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Arlen Elrik

"I like to give them the benefit of the doubt."

0 · 620 views · located in The United States

a character in “Supernatural Next Generation”, as played by CompletelyCreative


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Arlen Elrik
Arlie (Close friends)
Hunter or Creature:


With Speed and Precision, Arlen can be quiet when she wants to. She's light on her feet, carrying an abundance of silver bullets and a small J-frame with her at all times.


  • Modern Rock
  • Adventures
  • Challenges
  • Fellow Hunters
  • Travelling
  • Werewolves
  • Crossroad Demons
  • Setbacks
  • People who say they know what they're doing (and don't)
  • Liars
Rejection, Loss, Heights

Arlen is specially gifted at credit card fraud and robbery. With her nimbleness and cleverness, she never fails to get what she needs without getting caught. She is also skilled at stalking/following almost anyone without them realizing. She can fight and likes to get her hands dirty, and has decent precision with a gun.
  • Endurance in things such as running or fighting for long periods of time
  • COMPLETE Accuracy... She is decent but not enough for positive credibility
  • Bits of confidence... Can be phased by certain things
  • Strength -- 'Brawn'
  • Pride

Distinguishing Marks:
A Lip Ring, Red Hair, Two Long Scars running from her wrist to her elbow - old wound


Arlen Elrik is a girl with flaming ambitions and a huge determination. She's always been a 'benefit of the doubt' girl. She's humorous, sassy and doesn't accept the word 'no' without reason. She's got a clever mind, working with Credit Card Fraud and minor marauding. Arlen has a bit more than a blunt mind when it comes to arguments and persuasions, with no one wanting to get on her bad side when she knows she's right. She often gets called in to hold interrogations on jobs due to her persistence and determination to get something done. She is always trying to put a positive vibe on a situation, but when a job gets serious, her jokes get put on hold and she has complete focus. Although she can be a bit of a flirt, it takes a lot more than just a few conversations to get close to Arlen.

She is also not the strongest in the Hunter Community, and lacks in endurance with fighting and running, running out of energy or strength quicker than others. Don't let that fool you though, because when she is up in her high moods, she is spunky, loud, and sassy to everyone she meets.

Arlen doesn't talk very much about her past, but with her silver bullets and two scars that look an awful lot like claw scratches, everyone can guess that it's something to do with werewolves. And they're right. When Arlen was 17, she and her family were caught up in a clan of Lycanthropes and got taken into hostage for two weeks. In the end, she came stumbling out of the building she was kept, the skin on her arm ripped, but she was the only one walking out. The werewolves had gotten the better of her older parents, and they didn't survive.

Arlen's father was a hunter before she was born. He taught her how to become a (kind of) decent shot with different sorts of guns, and he was the one who taught her how to be small and quiet whenever there was a need. It's thought that the only reason any of them lasted over a week in the Lycanthropy was because of his training and teaching. But he was too old and weary by the time his skills were needed in those weeks. He was too out of practice, having not thought about his hunting days for almost two decades, and the only one nimble enough to make it out alive was Arlen.

When she was 18, Arlen was still experiencing memories and a sort of PTSD of those days. She was jumpy and nervous at many things, and was the opposite of the spunky, funny, energetic girl she had been two years ago. She was staring off into space too often, and if anyone would interrupt her, she became snappy. She only found one way to solve this bout of sadness, when she looked at an old gun her father kept. Soon, she began hunting, and this somehow triggered something in her, and she began to seem almost happy. Whenever asked about this story, she simply smiles a quirky grin and says what she always says: "I like to give them the benefit of the doubt."



Theme Song:

Young Volcanoes || Fall Out Boy

When Rome's in ruins, we are the lions
Free of the coliseums
In poison places, we are anti-venom
We're the beginning of the end

Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It's all over now before it has begun
We've already won

We are wild, we are like young volcanoes
We are wild, Americana, exotica
Do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby?

Come on make it easy, say I never mattered
Run it up the flagpole
We will teach you how to make boys next door
Out of assholes

Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It's all over now before it has begun
We've already won

We are wild, we are like young volcanoes
We are wild, Americana, exotica
Do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby?

We are wild, we are like young volcanoes
We are wild, Americana, exotica
Do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby?

So begins...

Arlen Elrik's Story