Sam Winchester

"It's Sam!"

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a character in “Supernatural: Another Life”, as played by toysolider


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Full Name
Samuel "Sam" Winchester

He has several different names and fake identifications in order to get information. Though he often goes by Sam, his brother tends to call him Sammy, but that doesn’t mean he likes it.



Sam loves his family above all things. Sam also is well read and well spoken. He enjoys researching and he is full of facts about the lures of almost ever kind of evil the boys meet.

Sam does not like when people call him "Sammy", unless it is his brother Dean and definitely he hates clowns.

Sam has a high regard for human life. Him and Dean are constantly arguing over how to manage hard situations. Dean's theory is to shoot first, ask questions later. While Sam is known to be more trusting and hopeful of a positive result. Vulnerable to silver she can be killed by a bullet or blade to the heart.

Dean Winchester (brother)
John Winchester (father, deceased)
Mary Winchester (mother, deceased)
Samuel Campbell (grandfather, deceased)
Deanna Campbell (grandmother, deceased)
Adam Milligan (paternal half-brother, deceased)

Superhuman strength (after drinking demon blood)

Sam is sensitive, rational, more innocent, and seemingly more concerned with living a "normal life" then his older brother. He likes to talk things out when there is trouble. He attempts to find out both sides of the story and then decide what could be done to prevent as much collateral damage, like human lives, as possible. Sam often asks others to share what they think and feel and it is seen that he has a knack for getting people to trust him.

Samuel "Sam" Winchester is the son of John and Mary Winchester & younger brother of bad boy supernatural hunter Dean Winchester. He was born May 2nd, 1983. He is named after his maternal grandfather (Samuel Campbell). His mother was killed on the night of his 6 month birthday when a demon engulfed her in flames. Sam then lived on the move with his father and brother learning to hunt supernatural beings. As Sam grew older the strain between he & his father intensified upon Sam's discovery of his brother and father's hunting of evil beings. After a while, he decided he no longer wanted to hunt and eventually left to go to Stanford University.


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Sam Winchester's Story


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Queen hummed softly through the speakers, only interrupted by the tapping on the steering wheel. Green eyes glanced back at Sammy who was sleeping beside him. Welcome to St. Louis, the oversized green and white street sign read as the impala rolled into St. Louis, Missouri. It was good to have Sammy back, and deep down he was glad Sammy had the chance of a normal life, while it lasted. But this whole going back to help his friends, this wasn't a good idea.

Sam has to let go his old life, it was a temporary gift. His friends were friends once, but that had to end. Lying is the base of his relationships now, to everyone except his family, and Dad needs him, he needs them. Okay, nap time over. Dean turned the volume dial up just as the rift began and sang to Princes of the Universe on the top of his lungs. Sammy's reaction was priceless, man how he missed his goofy face.

"So this Becky chic, she hot?"


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Sam lightly twitched in his sleep until a sudden blast of loud music jolted the younger brother awake. He sat up in his seat quickly as he gave his brother a slightly irritated look like he normally did. Sam turned the classic rock music that his brother always had playing down so he could actually speak at a normal level. "So this Becky chic, she hot?" Sam rolled his eyes, that wasn’t an unusual remark for his brother to make, he didn’t bother answering. Sam watched out the window as they pulled up to the address that would be Becky’s house. Sam knocked on the door a pretty blonde answered. “Hey Becky” Sam smiled as the girl hugged him “It’s Rebecca.” She smiled as they made their way inside the large and very expensive house. Dean of course already turning on his charm.

Finch sat at the bar as the alcohol burned down her throat, she had managed to her the girls sob story already about how her brother couldn’t have done it unless he was in two places at once, that struck a chord in her, she knew exactly what was going on and she’d have to be extra careful not to draw attention to herself. When it came to killing other shape shifters, it didn’t bother her all that much, especially one who was killing innocent people. She sighed at the thought as she got up from the bar and made her way to the crime scene, if she couldn’t sneak in, she’d simply take the form of a police officer, she thought to herself as watched the people who passed anyone of them could be the other shape shifter.


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The sun shown brightly despite the time. Dean loves his brother but really...5:30 in the morning? He sipped on his black coffee while listening to his brother try to make heads and tails of a dead end. Then, as if Sammy's voice this early in the morning wasn't annoying enough a siren roared by. A quick glance between the two brothers was shared and a whole conversation in silence had been had.

They pulled up to the crowd and exited the car, blending in with the on-lookers. Well, I'll be damned, looks like Sammy is right. This is our kind of gig. The kid was probably following through on his lead of a speedy rear exit. Dean ran round the corner, solidifying Sam's beliefs on this being supernatural. It all seemed to point at one possible explanation, a shapeshifter of some sort.

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