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"Look on the bright side for a change."

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a character in “Super Spiral Spectacle”, as played by OstrichBurgers


Ludovica âœŧ Lu, Ludo, Dovi, Dovica âœŧ Death by Wildlife âœŧ Death's Side âœŧ
Bisexual âœŧ Krul Tepes

Her children, gore, blood, animals, death, misfortune, games of chance,
blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, anything that ends in "berry", and screaming.

Alfonso, Xenos, birds, humans, silence, arrogance, and happiness aside
from the happiness of her children.

Has a tendency to dote; rambles.

âœŧTheme Song: Waltz of Malice; Kikuo

#78C3C3 âœŧ #EAA9BA
Ludovica can call upon animalistic traits--she can grow fangs, claws, and summon the might of all animals combined.

Overprotective âœŧ Bitter âœŧ Pessimistic âœŧ Sadistic âœŧ Fake

From a distance, Ludovica is a ball of sunshine. Always lively, always talking, and always pointing out the bright side of things. She tends to dote on those she loves--her children, really--and ask them too many questions about how they're doing, where they've been, etc.. On top of this, she gets very defensive of them when you insult or threaten them. On some occasions, she's resorted to violence. Ludovica cares very much about her children, and would gladly offer her life in stead of theirs.

To anyone on the outside, Ludovica is an optimist--she appears to be friendly, kind, and sincere. But on the inside, she's always expecting the worst. She hates everything aside from her children. She wants everyone else to die terribly, and she wants to watch in glee as they breathe their last breath. She's sadistic, bitter, and tired of everything. Humans are disgusting, everyone in her family aside from her children are disgusting, everything is absolutely and utterly disgusting.

"I want to watch everything burn."

Family Relations: Daughter of Alfonso and Maria; Mother of Malin, Ingris, and Shoe; Half-sister of Xenos, Niven, and Malin; Cousin of Kayin; Temporary partner of Alfonso, Xenos and Kayin.

Ludovica was born a while after Life was sealed.

And the moment she was born, she hated everything.

Her strongest desire was to watch everything die, scream, and flail helplessly. It was the only fitting end for a world that was so disgusting. She spent most of her time watching things die and collecting their souls, only so that she could torture them. She found joy in watching bears rip a child to shreds and alligators biting off one's limb, so she was quite satisfied with her domain being death by wildlife.

At a young age, her father came onto her and... details omitted, she ended up giving birth to Malin. When she held him in her hands, something sparked in her that she'd never felt before. She felt an impossible amount of love swirl in her chest, and in that moment she knew what "love" was and why life was so cherished. She vowed to protect Malin with her life, to shelter him, to make sure he turned out the best he could be.

It was the same for her other two kids as well. When she and Kayin gave birth to Shoe, she felt that love again. She felt the need to love and protect and nurture. And when she ended up having Ingris with Xenos, she felt it again. The feeling never went away, either--she loved the three of them. She would do anything for them.

So, when Xenos sealed Shoe inside of a wolf, one could imagine how furious she was. She was stuck between two things--that Xenos had the nerve to seal her daughter away, and that Ludovica couldn't confront Xenos about it in fear of being sealed herself. More than anything, she wanted to unseal Shoe, but she knew one wrong step would get Ludovica sealed as well.

Seething, Ludovica flew into a rage--she destroyed all in her path, screaming curse words into the sky as one of the only things she loved had been taken from her. She began plotting to unseal Shoe, though unsure of how to do it and afraid to face Xenos to demand Shoe's unseal-ment. Now, she wanders about, killing, collecting souls, and looking desperately for a way to bring her daughter back to normal.


So begins...

Ludovica's Story


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Beside Alfonso, Bennie laughed, digging her heel into the dirt. Alfonso resisted the growing urge to take the heel and stab her with it. She opened her mouth as if to respond to Life, but a new voice cut her off.

"Lying about what?" Alfonso recognized the voice, but before he even had time to go greet it, Shoe had left his side and raced to the newcomer, letting out a call. "Oh, and hello."

Alfonso glanced over his shoulder and swiftly recognized Ludovica. Shoe had already run to her mother's side, and now paced around her excitedly, whining. The charming smile returned to Alfonso's lips, and he went to greet his daughter. Behind him, he heard Bennie continuing the conversation with Life.

"Lying? Hardly. Why would I lie to you, sugar?" There was a pause. "Oh yeah, and it's nice to see you're back, Ludo. Come to finally chop off your dad's busy dick for a trophy?"

"My daughter has class, unlike you," Alfonso shot back. Truly, there were no words to describe how annoyed he always was with Bennie--it was as if his sister existed to make him furious. "Ludo, sweetheart. It's good to see you again. Were you lonely up in your realm, sweetie?"

Shoe grabbed Ludovica's skirt in her jaw and tugged, releasing a single bark.


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Bennie caught the map that was tossed to her, immediately hiding it down her cleavage. She took a smoke from her pipe, observing the others. There would be time for her to find Life after she was certain the pheromones had done their job.

She approached Alfonso first, placing her hands on his shoulders. He hissed at her.

"D*mn you...Bennie," he whispered. Bennie blew a puff of smoke right in his face. He coughed. "I know exactly what you're doing, you vixen."

"Isn't that precious?" He hadn't tried to push her away yet, which meant the pheromones had already taken hold. It figured; Bennie had a feeling her brother was more susceptible to these sorts of things. Humming, she scratched under his chin and left him, kneeling in front of Shoe and Ludovica. "And how are you ladies doing? Lonely? In need of some lovin'?"

"Get away from my daughters," Alfonso ordered. Bennie laughed.

"Please. I wonder how many times little Ludo here said something similar to you?" At this, Bennie reached out to touch Ludovica's leg. "I'll accept being a vixen when you accept being a playboy."

Shoe howled. Bennie slid her pipe back behind her ear and petted the wolf. If everything went well, she would meet Life soon, but...there was no harm in staying to play around a bit before she left, was there?


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Bennie always loved seeing her power take hold, especially on a pretty girl like Ludovica. There was something immensely satisfying about knowing she'd won out over any sheer willpower or aversions.

She heard Alfonso groan behind her, and glanced at him to find her brother crouched to the ground, rubbing his head. Bennie smirked; it was amusing to see Alfonso so thoroughly defeated.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said, addressing Ludovica. "Neutral or not, I made a promise. And Auntie Bennie doesn't like to break her promises. That said, I promise I'll show you a good time if you want it."

Her hands moved with her legs as she stood, resting her fingers on Ludovica's hips. Alfonso and Shoe both growled at her. To soothe the wolf, Bennie removed one hand to pet her.

"Let her go," Alfonso demanded.

"And let you have all the fun? What, are you jealous? I can get to you later, bro, but I really prefer girls."

"F-f*ck you." The way Alfonso's voice trembled brought immense satisfaction to Bennie.

"Well, if you insist," she cooed. "But like I said, I'm not gonna like it. I really prefer your daughter."

So long as Life was safe...this sort of thing was fine for now, right?


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The best part of working with Bennie's powers was when her little victims tried not to let her see that it was working.

"You're not wrong, sugarplum."

Vixen and playboy. That was what defined them, wasn't it? To think both entities had come from a crazy lunatic and a death goddess. They were siblings, alright.

Bennie pulled the map out of her cleavage and checked it. The distance to the nearest town wasn't too far; she could probably make it within a day if she ran. So there was really no need to rush, really.

"I'll admit I'm at least a bit more particular than this stick in the mud. At least I don't prey on weak children." Bennie returned to the tree and sat down beneath it, crossing her ankles. Shoe padded over and lay down beside her, resting her fluffy muzzle on Bennie's thigh. "I have a bit of time, if you want me."

Alfonso spat on the ground, mumbling to himself. Bennie couldn't remember the last time she'd seen her brother so flustered.

Life had plenty of time, and so did Bennie.


Taking a walk on earth always filled Malin with a sense of calm. He cared deeply for this planet; its beautiful trees, its beautiful animals, its beautiful people. Humans and their souls, full of wonder, full of life--that was what he loved the most.

Of course, his stupid parents didn't get that. "You'll grow out of it," they said. "He's just in a phase," they said. "One day you'll realize how ridiculous this is," they said.

Pathetic. Was Malin really in the wrong for so enjoying a planet that had been brought into being by who he considered the most brilliant entity to ever live?

The sound of someone panting caught his ear. Curious (and a bit worried), Malin moved to observe the noise.

A human leaned against a tree. Long, black hair fell straight by her sides, and her pale face, delicate and young, flushed with sweat. Malin moved towards her, admittedly worried about the poor little thing.

His foot crunched a pine cone.

"Wh-who's there?" the girl gasped. Malin retreated behind a tree, nervous. It'd been so long since he'd run into a human and chatted with one; would she even like him? "I-I swear, if it's another one, I'm going to be so done..."

"Another one"? That caught Malin's ear. He emerged from behind his tree, sticking his hands in his pockets, and observed the girl. Her soul didn't feel particularly remarkable, and yet, at the same time, he got a sense that something about her was different.

Another one. Another entity?

His parents.

"Is my stupid mom sending a wolf after you?" was his opening line.


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Bennie laughed, carefree. Alfonso brought himself to her other side, and Bennie slipped her arms around both him and Ludovica. Moments like these made her wonder why she didn't use her powers on other entities more often.

And then she remembered.

The helpless feeling, not being able to act on your own whims, not being able to operate according to your own desires, not having a choice...that was something very entity despised. They were creations who existed to control. And to not be in control, well...Bennie had felt that once. She had felt it when Xenos sealed Life away, and she could do nothing to stop it.

Her powers stopped. Her skin ceased the production of the pheromones that had drawn her brother and niece to her, and immediately, Shoe's ears pricked and the wolf went to stand behind Ludovica.

"I am not like him," Bennie stated, the low rumble of her voice surprising even her. "Wanna know why? 'Cause I know how to stop. I have somewhere to be, babes. Catch you back in the realms?"

A lack of control. Every entity's worst fear, and one Bennie couldn't bring herself to capitalize on. Humans were one thing, but to selfishly manipulate others like her crossed a line she had drawn.

It was the line that kept her from being just like her brother.

"You're weak, Bennie."

Speaking of the monster.

"I should have known you couldn't go through with it. Where did you send Life?"

"Not telling, nerd." Bennie winked at them over her shoulder. "If you'll excuse me, I have a trail of bread crumbs to follow."

She pulled the map out once more, trying to figure out how to follow it properly. Alfonso's hand gripping her arm caught her off-guard.

"You're not getting away that easy, dearie. If we can't have her, neither can you."

Sh*t. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to reactivate her powers after all.


Malin was, admittedly, unsure how to answer. This poor little girl spoke like she knew about the entities, but how could that be possible? If she'd met one, she'd probably be dead by now. She was small, cute, frail, and--

"In Life's name. My stupid dad is after you, isn't he?" Malin crossed his arms, then uncrossed them and stuck the eraser end of a pencil in his mouth. He chewed on it. "Or my stupid aunt is after you. Or maybe my stupid grandfather is trying to seal you in a clock for fun. My family is stupid."

That wouldn't do. This human needed help, clearly, and Malin intended to help her. Even if his stupid family would hate him for it. Maybe he could stick around her and escort her to the next town, or just hang around her and make sure his stupid family didn't find her, or maybe he would straight-up become her new bodyguard. If he could save even one human, it'd be worth it.

But first, he had to earn her trust.

"I'll be blunt. I'm Malin, I'm the entity in charge of death by murder, and I want to help you get away from my stupid family because they're all stupid and they don't understand how great humanity is, because they're stupid."


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I am a good wolf.

Shoe howled, sniffed the air briefly, and set off after Life.

I am a good daughter. I will help you tear her to pieces, Mommy.

Oh, how nice it was to get some time alone with her mother. Shoe had missed her.

She was picking up so many scents from different entities--how many of them were there now?--but Life's scent was distinct. Life's scent had something special about it, something unique. Something so eager to be snuffed out.

As Shoe continued tracking that scent, she noticed something. She could smell another entity with it.

She stopped walking for a moment and began pacing, sniffing the ground, the trees, the air, everything. She whimpered once, as if to alert Ludovica that her nose was picking up something unusual.

There are two. I'll rip them both up for you, Mommy. I am a good girl.


Something about her breath near his ear made Malin shudder. He chose to believe it wasn't because Life herself was the one breathing on him.

"It's completely ridiculous," he admitted. "I can give you the whole crazy laydown if you want it. It's so stupid, everyone got crazy busy not long after--it wasn't long after you were sealed. Should I not talk about that? S-sorry."

Curse his awkwardness. Malin debated asking Xenos to seal him in a jar and break the jar.

"My dad is my father and my grandpa at the same time. He also did it with his mom and his grandma. He's so stupid. Family is supposed to be sacred, not some thing you make with whoever the h*ll you want. That's why creation is so beautiful, because humans actually value family and it's not just some stupid game to them--humans care, they don't yell at you for being in a 'phase' when it's obviously not just a 'phase', it's something I believe in, so shut up, Mom!"

Malin was very aware he'd started rambling. He cleared his throat.

"...Or whatever."


"You requested company?"

The voice came from behind Bennie. She turned around, prepared to stop whoever it was from stopping her.

She found her son.

Or at least, she thought it was her son. He looked vaguely familiar, and she was sure she'd felt this kind of soul before. She was sure it was him. This was...

"Kevin," Bennie declared, confident.


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Shoe nodded her head vigorously, digging at the dirt. She drew two scratch marks, then looked up at Ludovica expectantly.

Two. I smell two entities. She's with someone. Am I a good girl, Mommy?

She trotted in place, eager to continue the fight and yet nervous of who she would find. Had Xenos come down from the realm? Was Niven around? It was hard to tell.

Still, whoever it was, Shoe was sure. They were dead meat.


Malin let out a dry laugh. "That must have sucked. Geez, you have no idea how long I've been looking for you--n-not because I wanted your soul or whatever, I just wanted to meet you. I know how it feels to live for centuries believing no one understands you. No one understands me either."

It would have been entirely true if not for the girl riding on his back. Nervous, Malin added, "Except you, of course. 'Cause you made this planet and stuff. W-whatever, you know what I mean. The flowers, and the animals, and the people. ...And all those things are dying without you. Because you're stuck here. Gosh, the others are so stupid. I can't believe they want to keep you here. I don't blame you for being cautious, you've got a lot of enemies."

The anger he felt towards the rest of his family had pushed him into a full-on sprint, but he didn't even seem to notice. He did notice his hands gripping Life's legs more firmly, but he decided not to focus on that.


Kayin. That was right. Bennie had forgotten his name, but that wasn't really her fault--she had a lot on her mind.

"I'm looking for, father?" Bennie shrugged. "Life. She's in a girl's body now, a really cute one. Have you seen a tiny Asian cutie around here?"

It was a long shot, but maybe Kayin had seen something.


Alfonso stepped into a familiar realm on his way to Death's throne.

Inside, three familiar faces sat. Alfonso recognized his father Xenos first; the blond entity sat with the same wide grin on his face he always had.

Beside him were Alfonso's other son, and Ludovica's other daughter. Alfonso dipped his head to them.

A passing soul was randomly sealed into a ring by Xenos, who slipped the ring onto one finger. Alfonso shuddered; the way Xenos could just casually seal up a human soul without a hint of hesitation--even within another entity's realm--always terrified him.

"What's going on here?" he asked.

"Family meeting," Ludovica's daughter muttered, plucking the petals off of a daisy. "I'm sick of this already, can I go back yet?"

"Stay and enjoy the company, little Alfie," Xenos hissed, laughing as he turned the ring over in his hands. "It's been aaaaaages since I saw ya!"

That was intentional. Alfonso avoided saying it out loud. Instead, he asked, "Is Death in her room?"

"Death, Life, Maria. Death, Life, Maria." Xenos repeated the mantra, tossing his ring up into the air and catching it. Alfonso avoided eye (bang?) contact.

"I don't even care," Ludovica's daughter sighed.

Niven was Alfonso's last hope. He looked over at his son, internally begging for a real answer.