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Summer of Magic

Mano's Place


a part of Summer of Magic, by Vix.

"Come on in and have a bite with us."

Vix holds sovereignty over Mano's Place, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

476 readers have been here.

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Lahaina's most popular restaurant is owned by Mano-Akeakamai, staffed mostly by his children. It's located at the west end of town with a beautiful view of the beach. Patrons enjoy the "No shoes, no shirt, no problem" rule, often stopping by fresh out of the sea for a snack.
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Mano's Place

"Come on in and have a bite with us."


Mano's Place is a part of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.


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#, as written by Vix
Saturday - June 1st, 2013 @ 7:30am

| Outfit | I Gotta Feeling |


Hiwalani-Noa smiled her dimpled smile in her sleep, rolling over as her dream went on; Her dreams were basically reality. She dreamed often of basking in the rays of the sun on her island, Ukupanipo. She had been visiting the small island since she was a child and nobody else ever went there - With the recent exception of her cousins and Keo's irritating friends. (She was going to fix that issue later.) She had named it after her favorite Hawaiian God - And her father's nickname. But her dream didn't last long, being rudely awakened by her little sister pouncing on her at the same time her alarm clock went off. “Ho`âla, kaikua'ana! Ho`âla, Hiwalani-Noa!”, Lulua‘ina screeched. The brunette groaned and rolled over, taking Lulua‘ina with her as she hit the floor.

“Waiho,” she grunted as she grabbed the chubby little girl by her feet and dragged her out of her room, quickly running back into her room and slamming the door behind her. The small child spent a few minutes banging on the door before giving up and leaving. Noa looked over at the clock and shook her head. What eight year old was up and screaming at seven thirty during the summer?! At least she was going back home today and Noa could get some stuff done without Lulu in her way. She was in and out of the shower in a flash, slipping on her favorite black bikini and a pair of capri sweats before scanning her dresser.

Most women her age had loads of makeup scattered across their room - Not her. She hardly had any hair ties either. Her dresser was covered with pictures and piercings , of which she grabbed a few. An anchor for her navel, a light up one for her tongue, her favorite industrial barbells, and a glow in the dark pair for her shark bites. Admiring her piercings and tattoos, she ran her fingers through her hair and fluffed the knee-length locks before grabbing her Jericho backpack while sliding on her lucky bracelet and heading out, calling out to her father. “A hui hou! Aloha au la ‘oe Makuakane!” She was out the door before her father could reply, knowing he was there to pick up Lulu and was probably fixing her breakfast. The house she lived in was her grandfather's, Kona. More than likely he was already hitting the waves.

She grabbed the keys to the blue ATV parked in the paved driveway, soon peeling out and heading away from her home on the beach and into town. She stopped at several stalls and small shops to pick up things that were placed carefully into her backpack; a couple of apples, some sandwiches, a bottle of whiskey, and a container of cherries; It was all that she needed to start her morning. She made a few other stops to deliver a few things as well. On the days that she wasn't sleeping in, gone camping, or sleeping in the ocean she made herself useful by getting up early to help some of the vendors and shop keepers by delivering packages like groceries to some of the elderly people.

Now? Off to Hiʻiaka Studio to have some “Noa-Time” before she decided to start her day for real. Though, her entire life seemed to just be “Noa-Time”. She was really hoping to go camping on Ukupanipo tonight after the big beach luau that her parents were throwing for the graduates their their friends. Her own last two weeks were spent babysitting her little sister and working at both the studio and her father's restaurant and she finally had free time that she intended on spending well. She parked outside, unlocking the doors and slipping inside where she headed directly for Studio Mano where she taught, beginning her yoga on the deck...


Joy of joys, His Royal Highness, Lord Keokolo and his groupies had decreed via text that they were going to attend the luau as a group. She wasn't exactly excited per se. She still wasn't sure if staying had been the best idea, nor was she entirely sure that hanging out with Keokolo and his super powered groupies was a keen idea. She couldn't remember the last time that she actually fully enjoyed being around him and to make it worse he had Aliee hanging around him and Quinn had to get powers along with Nate. She didn't mind Dax sometimes and Nate was her favorite besides Rose and Kye. The chance to flirt with Nate was not going to go by though she didn't have high hopes. Keo tended to make a habit of sleeping around with every guy or girl that she actually liked that wasn't related. But Keo didn't seem to much like Nate so it would be fun to get under his skin for once. If only Nate wasn't a package deal with Titan Temper Twin number Two.

Hiwalani-Noa sighed as she lounged at one of the outside tables in front of her dad's restaurant, staring out at the waves as tourists took pictures and swam and attempted to surf. She gave a light smirk whenever one fell off of their board. What she wouldn't give to be out there scaring them right now. Because she hated Haole? Nope. Because it was fucking hilarious. Instead, she had gotten a text from a rather handsome friend that was arriving soon and she had promised him a free meal and a drink. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back so that it caught the sun, the rest of her tanned body shaded by the grassy umbrella protruding from the center of the table. She had to admit that she missed being home in the summer time though. There was no place like home.


“Ho`âla, kaikua'ana! Ho`âla, Hiwalani-Noa!”“Wake up, big sister! Wake up, Hiwalani-Noa!”

“Waiho,”“Get out,”

“A hui hou! Aloha au la ‘oe Makuakane!”“See ya later! I love you, daddy!”


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#, as written by Vix

The sun had felt so good that she was nearly about to pass out completely, the golden rays that shined only on her face but warming her entire body were rocking her to sleep. They cradled her in warmth the way a mother cradles her child as a precious treasure. But the comfort of the sun would not claim her, a vibration causing her eyes to immediately snap open. Somewhat alert, she grabbed her phone and checked her text message only to smirk. Leid? How cheesy was this guy? Very, actually. It was adorable though and she was glad that she had started hanging out with him in the first place. She had initially felt bad that she was only hanging out with him to piss off Keo, using Gray as though he was a tool. A pawn in the silent war that waged between Noa and Keo. But she had grown to genuinely like him and she was glad for it. He was terrible when she tried to teach him Hawai'i but he was still a good guy. Not only that, but he was a good and handsome guy that Keo didn't like. She had actually known him for a while. Only from his trips to Lahaina for whatever occasions during the past two years. This would be her first summer hanging out with him. And that made it different.

She didn't bother texting him back, knowing that he was most certainly already on his way. There wasn't much she could plan to do with him for that particular day. Not with the luau only hours away. Hiking one of the trails to a fresh water lagoon sounded nice. She could certainly use an early morning dip. And it'd definitely be nice to finally swim with Gray without having a giant tail scaring him off. She closed her eyes again to rest just a little while longer before grabbing her backpack and keys, making her way through the afternoon crowd and out to the parking lot where Grayson had just pulled up. It never was hard to spot him. When he was around he tended to be the flashiest guy in town. She had to admit, the Ferrari was nice. She was more of an ATV or SUV sort of girl herself. “Aloha, my pu‘uwai. It's been too long.” She hadn't even let him get out of his car fully before throwing her arms around him excitedly. “Swimming. Now. You. Me. Yes?” Her face seemed to be completely lit up by her smile, her day obviously have gotten better by his presence. “And there's a luau tonight. You'll be my plus one.”

Aside from getting under Keo and Aliee's skin by bringing Grayson to a locals' invite-only luau, she was very much looking forward to spending some time with her friend. They didn't see each other often and mostly just exchanged texts and e-mails, Skyping whenever they had the time. Nobody truly knew just how much she cherished each moment she spent with someone who wasn't wrapped around Keo's dick. She often told Grayson that he was untainted and that she wanted him to stay that way but she never told him what it meant, often just blowing it off as a joke. Right now she could feel the glares of some of the older maoli on the back of her head as she greeted him. He was the most forbidden fruit of all haole: Businessman. She had never heard him talk about opening any businesses in Lahaina nor had she known anyone else to talk about it. Some of the older and possibly more senile of the maoli warned her that he wanted to use her to impregnate her so that the haole could take over Lahaina. Apparently Kealoha blood was sacred and not to be shared with maoli. It made her laugh – after she walked away, of course – and she never really paid them much attention. Actually, the racism sort of dumbfounded her. She wondered if Native Americans were the same way.


Aloha – Hello
pu‘uwai - heart
maoli – native(s)


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Character Portrait: Hiwalani-Noa Kealoha Character Portrait: Kye Kealoha Character Portrait: Aliee Jung Character Portrait: Quinn Berlin Character Portrait: Kaniele Milekona Kealoha Character Portrait: Grayson Hilton
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#, as written by Vix
{In collaboration with Winds of Fate, featuring Hiwalani-Noa, Kaniele, and Grayson}

Aliee, or "Myrtle" (as Noa often, teasingly called her) was the first to meander over and Noa didn't bother too much to say anything. The other woman didn't need to speak for Noa to know that Keo was the only reason she was anywhere near Noa. The two didn't associate in public or otherwise unless they had no choice. She was a bit relieved when Kani had come along, smiling and returning the hug. It didn't last too long before me moved on to Aliee, who quickly whisked Kaniele away for a "private chat". Noa bristled, a frown forming against her lips, something most people never saw. She hated that Aliee seemed to simply fucking adore everyone in the Kealoha family - the males in particular - but hated Noa's guts. For. No. Reason. Noa pinned it to jealousy but hardly cared enough to approach the haole for talking to. Yes. Haole. Unbeknownst to the others, as Noa doesn't really ever talk about Aliee, the young woman felt in her soul that she would never accept Aliee as a haole. As far as she was concerned, lineage mattered. The tanned blue blood watched Aliee prance (okay, walk) off with Kani in tow and immediately turned to head back towards the party to check for Gray's arrival. She was already beginning to regret agreeing with Keo to meet with the others. Sipping from her bottle, she looked around. Quinn was there with Kye. There was a knot of disgust that formed in her gut. What the hell was with her generation of male Kealohas and their fascination with haole. Obviously, Hiwalani-Noa herself dabbled with them. But at least none of them claimed to be maoli. She obviously didn't really think that Kye and Quinn had a thing. She just didn't like Quinn and Aliee. Nate was an exception because he obviously did like her. Plus, he was actually fun

Rolling her eyes again, she shimmied off into the crowd. There were whispers of a Hilton on the dance floor. Grayson. She couldn't stop the smile that replaced her frown as she headed to find him. It hardly took more than just a glance to shoo away the females gyrating against him, Noa taking their place. He was no D-Trix but he did manage to not look like a stork on ice. Laughs, smiles, and a few passing gropes were exchanged before they shared a slow dance. It didn't take long for that to end and Noa pulled Gray outside to a table, the two passing the bottle of whiskey back and forth. 

Kani walked back to the bonfire with Aliee, smiling and laughing as they shared jokes along the edge of the beach.  He began to sing softly, his voice rather melodic, much better than that of his sisters, at least he'd like to think so.  He laughed mentally at the thought of Noa throwing a fit if he were picked best singer over her.  She'd practically spew flames and shoot venom from her ears at the thought of her brother besting her at something she enjoyed.  Smiling, he saw in the distance Noa retreat to the luau and sighed.  He kind of knew why she was there, after all it wasn't a big secret who had found an interest in her.  Everyone seemed to want to come to him and tell him about her actions and he had had enough of it.  He disliked Gray with a passion, and the only legitimate reason he disliked Gray was because he'd seen guys like him before.  They come, prey on the innocent hearts of beautiful natives and then leave them heartbroken.  Not to mention the guy was a Haole.  Kaniele could've growled if he was an animal at the thought of his sister locking lips with the guy.  He balled his hand into a fist with the thought but realized he was still with Aliee and unclenched his hand.

"Excuse me a moment Aliee, I gotta go check on Noel," Kani stated as he too proceeded to head back towards the party.  In reality he was going to both check on Noel and spy on Noa.  He just had a feeling she had invited him, they had been spending a lot of time with each other lately, and there would be no such connection as long as he lived and breathed.

He slipped into the luau unnoticed and instantly spotted Gray.  He watched from a distance as Gray and Noa danced.  He was touching his sister, his baby sister and it took every ounce of Kani's will not to go punch the guy square in the nose.  How could his father allow such frivolous interaction?  At that moment, Noel having spotted Kani walked over to him.

"You okay?" he asked clearly seeing the scowl on Kani's face.

"Yea I'll be fine, you enjoying yourself?"

"So far so good, your dad is an awesome teacher, I learned a few words," Noel replied with a smile, "but it's getting late for me and as much as I'd love to stay here and chat I really should get to bed."

"Awww come on, you can stay a few more hours," Kani pleaded, "just to dance and drink a bit."

"That's the thing," Noel stated, "I think I'm drunk."

For someone who was drunk, Noel surely carried himself well.  He wasn't swaying or slurring his words, but from the look of his eyes, Kani had a feeling the guy was buzzed.

"Tell you what, give me at least thirty minutes to an hour.  I'll drive you home okay?"

"On one condition," Noel replied.

"What's that?" Kani asked, Noel getting extremely close to him as he leaned forward and whispered into his ear.

"You have to spend the night," Noel whispered, and as he pulled away from Kani he kissed the male again for the third time this day.  Saying it was like fireworks would be a lie, it was more like a TNT explosion.  When the kiss ended, Kani smiled.  "Sure, as long as you're sure that's what you want."

Noel placed a finger on Kani's lips before winking and rejoining the fray of swaying bodies.  Kani smirked as Noel left and then resumed his search for Noa.  It didn't take him long to find her exchanging drinks with Gray.  He walked over to the table and interrupted their little pow wow by slamming his fist into the table causing a rather loud bang that caused some of those closes to the table to stop dancing and stare.

"SO, NOA, WHAT'S GOOD?" he said his voice slightly raised and laced with irritation.

Noa had moved her chair from adjacent to Gray to right next to him, laughing as he told her a few jokes and the two exchanged embarrassing stories from world travels. “So, I really wanted to see it but it was closed for a week. After the show I snuck out of the hotel and slipped through the gates. Guards busted me trying to get out of a different gate. My head got stuck and they had to call an ambulance and the fire department.” She giggled into the bottle as Gray sputtered out laughter until Kani arrived. The bang startled them both but only caused further laughter. “Life. Life is good. This whiskey is good. Gray's body is amazing.” She teased her brother's patience and tolerance with little care or worry, passing the alcohol to Gray and resting her hand on his. “How was your chitchat with Little Mrs. I'm Better Than Everyone?” This caused the two to snicker a little, Noa almost sneering as she spoke of Aliee.

Noa was really testing his patience with her actions and he knew she was doing it to get under his skin.  It was working all too well, and the laughter only added to the  fire.  They were drinking straight whiskey, and while he had had a few drinks, he was sure they were inebriated.  Kani looked around and watched as everyone continued to dance and chat with one another.  Without warning, Kani snatched the whiskey bottle and smashed it on the table before glaring at Noa.

"What the hell is he doing here Noa?  Do you really wanna do this?" He said letting her know he wasn't going to back down and if Gray got involved he'd pop the guy in the mouth a few times.

"You're being irresponsible and you're acting like a little..........." he stopped talking and glared at Gray before his hand tapped  rhythmically against the table.  "Noa I need to speak to you.........ALONE!"

“I'll be back, sweets. Go ask my dad for another whiskey.” Kani breaking the bottle hadn't phased her but she could see that it put Gray on edge. Hiwalani-Noa was used to her brother's tantrums over her flirting. As Gray placed a kiss on her hand and left, she motioned her brother to take a seat. “So. Instead of making a scene, how about you put your big boy shorts on and act like an adult. It's times like these that make it hard to believe that you're the older one.” She was nonchalant, examining her nails as though she had found the most fascinating thing in the world beneath them. “And Gray's here because I've been too busy to ask Nate and I don't really want yours, Keo's, Kamehameha's, or Kahiau's sloppy seconds. We've been over this. I'm twenty. Who I spend my time with isn't your business. Daddy and Gramps doesn't mind. Neither does mom.”

"Why would you invite him when most of your family don't even like him?" Kani replied, "but you know what, you're a big girl, have fun, do whatever the hell you want, just don't come calling me when it happens," Kani stated as he smirked and shook his head, "and by the looks of it I'm sure it will happen again."

“And by "most of the family", you mean you and Keo,” she retorted, unsure of what he meant by "when it happens". What the hell was "it"?

Kani was irritated, but he was here to have fun and at this point he would rather simply walk away and let his father or grandfather deal with this.  He was tired of having to play the roll and if Noa could get herself into the situation, she'd better hope like hell she could get out of it.  He straightened his posture from his previous position and raised an eyebrow to show Noa that he didn't care what she did from this point on.  Turning, he left her alone, waiting for Gray or whoever else she wanted to bring.  Where the hell was Keo when you needed him?  Kani made his way to the bar, noticing Noel having the time of his life dancing with a fellow female native.

"Give me the strongest thing you have," Kani stated to his father who gave him a shot of Everclear, which was 75.5% alcohol.  He downed the shot in seconds before making a ugly face and placing the cup down on the bar, "Something less octanish this time pops," Kani stated with a smirk as his dad fixed him something fruity just to get on his nerves.  Kani took it and shook his head as he decided it best to just have fun at the party.

Gray had come back with a fresh bottle just as Kani left, doing his best to avoid bumping him with his shoulder. “Don't worry about it - The Keo in Kani was just coming out. The whole hypocritical overprotective act. Let's just enjoy the party. I'll even grant you a wish for even showing up.” She and Gray laughed it off and resumed their chat. There was a distant clap of thunder as her irritation surfaced, Noa quickly reeling it in as she took a shot. She was almost thinking that Keo had found someone to fuck and decided not to show up. Not that she was complaining, obviously. Out of the side of her eye, she could see a couple of college kids, haole, getting rowdy with each other. Their lack of having a native in their group made it obvious that they weren't invited. Her nose crinkled and she sighed, shaking her head.


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#, as written by Vix
Hiwalani-Noa sighed but rolled her eyes with a smile at Gray's comment. Pfft. She so did not have the anger issues that Kani did. She wasn't that much of a jackass either. Gray seemed to sense that she was hiding her irritation when he took her hand and she immediately turned her gaze upon him. Her expression grew gentler before she looked around. There was no sign of Keokolo or Nate yet and the luau had been on for a while. She assumed Keo would have been the first one there. Dax was wandering around, seeming lost. Socially awkward boy is socially awkward. “I kind of do, actually... But that doesn't mean that we can't have fun.” There was a light grin on her lips now as she brought her hand up, subsequently bringing his as well. She pressed her lips softly against his knuckles, nodding towards the beach.

“I mean, unless you'd rather keep your hands to yourself. That's cool too.”

Grayson smiled warmly at her. It was rare, quiet moments like this with Noa that made Grey feel all giddy and boyish. With her he could let his guard down and not be afraid that she’d see him for who he really was. "I'm honestly down for whatever you have in mind."

He got up suddenly tugging Noa behind him as he headed towards the beach. He quickly disrobed of his shirt and began running towards the water. It was dark and warm and the moon was shining brilliantly in the night sky.

"Get in here right now missy," he shouted at Noa.

Noa grinned as Grayson jumped up and took her hand and began to head down toward the beach. She tugged free when he took off his shirt and headed for the water though. Her heart skipped a beat as he went under before resurfacing. Thinking quickly, she snatched a towel someone had left in the sand and issued a high pitched whistle as if trying to get his attention. But it wasn't his attention she was going for. “Sharks!” She pointed at fins cutting slowly through the water, headed for Gray. They wouldn't hurt him, just herd him back to shore. She kept her distance from the waves lapping at the sand, her toes curling into the dry sand as she backed up towards a hill.

Gray was near enough to the shore, the water lapping just about his waist. But as soon as he heard her exclamation of sharks, he felt his knees go weak. Fuck. Well so much for galavanting in the water… He had enough sense to get his mind working and conduct his body to a full blown sprint to the shore. When he was safely back on the sand he looked back towards the water where he’d previously had been and noticed the dark fins swirling on the surface. He began to laugh hysterically then. How comedic would it be that the great Hilton would of been attacked by sharks while trying to make a business deal. He could see the tabloids now.

His father would of been pissed. James probably wouldn’t even care that his only son had so nearly escaped death. Laying his head in the sand he looked up at the sky, his laughter slowly ebbing. It was suddenly quite. The only sounds were the waves softly crashing on the shore and the sound of his slowing heartbeat in his ears.

The islander girl gave a light giggle as Gray laughed before collapsing into the sand. Shaking her head, she watched as the fins disappeared back beneath the surface before throwing the towel onto Gray. “Dry off. I don't want you smudging my paint.” She lay down next to him, careful to keep her legs away from his. Nothing good could come from him finding out that she grew a giant fish tail when salt water hit her.

“You want to go camping tonight? Over on that island? It'll be quiet... Just us.” She propped herself up on an elbow and pointed out her island in the distance.

He got up slowly grabbing the towel from beside him and shook it lightly to get as much sand off. Despite loving the beach, he hated being sticky from the salt water and having the sand stuck to him. Wiping himself down he looked over towards her. ”Camping huh?" He looked down at his attire and back at the shirt further up the beach. ”I’m not exactly prepared for camping. I’m afraid I’m not properly attired for the ruggedness of the wilderness," he joked lightly.

Gray then looked out to the island ahead of them. ”But camping alone does seem to hold some interest over me at the moment," he grinned his usually lopsided grin at her.

Noa stood when Gray did, brushing herself off with a smile. His cute grin gave her cheeks a red tint but she rolled her eyes. “Right. Because my epic tree house is so rugged. Pfft. And clothes aren't a requirement.” She bumped her hips against his before leaning against him, staring out into the ocean. Her smile grew wider at the sight of a humpback whale breaching the surface, slamming sideways back into the water. The ocean was calling to her and she wanted so bad to swim. Her jaw clenched as she took an uneasy step forward, combatting her desire, grabbing onto Gray's hand and giving it a squeeze before backing into him.

”Well it’s not exactly presidential suite either," he muttered childishly. At her second choice of words he arched his brow, deciding words weren’t needed. He wrapped his arms around her then as she pressed up against him, resting his head atop of hers.

He watched the whale intently thinking how incredible the sea and all who dwell in it were. It always amazed him how serene and peaceful it was here. Sighing he finally spoke. ”Alright, you win. Let's go ‘camping’," he said lastly with a hint of playful mocking in his voice. He nuzzled her hair and gave her a small squeeze before letting go of her.

She issued a sigh, feeling her knees wobble as his arms wrapped around her. The two had been physically close before; They'd lain across one another on the beach, she'd sit in his lap and they'd hold hands and link arms and such. But she felt that this moment was...different. She closed her eyes and remained against him even when he released her. When she finally did leave, it was in a reluctant manner. She turned around to face him, smiling up at him.

“I'll make an islander out of you yet, haole.” She peeked over his shoulders by placing her hands against them, standing on her toes, and pulling him down to be eye level with her.

Irritation flashed across her face at the sight of Nate and Keo walking about with... Well, she didn't know who the girl was. She didn't care either. Yet another haole they were allowed to flirt with but Noa wasn't allowed to even have her one. She sighed again, in a more frustrated tone, releasing Gray and slowly walking a bit closer to the party.

He heard her sigh with… was that contentment? Perhaps Noa wasn’t so impenterable as he had initially thought. Usually when a girl became this close to him, Gray would slowly edge away and put some space between them because feelings became too messy to deal with and he was far too young for that shit. But this was something else. He wasn’t sure exactly what that something else was but he liked it and didn’t want to stray too far from it.

“You sound like Shang from Mulan,” he laughed. Quoting Shang’s actually words from the movie. He was a bit of a dork like that. And he didn’t care if Noa thought so for him liking Disney movies and all. He was forced to watch them anyway when his father had been dating a socialite with three young daughters. That relationship ended quickly….

At her next sigh he turned around looking behind him to where Noa’s attentions were centered. Wondering what she looked so frustrated about he scanned the area. His eyes suddenly clashed onto the image of Keo and his merry little gang. He mimicked Noa’s sigh of frustration then too. Joy, he said tonelessly trailing behind Noa.

She rolled her eyes with a light smile at Gray quoting Disney. She herself was a Disney geek, especially with Jabari around. She slowed to match his pace and slipped her hand into his, letting their fingers intertwine as they walked. They drew plenty of stares and whispers. Those whispers traveled into texts that she knew would soon reach her brothers and cousins. Ugh. People did enjoy their gossip. Regardless, she pulled the Hilton back to their original spot after grabbing his shirt. She even smirked at him as she sat in his lap and pulled his shirt on over her head. “You like?”

Off to the side she could see the drunken haole from earlier pushing around a lanky young maoli she knew, David. “I might need you to bail me out of jail tonight...” Noa groaned as she leaned back to place a kiss on Gray's cheek, dangerously close to his lips before getting up and walking towards the haole, grabbing David by the arm and releasing him to safety.

“You guys need to go. You're trespassing.” Her voice held a tone of authority and her accent came out stronger as she narrowed her eyes at them. They all laughed at her and one reached out to push her but she caught his hand and began to bend it backwards until he dropped his beer and went to his knees. She was much stronger than she looked. “Get off of him, you cunt!” From her left a drunken red head rushed at her and went behind her, scrambling onto her back like a wasted monkey. The guys began cheering for a girl fight but it was over quick enough when the drunken sorority girl couldn't keep her grip and fell.

Everything became a blur from there. There was a lot of shouting and movement and all Hiwalani could see was haole. Then came the blows. Punches and kicks flew at her and she moved as quickly as she could to dodge them. Most of them didn't really hurt. She could handle the pressure of twenty thousand leagues beneath the sea, these idiots weren't doing much damage. She began to fight back but it seemed like more and more just kept coming. “Kaniele!” She called for her big brother though she knew he'd be along soon either way. She managed to see more than the haole, finding that most of her siblings had jumped into the fray as well but they were outnumbered.

Once they were situated back in their previous location Gray allowed Noa to put his shirt back on for him. ”I like very much," he managed with a smirk playing on his lips. Her kiss didn’t surprise him, she’d done it before in the past, what did surprise him was the fact that she was striding over to a drunken frat boy, he assumed. She had that determined look in her eyes. That was dangerous. He had a feeling he was going to have to be bailed out of jail tonight as well.

The events of the night were quickly escalating. But when the drunken slobs started to charge at Noa, Gray had seen red. A fury so animalistic came over him rapidly. In a matter of seconds he was in the midst of swarming fists and even a few legs. Who the hell kicks in a brawl? He was so overcome with the raw emotion of outrage and wrath, that he wasn’t even sure, nor cared, who he was beating. He kept Noa in sight and tried to deflect as many blows away from her as possible but they were severely outnumbered. But being no stranger to few wild and frenzied fights, he elbowed and punched his way.

At one point, he wasn’t sure which, he got knocked it the face with a bottle, that split him in the temple. Blood began to pour down his face, as most facial wounds did. He looked even more the savage now. With blood in his brow, he wiped viscously from his face and began his attack anew. His knuckles were sorely bruised, and perhaps broken, but that was a distant thought. His only motive was to protect Noa as best as he could.

Because of the pent up rage within him, he wasn’t becoming fatigued. The adrenaline surging throughout his body, kept him upright and for the most part, clearheaded. This party soon turned into a midnight matchup. The haole versus the natives, and much to his dismay he was fighting for the other team, the natives.


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Kye Kealoha

Kye smiled at Quinn's back stupidly for a moment before hearing someone shouting. "Oh no..." Kye mutters as he jogs towards it. A group was getting closer and closer and he saw more and more of his relatives in the fray. "Quinn, get out of here," Kye says as he goes up to her before getting tackled from behind.

He rolled with the haole for a few seconds before the haole got on top of him. The guy was drunk, but obviously older and stronger than Kye. The two were closer to the larger group now than Quinn and Kye yelled at her yet again, "Get going Quinn." Kye just hoped that she would go since he couldn't find her out of all the other intense emotions around him.

"Hey man, come on," Kye manages as he grapples with the guy. Kye manages to push him off as he tries to avoid a broken bottle aimed at his head. Kye backed up, his hands up, not really wanting to throw a punch until he saw Noa taking them. If she was punching people and getting punched back, he probably should too.

Kye stopped backing up but was unfortunate enough to be grabbed from behind by two of the guy's friends. Kye struggled before ducking a punch from the original guy. "Oh come on guys," Kye says as he was pulled back up until he was punched in the stomach, keeling over, out of breath.

"Okay, fine," Kye mutters as he gives the guys behind him all his weight and kicks up with his right leg, nailing his main attacker in the stomach, sending the guys behind him reeling.

Kye ducked as someone swung his fist over Kye's head. Kye swung as the other guy came at him. Soon enough he found himself in the middle of the group of haole that he really didn't want to be with. He stuck out like a sore thumb with his glow in the dark hawaiin face paint design.

Kye groaned inwardly at the obviousness of the trouble he and his relatives were in. They couldn't just use their abilities against these guys, and girls, but they couldn't just get beaten to a pulp.

Kye avoided hitting a girl, but was kicked by another and had someone else punch him. He really didn't want to hit a girl. Not because he was trying to be polite, well there was that, but also that he didn't want to hurt anyone really. Then again, they were hurting his family and it really did piss him off.

Kye called out Noa, "I'm going to jail, going to jail at seventeen," Kye called, somewhat frantic in his youthful worries. His dad wouldn't care though if someone heard that he, the son of his mother, had been arrested... well, that would be really really bad.

Someone swung what must have been a beer bottle at Kye and he felt it his his cheekbone hard. It hurt and he was stunned for a moment before he was able to restrain the guy who hit him, pushing him to someone else's feet and moving to dodge another attack. It was getting out of hand.

If the cops showed up, he wouldn't resist arrest, but he sure as hell wouldn't be entirely conscious at this rate either. He bet he'd wake up the next morning in a cell if things went the way he believed they would.


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Keo was keeping up the friendly conversation with Mona, occasionally chirping Nate in a friendly and flirtatious way while they brought in the chairs. He was just about to take the rest of the chairs from Nate and let him take Mona to introduce her to the rest of the party when he saw in his peripheral vision, Noa glaring daggers at them.

"Uh oh, don't look now but Noa's spotted us." He was sure she was going to come over and ream him out for his hypocrisy letting a tourist into the party and then he'll get into argument about her sleeping with the enemy. Seriously the guy is hot and all, but his family is trying to buy them out, you'd excuse him for a little bit of caution if he doesn't welcome the spy guy with open arms.

Instead, Noa lured Gray away like some siren and Keo rolled his eyes, "Poor guy." He shared a look with Nate and then explained to Mona, gesturing to the couple, "My cousin, Noa, has the face of an angel but she's like a shark. If I didn't have family who will miss me if I'm gone, I'm pretty sure she'd have drown me by now. Now they're probably going to go make out and scandal all our elders." And a little to get back at me, but Keo didn't say that out loud.

When Keo looked back again, Noa was actually moving away from Gray and heading towards a group of extremely drunk haole. "Don't confront them, don't do it." Keo muttered under his breath picking up his pace to close the gap between them, distinctly aware that Nate was following him. Keo's been around here for endless summers and had a greater tolerance for obnoxious haole than Noa. His way was to exact revenge discretely and at little risk to himself, but this was quickly going to dissolve into a clusterfuck.

As he predicted, after a few sharp words, Noa was getting assaulted by a drunk redhead, quickly followed by enraged frats that were all stupid with drink. On the way, he yanked and shoved one or two boys away trying to get to Noa. Then he saw Kye get in the fight and then smacked with a beer bottle.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Keo roared at the assailant, the sound magnified by his powers like an angry force that subtly pushed them back. He used one of the chairs that still had in his hands and smacked the frat boy with the bottle right in the ribs. He hit another frat boy this way before throwing the chair at a particularly drunk and vicious looking female with alarmingly long nails. She looked like she was going to get up and claw his eyeballs out as soon as she was untangled from the chair for round two when he exerted an abnormal amount of air pressure over the chair to keep her down with just a quick glance at her general direction.

But as he was distracted, a foot kicked his knee out and then an elbow knocked back his jaw painfully. While he was down he yanked someone's foot that was about to kick him and gave a great wrench that fell them with a thump. Most of these guys were flailing with uncoordinated limbs and from what he could see, some of them were even hitting their own friends instead of his family as he got up and thumbed away the blood from when when his teeth knocked into his lip.

Someone must have called the cops by now.