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Gabe Lancer

0 · 171 views · located in Wood-Bank, Oregon.

a character in “Supernatural Love: Again”, as played by áƒĻ~Broken Wings~áƒĻ



Name: Gabe Lancer
Gender: Male
Age: 18 - Senior
Race: Human - Australian
Role: Male #1
Location: Wood-Bank, Oregon
Orientation: Straight
Status: In a relationship


Gabe has a tall and lean, muscular build at the height of 6'4" and weight of about 165 pounds. Though Gabe isn't super buff or incredibly stocky, a layer of rock hard muscle is prominent under his clothing. His dirty blonde hair is falls over his forehead in a tousled manner, giving him a slightly rebellious and devilish look. His skin is a light tan color, though he tans easily in the sun. Sometimes he gets lazy and doesn't shave for a week or so, leaving him with a little stubble. His eyes are an icy blue color that sometimes look gray or light green, depending on what he's wearing. He as well defined features with a strong jaw and perfectly straight, pearly white teeth. Gabe hates formal wear, and usually wears just whatever he feels like. His daily wardrobe usually consists of ripped up jeans, a plain cotton t-shirt, a beanie, and converse. His style is his own, reflecting on his laid-back personality.




Gabe is a witty, sarcastic, and charming guy. He has a tendency to ignore what he thinks are pointless rules, regardless of the consequences. He likes to do as he pleases, and prefers to live life in the moment. To him, life is too short to waste time on silly restrictions. His humor is mostly sarcastic, but playful and teasing with his friends and girlfriend. He can be serious when the time calls for it, and comforting when someone needs it, but he likes to kick back and have fun. Out of all things, Gabe is loyal and strong. He never turns his back on someone he cares for, and he's always there as a shoulder to lean on. His friends, and his girlfriend especially, are the most important to him, and he would give his life for any of them. He's pretty much always calm and laid back, and it takes a lot to anger him. But when he does get angry, it takes a long time for him to cool down. His words can be as sharp as a blade, his glare could freeze fire. He never gets angry enough to resort to physical violence, but if someone gets him there, they'd better be careful. Gabe isn't really one to express his real emotions, preferring to keep them locked inside. He's a tough guy that doesn't express well with words, and usually shows his feelings through actions or song.

Before his girlfriend, Gabe avoided commitment at all costs. He dated a few girls, but always broke it off before anything could get serious. But, things changed and now he'd completely committed, and happy about it. Though he's usually just playful and caring, Gabe has a soft, romantic side that only his girlfriend knows about. He's fun loving, seemingly careless, and loves to party. Gabe hates school and ends up skipping at least a few times a week, though he manages to keep up outstanding grades. He's a very intelligent guy that doesn't have to work to hard at school to get by with straight A's. He prefers to spend most of his time with either his friends, his girlfriend, partying, or playing his guitar. He writes most of his songs and composes them, though he refuses to let anyone hear them. He also spends his time working at the Star bucks located in the bookstore down the street from the school where his best friend, Requiem works. He doesn't mind the job, but would rather spend the time he takes up working doing other things.


His Girlfriend
His best friends
Playing the guitar
The Beach
The stars
Night time
The ocean
Fixing up motorcycles
The woods


The cold
Loud people






Gabe was born in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia, where he lived up until the age of thirteen. He's an only child, and was raised by his father since his mother left them a few weeks after he was born. A few months after Gabe's thirteenth birthday, his father decided to uproot and move over to Oregon in the US for a job offer. His father was an angry drunk who blamed had always blamed his son for his wife's disappearance. When he was fifteen, his father got remarried, only to die of liver cancer two years later, leaving almost everything he had to his young, late wife except for a few thousand dollars, which he gave to Gabe. A few months later, as soon as Gabe turned eighteen, he moved out and got his own apartment, where he lives now.

So begins...

Gabe Lancer's Story