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Summer Tail

Summer Tail


What happens when three mermaids decide to go against their father's law to meet human boys? Three human boys they'd been watching for so long? Chaos. That's what! (OPEN! :D)

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Summer Tail


They had watched them all summer. The mermaids, the sisters (feternal triplets), the daughters of Triton himself; they had watched three human boys from afar. The boys were down on the beach almost every day either passing an oddly shaped object(a football) or surfing the waves. The girls always had to keep their distance, heads barely above the surface of the crystal blue water. They could never get too close.. And it drove them crazy. Unlike the other merfolk who were clearly wary of the humans, the "land dwellers" as they called them, the sisters were not. Instead, they were fasinated by them, and wanted to know more and more. When they first spotted the male, human land dwellers on the land, the beach, they knew they had to speak to them. Somehow. Some way. But how?

Their father, Triton, god of the sea, especially despised the humans. For many years humans killed merfolk, until the fishermen were considered crazy, and the "sport" finally died. However, Triton had struck a problem in the later years. During the late days of summer, when the moon was at its highest point, was the only time merfolk could breed. To do so, naturally, they had to migrate to the land where they received their "pillars." That's what the merfolk call legs, pillars. The thing is, a mermaid/man is only allowed to keep their pillars for two weeks, then they are forced back into the ocean. If they do not go back, their pillars turn back into their tails.. And they will die.

So, sadly, Triton is forced to send his beloved people up to the wrenched land once a year for two whole, dreadful weeks. Of course, not everyone goes. Every merperson from the age sixteen to nineteen must go. (I know what you're thinking.. SIXTEEN is young! True, merfolk have different ways of thinking, though) They are assigned a "mate" and are simply forced up to land to, well, mate.. Then come back, hopefully, bearing a child to keep the line of merfolk going. If the do not succeed they are forced on land up until they do bear an infant, or.. Until they turn the age of twenty. Unlike humans, who are at their healthiest carrying a baby in their twenties (females that is), mermaids have feeble bones. They are all structured small, standing on their pillars being no taller than 5'5". Due to this, carrying a child any older than twenty can be proven hazardous to their health and the babies. Also, before a mermaid gives birth she is given her pillars once more, forced back on land, has her child, then returns to the water. Most mermaids go into labor around the same time and surface to the land in small "schools" of two and three mermaids at a time.

This year, is King Triton's daughters' (his only children) sixteenth birthday. This year.. They must go on land. He is suppose to assign them a mate, but has been lacking the heart to do so.
However, his daughters have another thing in mind. They plan on ditching their so-called "mates" and finding the land dwellers, the human boys. This, naturally, was the youngest(by fifteen minutes exactly) daughter's idea. But..

Doing so they would be breaking one of their Father's most sacred, unforgivable rules...


This was set by the King himself over one hundred years ago, and has yet to be broken in almost sixty years. The last time it happened the merman , who supposably found himself attracted to a female land dweller, was executed by Triton.. On the spot. However, the girls do not take the rule that seriously. They have been watching these guys.. These human guys for many months. It's their chance!! And they aren't about to let their father.. Or a tail.. Get in the way of it.

Things You Need To Know:
☼ Merfolk are immortal, to a certain extent. At the age of thirty they stop aging physically. Sort of a sucky age to stop at, huh?
☼ When Merfolk cry their tears are a liquid gold color.
☼ Their canines are a bit sharper than the average human, but not that sharp, like a vampires or anything.
☼ Merfolk blood is blue, not red.
☼ Their tears and blood are the only two things that can distinguish them from humans when they have their legs during the certain time in summer. However, their voices are amazing, beautiful, unhumanly to say the least. That's were the legend came from about mermaids lurring fishermen into crashing into rocks. They don't do that.. However, there have been mermaids known to break to the surface and sing for the enjoyment of doing so.
☼ In the water, underneath that is, merfolk talk telepathically. It's much easier, since talking aloud under water is a bit impossible. Due to this, many like to go to the surface and speak aloud. However, it's forbidden by Triton. Therefore, many do not know how to speak aloud.
☼ When Merfolk first get their pillars(legs) they're very clumsy since they're not use to it.
☼ All Merfolk can control the element of water.
☼ I will add more when I think about of something. CHECK BACK!!

The Plot:
If you did not get much from what I wrote above, here you go. Hopefully this will sum up the whole plot, but if you're still confused PLEASE ask me questions. I love questions! ;D
Okay, the daughters of Triton have just turned sixteen; they're faternal triplets, which is rare. (Due to this fact their mother died three hours after giving birth to the youngest :/)This is the summer they must go to land with their "mate" they're given to hopefully conceive a child. Can you imagine the horror Triton is feeling? All three of his babies going at once to try and become pregnant with a child of their own! However, the sisters have something else in mind.. Something far more horrorific then King Triton could ever imagine.

Since the beginning of summer the mermaids had been watching three teenaged boys from out in the ocean. They came across these curious land dwellers one evening when they, of course, were going against their father's rule.. And broke to the surface of the water. Now, the sisters can not stop thinking about those strange, human boys who stood upon those boards on the water. Every evening it had become a ritual.. Racing each other to the surface to catch a simple glance at "their human" as they called them.

Naturally, the teenaged boys have no idea they're being "stalked" by girls with tails. You see, the boys are three best friends. They came to the beach for summer vaction with the oldest of the group, and have one more month left before they must return home. They're living it up. Teen clubs, beach parties, bonfires, drinking, dancing.. Girls, girls, girls. What do you think will happen when three mystery chicks pop up into their lives? Chaos, that's what.

And what to you think they'll do when they find out those girls.. Well, those girls are mermaids. Princesses of the Sea.
The role play will start on the morning of The Culling.(That's what merfolk call the time when certain mermaids/men are chosen to go on land and mate.) The girls will be plotting their escape to land before they receive their mates. (All merfolk who are chosen get their pillars at exactly twelve o'clock midnight by Triton. He casts a spell and.. Waaa-la! When this happens Triton will not notice his daughters missing, they will be making a mad dash for land. Etc, etc. The boys will be at a party on the beach. And yeah.. It will play out. (I'll tell more before the role play actually begins, naturally)



The Roles :

The Eldest Sister: (First born :D) She's more level-headed than the other two. A motherly figure. She can talk her and her sisters' way out of any sticky situation. Very protective of her sisters. OPEN/RESERVED/TAKEN
The Middle Sister: (Born seven minutes after the eldest) She's the temper out of her two sisters. Very sarcastic, back-talker, sassy. She likes to rebel any way she can. OPEN/RESERVED/TAKEN
The Youngest Sister: (Born fifteen minutes after the eldest) She's rather shy and bashful. Outspoken, yet highly opionated. However, she has a fiesty side. None-the-less, it surprised her sisters when she gave the idea to sneak away and find the human land dwellers. OPEN/RESERVED/TAKEN by Me :)

Boy One: The one that brought the other two to the beach with him. His parents own a beach house. Very brave, funny, loves sports and being healthy. He is eighteen, and the one that The Youngest Sister has been watching. OPEN/RESERVED/TAKEN
Boy Two: The one who was dragged along to the beach by the other two. Not really into it, rather be inside, but whatever. He's a "skater boy," but likes sports.. Soccer that is. However, he'd rather play video games. He's seventeen, and the one that The Middle Sister has been watching. OPEN/RESERVED/TAKEN
Boy Three: He's Boy One's cousin. A goofball, real laid back. He likes being outside, playing sports like his cousin, or reading a good comic book. Yeah, just a bit nerdy. He is fixing to turn eighteen (currently seventeen, duh :P), and the one that The Eldest Sister has been watching. OPEN/RESERVED/TAKEN

If you have any questions about the characters, please ask! :P King Triton is a NPC that will be played by me when needed!

Character Sheet(s)!! :D
Please erase everything in ( ) <-- brackets or whatever. x) Also, make the character sheet pretty! Feel free to add more than one picture!! Impress me! :D
Code: Select all
[center][img]Picture here; REALISTIC ONLY[/img][/center]
[b]Name:[/b] (Merfolk do not have last nor middle names, only first. Make it something unique! :D)
[b]Age:[/b] (Obviously sixteen)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Really? xD)
[b]Role:[/b] (What are you? The Eldest Sister, what? :o)
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least five good sentences)
[b]Appearance Description:[/b] (What is or isn't shown in  the picture? At least six sentences here)
[b]Likes:[/b] (At least five)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (At least five)
[b]Brief History:[/b] (Optional; if you do put one, at least seven sentences.)
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything I missed or you want to add?)

Code: Select all
[center][img]Picture here; REALISTIC ONLY[/img][/center]
[b]Full Name:[/b] (First, Middle, Last)
[b]Nickname:[/b] (If they have one)
[b]Age:[/b] (Listed by character role)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Really? :P)
[b]Role:[/b] (Boy One, Three, what?)
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least five good sentences)
[b]Appearance Description:[/b] (What is or isn't shown in the picture? At least six sentence here)
[b]Likes:[/b] (At least five)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (At least five)
[b]Brief History:[/b] (Optional; if you do put one, at least seven sentences.)
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything I missed or you want to add?)

ONE- I am the GM, the Law, the Word, the Order, the BOSS! What I say goes, ya' dig? :P
TWO- In this role play I want, no need literate role players, which means: Whenever you post pleaasseee try to use corrent punctuation, spelling, and grammar to the best of your ability. I understand mistakes; trust me, I make way too many of them myself! All I'm asking is for you to try. :) Also, each post needs to be at least two paragraphs long. (Five sentences a paragraph, if not more)
THREE- Please don't get all pissy and blow up the OOC if something does not go the way you planned or whatever. Breathe. PM me whatever the problem is, or whoever the problem is, and I'll handle it to the best of my GM ability. :D
FOUR- You can cuss. I do it myself!! But please, not it every single sentence. That's just annoying, sorry.
FIVE- If you've read EVERYTHING please put 'Mermaid Tails and Seashells' in the 'Other' section of your character sheet. :3
SIX- I love detailed posts, absolutely love them. I love being able to see what the character sees, smells, feels, etc. I, myself, try to be descriptive(failing most of the time), however PLEASE do not describe sex scenes. Anything up to the point, go for it.. But sex? No thank you. Take that shizz somewhere else! Thanks, ;P
SEVEN- Please follow the Plot. I left it kind of open, to a certain extent. When they meet they can go off and do stuff, but still. Follow. The. Plot. :X If you have any questions about it Just. Ask! XD
EIGHT- Reservations for characters only last twenty-four hours!!! :O
NINE- Last one, cheesy I know, but have fun! :P If you don't I'd hate you have to pull out my glock, and- Ahah, just kidding. :) I might add onto the rules here in a bit if I think of more, so check back periodically!


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can i reserve the youngest sister, or is that taken??

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I'd like to play in this, if one of the reserved spots ends up free :) I'lll play either male or female.

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All your spots are reserved! :D I'm surprised this role play got interest so quickly! ^^

@Sylent: Woah! Glad you've decided to join then! Can't wait to see your character! :)

@ CuteAsKaylah: You may, :o Try to get the sheet up soon though, because someone sent in a character for that slot already, waiting to see your's! :T

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boy one pls

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Can I reserve the middle sister? Or compete for it?

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Not what I usually do, I'll admit, but this one looks interesting--refreshing even. So what the heck, may I reserve 'Boy 3'

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Can I have the oldest sister?

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This sounds fun! Can I reserve the middle sister?

Summer Tail

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