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Ikkou Kasumi/ Kabuto Raijer

"Facing the shadows, slicing the shadows??? The crimson lightning; Horned Ninja, Kabuto Raiger!"

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a character in “Super Sentai: United Defense of the Earth”, as played by masato22


"Facing the shadows, slicing the shadows… The crimson lightning; Horned Ninja, Kabuto Raiger!"

Sentai/ Ranger Name: KabutoRaiger/ Crimson Ranger


Civilian Name: Ikkou Kasumi


Group Afilliation: Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger/ Goraiger


Image/ Appearance:



Abilities and Attacks:


Gourai Changer (ゴウライチェンジャー Gōrai Chenjā): The Gouraigers' transformation devices. Ikkou and Isshu's personal Gourai Changer are shaped as their personal insects. The transformation call is "Jinrai Shinobi Change!" (迅雷・シノビチェンジ! Jinrai Shinobi Chenji!?)

Ninpou: Super Ninpou Illusion Kabuto (超忍法・幻カブト Chō Ninpō Maboroshi Kabuto) an illusion attack in which he can make himself giant.

Ikazuchi Way Ninpou Kabuto Projection (迅雷流忍法・カブトうつし Ikazuchi Ryū Ninpō Kabuto Utsushi)


Assumable Staff Ikazuchimaru (変幻自在棍イカヅチ丸 Hengenjizai Kon Ikazuchimaru): Standard weapon for the Gouraiger. Other than its standard staff appearance it can also be used as the Spear Mode (手槍モード Teyari Modo), the Cross Mode (十字の型 Juji no Kata) (a large cross-shaped throwing weapon), and the Circle Moon Mode (円月の型 Engetsu no Kata) (a ring based weapon that is used as a shield for defense). The Gouraigers can use the Ikazuchimaru to execute the Ikazuchi Thunder Blast Slash (イカヅチ雷撃斬 Ikazuchi Raigekizan?) and Ikazuchi Turbulence Beating (迅雷乱れ打ち Ikazuchi Midareuchi?) attacks.

Kabuto Raiger can also execute the Kabuto Thunder Blast (カブト雷撃破 Kabuto Raigekiha) and Ikazuchi Way Sword Technique Thunder Blast Slash (迅雷流剣技・雷撃斬 Ikazuchi Ryū Kengi Raigekizan?) attacks.


Horn Breaker (ホーンブレイカー Hon Bureika): Kabuto Raiger's personal weapon. It is used as a gun based weapon.



Bari Thunders (バリサンダー Barisandā?): Motorcycles that are used by the Gouraiger for transportation.


Gourai Beetle (ゴウライビートル Gorai Bitoru): Kabuto Raiger's personal mecha. A giant tank-like black & maroon rhino beetle that forms Gouraijin's upper half. It also forms Gourai Senpuujin's feet, left shoulder cannon and Tenrai Senpuujin's feet. Its weapons are the Gourai Cannon (轟雷砲 Gōrai Hō), the Gourai Cannon (ゴウライキャノン Gōrai Kyanon) gatling guns, and pulse beam cannons. Its attack is Karakuri Ninpou Horn Change (カラクリ忍法・角変化 Karakuri Ninpō Tsuno Henge).



Ikkou is generally a serious guy. He has a since of humor and can be gentle at times. He is pretty smart and very strong. He is very quick to formulate a plan and to take action. He’s not quite the look before you leap type but he doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet either. Ikkou is definitely a hard worker and is very mature.He can be pretty stubborn if he feels the course of action he’s decided to take is the right one, unless proven otherwise. Ikkou is mostly a loner and most commonly works with his brother. If you want Ikkou on your team for good, you’d have to prove to him that you’re worth him sticking around. Otherwise, he’d pop in to help you but leave as soon as he’s not needed anymore.



Lightning Speed Gouraiger (電光石火ゴウライジャー Denko sekka Goraija,) were originally the enemies of the Hurricaneger who join Jakanja despite having wiped out the Ikazuchi Way's Ninja Academy which left the Kasumi brothers as the only survivors. The brothers obtained the forbidden Gouraiger system from their father, Ikki, a rogue ninja who abused them. Ikki went against the Ikazuchi Way's wishes to obtain the Evil Will after learning of it during his mission in Egypt and learned of the "Final Secret" at the time of a meteor shower. He went against his school's wishes by creating the Gouraiger system and making his sons kill each other to evoke it while making them believe that rage and hatred would only promote strength. Though they eventually allied themselves with the Hurricanegers the Kasumi brothers were unable to completely forsake their father's cruel teachings and have a jaded view on life. The two work as construction workers. They represent the Ikazuchi Heart embodying the Bonds of the Past.

Ikkou Kasumi/Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger (霞 一甲/角忍カブトライジャー Kasumi Ikko/Tsunonin Kabuto Raija) is the older brother. His original goal was to raise Ikazuchi as the greatest Ninja school using it. Learning of the method his father intended Ikkou ingested Girigiri gas to go insane so Isshuu could kill him. Ikkou eventually regains his sanity and refuses to obtain the Evil Will like that ultimately deciding to abandon this goal and focus on his new goal of supporting the Hurricaneger. He develops a friendly rivalry with Yousuke later in the series as well as gaining a mortal enemy in Manmaruba (who implanted a Space Scorpion egg in the man's body for using him to get into Jakanja's ranks). He attempted to have the egg removed from his body with Ramon's aid a secret–even from Isshu. However Ramon could only hinder the hatching until Manmaruba's Mind Wave made it beyond Ramon's skills. Though told a cure may be found in Tibet Ikkou refused to leave and it nearly killed him as a result; only stopped by Yousuke nearly killed himself to provide an antidote. Ikkou would later kill Manmaruba soon after the Fangerus crisis. After transforming, Ikkou says "Crimson lightning. Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger!" (深紅の稲妻。角忍カブトライジャー! "Shinko no inazuma. Tsunonin Kabuto Raija!").

Other Information: Ikkou has gained a close relationship with Yosuke/ Hurrican Red, they’ve become friendly rivals. He’s curious to meet his American Counter-part, the Crimson Ranger. He’d like to test the strength of the rangers from overseas.

So begins...

Ikkou Kasumi/ Kabuto Raijer's Story


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Character Portrait: Ikkou Kasumi/ Kabuto Raijer Character Portrait: Kensaku Shiraishi/ Battle Cossack Character Portrait: Aka Red Character Portrait: Madison Rocha Character Portrait: Ryu Higashi/ Dia Jack Character Portrait: Horo-bosu (Destroyer) / Moriyama Motoki
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"I'm fine, it's Z. C'mon we can't talk right now! We have a task on our hands!" Z yelled, "Oh, by the way. I'm the Yellow Ranger SPD!" she yelled as she ran toward another soldier.

AkaRed, and Dai Jack began to survey the situation. There were seven villains and a slew of foot soldiers. This was surely a bad situation. There were only three rangers against seven generals, who could easily give three rangers trouble on their own. They were still at a great disadvantage. “We had better go on the offensive if we want to stand a chance, AkaRed.” Dai Jack suggested gruffly as he strengthened his battle stance.

A flash of blue blazed through the crowd. It was a blue ranger. "Blue Mystic Force Ranger!" She squealed. The villains all turned their heads, and so did the yellow ranger. She jumped into the crowd of soldiers and was prepared for battle. "You needed help?" She asked over her butt-slamming.

The yellow ranger relpied, "Just a bit."

Dai Jack smiled underneath his helmet. “I’m starting to like the odds a bit better now.” Dai Jack turned toward Mystic Blue ranger, “We’re really glad to have you around. We might now be closer to a fair fight.” Dai Jack said.

“Everyone thank you for answering the call and choosing to defend the Earth once more. Others will come, I have faith in that, but we can drive them back.” AkaRed thanked the group. AkaRed rushed at Emperor Tranza. He summoned the Magistick Sword to use in his assault on the evil general.
( ... isword.jpg )

“You’ve the gall to attack me?! Well then, COME Red fool!!” Tranza scoffed. He pulled out his rapier and prepared for AkaRed’s assault.

The two clashed back and forth. They were fairly even and neither opponent gained much of an advantage over the other. At the same time as AkaRed and Tranza’s battle, Dai Jack and Kaura began to face off. Kaura slashed Dai Jack twice with the crack of his electric whip and sent Dai Jack staggering backward. He quickly regained his composure and pierced the ground with his Dai sword. This attack sent bolts of powerful electricity pulsing through the ground towards Kaura. The energy reached the general and exploded, knocking kaura onto his back.

Furabijou stood shifting her weight back and forth in a cutesy manner while watching the multiple battles unfolding. She was busy grading the evil generals on their performance in battle. “Wow Kaura is doing pretty well. But that Dai Jack guy is still giving him trouble. Tranza’s getting a C…. Hm I suppose I should curve their grades!” Furabijou snickered to herself and to Horo-bosu who stood next to her. She lifted her closed hand up and then quickly opened her palm up, “KABANG!!” she said. A massive explosion Hit Dai Jack and Akared, which brought both rangers to their knees.

“Nice Furabijou. This is simply going too well. I’m actually bored. Hmm…” Horo-bosu said calmly. Furabijou looked silently at Horo-bosu in curiosity. She wonder why on Earth Horo-bosu would be bored with this, they were winning, to her it was all hilariously fun.

Tranza and Kaura were about to land finishing blows on Dai Jack and AkaRed. The other rangers seemed to have their hands full dealing with the threat the other generals were posing. Just then a large four-way boomerang zipped by slashing the two generals and they were knocked back. The boomerang cut through the crowd of foot soldiers destroying many of them. Everyone averted their attention to the surprise attack. Once most of the crowd cleared, the group heard a voice call out.

“"I Dance the dance of the Cossack! Battle Fever J, Battle Cossack!!" Battle Cossack called out. The orange ranger stood on top of a nearby car. He quickly did a Cossack dance and hopped down from the car. “Kabuto Raijer, Now!” He shouted.

A deep and powerful voice shouted, “Shadow Dance”, Suddenly a large crimson colored Japanese screen surrounded the area. Only the silhouettes of the villains were visible. A ranger form, also of a dark silhouette, swiftly attacked the evil generals. Each strike was like a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder. The screen disappeared and all the generals, with the exception of Furabijou and Horo-bosu, fell to the ground in an electrified shock. A ranger of crimson color approached the group.

"Facing the shadows, slicing the shadows… The crimson lightning; Horned Ninja, Kabuto Raiger!" the Kabuto ranger said.

“Kabuto Ranger!! Battle Cossack and Mystic Blue Ranger! I am very grateful for your help!” AkaRed said as he stood to his feet. Dai Jack stood up as well.

“Kabuto Ranger, Battle Cossack, you came together?” AkaRed asked the two.

“We happened to run into each other on the way here. And saw the predicament was pretty bad so I came up with a quick plan of action. Luckily Kabuto Ranger and I had just the right attacks to clear out a crowd.” Battle Cossack said in a chipper tone. He was an excellent tactician.

“We should pull back for now. They still have plenty of fight left in them and it looks like you all are being worn down. If they decide to hit us with a group attack we’re done. I’m guessing the ring leader over there likes to see a fight otherwise he’d have ended this long ago. So I say we pull back now.” Kabuto ranger said in a focused manner. He looked at each member of their group to see if they agreed. “I have a technique that could get up at least a block away from here. I could do it if you like. This way we can build our forces. It’s your choice if the group decides it then I’ll do it.” Kabuto ranger said as he turned to check on the generals that were regaining their footing.

“Well this is interesting. I could have each general use their death blow attack on this surprisingly amusing group of rangers or I can let them be and rest for now so they will remain alive and able to struggle amusingly more for me later. I think the second option would prolong my entertainment.” Horo-bosu said calmly as he smiled. “First, let’s get rid of those foot soldiers, they bored me long ago.” Horo-bosu said as he waved his hands causing the foot soldiers to teleport away, back to their base.


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Character Portrait: Ikkou Kasumi/ Kabuto Raijer Character Portrait: Kensaku Shiraishi/ Battle Cossack Character Portrait: Aka Red Character Portrait: Madison Rocha Character Portrait: Ryu Higashi/ Dia Jack Character Portrait: Ethan James
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#, as written by alight
Ethan James

Ethan had run into the group when he'd seen two other rangers. He had followed them and found out that their destination was only a few steps away. Right now, Ethan had been hiding behind a close tree. He'd loved to use his computer and play awesome video games, but right now, he needed to get to work. He was going to help the other rangers, they seemed to be lacking in heroes to help. There were only six battling millions of minions. He had to help, so he revealed himself.
"Rangers! In trouble! I, Blue Dino Thunder Ranger is ready to rescue!"
He made a bolt for the closest ranger, (Madison) who seemed to be struggling. "Are you alright?" She was being knocked about and had been slammed to the floor by one soldier, when Ethan met with the other blue ranger he offered her a hand and picked her up. "Thank you! They are so strong, we'll never be able to win!" He nodded, never in his ranger life had he ever faced so many villains. It was astounding. The two made their way over to help some of the other rangers, Ethan still holding onto Madison's arms, helping her along. "What are we going to do?" Skoe up Ethan to another ranger. Ethan was then thrown off-guard as another soldier took over, kicking at Ethan, plunging himself and Madison to the floor, both becoming badly injured.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ikkou Kasumi/ Kabuto Raijer Character Portrait: Kensaku Shiraishi/ Battle Cossack Character Portrait: Aka Red Character Portrait: Madison Rocha Character Portrait: Ryu Higashi/ Dia Jack Character Portrait: Ethan James
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AkaRed was grateful that the blue Dino ranger appeared. Then Madison and Ethan were Kicked to the ground. They sustained some injury. Battle Cossack rushed over to help the two rangers up. The Crimson Kabuto ranger reiterated his previous offer. “Shall we make our escape using my ninpuu technique?”

AkaRed thanked Ikkou for the suggestion. “I believe that we can get out of this by combining our strength together. We can do it.”AkaRed said. Then he pulled out the super sentai ball. This was a group that utilized the combined strength of the present sentai members. If this attack connected then the sentai would seriously turn the tide of the Battle. Horobos watched as AkaRed tossed the ball toward the Crimson ranger that began to glow of his color. The crimson ranger struck the ball to Battle Cossack who then volleyed it to Dai Jack. The ball took on a new glow with each ranger it came into contact with. Dai Jack spiked the ball to Maddison who would hopefully continue the attack preparation so the AkaRed could deliver the finishing blow.