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Summer 2

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a character in “Summer Reunited”, as played by Whatsername


Hi! Whatsername here :]. If that's too long for you, KC is fine too. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, hit me up via PM or IM!

I'll say we're starting on July 4th, with the setting of the roleplay being at FC Sean O'Pry, Kylie Jenner, Tinashe, Isha Blaaker''s Beverly Hills house. Their parents would have left a few days before for a summer vacation to Europe, so all of the group will primarily be living there for the summer. I am totally down for the idea of them jet setting to NY, Miami, or anywhere else throughout the roleplay, though!

Celebrity kids are marveled over for various reasons. From day one, their worth is set at potentially millions of dollars as paparazzi vie to capture the first photo of them. The world is captivated by the magnificent lives that they were born into and it's hard not to envy their lifestyle. They're always wearing the most expensive clothes, driving the nicest cars and playing with the newest toys. By the age of ten, many of them have traveled farther than most adults will in a lifetime, and maybe even more importantly, made connections that will keep them relevant for a lifetime. Many of these connections are the children of other famous people who either attend the same elite academies as them, live in the same gated communities or befriended their parents through mutual projects and careers.

Our story focuses on one of the most obsessed over group of celebrity children. Their the ones who seem to run Hollywood's social scene- the ones who her hitting new social media records every day for how many "likes" their photos are getting, or for how intensely bombarded by paparazzi they are, just simply walking out of a coffee shop. The six boys and six girls are children to some of the most well known people in the country but are beginning to make their own names as well. Recently, tight schedules have prevented them from frequently uniting as the infamous group they're known for. This summer, however, they have all cleared two months to spend together and they plan on making it count.

  • I love characters that are unique, well-developed and offer something interesting to the story. Please do your best to "fall in love" with your character. If you're going to be half-hearted with your posts and development, it won't offer as much to the plot as one who has been thoroughly thought through. With this in mind, I am willing to change a FC if you envisioned your character to look differently. Just let me know beforehand so I can approve it, and it should be fine!
  • Don't join and disappear! Please! Every one of us has a life outside of the computer and I don't expect you to make a post every day. Just be courteous to your fellow roleplayers. Don't disappear in the middle of a dramatic argument or scene where everyone is waiting on your character. As long as you let us know beforehand, I am completely understanding with not being able to post for a few days.
  • IC drama is awesome! Please be creative when making relationships with other characters so we have interesting story lines to work with. Every character is flawed (some more than others), so try to make sure that you aren't making a Mary/Gary Sue character. All of the characters in the roleplay are going to be wealthy. Please do not come in here declaring your character is the wealthiest person in the world, or is so gorgeous that every male will automatically, no questions asked, get a boner looking at her. Please. I'm so tired of that.
  • If you're interested in a character, let us know in the OOC thread and in that post, also include what name you want to be referred to OOC (if it's not your username). I won't reserve any roles for someone specifically until the finished character sheet is approved, but it's always helpful to know and keep track of who's trying for what role.

Owen Collins' father's first affair led to the dissolution of his own marriage, to Owen's mother, and almost destroyed his mistress' relationship as well. It took a lot of money from his wallet to keep both women quiet, but that wasn't much of an issue for Phil Knight, who was a self-made billionaire after founding Nike. However, it wasn't like his baby mamas, and yes, that "s" became necessary after his affair, were nobodies, either. Owen's mother was an heiress in her own right, and the mistress was none other than Kris Jenner, at the time, only known for being the ex of OJ Simpson's lawyer, and then married to Olympic star, Bruce Jenner. In order to protect the stability of her marriage, Phil agreed to act as if Kris' child wasn't his. He was okay with doing this, still paying child support and keeping his paternal position secret to anyone outside of the family until Kris' reality television showed got off of the ground. At that point, it became clear to him - and the world - that his daughter was being exploited by her own mother, like the rest of her sisters. Their custody battle for [Kylie Jenner FC] was kept private per Kris' insistence, but Phil came out with primary custody of [Kylie Jenner FC]. The only catch, was that she would still participate in the television show, and would act as if Kris still had full custody of her. This went on for years, and it was only recently, that TMZ found out and leaked the fact that [Kylie Jenner FC] isn't the biological child of Bruce (now Caitlin). Who does [Kylie Jenner FC] want to blame for this? No one other than her stepmother's children, [Tinashe FC] and [Isha Blaaker FC].

Owen Collins | Sean O'Pry FC | 25 years old | Taken by Whatsername
Name | Isha Blaaker FC | 24-28 years old | Open
Name | Tinashe FC | 25 years old | Open
Name | Kylie Jenner FC | 18 years old | Taken by LaurenAFI

The Rockefellers are known throughout the world as being one of America's most influential families. Their spot as the wealthiest family in the world has been overtaken since their rule back in the day, but it's no doubt that their name will always be associated with wealth, power, and in a sense, American royalty. There have been many generations of Rockefellers, but this generation might just be the most scandalous, although it's not something that they parade around. [Minka Kelly FC] and [Leighton Meester FC] are twenty-three year old twins. [Minka Kelly FC] has always been the perfect child, which meant that [Leighton Meester FC] grew up in her shadow. Whether it be in school, in athletics, or in popularity, she was always one step behind her sister. She knows that she doesn't have it as bad as their older brother, Christopher, who was basically exiled from the family for a few years when he developed a bit of a drug problem. He's back now, but he has come to terms with the fact that he'll never be the clean cut, perfect son that his parents wanted. They'll have his younger brother, [Sean O'Donnell FC], for that, he supposes.

Christopher Rockefeller | Andre Hamann FC | 25 years old | Taken by BurningBridges
Name | Minka Kelly FC | 23 years old | Open
Name | Leighton Meester FC | 23 years old | Open
Name | Sean O'Donnell FC | 18-21 years old | Open
If anyone knows scandal, it's this family. Their father is one of the most infamous musicians of his time, and spent his own youth making a name for himself not only in the music industry, but in the world of partying as well. He was banking on his wife, their mother, on being the "responsible" one in the relationship, at least in terms of raising their children, but the famous actress was exposed for having an affair soon after her second child was born, and she left her husband with their two children, [FC Dougie Poynter] and [FC Josephine Skriver], to be with a fellow actor, who was controversially very involved in the Scientology church. Her marriage to this man meant that she had to cut off all contact with her ex and her children, so [FC Josephine Skriver] and [FC Dougie Poynter] essentially grew up with no mother. While their father did grow up some, being forced to raise them, [FC Dougie Poynter] sacrificed a lot of his youth in an attempt to be the best son and brother that he could be. He recently began to pursue his passion of [insert passion here], and has been wildly successful with it, whereas, [FC Josephine Skriver], has had a flourishing modelling career, but is recently being more and more famous for her not-so-innocent actions... like the second DUI she recently got, or the huge drunken scene she made leaving one of New York's hottest night clubs a few nights back...

FC Josephine Skriver | Age 21-24 | Open
FC Dougie Poynter | Age 24-28 | Open

Character Sheet
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So begins...

Summer 2's Story