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Lena Porter

"What will become of me?"

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a character in “Supernatural Next Generation”, as played by WilPen




Lena Porter
None as of yet
Hunter or Creature:
Creature: Newborn Vampire

Vampire Abilities: Increased Strength, Retractable Fangs, Super Speed, Super Agility, Super Senses,
Immortality, Invulnerability, Regeneration (when well-fed), Super Stamina

Pre-Vampire Abilities: Drawing, Investigating, Acting

Lena found her art ability helpful to her family by illustrating the books they kept about the various spooks that could be found. These resources were used by other hunters for reliable information.

Lena is able to crack anyone. Her innocent face and kind eyes give her a dependable aura that people tend to find comfort in, thus giving her information they might have normally withheld.

Accompanying, her ability to investigate is her acting skill. She has the ability to thoroughly convince people that her stories are true and that "yes, she is actually the victim's long lost sister."


| Flowers | Drawing | Being Near Her Family | Researching | Hot Chocolate | Puppies | Friends | Jokes |
| Hunting | Death | Being Scared | Rap Music | Senseless Killing | Being a Vampire
Lena is afraid to go back to her family. She is certain that they will attempt to kill her for the monster she has become.

Also, she's frightened of angels and other hunters, for the same reason.

| She was never good at hunting | Her aim was absolute crap | She has little to no control over her vampire abilities | Blood lust |

Distinguishing Marks:
She has an anti-possession tattoo on her upper back, left shoulder. New bite marks around her body from when she changed.



Lena's defining character trait is her curiosity. Her love of exploring and learning new things has gotten her into a bind on more than one occasion. She would like nothing more than to shirk off her responsibilities and explore the world. Despite being born into a hunting family and travelling around the country, Lena feels as though there is always more to see. She has a reputation for being the top resource for hunters on various creatures, but her specialty is demons and demonic possession. She has a habit of spying to get new information if not given willingly, hence the dangerous situations. Often she is considered brave to a fault.

She has a cheerful demeanor that is not easily broken. Her smile is inviting and warm. Lena can be easily excitable and doesn't usually think things through, especially when they sound like a lot of fun. Not that she is unintelligent, it's quite the opposite. She is fairly smart, but often chooses entertainment over logic. More often than not, she can be found daydreaming with a lazy smile on her face. Smart individuals will be far away from her when she's bored.

Though she is not particularly secretive, not much is known about her. She'll willingly share information about herself if someone would just be brave enough to ask.


It is well known that hunting families aren't usually the fodder for a great childhood, but Lena's had been different; to a point. Her family weren't renown for their skill in killing things like the Winchesters. Instead, they were popular in hunting circles for their vast knowledge of the creatures that were being fought. There was very little blood on the Porters' hands, choosing to observe and record for the greater good.

After generations of simply sharing the information with those who asked, the Porters began to produce and keep a library of books that could be used by anyone. Though they move every few years to keep those that would cause harm at bay, the library could always be found at a spiritual nexus (A place equidistant from a source of each element).

Lena and her siblings were more than happy with their life. They found adventure in the moving around and were taught from a young age how to seek information without resorting to violence. Lena was particularly fond of adding illustrations to the books that had previously only included vague descriptions of the monsters in the world. Her thirst for knowledge made her eager to join her parents in their cause and on her 18th birthday, she did.

Her 18th year was spent in bliss. She was finally able to go on her own reconnaissance endeavors. Lena got to pick where she would go and what she would study. In her excitement, she spent very little time at home, only returning to drop off new discoveries and to replenish her supplies. Unfortunately, in her pursuit of knowledge, she found herself to be getting sloppy. She would get too close and alert ghosts. More and more she was finding herself barely scraping through the encounters with her life. Eventually, her luck gave out.

During her 19th year of life, she was investigating a nest of vampires. She managed to kill most of the nest, leaving only two alive, but she didn't escape unscathed. The vampires had been faster and stronger than she was. Thus, she was changed.
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So begins...

Lena Porter's Story