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Josephina Kent

0 · 469 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “Summer of The Mallrats”, as played by Kuukakulily




Name: Josephina Marjorie Kent
Nickname: Jo, JoJo, Margie
Age: 18
Store: Love Culture. "I really like their clothes."
Sexuality:"Straight as an arrow."

Do Work At The Mall?: "I do."
If So, Do You Like To?: "It's not my favorite thing to do, but it's not all that bad."
+"I really enjoy reading books, particularly fantasy like The Lord of the Rings."
+"I really like to keep with fashion.
+"I have a bad habit of obsessing over TV shows. I just get so caught up on the plot and the characters."
+"I'm a girl so of course I like, obsessing over boys."
+"I love my friends and enjoy spending time with them."
+"I'm more of a dog person."
+"People are so fascinating. It's fun to people watch."
--"I really don't like cats very much. They're so prissy sometimes."
--"People who are stuck-up really grate on my nerves."
--"I scare easily so I don't like scary things."
--"We had a house fire back when I was little. I've been really scared of it ever since."
--"I don't like bullies."
--"I really don't like my boss."
--"I don't understand the appeal of rap music."
Thoughts on The Mallrats?: "I don't mind them. If that's how they like to spend their time, then more power to them."

Personality: Josephina is a good-natured person who takes things rather well, and doesn't let much get under her skin. That being said, she bottles up a lot of emotions, especially any anger and she'll unleash her fury after she's had enough. This doesn't happen very often, however. If she were to have a spirit animal, it most definitely be a chameleon. She finds little to no problems fitting into any social group and is well-liked by many, if not all, of her peers. She doesn't have a single negative word to say about anybody even those that she doesn't care for. Her more laid-back nature makes her inviting and easily-approachable. She is considered a great listener and is more than happy to give advice to those seeking it.

She's motherly and dotes on her friends, presenting them with gifts often. Many would perceive that they are taking advantage of her, but her friend's motives don't matter to her. She's more than happy just having them around. Many think that because she acts on the ditzy side, that she is stupid, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. She recently graduated in the top ten percentage of her class and has an average GPA of 3.96.

She's taken a great interest in people and observes them all the time. She wants to know what makes people tick. What makes them do what they do? What drives them? She often considers herself not a huge part of society and thus disassociates herself from it. Josephina is clinically bipolar and often has periods where she is depressed and irritable. She doesn't take medicine for it, so these happen fairly often. She tries her best to hide this behavior from everyone she knows.

While she's generally sweet and viewed as the "good girl" Josephina does have a wild side. She can hold her alcohol fairly well and lets loose when she's at a party. She enjoys dancing and singing when at parties and isn't the type to be a wallflower. Alcohol makes her uninhibited and she really enjoys that feeling.

History: Josephina Marjorie Kent was born on a snowy, December day to Annette and Donald Kent alongside her twin brother, Patrick Jacob Kent. She was the first to arrive of the two and teases her brother relentlessly for it. She and her brother were the first two of the four children her parents would come to have. Her two younger sisters, Leslie who is 14 and Briana who is 12, look up to her as a role model and Josephina takes her role very seriously.

Before her sisters were born, when Josephina and Patrick were only four, their home caught fire and they were forced to flee, watching their worldly possessions go up in flames. Ever since that moment, Josephina has had deathly phobia of fire. She refuses to even light a match. Her brother suffered no real trauma from it like she did. In fact, he was a little to fascinated watching the flames rise into the night sky.

Life got easier for Josephina once her sisters were born. She stepped up, helping her mother take care of them both and it brought her caring and motherly nature. Her sisters were always full of questions and Joesphina was always patient and honest with them. Her brother, being the funny one, would always try to trick them. When she and her brother entered high school, Josephina began to excel while her brother fell behind. She helped him with his studies and he soon brought his grades up. In the end, she graduated with honors, with her brother not far behind her.

At present, she works at Love Culture and will be attending classes at Miami University with her brother in the fall. She is unsure which path she wants to take in life and is content to wait for the answer to present itself to her.

Theme Song: Fall Out Boy- Young Volcanoes
Anything else: She and her brother are very close. If anyone were to potentially date her, they would need his approval first. She is largely inexperienced when it comes to the dating scene.

So begins...

Josephina Kent's Story