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Thomas Wyse

Harem Protagonist

0 · 332 views · located in Sunside City, a bustling metropolis city

a character in “Super Crush!?”, as played by Stardust Traveler


Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, compassionate, and a little shy. Inside of him hides a deep sense of bravery and courage tucked hidden away. Respectful and polite, he's a normal human inside and out. Easygoing he's pretty relaxed and an obvious target. A little clumsy but is always there when you need a hand. Love is something far from his mind as he's getting used to just living his new life in the city. Though plans on settling down one day and raise a family.



Harem Type: Protagonist
Powers: None
Abilities: He's pretty good at cooking and baking. He'll often bake a batch of doughnuts when he arrives. Thanks to his grandfather's old books and diary he found Thomas is learning first aid and how to heal wounds for those with super powers.

Strengths: Kindness and a loving heart, he takes the time to listen and always has his shoulder open to those who need it. Courageous soul, deep inside lies the heart of a hero possibly but it only surfaces when he's pushed to the very edge. Dependable, he's dependable. You can always rely upon Thomas.

Weakness: Human, he's normal after all so he doesn't stand a chance fighting someone with powers. Limitations, Thomas can only go so far his body will allow. Disability, he has a slight disability making him see the world in a different way. Though he doesn't consider his disability a weakness.

Bio: Born in a small rural town Thomas spent most of his life lagging behind. While the other kids graduated and moved on to start families or pursue their dreams, Thomas was still trying to decide on what he wanted to do with his life. Many of his friends left him alone, trapped in a small town that once brought him happiness. One day his Grandfather send him a letter just before he perished. A grandfather on his mother's side, one that he barely knew. Thomas had been given the house his grandfather lived in as well as a bit of money left out of the kindness of the old man's heart. Deciding, nervously, to take this chance he left his comfortable and lonely small town and moved to the city where he got a job at a coffee and doughnut shop.

For a year his life has been a little hectic but normal. Well except for all the super heroes and villains in the news. Unaware of the fate brought upon him Thomas's world is about to change.

So begins...

Thomas Wyse's Story