend. She would have replied verbally but she was focused on her food and she loved food way to much to be interrupted.

Soon she had finished her breakfast and smiled slightly, having really enjoyed her breakfast. She then left the island and headed to the sink to wash her dishes.


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Sarah nodded, and she shrugged, "Well, you and Alexandra have fun, I guess," she stood up, taking her plate to the sink, and she walked to Alexander, "Hey, want to hang out or something?" she asked him quietly, smiling slightly.

Sarah wanted to spend her summer with Alexander, obviously, so of course she would ask him to hang out. She was hoping to listen to him play guitar for her or something. She loved listening to him play music.

She leaned in, pecking his cheek, and she mumbled, "You could play your guitar for me," she smiled, pulling away from him slightly, so she could look at him.

Sarah loved being able to kiss him any time she wanted. It was one of the many perks of being Alexander White's girlfriend. She never understood why other girls didn't find him appealing, because she found him quite irresistible.

She loves everything about him, and other girls just point out his flaws, but in order to love someone, you have to love everything about them, flaws and all.

Sarah would tell the world loud and proud that she did indeed love Alexander, if only she wasn't too shy, that is.


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Alexander smiled as he looked into Sarah's eyes and replied, "Sure, I'd love to hang out with you, or something." He hopped down from the counter, took her by the hand and began heading towards his room. He figured the weed smell may still be lingering around, but he honestly figured that Sarah would have no idea to what the smell was, plus the strand he smokes is very sweet smelling unlike most strands making it hard for even some potheads to detect as pot.

He did have a song to play for her too. It's kind of romantic he figured. Though also not really considering Where did you sleep last night is about a wife cheating on her husband then him killing her, but hey it certainly sounds romantic.

His only problem though was that he doubted that Jason would leave them alone for more than five minutes or even let them go at all. Let's just get to the door. Alexander muttered to himself half way to the hallway.


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Jack rolled his eyes at Sarah's comeback and would have replied if Jason hadn't walked in. It wasn't like he was scared of anything that Jason could do to him, but he didn't want to start any drama just yet. It was still early and besides that, Jack did sometimes feel guilty about making comments about his sisters right in front of him. If she ever did that about Alexandra, Jack wouldn't hesitate to punch him in the face.

He quickly finished off his Pop Tart and headed to the fridge to find something else to eat. After grabbing a bottle of water and an apple, Ella entered, much peppier than she had been the previous night. She had spent the previous night whining about their parents leaving which was a stark contrast between the mini-party girl that he'd witnessed before. It was obvious to Jack, and probably everyone, that behind Ella's wannabe popular side was still a young girl who was just a child. He wasn't surprised, really. She was still young and even though she was a little old for some of her behaviors, she had been the baby of her family, and in some ways, his too.

A moment after Sarah got a bagel, Alexandra entered. He enjoyed his twin sister's company but soon enough, she was chatting it up with Jason and at that, Jack wanted nothing to do with her for the moment. They discussed watching some lame chick flick and who would cook the meals for the rest of the day. For a second, Jack considered making a comment about how Jason was probably a queer but again, he didn't want to make an ill-willed comment so early on. He'd save that one for later.

Just as he finished off his apple and water, Lyla entered. Jack smiled as she entered and filled a plate with food but before he could get up to talk to her, Sarah kissed Alexander on the cheek and began to whisper something to him. "Damn Jason, your sister's taking my brother to first base. I've got to say, I never thought I'd see this day come," he remarked with a smirk as he tossed the apple core into the trash. "Come hang out on the beach when you're done eating?" Jack asked with a grin as he turned his attention to Lyla.


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Will yawned as he sat up in his bed. He looked at the clock, reading ten thirty he flopped back down. It was way too early to get up. Then he started to smell something. Something delicious! Sarah! Will quickly jumped out of bed. He couldn't be more excited to spend the summer with his best friend. Sure he wouldn't mind being more, but she was with his freaky stoner brother. Still there were plenty of girls in the sea and sarah was a good friend, and that was all.

Will went into his bathroom and quickly ran some water through his bed head hair and brushed his teeth. Then he threw on a tee and some basketball shorts that he grabbed off the floor. Sure it had only been two days but his room was already a disaster area. Will didn't mind though, that was just the way he lived. Will got to his door and stopped, taking a deep breath. He couldn't let the others see how excited he was, he had to be cool, like his older brother jack.

Will opened his door and at a hurried pace walked down the long hall to the kitchen. Will always chose the farthest room from everything, it made him feel like he was alone sometimes. He hurried hoping to catch sarah. Thats when Sarah rounded the corner and Will instantly lit up, his smile reaching from ear to ear. "Morning Sarah."

Then Alexander rounded the corner behind her, and Will's mood crashed through the floor and halfway to china. "Oh...I see youre busy...We'll hang out later?" Will asked as he ignored his stoner brother. Honest he didn't really have any problem with him. In fact Will was a little jealous at Alexander's guitar skills, but jack hated him, so Will didn't like him either. Will entered the kitchen and instantly made way for the bacon. "Good morning everybody! Who wants to go dirtbiking?" he questioned as he shoved three pieces of bacon into his mouth.


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#, as written by Writer
Ella smiled when a bagel was presented in front of her and she picked it up, examining it thoroughly before deciding that it was good enough to eat. She considered asking Sarah to get her a drink since she offered, but decided that it might be pushing her kindness, especially with Jason around to make sure that she didn't take advantage of it. Instead, she got up and opened up the fridge. Her mother and Mrs. White had went food shopping the day before, leaving them with a surplus of food and drink choices. Ella opted for a glass of blue Gatorade, thinking that it looked prettier than any of the other juices they had. At the direction of Jason, she also grabbed the tub of cream cheese and returned to her seat.

She didn't answer Jason's comment about finishing her bagel, mostly because she knew that she wasn't going to. She was careful to only apply a thin layer of cream cheese onto the bagel but after taking a small bite out of it, she knew that she wasn't going to have any more of it. "I'm not hungry for this anymore," she said, pushing the plate away from her as she scanned everyone else's plates for something that looked appetizing. She was ready to request that Jason pour her some cereal when Lyla entered and headed straight for the eggs. Even though she had previously rejected them, Ella cleared her plate of her bagel and replaced it with eggs after Lyla had taken some.

"Can you take me shopping today?" Ella asked energetically as she followed Lyla to where she was sitting. "I want to get a bikini like the pink one you wore in Miami when we went in the winter," she continued, unaware that her sister was forbidden from driving anywhere. "Mom said I'm allowed to get a new bathing suit since I did good in school this year but she couldn't take me yesterday because she was busy. Did you know that she left without saying bye to me?" Ella said, then glancing over at Jason. "You told me that they would wake me up before they left this morning and they never did and now I don't even remember what they look like," she said dramatically. Her parents had said goodbye to her the night before, just like they had with the others, but they promised to wake her up before they left, only to stop her hysterics and allow her to fall asleep peacefully. "Did they say bye to you this morning?" she asked her brother and then turned to Sarah. "They didn't say bye to you, right? Because I think they would have said bye to me before you," she concluded, not meaning for it to come out as rude as it did. She barely waited for her siblings to reply before directing her attention back to Lyla. "Was Mom mad at you?" she asked, moving the eggs around her plate with her fork.


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Sarah glared at Jack as she heard him whisper to Jason, but she didn't say anything. Why was he making assumptions that she was "taking Alexander to first base"? Just because she pecked his cheek and asked him to play his guitar for her?

In Sarah's eyes, Jack was just another idiotic, sex-crazed boy who was drunk in lust. He was a total douche bag, and he had no idea what he was talking about. He made assumptions way too quickly, but it seemed like that's what everyone was doing these days. They see something fishy, and they make it into something it's not.

That's what Jack was doing right now, and it pissed Sarah off. Why couldn't he just mind his own business?

Sarah then realized that Jack was probably just trying to piss Jason off, which just made her even angrier with him. Sure, Jason and Jack had some problems, and they were no longer the best of friends, but that doesn't mean he has to try his hardest to piss Jason off. It was mainly Jack's fault that they weren't friends anymore in Sarah's eyes, but she was somewhat biased, considering Jason is her brother, and of course she would take his side, but hey, isn't that what family is for?

Aren't you always supposed to be their for your family, to have their back?

Sarah thought that's the way things work, and that's exactly the principle she followed. Be there to take your family's side, and always have their back.

Sarah looked at Will who had just greeted her, and she responded to him, "Hey, I'll try to hang out with you later, but for now I'm going to hang with Alexander," she said softly, giving him an apologetic smile.

Sarah glanced at Ella, rolling her eyes, but she remained silent. Ella was such a drama queen, but it was somewhat quite amusing how much Ella over-reacted about everything.

Ella was very high maintenance, but it was normal for a typical thirteen year old girl, so Sarah easily over-looked it.

Sarah went upstairs with Alexander, and she was greeted by a smell that seemed roughly familiar, but she couldn't quite identify it, however, she didn't like the smell nevertheless. She ignored it, hoping she would get used to it soon, and she smiled at Alexander, "So, what song do you have in mind for me?"


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#, as written by British
Although being desperate enough to spend a summer babysitting a bunch of teenagers wasn't where Taylor imagined she'd be at twenty-six, she was kind of excited for what the next two months would hold. She was getting the chance to spend the summer with her best friend in a beach side mansion on the coast of California. It didn't beat writing for the New York Times, but she would get there eventually. Besides, how hard could watching a few teenagers be? It wasn't like they needed to be cared for like babies did. She could probably order them pizzas and turn on a movie and they'd be fine.

Taylor shuffled around her hotel room, making sure that all of her belongings were packed away. She had only spent one night in the room after arriving in California the night before, but from the looks of all of the clothes spewed across the floor, it could have been her permanent residence. Although she wasn't the type to put too much hype into her appearance, Taylor knew how important a first impression was. She had tried on over ten different outfits this morning but ended up going with the original casual dress that she had first tried on. As she glanced at the clock, she noticed that she was running late. She was supposed to be outside for the taxi at 9:00 and it was nearing 9:10. They had to pick up Madison on the way and then the ride to the house would be another hour or so, so Taylor knew that she had to hurry up. She grabbed her bags and awkwardly made her way out of the hotel, spotting her taxi driver impatiently waiting outside.

"I'm so sorry," Taylor said, dumping her bags into the trunk. I slept in la-" she began, before the older man cut her off. "Yeah, well we better go. I've gotta pick someone up right after you and I can't be late." Taylor got the message and quickly slid into the passenger's seat, pulling her phone out and texting Madison, "On our way! We'll be there in 30 <3". As she browsed through her phone, she remembered the email that Mrs. Kennedy had sent her for herself and Mrs. White. She had looked over it briefly yesterday when she had first received it but figured that now was a good time to actually read it fully.


Thank you for agreeing to take care of our children this summer. We are confident that everything will run smoothly, but we thought it would be appropriate to give you a little background information on the children. I'll start with my four first:

Jason is our oldest child and only son. He's an amazing young man and should be nothing but a help to you girls. Michael and I hope that he'll spend time with friends this summer, enjoying his free time. He's headed to law school in the fall so we're happy that you will be there to care for the younger kids so that he can relax.

Lyla is our second child and oldest daughter at eighteen. She's a very bright girl but has gotten caught up in her social life which is beginning to lead her down a bad path. Last week she was arrested for driving while intoxicated and although she is no longer legally in trouble for it, Michael and I think it is important that she learns the first time how dangerous her behaviors are becoming. She is not allowed to drive any of the cars and she must be home by dark every night unless she's accompanied by you or Taylor. If she's out with friends, please make sure you know where she is at all times. She's a wonderful girl and we think that she just needs a little bit of guidance this summer to prepare her for starting a new life at UCLA in the fall.

Our third daughter is Sarah, who is fifteen. She's the quietest of the four and definitely should not be a problem for you. She's dating Alexander, William and Tricia's youngest son, and although they both have good heads on their shoulder, we don't want them to do anything that they would regret so if you could keep an eye on them when they're together, it would be appreciated. We are encouraging Sarah to get out of the house more and hang out with people besides her siblings.

Ella is our baby who recently turned thirteen. She's a bubbly child and although she is eager to grow up, we know that she will enjoy having you and Madison there to play with her. She is very energetic but if she ever overwhelms you, she loves watching movies and swimming. She has always been a picky eater and we're trying to introduce new foods to her diet, so please don't feel like you need to make separate meals for her. Because she's the youngest, she will probably demand the most of your attention but we hope that she won't be too much trouble for you.

William and Tricia wrote this up and asked me to include it for you in reference to their child:

"Alexandra and Jack are our twenty-two year old twins. Alexandra is going through some emotional troubles right now and Jack opted to spend the summer with the family rather than at our year-round home. They're both good kids and will probably spend most of their time out of the house with their friends. Jack knows not to bring any alcohol around the younger children so that shouldn't be a problem. William is the middle child and is a great son. He's a mini-version of Jack with a big heart. Alexander is our fourth child. He's different than his older brothers and has taken an interest in music. If it gets too loud, please don't hesitate to ask him to play in the garage. He has a little relationship with Sarah Kennedy. We don't think it's too serious though, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about there".

I've sent you all of the information regarding our hotel accommodations, emergency contacts and the children's doctor's and insurance information and all of the children's cellphone numbers. Jason, Alexandra and Alexander have their own cars and Lyla's car will be there for your use. We've scheduled for your paycheck to be automatically deposited into your bank accounts weekly and in addition to that, we will also be depositing money for you to use for food and other necessities for the kids.

Please text Jason or Alexandra when you're on your way so they know to buzz you in when you get to the gate.

Again, Michael, William, Tricia and I cannot thank you enough for your help this summer. We hope that you and the children have a memorable summer.

See you on September 2nd!
Kathryn Kennedy

Taylor was able to read the email a few times through before they arrived to pick up Madison and as she waited for her friend to get into the taxi, she decided to text Jason and Alexandra to let them know that they were on their way.

To: Jason Kennedy, Alexandra White
Hi guys! It's Taylor Stone. Your parents asked me to text you to let you know that Madison and I are on our way. We should be there in an hour or so :)!

She sent the text and slipped the phone back into her pocket as she waved to Madison who was approaching the car. "Excited?" she asked with a smile once her friend got into the car. She knew that Madison wasn't exactly keen on children but the money was too good to resist for both of them.