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Solid Snake

The man with the cardboard box

0 · 251 views · located in Smash City

a character in “Super Smash Brothers: Shadows of the Puff”, as played by Specmarine


The one man super soldier that goes alone in an enemy base takes them all out and stops a giant mech capable of blowing up the world. That man is Solid Snake and most should know his backstory or even heard about him.

He has a bunch of equipment such as a SOCOM pistol, Famas, mortar, C-4, rocket launcher, a cardboard box, and a bunch of fighting moves. He is also good if you count him saving the world a whole bunch of times. He is also serious despite his voice and will complete any mission until it is finished.

So begins...

Solid Snake's Story


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The legendary Solid Snake was at his home in smash city. He missed the match in Smash Run since he had some important errands to run but he didint kick himself over it, instead he was using his time to train for the next match. However for Snake he had no one to train with him as no one else from the Metal Gear universe was invited to Smash but at least he could still communicate to them using his Codec.

He was doing his training in a large empty room in a virtual reality environment using simulated weaponry. He fought regular virtual soldiers practicing his aiming, his dodging, and his CQC techniques until he had completly ran out of energy. After he had ran out of energy he turned the virtual reality device and sat down on the ground to rest.