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"You're looking at me as if I should say something..."

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a character in “Super Spiral Spectacle”, as played by OstrichBurgers



Death âœŧ Nicknames âœŧ All Kinds of Death âœŧ Death's Side (obv) âœŧ Heterosexual âœŧ Yuuko Ichihara

Silence, chocolate, solitude, dawn, dusk, and colorful feathers.

Life, death, flowers, this world, the sun, the moon, herself, and the smell of swamps.

Doesn't talk much; tends to stare; almost never yells

âœŧTheme Song:
Universe Cat Drowning; Kikuo

#435536 âœŧ #651348
Death. *shot*

Okay, anything that has to do with death, she has control over. She can kill any living organism with the flick of her wrist--the more death, the more powerful she is. Things around her tend to weaken--flowers will wilt, people and animals will feel sick...

Stoic âœŧ Remorseful âœŧ Envious âœŧ Self-loathing âœŧ Pessimistic

Death is very closed in, and tries her best not to show emotion. She doesn't like anyone--not her children, not her children's children, not anyone in her family. She finds herself constantly envious of everyone around her--secretly, she has never liked being 'Death', being terrified of death herself. She's envious of the short, fragile lives humans and animals live, she's envious of her children for one reason or another, but mostly, she's envious of Life. Life symbolizes potential, fragility, greatness, and miracles. But Death symbolized nothing more than the end of life.

This feeds into her self-loathing; Death hates herself. She hates that she's the one who kills--crushes life--and that she does it anyway. She's always disliked herself, but over the years this self-loathing has grown so strong that she wants nothing more than for herself to suffer.

"I'll sit alone."

Family Relations:
Life's spouse; Mother of Cherry, Bennie, Alfonso, and Niven; Grandmother of Kayin, Ludovica, and Malin; Great-grandmother of Malin, Ingris, and Shoe; Temporary partner of Xenos and Alfonso.

When Life came into existence, so did Death. It's hard to say when exactly that was--no one knows, and it's hard to say whether or not they even know. But it was always clear what they were and what they embodied.

Death, in the beginning, was terrified of herself. She was terrified of death-an abrupt and often painful end. By the humans that Life created, she was often seen as cruel, unforgiving, and unwelcome. This made Death hate herself even more, and over time she came to project this hate onto Life, in the form of envy. If only she could be like Life, then everyone would love her and she would love herself.

More time passed. At some point, in a desperate attempt to create a form of life herself, she and Life ended up having a child--Afterlife. Not short after, Life had an affair Maria, bearing Xenos. A short amount of time passed. Death quickly realized the existence of Afterlife gave life to beings even after death, and upon learning this, she flew into a jealous rage. She hated that her child could make life infinite--the only thing Death had over Life was that life ended, eventually, but Afterlife undid that. So Death, appealing to Xenos, had him seal Afterlife in a clock.

Later, Death, wanting to try again at creating life, ended up having twins with Xenos. Those twins were Alfonso and Bennie.

Even more time passed. Death's envy grew. Life resented Death for sealing away their child. They fought frequently, often trying to outmatch each other--Death would go on killing sprees and Life would create more life. With each day that passed, the more intense their fights grew. And as Death's hatred for Life grew, so did her hatred for herself--with every human that died, she felt guiltier. Yet she continued to kill out of hatred and spite.

Fed up one day, Death sought out Xenos, and asked him to seal Life away in a human--he complied, and the deed was done.

Death was alone, finally. Life was sealed. Their children were doing... well, they were doing whatever they were doing. At some point, Death ended up with Alfonso, giving birth to Niven, but she never really paid attention to Niven or any of her children.

Death ended up isolating herself. And in her solitude, Death found herself with time to do nothing but kill and think. She did a lot of both, falling further into her self-loathing and hate of everything around her. She grew to hate her children because they simply existed, she grew to hate the entire world, she grew to hate existence. She wanted to kill everything--everything. She wanted everything to die so she could be left alone, in the nothingness that was left.

And now, that's what she's trying to do.


So begins...

Death's Story