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Superhumans: The Breed

Superhumans: The Breed


For as long as the human race has existed, so has the The Breed; a race of humans born with superhuman abilities caused by a genetic mutation. After a war, all of the remaining Breed are gathered into one town, specifically one school.

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loosely based of an old rp of mine, silhouette institution, although it is quite different.



"Freaks are only what they are because we tell them so"


For as long as the human race has existed, so has the The Breed; a race of humans born with superhuman abilities caused by a genetic mutation. In the early 60s, The Breed made themselves known amongst The Ordinaries, hoping for acceptance from their human peers. Instead, they found themselves universally detested and feared, and soon world leaders were calling for The Breed’s genocide. After a 13 year long war, The Breed was declared extinct, and The Ordinaries set about returning to their previous normality.Image

However, The Breed lives on. Members lived in secret, taking drastic actions such as faking their own deaths in order to survive. After they were declared extinct, the remaining Breed relocated to a sleepy Maine town, completely populating it with the Breed. A school was created to teach the young gifted children how to control their power.

Sol Academy, as it is known Is a high school and a university meshed into one. From the outside, the building is prim and regal, giving off an aura of sophisticated grace. But, really, inside the place it is just like your average school. Break-ups, make-ups and petty drama are commonplace. One thing that sets it apart is the… well, interesting subjects it teaches. These can range from battling to healing, and if you are thinking about karate, then, think again. This school harbours a variety of magical students that specialise in pyrokinesis, telepathy, shapeshifting and the like. You’d think the students would be serious about their abilities, but really all most of them want to do is have fun. There is a kind of wall between the characters with more 'dark' abilities and the ones with the lighter, more benevolent abilities. The ones with dark abilities are usually the 'bullies', as such, and The Breed with the lighter abilites are usually the nice ones of the school. This is not true for everyone, just a general rule.

There is a twist in this happy tale, though. The government has started to catch on with The Breed’s little game, and if they find out fully- it will not be pretty.


In school, the breed are ranked into three groups from the intensity of their power. A's are relatively weak and are often new to the school. B's are in the middle. C's are the highest rank in the school and either use their power for malevolent or benevolent reasons.


Female 1
Reserved || Faceclaim || Power
Male 1
Open || Faceclaim || Power

Female 2
Reserved || Faceclaim || Power
Male 2
Open || Faceclaim || Power


Female 3
Reserved by me|| Faceclaim || Power
Male 3
Reserved || Faceclaim || Power

Female 4
Reserved|| Faceclaim || Power
Male 4
Reserved|| Faceclaim || Power


Female 5
Reserved || Faceclaim || Power
Male 5
Reserved by me || Faceclaim || Power

Female 6
Reserved || Faceclaim || Power
Male 6
Reseved || Faceclaim || Power


Code: Select all

[/font][/center] [center][img]Fontmeme of character’s name [/img]
        [img]picture or gif[/img]
[color=#HEXCODEHERE][size=200][b]{[/b][/size][font=garamond][i][size=120]“quote here please” [/size][/i][/font] [size=200][b]}[/b][/size][/color]
[size=150][b]{[/b][/size][font=garamond][url=youtubelink to theme song here][/url][size=150][b]}[/b][/size][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][center][img]Fontmeme saying ‘Introducing’[/img]
[color=#HEXCODEHERE][size=200][b]{[/b][/size][font=garamond][i][size=120]”quote here please” [/size][/i][/font] [size=200][b]}[/b][/size][/color][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]




[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][img]Fontmeme of something along the lines of ‘Looks’ or ‘The Mask’[/img]
[color=#HEXCODEHERE][size=200][b]{[/b][/size][font=garamond][i][size=120]”quote here please” [/size][/i][/font] [size=200][b]}[/b][/size][/color][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
.gif[/img][/right][b]Height[/ b]
[b]Brief physical description[/ b]
[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][img]Fontmeme saying ‘About [insert character first name’[/img]
[color=#HEXCODEHERE][size=200][b]{[/b][/size][font=garamond][i][size=120]”quote here please” [/size][/i][/font] [size=200][b]}[/b][/size][/color][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]         
[/img][/right][b]Likes:[/b] {at least 5}
[b]Dislikes:[/b] {at least 5}
[b]Power:[/b] {at least two paragraphs}
[b]Personality:[/ b]
{at least three paragraphs}
{at least three paragraphs}


  • Real faceclaims, please. No anime.
  • No talking back. Ok, that was a bad joke, but please do not be rude to anyone.
  • Reservations last for 48 hours.
  • The password is the last movie you watched.
  • Relationships will be formed after the majority of characters are created.
  • Feel free to slightly change some aspects of the CS, but I want the information to stay whatever you do. edit: Do not actually change the CS, I meant extra add-ons like pictures or more color.
  • No perfect characters. Also, dont make your character nice if you see that every other character is. I don't really want a bunch of clones.
  • Having a powerful character is fine, just PM me so I can check/help you to tone it down slightly.
  • Any questions about The Breed/War please just ask in the OOC.
  • No Mary Sues/God-modding etc.

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Character Portrait: Eleanor Delacroix


Character Portrait: Eleanor Delacroix
Eleanor Delacroix

"I would never mean to hurt anyone."


Character Portrait: Eleanor Delacroix
Eleanor Delacroix

"I would never mean to hurt anyone."

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Character Portrait: Eleanor Delacroix
Eleanor Delacroix

"I would never mean to hurt anyone."

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Re: Superhumans: The Breed

I also wish it didn't, but it has

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

I'm hoping this hasn't died before it even started...

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Welp Eve is all done ^^

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Ella is all finished up!! I hope everyone likes her!!! :D

Re: Superhumans: The Breed


After a bit of thinking, I've decided to change my power. I feel it might fit Shawn a bit better.

If it's cool with you Not that Awesome, I'm thinking I might change Shawn's power to Electrokinesis, the ability to control electricity. It fits his personality much better, and it prevents me from arbitrarily adding powers as well as making them too strong. My plan is to make him a bit like Laxus from Fairy Tail.

Your thoughts? After all, this is your party.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Finally choose a face, took good ol' Karl Urban. Alittle old for a teenager maybe know.....details!!

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Should we have a character relations page? I think that help with seeing how everyone gets on with each other. Who to avoid, who to pick fights with, who to talk to when posting. :)

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Hi all, updated my history a bit. Suddenly realized that the war was over in the US for quite some time. Just updating my personality in a few hours. Anyway, if anyone wants to do some character relations just send me a PM.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Valentina Hex is all done!! I enjoy doing character relations, so let me know if you want one with her. Also her history explains her abilities and what happens when she uses them. I didn't give weaknesses for them though. Umm....Hope you all like her!

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Well, first of thank you for giving me a spot, and while I don't have a faceclaim yet I can at least givea description of my character's power. His power is basically perpetual energy generation, as in his body rapidly and constantly generates its own energy (this will be better explained in the character sheet....thing) and the ability to manipulate it to a limited degree. So now I begin the hunt for a face to use.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

@XshishioX- Sure, that's fine.I really don't mind, as long as it is finished at some point.

@Eddie- I will reserve Male 2 for you.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

If the option is still open, may i reserve one of the remaining Male slots?

The last Movie I watched was Escape from L.A. [boy what a movie that was :) ]

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

@Not that Awesome, hey buddy, I know I reserved my character yesterday, but I've got a test and a speech to give tomorrow. I thought I'd be able to get it done, but I need to keep studying and then go to sleep.

Is there any way I could get an extension on my reservation?

After 3:00 tomorrow I'll be home free, and I'll have all the time in the work to finish drafting up my CS for you. Right now I've just got lots of other things to do. Sorry dude.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

I will be using Kim-SooHyun and his powers are empathy/telepathy and limited clairvoyance Image

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

I'll be using Gabriella Wilde! I haven't decided on her power, though...

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

My Face Claim is Sean Biggerstaff.


As power I have enhanced vision, which allows him X-Ray vision, Heat vision and Long range vision.

Which 18 year old wouldn't like X-ray vision ;-)

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

In my incredibly rough CS, I have a more detailed description of Shawn's powers, but I'll say it again, just in case.

Shawn has the ability to channel Chi into the tattoos on his body, allowing them to grant him supernatural abilities. He currently only possesses 5 tattoos, and I will add some mechanism to prevent the unnecessary and inappropriate acquisition of extraneous tattoos.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Yay!!!! I started a trend!!!! I'm starting a new one that is more important than the gif one. Power/Ability/Skill whatever we are calling it. My character is having Darkness/Shadow manipulation. If you already have that let me know so I can come up with something else.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

Since we're all doing it...


... I suppose I'll jump off the gif bridge too. Micheal Fassbender is my planned FC.

Re: Superhumans: The Breed

I have Ksenia Solo as my FC ^^

I'm pretty sure I might do Pyrokinesis with her.