Yvaine Versot

Neither good nor evil but has a strange obsession with jewelry

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a character in “Super Human”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Yvaine (ee-vaine) Versot (vir-sow)
Description: Yvaine stands at 5' 6" but is usually wearing two inch heels so she appears to be 5' 8". Normally she doesn't wear much more than a t-shirt or tank-top and skinny jeans; on occasion she will wear a miniskirt or shorts but she prefers jeans over them. Her eyes are a bluish grey and they always seem so show that she knows more than she lets on and always seems to have a hidden humor behind them. Her facial features are very feline like but also reveal a certain elegance. Her mouth is usually twisted into a slight smile; a very slight smile. She has the most of the figure of a woman but her chest was always considered slightly small so she still has something to complain about. She lacks any fat; instead she is in excellent shape and is very thin.

Age: 22
Job: Bartender and waitress (she works two jobs)

Personality: Yvaine can make a joke out of any thing and many times finds herself in trouble because of that. When trouble is caused it is usually because she wanted the trouble to come, so every time she finds herself in trouble she gets herself out of trouble even faster. Because of her power she usually doesn't even need to brawl it out. Her power also gives her a leverage over every one around her that she loves to use to her advantage. She also finds great humor in completely embaressing others though she would never go so far as to completely destroy them. She does have nice streak but most of the time it takes alot of work and attempts at uncovering it to actually bear witness to it.

Power(s): Origin: Mutant: Telepathy- her telepathy can not be turned off and on but she can control the amount of power she exerts over the people around her. In other words instead of hearing all their thoughts loud and clear or making them do whatever she wants with just a simple thought, she can turn all their voices to whispers and keep her thoughts from affecting those around her. When she does exert herself she can completely control the thoughts of the weak minded; change their memories; and make them see and hear what she wants them to.
Mutant: Telekinisis- she has been working on controling more of this power though she can only lift smaller objects around her, distort video feed, and change small things about herself like her molecular density. This allows her to move through things without breaking them by changing her density, this has its limitations because she can only move up to her shoulder and one item at a time through walls, glass, and any other barrier.

History: Yvaine was raised by a single and loving mother and one older brother; except for the absence of a dad she lived a perfectly normal life. She first discovered her powers in school when a friend of hers was being bullied; somehow Yvaine began hearing the boy's thoughts and her own thoughts began to change his completely until finally he left them alone. Unfotunately after this incedent the thoughts of everyone around her came in loud and clear and she began to suffer from it. She got migrains continuously and was sent to a psychic ward twice for treatment. Over time she gained more control over it and the voices became whispers which she could easily ignore. After graduating she was recruited by a group with powers; this group however used their powers for petty thievery and soon murder. At that point Yvaine left and began a new life but though she wanted to start anew couldn't quite shake the thieving habit. She still steals jewelry and artifacts from museums and will sometimes keep them for herself or sell them to the highest bidder; she is known as the the Phantom because she leaves behind no evidence and she wears a black leather suit.

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