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Samantha Russo

there's one of you and in about sec there wil be about 20 of me

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a character in “Super Hero High School”, as played by jackrules158


VGIF (or image) OF FACE CLAIM- will add when I get home
NAME- Samantha Russo
AGE- 14
POWER- Can clone herself
STYLE- Samantha tends to wear whatever’s popular or will get the most positive attention from boys. Usually she wears skirts, and flats along with a matching top, nothing to spectacular.
HISTORY- all through middle school Samantha was popular she always struggled with standard education, so her parents hired a science tutor for her chemistry class. One day as they were working on the tutors science project their was an explosion of radiation in the lab. This mutated her genes and caused her to be able to clone herself and still maintain control over those clones. So now she like her dad has super powers, and once she was old enough her dad sent her to Sky High.
• Cheerleading
• Guys
• Meeting new people
• Music
• dancing
• spiders
• rats
• snakes
• storms
• liars
• bullies
CRUSH – Jacob Winters

So begins...

Samantha Russo's Story


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Samantha realized talking ti the group of kids was getting nowhere she sighed and wandered through the school. She finally was able to stumble upon the library where she saw a girl appear from the shadows. She walked towards her nervously " uhm e...excuse me?" She asked kindly and nervously "I'm new here and I'm a bit lost I'm trying to find orientation and no ones been a help si far" she twirled her finger through her hair, something she did when she was nervous.


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"M-Marcus Steel," the boy stuttered with a slight Irish accent. "But you already knew that." Ivy bit her lip but couldn't quite hide the smile that pulled at her lips. Marcus seemed to be one of those guys who was actually genuine and kind of shy, most people found that lame but Ivy found it... sweet. Something about him made her want to smile, and she hadn't smiled much at all since...

"Thanks for saving me." Marcus said, bringing Ivy back to reality. She shrugged, like saving shy but cute guys from bottle blonde she-demons was no big deal. "So are you in the hero program?" Ivy frowns at the question and shakes her head slowly.

"I don't believe in using my powers for other people's purposes." she says. When Marcus doesn't respond and she notices the confusion that flickers in his eyes, Ivy smirks and elaborates. "Today's my first day, I don't know what program I'm in yet."

Marcus opens his mouth to say something when a girl walked up to the two, effectively cutting him off.

"Uhm, e-excuse me? I'm new here and a bit lost; I'm trying to find orientation and no one's been helpful so far." she stutters nervously. Ivy scowls and Marcus looks absolutely lost.

"Orientation? Oh, you're a Freshman too? It's in the gym but it won't start until school starts for the day, whenever that is..." Ivy trails off as the bell rings throughout the school. Nodding, she links arms with the other girl and pulls her with her as she heads off towards the exit.

"See ya later, Hero Boy." she waves.


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“I’m Samantha by the way,” the girl said to Ivy as she pulled her in the direction of the gym. Ivy made a noise, acknowledging that she heard the girl, but didn't say anything. She was never one for conversation, mostly because everyone thought that just because her father was a super villain she was evil too and assumed that she was going to either lie all the time or be a bully.

As the two girls entered the gym, they were immediately swallowed by the sea of Freshmen around them. Ivy felt eyes on her almost instantly, feeling nervous and annoyed by all the staring and not so subtle whispering about her, she dropped Samantha’s arm and slid back into the shadows. When she reappeared at the very back of the crowd, Principle Heroine stepped up on the make shift platform that was set up for power placement that would take place in a few moments and looked out over the crowd of teens.

“Welcome Freshmen to Super Hero High. Here you will be taught how to use your unique powers for the greater good of the world and to protect the human population,” the principle’s eyes landed on Ivy as she said this. Ivy fought the urge to scowl. She looked the part of a villain in training, at least that’s what everyone thought. She wore a black button down shirt with dark ripped jeans and black shoes- not exactly hero style- and she had one visible tattoo of a key hole on the back of her neck because her white hair was pulled up into a pony tail. Her chances of coming off as an innocent sidekick were slim.

“But before we can teach you anything,” the principle continued, “you have to be sorted. In a few moments, Coach Thunder will take my place on the platform and you will all be called up one by one. You will tell the coach your power, then he will select how to test your power to see if you should be placed in the Hero track or the Sidekick track. Alright, let’s begin.”

The principle left the stage and a man in his late thirties took her place. He looked over the crowd for a moment before pointing a finger at a girl near Ivy. “You,” he said, “come up here.” The girl didn't even bother to look nervous as she confidently went up onto the platform. “What’s your power?”

“I can fly,” she answers. The coach smirks, looking at the remote in his hand before pressing a button. Without warning, the part of the platform the girl stands on springs up, launching her into the air. The girl isn't fazed, simply turning and flying back to the platform. The coach grins.

“Hero!” he bellows, his voice echoing throughout the gym. The placement testing continues like this for what seems like hours until the bell finally rings.

“Alright, we’ll continue this after lunch,” Coach Thunder says, his eyes scanning the crowd of freshmen yet to be placed. “And we’ll start with…” his eyes land on Ivy standing just outside of the shadows and he smirks.

“Starting with you.” He says, pointing at her. She rolls her eyes and follows everyone else out of the gym and towards the cafeteria. As she enters, the cafeteria goes silent. Scowls at everyone in the nearby area that’s not so discretely staring at her and everyone abruptly looks away from her and goes back to their conversations.

Ivy heads towards the back corner of the cafeteria, where an empty table sits partially in the shadows and takes a seat there in case she decides she needs to make a quick escape. Ducking her head, she pulls out her dog eared copy of Looking for Alaska and starts to reread it when someone sits down across from her with a lunch tray. Glancing up, she scowls slightly.

“Are you sure you want to be seen with me Marcus?”


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Sam sighed in relief when she found out that she would be going after lunch. She in the back of her mind knew that her cloning power could put her in the hero position but she just wasn't sure. Sam looked around the lunchroom and noticed ivy sitting across from someone else. She slowly walked over to her and sat next to Ivy. Hey ivy right" she asked with a small smile


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"I don't care what everyone else thinks," Marcus said to Ivy. "Just because your father's a villain doesn't mean you're a bad person." A wry smile appeared on her face as he said that. Oh, but doesn't it? she thought. Ivy was, in a way, a very bad person. She stole and she lied and she cheated people, all because she wanted to. "Besides, I need a mate. And so do you..." he trailed off, taking a bite of what looked like macaroni salad.

"Push me away all ya want but I ain't goin' nowhere," Marcus said with an awful southern accent and a shit eating grin on his face. Ivy gave him a small smile in return. "So I hear you're going first after lunch. A word of advice, don't make Coach Thunder angry, he'll send you through the wall," he warned, pointing to a section of wall across the cafeteria that had a fresher coat of paint than the area around it. "Happened to a guy last year. Pretty funny though."

As Ivy opens her mouth to say something, her stomach makes a loud sound that sounds like a dying whale. The pale girl blushes furiously and wraps her arms around her midsection, trying to ignore Marcus's curious frown. Just then, Samantha takes a seat beside her, saving Ivy from an interrogation.

"Hey, Ivy right?" she asks as she sets her tray down. Ivy nodded, feeling uncomfortable around the other two. It was just a habit. She never really socialized much as a child, or in jail for that matter, and having attention directly on her like this made her want to dissolve into the shadows forever.

"Listen, I know you're both probably nice people in general, but you can stop with the act." Ivy says nervously, knowing that though she's speaking quietly the two can hear her clearly. "I'm the Burning Man's daughter. I've been in and out of jail for years. People aren't nice to me." She stared at the lunch table as her eyes glazed over, refusing to look either Sam or Marcus in the eye.

With that, she grabbed her bag and camera off the table beside her and slid into the shadow, dissolving into the darkness right as the bell rang. After waiting for the gym to refill with people, Ivy reappeared at the edge of the crowd and wiped her teary eyes. She wasn't usually an emotional person but it still upset her to have to walk away from such nice people like Marcus and Sam, even if she knew they were just pretending to not judge her. And especially Marcus... something about him made her feel safe, almost happy, and that made it hurt so much more.

Coach Thunder mounted the steps and stood on the platform for a moment before pointing at Ivy. "You." His voice resonated around the gym as everyone silently turned to stare at Ivy. Swallowing nervously, she masked her emotions and hoped that nobody noticed her red eyes as she shoved her stuff into a corner and came up onto the platform.

"Name?" He asks, flipping through pages on his clipboard although he, along like everyone else in the gym knew her name already.

"Tinkerbell," Ivy responded sarcastically. People throughout the gym snickered and chuckled at her remark. Ivy let her eyes wander briefly to the bleachers where she saw Marcus watching her intently. She dropped her eyes.

"Name?" the coach asks again, clenching his jaw slightly.

"Ivy Abbott."


"I can morph into and control shadows." she answers, already preparing to dissipate into the shadow in front of her at the edge of the platform. The coach smirks as he presses a button on his remote. Without any warning to Ivy, a car drops from the ceiling and lands right where she stands. Only... she's not there anymore. Coach Thunder whirled around, frantically looking for Ivy when he heard a throat clearing from the other side of the silent gym. His head snapped up and his eyes widened in shock.

Ivy stood completely unharmed at the opposite end of the gym, right outside the shadows. A few wisps of her white hair had come out of her pony tail, framing her face as she smirked at the coach and waited for his announcement. Everyone turned to the coach with expectant eyes, whether they wanted to admit it or not, Ivy was meant for the Hero track.



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Samantha felt bad when Ivy thought she was putting on an act. She wasn't she was new just like Ivy and just watned to have someone to be friends with and this girl seemed nicer than some of the others. "I'm the Burning man's daughter" she said
Samantha shook her head and thought of what her dad always told her "just because your parents are evil doesn't mean you'll be evil and just because your parents are good doesn't mean you'll be good. It's all what you do with your powers that decide that"
The bell rang and Sam walked back to the gym where the sorting resumed.
Samantha watched as Ivy was sent to the sidekicks. "she should be a hero" she said to herself quietly. "You" Coach Thunder said pointing at Sam. She gulped and felt her legs turn to jelly. She finally regained feeling and walked up to the stand. "name?" he asked in an angry voice.

"Samantha Russo" She said just loud enough for him to hear.

"power?" Thunder asked again

"I can clone myself and control each indiviual clone" She said wiht a small smile

"alright demonstrate" He said

Alex focused and made 10 copies of herself and each one put their arm on the others shoulders and began doing the can can. She then nodded to the rest and they began doing flips and climbing on top of each other like they did in cheerpractice.

"Impressive HERO" he said and she walked off the stage