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Conley Brenton

"We can take the world back from the heart-attacked."

0 · 783 views · located in The United States

a character in “Supernatural Next Generation”, as played by Burn One Down


the phoenix ||| FALL OUT BOY

{ “you are a brick tied to me that's draggin me down”}

{ Misnomer } 
Conley Saraf Brenton
{ Nickname }
{ Age }
{ Sexuality }
{ Romantic Orientation }
{ Species and Side }
Phoenix; Part-time hunter, part-time rock star (hunts on tour usually)
{ Hunting Abilities }
Pyrokinesis Flight Incredible Speed Regeneration Immortality
Rebirth Healing Magic Weapon Finesse (Wind and Fire Wheels)
{ Features }
A single, deep scar across his left cheekbone.

{ “and i'll burn you to the ground; we are the jack-o-lanterns in july”}

{ Likes }
Music Playing bass Open road Chinese food Protecting people Loose clothing Fire His bandmates Touring Getting shitfaced Birds of any variety Fire Getting revenge Humans Warmth Donuts Flying Long naps A good fight Sleeping in real beds
{ Dislikes }
Most angels Most other monsters Annoying bouncers Harsh critics Not having time to get ready Big cities Little towns Rain Cold Swimming Mice The process of rebirthing
{ Fears }
Water Overdose Losing his band Being alone Damage to his wings
{ Skills }
Pyrokinesis Finesse with Wind and Fire Wheels Bass Guitar Being in the public eye Picking up on possible cases Touring/Music/Performing
{ Deficits }
Somewhat self-centered Morbidly afraid of purified water Ambivalent Addict Terrible at taking orders/can't follow orders at all/too free-spirited Easily distracted Sucks at hand to hand Can't shoot a gun to save his life

{ “here comes this rising tide, so come on”}


{ Personality }
Confident Volatile Unpredictable Circumstantially Friendly Hot-Headed Stubborn
Always stone-faced and impossible to read, Conley has a faraway demeanor about him that would often lead people to believe he'll be the calmest person anyone ever met, but that's the first mistake most people make when attempting to read and predict Conley's behavior. With a quickfire, blazing temper and an excitable, easily distracted mind, he's anything but calm and quiet. When he speaks, he fills a room, and although Conley is one to listen more than speak, he's certainly not one to think before he does speak, and him running his mouth often gets him into more than enough trouble for his own good. He has an undying passion to punk music, and it along with his bandmates in his punk band are perhaps the only things Conley is loyal to.

With a volatile personality and a molotov cocktail of power and emotion, it's not hard to believe Conley doesn't take orders well; he has to be free to do as he will, but he doesn't like giving orders much either; he likes people who can take care of themselves. Independence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have to Conley, and he's very very choosy about who he finds attractive, and even moreso about those he sleeps with or has relationships with. He chooses his friends carefully, but allies are much easier found with him.

Conley is easily entertained, and he likes to keep his brain stimulated, so more often than not he'll make decisions based on how much entertainment and stimulation he'll get out of something rather than if he really wants to do it or not. He's not even really loyal to his own desires most days, and tends to let the wind blow him where it will; he has a strong belief in both fate and chance, and his respect for these concepts borders on religious. With a strong will and a stubborn mind, it's near impossible to sway Conley once he's made a decision.

{ History }
Born in 1908, Conley has lived roughly three times at present, and he remembers little about the first one, mostly because he doesn't care to. It's not that anything particularly upsetting happened the first time Conley lived; he was raised by his parents, also phoenixes of course, and they traveled constantly across North America. During the entire time they were on the move, Conley didn't so much as meet another supernatural being besides his parents, and he did little more than learn to control his regeneration and pyrokinesis. His early years were slow. They avoided the coasts and took off like prairie fire every other month across the continental united states. They were gone before people really noticed them, and that was how everyone liked it.

In his second life, Conley took off on his own, by that time it was 1952, and Conley was soaking in the post WWII boom of optimism the US went through. He was buying rock and roll and punk albums and buying his own car and everything was coming up Brenton. His second life was maybe his favorite; Conley was introduced to the concept of hunting and signed on with a few different hunters on different fights, keeping his secret for the most part, keeping quiet where it was needed, and he learned the tricks of the trade. He learned about music, and the way it made his soul warm, and he learned about how much he loved freedom and nicotine.

Keeping his eyes open and his sights wide, when Conley melted into his third life, he'd lived much more than the previous ones, and he'd found himself in a stable situation. By the time he was fifteen, he knew how to play bass, and more importantly he'd made the friends he needed to do it on a professional level; a lead singer and rhythm guitarist two years older than Conley, a guitarist a year older, and a drummer the same age. He fell in love with them all, they're now his best friends. By the time Conley turned sixteen they had a record deal and were performing in clubs they weren't even old enough to enter when not performing. By the time the two youngest were seventeen, they were touring, and Conley had them participating in monster hunts on tour.

{ Other }
Dialogue Color: AD0000
If anyone wants to play his band mates be my guest! They're all hunters every once in a while and one or more of the others can be monsters too if you'd like;
Singer | male | 20 | rhythm guitar and vox
Guitarist | male | 19 | lead guitar
Drummer | male | 18 | drums & precussion

So begins...

Conley Brenton's Story