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Afon Orlov

An arrogant yokai who takes very little seriously.

0 · 281 views · located in Chicago

a character in “Super Natural, Super Fresh”, as played by Uprising




|x| Species |x|

|x| Gender |x|

|x| Age |x|
20 years old

|x| Faceclaim |x|
Yuu Kanda


|x| Height |x|

|x| Weight |x|
170 lbs

|x| Build |x|
Sleekly but solidly muscular

|x| Hair |x|
Long, straight, dark blue. He usually leaves it down

|x| Eyes |x|
Dark gray

|x| Skin |x|
Neutral warm in color

|x| Appearance Summary |x|

Afon is tall and sleekly muscular, with expressive dark gray eyes that are often sly and teasing. His dark blue hair is long and straight, falling well past the middle of his back, and often left free, though he'll sometimes tie it into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck. Perversely, he doesn't worry about what he wears, because he believes he can make anything look good. He'll wear anything from pajamas and no shirt to jeans and a shirt to black slacks and a white button up shirt.

He has a moderately deep voice with a pleasantly rough edge and a very light Russian accent that adds a lilt to his tone.

He tends to saunter rather than walk, and possesses a cat-like liquid grace.

He has scars on his arms, shoulders, and torso. Some of them are burn scars, some were caused by blades. There is a strange tattoo on the front of his left shoulder.


Image|x| Vain | Arrogant | Nonchalant | Protective |x|

Afon is a stubborn, quietly playful person who canโ€™t go a full sentence without being flirty or teasing toward others. He is ridiculously vain about his own good looks, so much so that insults against his appearance donโ€™t bother him in the slightest, though injuring his face will anger him really quickly.

The biggest mark of his arrogance is the fact that he rarely takes other people or situations seriously. But that might be a good thing, because he is quick to show his bad side when he does take it seriously. He can be aggressive and his temper is sudden and nasty. He usually isnโ€™t picky about who he aims it at, either.

For a yokai, he is surprisingly compassionate. Despite his tough attitude, he normally won't kill someone unless he has a good reason to, nor will he intimidate or frighten someone for no reason. He may or may not go out of his way to help someone, depending on who they are. If he's asked to help, he probably will.

When it comes to those he cares about, he is a little too protective and will kill or lay down his life in a heartbeat. He's no hero, though, and is unlikely to lay down his life for someone he doesn't care about.

He may find himself unable to control his emotions or urges, and if sufficiently provoked, may kill or harm someone in a rage. These violent urges are closest to the surface when he is angry or threatened.


|x| Likes |x|

Women, but tough women in particular
Food (He's not picky)
Horror Movies
Night prowling

|x| Dislikes |x|

Being Outdone
Being told no
Being looked down upon
Any authority figure
Reality TV shows
Dogs - too slobbery



|x| Physical |x|

Strength and Speed - He is physically superior to a human, but he has his limits. His speed is average for a yokai, his strength is above average. He can run twice as fast as the average human, but not much faster. He can leap up or across fifteen feet at a time, and prefers to bound like a gazelle rather than run, because it's faster and saves energy. He excels at strength; he can pick up a heavy motorcycle one handed and throw it fifty feet, and can manipulate a quarter ton of weight with a effort, depending. His punches have enough force behind them to bend a steel beam or leave a sizable crater in a concrete wall or floor. These same punches are strong enough to break the average human's bones.

Senses - His senses are sharper than a human's, but his nose is exceptionally sensitive, able to smell blood in someone's veins or even strong fear or anger. His powerful sense of smell is a double-edged sword, as really strong or pungent smells may incapacitate or confuse him.

Berzerk - Think of this like a supernatural adrenaline rush. It lasts a couple minutes, making him stronger and faster, and able to ignore wounds, though it won't stop the wounds from causing him harm. This state is provoked by anger, fear, or serious injury, and he has no control over himself. If he survives his rampage, he is extremely weak afterward, and usually incapacitated.

|x| Powers |x|

True Form -

Bone Growth -

|x| Weaknesses |x|

All of his powers, physical or magical, require a lot of energy, and tires quickly after about ten minutes of using the upper limits of his abilities. If he's holding back, and not giving it his all, he can double that time.

Silver will cause painful burns on contact with skin, but it does a lot more damage if it pierces his skin, as well as causing a lot more pain. It can poison his blood and cuts easily through flesh and muscle, causing debilitating wounds that take a long time to heal. Being very close to silver (such as having it on him) will weaken him, even if it makes no contact with his skin or causes no injury.

He is susceptible to certain types of magic, such as those that summon yokai or confine them within a circle. Any magic that uses his blood or hair will also be very effective on him.

Pungent scents can make him weak, dizzy, confused, or incapacitated. Think of how people react to the smell of concentrated bleach and then multiply it by a lot.

So begins...

Afon Orlov's Story