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Sunny Side: Ward of the State

Sunny Side: Ward of the State


Come in and read it, its not long and i promise its worth it! =)

783 readers have visited Sunny Side: Ward of the State since emotionless created it.


Sunny Side Estate


Here at sunny side, our goal is to help you, help yourself. We are her to support you in healing and growing into the wonderful young adult you where always meant to be. Here at Sunny side you have all the luxuries any young adult of your age should have and could possibly want. 3 means a day, a beautiful bedroom all to yourself, and classes meant to help you grow as a young member of society. You will have free time to do some self development but always remember we are here to be your helping hand.

THE PLOT: 18 to 20 years ago, you became a ward of the state by either having been considered lost, broken, or simply an unwanted child. Growing up you where placed in several lovely homes but there always seemed to be some sort of problem, an incident that made them send you at the tender young age your at, the state still feels as though you arent quite ready to be on your own. But never fear, you have time to prove it, at Sunny Side Estate, a ward for the young disturbed people with criminal records.....but is there a more sinister side to sunny side? It seems that someone is out to get you, and your abilities that no one seems to see that you have....or maybe you are just crazy? well its time to find out. This is a completely character driven rp, so please be creative and keep it going. There will be weird incidents and strange happenings plotted by me the great and powerful gm, but character and plot development is based on you!



Name: Jessamie Dharma, Face Claim: Emma Stone, Age: 20, Disorder: Schizophrenia, Power: Necromancy

Schizophrenia -- Psychotic disorders involve distorted awareness and thinking. Two of the most common symptoms of psychotic disorders are hallucinations -- the experience of images or sounds that are not real, such as hearing voices -- and delusions, which are false beliefs that the ill person accepts as true, despite evidence to the contrary.

Taken By Emotionless


Name: Emanuel Simmons, Face Claim: Jackson Rathbone, Age: 19, Disorder: PSTD, Power:Psychometry

PTSDβ€” is a severe condition that may develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events, such as sexual assault, serious injury or the threat of death. The diagnosis may be given when a group of symptoms such as disturbing recurring flashbacks, avoidance or numbing of memories of the event, and hyperarousal (high levels of anxiety) continue for more than a month after the traumatic event.


Name: Gwendolen Cicely, Face Claim: Jennifer Lawrence, Age: 19, Disorder: Bipolar, Power: Empathy
Bipolar-- These disorders, also called affective disorders, involve persistent feelings of sadness or periods of feeling overly happy, or fluctuations from extreme happiness to extreme sadness.


Name: Philip Maelys, Face Claim: Kellen Lutz, Age: 18, Disorder: Dissociative identity disorder, Power: Duplication
Dissociative identity disorder-- People with these disorders suffer severe disturbances or changes in memory, consciousness, identity, and general awareness of themselves and their surroundings.


Name: Claudine Ginevra, Face Claim:hayden panettiere, Age: 18, Disorder: Somatoform disorder, Power: Healing
Somatoform disorder -- A person with a somatoform disorder, formerly known as psychosomatic disorder, experiences physical symptoms of an illness, even though a doctor can find no medical cause for the symptoms.


Name: Taren Stevens, Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer, Age: 20, Disorder: Pyromania, Power: Pyrokinesis
Pyromania -- is an impulse control disorder in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires, in order to relieve tension or for instant gratification.



1. I am not opposed to killing people off if my rules aren't followed
2. I will not accept any characters that aren't well developed
3. I am not a grammar or spelling Nazi but i will not accept text talk
4. Of course i expect romance, but don't get me kicked off
5. If you want to make some changes to your characters basic elements (such as fc, and whatnot)run it by me first.
6. No god moding
7. Dont be a dick, in or out of the rp. I expect some friction and fighting and whatnot, but dont make your character completely unlikable.
8. Have fun, these rules are more of guidelines than rules.

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Re: Sunny Side: Ward of the State

Im really sorry for doing this but i would like to take back my reservation. I'm sorry it's just that im more busy than i use to be and i can't RP as much.

Re: Sunny Side: Ward of the State

Okay, as mentioned in the rules, i can negotiate the face claim, just tell me who and i'll consider him.

Re: Sunny Side: Ward of the State

Although I don't really like his faceclaim I'm very interested in this roleplay and I actually have Dissociative Identity Disorder myself so I'd be super interested in playing the 18 year old DID sufferer.

Re: Sunny Side: Ward of the State

Reserved you two. I will be putting up my character tonight. i would like to have you follow that as a basic outline, and i will be requiring a writing sample.

Re: Sunny Side: Ward of the State

Can i claim Jennifer Lawrence please! And do you have a Character Sheet i can use or make up my own?

Re: Sunny Side: Ward of the State

Could I claim Hayden Panettiere please?

Sunny Side: Ward of the State

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I will be adding more information to the rp soon, i'm just a little tied up right now, but any questions you have feel free to ask along with reservations and whatnot Also be warned, i will be putting up my character tonight. i would like to have you follow that as a basic outline, and i will be requiring a writing sample.