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Scott Russell

"Maybe life is left for yesterdays."

0 · 587 views · located in College Town, USA

a character in “Superhuman”, as played by password


Yesterday || The Beatles



[ Name ]
Scott Sylvester Russel II

[ Nickname ]
Everyone around College Town calls him Rusty, expect for his father, who calls him Scott, and his family, who call him Scotty.

[ Age ]
Rusty is turning twenty this Christmas

[ Gender/Sexuality ]

[ Power ]
Molecular Control || "To manipulate matter on the molecular level."

[ Power Limitations ]
Rusty has difficult time controlling other people's molecules, but that's the least of is worries. There is very few abilities from this power than he can do innately, like healing. The power he has been working on the most is flight, which he believes he can achieve through molecular manipulation, but it takes months to years to achieve things of that caliber. However, Rusty doesn't have a lot of control, and sometimes will use his power without realizing it. He has also learned that narcotics inhibit him.



[ Role in Roleplay ]
Minor Quartet

[ Likes / Dislikes ]
| Cheesy Eighties Movies | Old Fifties Music | Hot, Black Coffee | Steamy Showers | Large, Comfy Sweaters | Drive-Ins | College Town | Hiking | Going to the Mountains | Singing | Riding on Trains | Sex | Snuggling After Sex | Warm Beds | Streams of Light through Windows | Bonfires | Roasting Marshmallows | Fall Weather | Learning | Nature | Animals | Dogs Especially | Helping Others | Volunteering | Cooking | Cleaning |

| Dependency | Drugs | Smoking Cigarettes Especially | Alcohol | Popular Music | Deafening Music | Horror Flicks | Spicy Food | His Family | Playing the Piano | Studying | Burns | Selfishness |

[ Dreams / Fears ]
Rusty dreams of reaching his full potential in his powers, so he can help as many people as possible. He also wants to become a famous singer, as cliche as it sounds, to bring back the old style of his favorite artists, or go in folk. He has come to fear his father, more than anything. But he also fears being abandoned, and not living the way he wants to and regretting it later.

[ Secret ]
None of Rusty's family knows that he is pansexual, except for his little brother Daniel. He's kept his increasing drug habits from everyone except his drug dealer and his occasional companions, as well as his alcoholism. But most of all, no one knows that his older brother Miles used to molest him until he was fourteen, when the two were in a car accident that killed Miles.

[ Personality ]
Rusty is the kind of man that would give the shirt off his back if that meant helping another person. He has gone without eating, or sleeping, or having plans, so that he could help people. He is entire selfless, too much in fact, for his own good. If someone persists for his assistance, he cannot say no. He could probably count the amount of times he's said no in his life, and even more so for the times he's said no to someone asking for his help. This causes him to neglect himself, which requires an empathetic person to be around if his well-being could remain intact.

When helping out others, Rusty is bold and lively. But during his everyday life, he's a bit skittish and shy. If you can get him talking, he's a social butterfly, but meeting new people and interacting with strangers is something he'd do without. It;'s not that he doesn't like people, he loves people, but that initial conversation, and the anxiety that comes from it, is so nerve-wracking that he decides to skip around it. He is a native of College Town, so he knows place in and out and where to avoid the tourist attractions. He's a big introvert, preferring a walk on the beach to a party scene with friends. It could've been different if his brother hadn't done the things he did. Rusty considers his innocence taken from him, and blames Miles for many things. It had taken him a while to even start talking to people, to quit hating himself and blaming himself for things that weren't his fault, but he still blames himself for many things. To combat these feelings, he took up drugs and alcohol.

When he's high, Rusty laughs at almost anything, and likes to lay on the floor; he also eats a lot more than he should, causing stomach aches the next day. When he's drunk, he's very promiscuous and blunt, being one of those truthful drunks. He wants to quit but doesn't know how he can face those feelings.

He's also a huge bookworm, which is why he always has a book on him.



[ Family ]
Dean Scott Russell I | Father, Currently Alive, 45 |
Aisling Reed | Mother, Whereabouts Unknown |
Lucille Hoffman Russell | Step-Mother, Currently Alive, 37 |
Miles Russell | Older Brother, Deceased |
Daniel Hoffman | Step-Brother, Alive, 16 |



[ Place of Origin ]
College Town, USA

[ History ]
Aisling Reed was not the mom type. Unfortunately, after a one night stand with her roommate's boyfriend, she was carrying a child, thanks to the the birth control pill left on the kitchen counter that morning. At first, she loved being a mother, and Scott Russell was a man on the way to having a comfy professor's tenure at the college she was studying at. They raised Miles for eleven years until Scott pressured her into having another child. Aisling was cracking; she didn't get to have a life, and she wanted that. Without Scott knowing, she went to the abortion clinic, and killed the child inside her.

Little did she know, a strong little boy was hanging on. Knowing what Scott would think, she packed her things and left. About eight months later, an infant appeared at Scott's door, with her black curls and beautiful blue-green eyes. Scott Sylvester Russell II, born December 25th. It was his father's best Christmas present.

When Rusty was three, a new woman appeared in their house. She brought along an infant sometimes, but soon, she was living in the house. Because he was so young, Rusty adjusted to having a step-mother very well, but his older brother Miles did not bear the news so well. The fourteen-year-old did not attend his father's wedding, and removed himself from the family; until Rusty was seven. A weird sensation had been growing in Miles, and he started hanging out with his brother more. One night, Rusty had a bad dream, and his older brother came in and comforted him until morning. Then, the boy would come in more and more often, and he got used to falling asleep to his brother's deep breaths. After a few months of that, Miles told Rusty he could make him feel good. He started touching the boy in places he shouldn't have. Rusty wanted to tell his step-mother, because his father started to scare him. Miles was his protector, but he also did things that Rusty didn't want. When Rusty was ten, Miles started doing something that really hurt, and he didn't understand, but the older boy promised that it would stop hurting soon. Rusty didn't realize then that his brother was molesting him.

At school, the counselors start to recognize the signs he was giving off. Rusty was affectionate in an inappropriate way, especially towards the high-schoolers that came to help them out. But since Miles was one of their helpers, and seem to really care for his younger brother, they never suspected him. It wasn't until Rusty was fourteen did it really end. Miles had given him drugs for the first time, because Rusty was finally learning how to fight back. While GHB was coursing through his system, causing him to lose his consciousness, his brother was drinking the guilt away while driving up to their mountain house. He would crash into another car before they could get there.

Miles died on impact, while Rusty was safely tucked away in the passenger seat. This caused his father to harbor violent feelings towards him, often throwing beer bottles at him or burning him with his cigarettes. There were even some nights, in the midst of a drunken stupor, that his father has beaten him to the brink of life. Luckily, Lucy was a nurse and often nursed him back to health, being the mother he'd never had. His father was a dean at a college and Rusty was barely hanging on. At the end of junior year, failing two classes and just recently cheated on, Rusty took a bunch of pills and dove into their pool outside. His younger half-brother found him and called 9-1-1, leaving another person he owed his life to. His father realized how much he was affecting his only biological son, and went to an anger management class along with an Alcoholics Anonymous class.

Things finally seemed to get better for Rusty. He recovered those two classes, and excelled in his senior year classes, though he struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, even though he knew what it did to his brother and father. He found a pack of friends who did that stuff as well, who were going to Allen University with him but still wanted to enjoy life. They're the reason he met the drug dealer. They helped him realize his sexual orientation, which he'd never thought of before, and helped him romanticize the notion of sex, which was a bad experience for him originally.

Now, he has really enjoyed studying psychology and philosophy at college, though it really messes with his brain. He also started playing at the local coffee shops for tips and a small amount of money from the owner, who's a big fan of him. They've had sex a couple times.

As for his abilities, they have improved greatly. He has learned how to instantly freeze or combust things. It took three months to master and he still can't control the speed of it yet. His next mission is flight, which could take years. He has also learned how to shapeshift, which he has been working on since he found out about his abilities when he was seven, and can transform into a wolf, a dog, and a mouse. His next transformation goal is humans. Rusty will probably spent most of his life finding out about new abilities that he can perform.


[ Extra ]
Rusty owns a dachshund puppy, who he's named Margo.


[ Face Claim ]
Aaron Johnson

[ Color Code ]

So begins...

Scott Russell's Story