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Luna O'Neil

"Can't get coffee cheaper anywhere else!...not that the coffee is bad or anything!"

0 · 277 views · located in Sunside City, a bustling metropolis city

a character in “Super Crush!?”, as played by Specmarine


Name: Luna O'Neil
"Welcome to my one and only...paper about myself! I will be your guide! Which is me, Luna O'Neil!"

Age: 24
"Just under half of the growing old age, I ain't old yet dangit! I still have young feminine beauty!"

Apperance: Image
Luna wears plenty of black and red clothing. But her usual attire consists of a short black skirt, a black overcoat with a red undershirt. She also wears two belts around her waist as a joke of swords. People who use swords has to have multiple belts, and the more you have chances are you win in the end. When in her superhero phase she wears black pants, a red greatcoat and wears a black and red bandana. She also hides her face with a mask and cap to help hide her hair.

Luna also has long blonde hair, with a section in the center of her hair tied up into a twisted ponytail. She also has teal colored eyes.
"Told you so, For all my fans out there this picture was taken by yours truly! Hope to see you all in person!"

Occupation: A lesser known singer and dancer...and a superhero behind it!
"Ain't no time like the present to become an internet sensation!...can someone quote that for me please?"

Powers: Lightning flow- Luna's body is a walking ball of electricity. She has the power to infuse things with the attributes of lightning or shoot bolts at people. Her favorite is supercharging her fist for one...shocking! Blow!
"Get it? Shocking! Lightning! Bwahahahaha!"

Personality: Luna if a cheerful, flamboyant and otherwise energetic lady. With a heart for musical talent and people, she loves every little bit of the city she lives in. She is a lovely lady during the cheerful hours and a valiant defender during the ill hours.

Strengths: Obviously as a superhero she can take a bit of a beating and return the beating to sender. Her lightning powers are also varied in that it can cover a wide area or focused into one spot. Her personality is also rather infectious made evident during concerts(Which every would-be pop star should always be able to do this)
"The good, the best, and the grand!"

Weakness: Her main weakness would be fighting an opponent made of stone or using stone. Lightning has been proven to not do too much to stone. Other smaller problems is the uneventful shutdown and damaging anything electronic in the vincinity. Which is why she does not keep her phone on her during these times.
"A weakness is simply a uniqueness!"

Background: Born and raised inside the bustling metropolis of the city. Luna ever since she was little had big dreams, she dreamt that one day she would become an idol, a top idol at that where every single person would be cheering her name the second she announced a performance. To be swayed every time she took a step...that was of course a dream. It was not much trouble to sing, the problem was getting people to hear your singing.

As a girl, she did her best to get noticed. Worked up a sweat through school, and the occasional breaking the family toaster by frying it with electricity...wait...that does not happen to toasters daily...

The day when her power manifested, she was extatic. And nervious at the same time. She had the power of electricity in the palm of her hand both figuratively and literally. Her dream was still to become an idol, but with her new power she decided to give one thing a shot...crimefighting. From zapping a would-be theif to stopping an armed robbery. She grew as a superhero, but not very much as an idol.

To this day, Luna still works hard to become an idol while having to face super villains who would do their evil deeds. And having to survive on meager part time earnings and the few people who come to see her perform. Or in those special times they can see her as Lady Volt! The hero that strikes evil like a bolt of lightning!

"Good life...but no money...eheheh...that is not very funny...Why are superheroes more popular than idols!"

So begins...

Luna O'Neil's Story