He is the almighty leader of the Masquerade, and a cruel, ruthless, bloodthristy wolf. He invisions a whole new Rynmar, in which darkness reigns.

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His wings are stitched on. They are trophies from the first wolf he killed.

His mask


Dark. Bloodthirsty. Manipulative. Reckless.

These are the traits that create this monster.

He seems to have very little emotion, and cares about nothing but himself. Lazarus shows no love towards other beings, and cares only for himself and the havoc he wrecks. He lives to kill and taste blood on his fangs, and doesn't care who you are or what you did. If you cross his path, consider yourself doomed. Many would say that he has no heart, and no soul, and if you try to disagree they counter by telling you to just look at the wings on his back. They're stitched on. No wolf with a heart would kill another winged wolf and stitch them onto his back. The wings work as well.

He has no care for the damage he leaves behind, and once a city is trashed he simply moves onto the next. Lazarus has a way of getting inside the head of another wolf, simply by staring into their eyes.

He also doesn't age, but this doesn't mean he can't die.

Strengths ;; Brute strength, manipulative, fierce

Flaws ;; Blinded by thirst for blood, stronger at night, doesn't always think things through


Lazarus was born into a family of winged wolves, except he didn't have any wings. He was the only one in his family who lacked them. This was seen as a flaw, an omen that he wasn't meant to live. He lived off of the smallest amount of milk possible, and after he was weaned, he was left for dead.

But he didn't die. He learned to raise himself. All throughout his early life he was seen as a flaw, a mistake, and misfit. But he would prove them wrong. He could be just as good as any other wolf. Maybe better. He stayed out of the ways of other wolves, and trained himself to fight, to live, to survive.

As he grew older, he returned to his parents, and begged for their forgiveness, for he didn't like what he was becoming. Instead, they shunned him, and his brother died. His parents blamed him for his brother's death, even though he had nothing to do with it. Every wolf in that village and the villages nearby new him, for he possessed a distinctive silvery blue star marking over his left eye. The wolves were out to kill him, so to hide the marking that exposed him, made him well known, he wore a mask over his face, and was unrecognizable.

A few years later, while wandering through a forest, he came across a small, whimpering pup who was left by her family. Lazarus sensed a power in her, an almost magical one, and took this to his advantage. He raised the pup, and brought the power out of her. He named her Arcane, or Dark Magic, for that's just what she was. She grew into a fine adolescent pup, and looked to Lazarus as a fatherly figure.

Rumors of a mysterious spring appearing near the city of Skraking began to spread, and Lazarus and Arcane heard of them while passing through one day. The spring was known as Eross's Spring, and was said to appear every two hundred years in a different place in Rynmar. When the water was drank, it would stop the wolf from aging, but not make them fully immortal, meaning they could still be killed. Lazarus saw this as an advantage to his plan for retaliating against the wolves who turned their back on him, and he and Arcane set off to find it.

Eross's Spring was hidden deep in the forest of Na'is, a few miles outside Skraking. They were the first to find it, after almost a week of looking. Lazarus drank from it, but Arcane was more reluctant. She wasn't sure she never wanted to age, but Lazarus assured her that he wouldn't be sorry. So, she eventually did, knowing that aruging with her adopted father would probably result in something bad for her.

After that, they began to recruit

So begins...

Lazarus's Story


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