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These super powered individuals were rejected as superheroes. But with all the real superheroes having disappeared, it's their turn to work together and save New York City.

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Character Portrait: Katrina Lind "I was a hero. I gave my life for something greater."
Character Portrait: Marina Ayers of the sea
Character Portrait: Winston Moore cold as ice
Character Portrait: Amber Huang Is there a word for forgetting the name of someone when you want to introduce them to someone else at the same time you realise you've forgotten the name of the person you're introducing them to as well?
Character Portrait: Bo Kappel "I think believing what you're capable of is the first step to the greatest change inside you."
Character Portrait: Haven Edme Leclaire "If you aren't the one controlling your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions then you are the one being controlled."
Character Portrait: Simon De Luca Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
Character Portrait: Brad Belmonte "I can't take hurting anyone else."
Character Portrait: Noah Morris "You are not defined by other people, but by what is in your heart."
Character Portrait: Emmy Blackburn "Everyone deserves to be happy."
Character Portrait: Alex Grant "Defy their expectations and they will be forced to take you seriously."
Character Portrait: Sam Whitworth "I don't believe in lost causes."