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Sumray Adventure

Sumray Adventure


{ Private. Doesn't hurt to ask for a part though. }

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Finn || 15 || Flareon and Charmander || Played by InakoUchiha

Momo || 10 || Eevee || Played by CyberGlowfly

Ume || 10 || Eevee || Played by Arrow-


Monarch Badge - Bug and Poison - Sunup Town

Nightmare Badge - Ghost and Dark - Laplooma Town

Sorbet Badge - Ice and Fairy - Radia Caves

Carbon Badge - Rock and Steel - Evergenta Jungle

Terra Badge - Grass and Ground - Blusteria Beach

Eruption Badge - Fire and Fighting - Evergenta Town

Casino Badge - Psychic and Normal - Glacium City

Tempest Badge - Flying and Water - Imperium City

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Tormoss Town
Cilan and Touko's House
April 13, 2014

Ume yawned as she woke and rubbed her eyes. She looked around curiously, eyes pausing as they caught sight of the calander on her and her twin sisters wall. She gasped, morning energy suddenly rushing into her body. "Momo!" She whispered and shook her sleeping sister. As the girl shook her awake, Momo cried out. "What?!" She soon was awake and up like her sister and they both were jumping on the bed simultaniously while chanting. "It's our birthday! It's our birthday!" Ume grinned and ran downstairs, her hand clutching her sisters tightly. Their grins were so wide they even began to hurt.

Touko looked over as she heard the thumping of little feet coming downstairs. She grinned. "Looks like the little monsters are awake." She laughed. As the food sizzled in the skillet and the oven went off, Cilan chuckled. "They are just excited. I remember the time when Chili, Cress and I got our first Pokemon. It was the same way." He continued cooking as the Simisage went around the kitchen helping.

Touko smiled. She turned to the child sitting at the table. "Thank you for coming home Finn, I'm sure your sisters will be happy to see you again... How are your Pokemon?" She asked her eldest son. Finn looked at his mother and tried smiling. "They're doing pretty well. I'm pretty sure the twins would be happy." He said attempting harder to smile. He looked at his father and got up. "The little moss heads need to get up." He replied with his usual tone. Touko laughed. "I can hear them now.."

Ume ran downstairs with her sister and ran into the kitchen table and hit their heads accidentally. Ume winced and sniffled. Cilan rushed over quickly and bent down to see to their injuries.The mint haired man scooped the children up and kissed both of their noses and rocking them back while they cheered up. Finn sighed "Hey you more careful." He said with a smile...well a fake one. "Do I seriously have to watch these clumsy clowns?" He asked his father.

Ume looked over with a sniffle. "Huh..? Brother... BROTHER!" She cried happily. It had been a long time since they had seen him. Touko laughed and smiled. Momo and Ume both jumped from their father's arms onto their older brother. They both squiggled and squirmed, rambling on and asking irrelevant questions.

"Calm down, birthday Aipoms." He spoke with an annoyed tone. "Listen after breakfast, we're going down to Professor Hemlock's lab for your only birthday present." Ume blinked. "Professor Hemlock..? Does that mean we get our Pokemon today!?"

Touko smiled. "Maybe, you'll just have to wait and see." The two sisters whined at the statement.

Momo and Ume got down from their brother's lap and then got in two seats sitting side by side as food was placed in front of him. Each plate had fried potatoes and eggs with ham along with two glasses of Oran Berry Juice. They quickly tried to finish their breakfast, excited for what awaited them.

Ume hopped up when she was finished and washed her hands. She then ran back upstairs with her sister to change. She put on a pretty light green dress, orange jacket and a pair of brown boots. Momo did the same but her colors were inverted. She had a orange dress, green jacket along with brown boots. They both grabbed a pair of red lensed goggles and helped the other put theirs on.

Ume took her sisters hand. "I hope they're cute... And fluffy! Oh! Oh! And strong!" She gushed happily. She was overjoyed at the fact that they would finally be starting their journey... They would have originally had to wait if they hadn't had an older brother who could take them. Finn waited on his sisters while they got dressed. He himself, was wearing a longsleeved fishnet shirt with a dark grey hoodie over it. He was wearing his favorite set of black jeans with his silver sneakers. He looked up "UME, MOMO GET DOWN HERE!" he yelled, after all he didn't have eternity. They both ran down the stairs and stopped in front of their brother. "Ready!" They replied in unison then Finn guided them out the door after they said goodbye to Mother and Father.

Touko smiled and then sighed. "They grow up so fast..." She murmured. Cilan went over to his wife then kissed her cheek. "Yes. Yes, they do."

Ume looked at their front yard and smiled. She would miss the big garden with the buzzing Ledyba and Caterpie. The sisters followed after their brother until they arrived at the doors to the Laboratory. They grinned at each other happily. Finn sighed, as they walked down the road. He had spotted a few of his childhood friends running around with kites. "When was I ever that childish?" he asked himself. He looked at the stone building ahead, his face came up in a smile...great and bad memories. Ume and Momo rushed past their brother and burst through the doors. "Professor!" Momo yelled. "We need our Pokemon!" Ume chimed. "Please!" They called in unison.

Professor Hemlock looked over and smiled at the children. "Hello girls." He paused when he saw the boy beside them. "Nice to see you again Finn." He commented before turning his attention back to the twins. "So, you've come to get your first Pokemon then? I remember when I got my first Pokemon... But that's a story for another time..." He chuckled.

He led them over to the back of the room where there was two small boxes, one with a green ribbon and one with an orange.


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#, as written by Arrow-

Ume padded over to the boxes quickly. "Which one is whose?" She asked curiously, to which Professor Hemlock replied, "That's for you to decide..." Ume looked to her sister and then ran over to the box with the orange ribbon. She waited for her sister to get to the box with the green ribbon before they both opened them up. They gasped simultaneously. In the boxes were two identical Eevees. The twins squealed in glee but then were attacked by the young Pokemon. They both jumped out and playfully attacked the girls. They began to lick the small girl's face almost like a dog. When they had calmed down, the twins sat on the floor with their Eevees. One had a bright dandelion colored ribbon tied in a bow around its neck and the other had the same but the bow was a deep ocean blue.

Professor Hemlock smiled at the girls. It was good to see youth getting excited over their first Pokemon. He hadn't seen it in a while since they were such a small town, with hardly any children willing to go on Pokemon adventures. "So girls, do you want to give them each a nickname?"

Ume grinned and cuddled her little Eevee close to her. The little Pokemon ran around her lap quickly. "Hm... I think I'll name mine Bolt." She grinned and looked over at her sister. "What about you Momo?" Momo had been looking in her Eevee's eyes, as if she had made mental connection with her. "Dew." She replied calmly then smiled at her sister.

Professor Hemlock smiled. "Good... So now what do you plan on doing?" He asked. Ume hummed. "Go on an adventure! To get all the gym badges." She grinned. Momo gazed up at the professor as the little Eevee pulled at Momo's free strands of hair playfully. "I don't know. I'm going to stay with Ume though."

Ume giggled and got up. She retrieved the pokeball from the Professor and took her sisters hands. They traveled back to their home where their parents were waiting outside with their backpacks. Touko smiled. "Beautiful Eevees." She murmured. Ume nodded. "Mine is named Bolt and Momo's is named Dew." She informed her mother as she and her sister both put on their backpacks.

Touko smiled at her babies. "In the bag there is a change of clothes for you, three pokeballs, some pokemon food, snacks for both of you, some potions, not to mention toiletries because you can't forget to brush your teeth! Also, there is some money for both of you, spend it wisely." She ranted like the concerned mother she was. "Now, if you ever get homesick, don't hesitate to call us on your Xtransceiver or on the computers at the Pokecenters..." Cilan laughed at his wife softly. "But remember, you two have to have fun, and listen to your brother." Momo looked at her father with confusion. "But I'm smarter then he is..." Cilan laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of his head, continuing onto the conversation before their son had time to yell back. "Just make sure you stick together, for heavens sake don't let your sister get lost again, you know how she likes to wander off." Momo nodded while she held her sister's hand up. "Yes Papa!"

Cilan smiled and nodded. "Good, now go ahead... Be careful." He gave hugs to his daughters and smiled at his son. Touko gave the girls long hugs with tons of kisses before Cilan finally peeled her off. "O-Okay babies... Be careful... Come home soon!" She cried. It wasn't everyday your little taillows left the nest. She leaned on her husband and sighed... This was going to be a hard time, no more children at home to play with.

Ume waved back at them as they walked away. "Bye Mama, bye Papa!" She yelled.


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Finn looked at his parents and nodded his head before bidding his farewells to his parents and bowing towards the professor. The reason he was a pretentious, cold-hearted jerk was because of a battle he failed. As he and his sisters walked, he began to remember it.

It was the middle of summer, Finn was traveling with two new friends he met with the knowledge, of him having to return home soon. He made plenty of friends, and he was telling them about how he got his Eevee, Blaze. "So I was sitting in his lab, and he told me my father had already arranged for me to get my starter. Unusually it was an Eevee. So I had received Blaze here and we haven't parted." Finn spoke with wild enthusiasm. "So, I have a Tepig!" the blonde boy he met, Trevor, had spoken. "I found him in the forest nearby here, and we kinda clicked." Trevor spoke as if the Pokemon were human. "I got Oshawott from Professor Juniper, then I decided to travel." the only girl in the group spoke. Eventually they got to their destination Finn was going for the Nightmare Badge, so he could prove to his parents he was strong. The young boy was 14 almost 15 and he was surprisingly careless. As they entered, Finn hid behind Trevor, because the area scared him. As they walked in they saw the Nightmare Gym Leader, Grimm Wilhelm. "Let me guess, you want the badge of Imagenightmares?" he spoke with a calm demeanor, writing something down in a notebook of sorts. "Yeah!" Finn said loudly, hearing his own echo made him jump. "Okay, who is going first?" he asked. "I am!" Finn spoke, his green hair fell down and he smiled. "Okay, let's begin this. It is a one-on-one Pokemon battle. You may start." he spoke with a calm voice. "Blaze,Come On!!" he yelled throwing his pokeball as the Eevee came out. "Haunter, let's start this play!" as the man spoke Finn saw that he was using a Haunter. Finn took that to heart and smiled. "Blaze let's go! Use Sand Attack!" he said with excitement as the Pokemon did as told. "Haunter Doge, then use Dark Pulse!" the gym leader commanded. With no effort the Haunter moved and attacked the Eevee, with no time to dodge Blaze was hit. "Haunter use, Confusion." he spoke as the Pokemon did his order. "Blaze, Dodge and use Double Team! Then Use Shadow Ball!" Finn yeleld as the Eevee created more copies he was hit by the Confusion and hit itself with he Shadow Ball. Finn knew Blaze had fainted, he knew, but he didn't want to lose. "BLAZE GET UP! PLEASE!" he yelled loudly, he started to tear and ran to his Pokemon who was injured severely.. He looked at Blaze and made him return, he put his hat into his eyes and walked out. Later that day he had battled Grimm again, and won but he had a diferent sense of order. His Eevee had evolved into a Flareon, and he won because of the damage he did. He knew he would be different. His carelessness and self-centeredness had almost killed his friend...he had left the city, to return to his hometown. Along the way he had caught a Froakie, and childishly named it Froggles.

He walked along hearing the occasional chitter chatter from his sisters, and pulled his hat over his own face. "God...this will be long..I mean a very long trip." he looked at the clouds and saw how they were darkening.


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Momo watched Dew carefully as the young Eevee jumped happily down the path, attack every leaf and flower that flew through the air. They were polar opposites but something seemed right about them being together. She watched Bolt as she walked right next to Momo and stayed close by calm nature. They seemed exactly the same. Her sister bounced forward along with Dew and it almost seemed as if the pairing was wrong. Was Momo supposed to get Bolt and Ume get Dew? Momo heard her brother speak behind her and she bent her back backwards so that she could look at him without turning around. She shrugged it off then started looking off into the forest. It seemed peaceful but Pokemon calls seemed to radiate out of the forest. "What's in there...."

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"Blaze, Flamethrower. Froggles, Watergun NOW!"


Character Portrait: Finn Dent
Finn Dent

"Blaze, Flamethrower. Froggles, Watergun NOW!"

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