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Daichi Sasaki

"Oh? May I help you with something?"

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a character in “Sūpāmisuterī Academy”, as played by cielo-drago


"...You have got to be kidding me."

♛Daichi Sasaki

"I'm stating facts, that's all."



★ Name ☆
Daichi Sasaki

★ Age ☆

★ Role ☆
Male Student #1

★ Team ☆
Judicial Alliance

★Gender ☆

★ Place Of Birth ☆
Tokyo, Japan

★ Sexuality ☆

★ Face Claim ☆
Nobuchika Ginoza (PSYCHO-PASS)


★ Theme Songs ☆
Bleed It Out┊Linkin Park

★ Personality ☆
Well Mannered | | Spoiled | | Manipulative | | Competitive
Daichi comes off as a polite gentleman, usually putting on a very formal exterior, along with a professional way of talking and a generally more mature aura then most teenagers his age give off. He's well in tun with what he does, and can easily put on false smiles or shift his mood instantly, most often hiding behind his polite facade. He doesn't ever raise his voice, and almost never drops his professional tone with people, even if he's fairly comfortable with them.

Deeper in the shell is his true personality. In all truths, he despises people on the spot, often judging them without a chance to hear an explanation or reason from the other, since usually he deems it as a waste of time, showing his more impatient nature. If you slip up once, he'll be sure to remember it, and use it against you if it'll benefit himself in some way. He has no qualms against using people, often seeing them as tools to use for a limited time.

That being said, he has not forged any deep bond with anyone before, save for a pet cat who lives at home. Most people to him are simply contacts, or competitors who are after the first place that he deems only himself can win. He has an uncanny ability for picking out weak points, so one must be very careful as Daichi is usually watching everyone he meets very closely, behind his polite mask.

★ Bio ☆
Daichi was born in a hospital in Tokyo, Japan to a successful surgeon of a father, and a mother who was a nurse. From birth, it was already decided he would become another surgeon, similar to his father. He often went with his father when he went to America, staying there for most of the year before flying back to Japan for the other half. While he was younger, the only time he spent with his father was at night, usually staying at home with the company of a nanny and a small grey kitten, or going to private school.

He was actually quite spoiled as a child, his father usually buying him new things whenever he requested it. It was a way to make up for not always being there, at least that's what he thought. Daichi was ten when his father took him to view a surgery, and as he watched he became some-what interested in it, and how the human body worked. After that, throughout middle school he was already studying more advanced math, science, and other core subjects with private tutors and within a few months time, he was already well-ahead then he was in school.

High school was when he began going to medical events with his father, forcing him to develop a personality of politeness so he wouldn't offend anyone. He began to have the habit of that being his front personality, and it seemed to be to his advantage since he became quite social, and not to mention it came in handy once a person was comfortable with you. He began noticing constant habits people did, and began to look for signs at that, developing very sharp observation skills.

With High School coming to an end in just a year, and he was already accepted into Tokyo University and in the medical program, there wasn't much to be done. As far as he was concerned, he already had his future set so when he did received the letter from the academy he was about to wave it off, and toss it to the side. His father saw the name of the academy, and looked surprised. The older man pulled up reports from their first closing and reading through the reports made Daichi a bit more interested in the said school.

Seeing as there was nothing much to loose, he decided to accept and attend the academy, just to show that these were nothing but stories before anyone else had the chance to do it.

★ Talents And Skills ☆
♤ Observant
♤ Manipulative
♤ Composure
♤ Motivated
♤ First Aid




★Reason For Coming ☆
After reading about the school, it honestly perked up his interest in it. A school, who had been shut down due to students disappearing had been reopened for what reason? There was no logical explanation for whatever was going on, but Daichi believes it is just a hoax. Surely there was some trick to it, since there's no way things like malevolent ghosts could exist.

Believing that the school was just a normal school, he decided to accept the invitation in order to see and find out just what makes the school tick.

★Likes ☆
    ♛ Coffees & Teas
    ♛ Reading
    ♛ Puzzles
    ♛ Winning
    ♛ Mature People
    ♛ Realism
★ Dislikes ☆
♕ Delusional Views
♕ Using Contacts
♕ Losing his Glasses
♕ Immature/Annoying People
♕ Wasting Time
♕ Losing
♕ People Seeing Through Him


So begins...

Daichi Sasaki's Story


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UPDATE: 6/20/14

DAY 40

After a month at the academy, it seems all the students have gotten use to the life here. They have understood their schedules and have made friends with their room mates. It seems that everyone has let their guard down about all these ghost rumors. Even the teachers have relaxed a bit and focused more on teaching the students then looking out for strange things. How long will this peace last

((Please keep in mind to post in PLACES not POSTINGS. The place "Mordern" will be used for story changes, updates, etc. I am aware we are still missing one profile. I have spoken to the person and the profile will be made.
You may now begin posting in the rp. And remember, always watch your back))

The setting changes from Modern to Head Mistress' Office

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Character Portrait: Rin Kanabe Character Portrait: Daichi Sasaki Character Portrait: Michiyo Sakamoto Character Portrait: Sulwen Omi Character Portrait: Hiro Herzog Character Portrait: Weimin Inohara
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Izumi hummed as she unlocked the door to her office. It seemed to have been a beautiful morning. She had much to doo and truthfully, she wasn't looking forward to it. Having too much work was always a pain in her backside. Someone had to do it and it had to be her. She couldn't really complain though. This school was hers and she had to do what she could to make it better. '

As she walked into the room she couldn't help but think her office looked a bit messy. Perhaps she could come back in the afternoon and clean up? She sat at her desk and placed her things down before heading to the microphone of intercom.

"Good morning students and faculty! I welcome you to another beautiful day here at Sūpāmisuterī Academy. Please do keep in mind for the various after school events we will be having this month. Also please do keep in mind that the library will be opening later on this month. Thank you and have a nice day."

She released the button on the intercom and then began to sigh. Now all she had to do was take care of the mountains of paper work that her assistant head master placed on her desk.

The setting changes from Head Mistress' Office to Modern


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Rin Kanabe Character Portrait: Daichi Sasaki Character Portrait: Michiyo Sakamoto Character Portrait: Sulwen Omi Character Portrait: Hiro Herzog Character Portrait: Weimin Inohara
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Suddenly the floor began to shake. Everyone believed that it would be another normal day at school but it seemed that they were wrong. Loud groans of pain began to be heard as the wooden floors of the school began to shake. What could possibly be happening?

Soon the floor began to cave in. At the bottom, complete darkness. Students and teachers began to be pulled into the darkness with no light source in sight.

Complete darkness. With only the sound of children laughing. Is this hell?


It seems a light can be seen but you seem to black out before getting a glimpse.

Welcome to the past. The old Sūpāmisuterī Academy.Yes. The one you had read or attended. Why have you been brought to this hell? No one knows but all you know is that everyone is not here.

Team Judical Alliance are located now on the first wing of the school while New Horizon is on the other.

However, a student seems to have not survive the fall. (This would be Michaelis_xXx_Elly character.... Who is now a corpse on the floor)

The head mistress and assistant head master are in their old head masters office. The teachers of New Horizon are in the old teachers lounge.

The students are scattered completely. They could be anywhere.

Left wing: First Floor (Judicial Alliance)

Left wing: Second Floor (Judicial Alliance)

Right wing: First Floor (New Horizon)

Right wing: Second Floor(New Horizon)

Underground Basement (All)

What will you do now? Find the others? Or go insane before even taking a step?

((NOTE: If you plan on doing something crazy (becoming a murderer, dying, becoming a spirit etc) or having something crazy done to you (being killed, having a ghost baby etc) please message me c:))